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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2C 20000mAh Dual USB QC3.0 $28.50 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Gearbite have pulled through again to beat out last night's deal by $1.50 :) Gearbite were willing to run it at a flat $28.99 but I thought combining with PENNY5 was a better idea!

There are heaps in stock, but get in quick if you want one just in case!

Gearbite process and deliver their orders quickly, so if you're in desperate need for one for a holiday, I'd definitely recommend getting it from here!

Please Note: In order to get this price you need an eBay plus membership, a one month trial is available here thanks to syba if you don't already have a trial.

Update: Gearbite have added a new listing here at $28.99 for anyone who has a targeted $10 off coupon!


Large Capacity with Dual USB output

Two-Way Fast Charging, High Density Battery

Optimized Charging and Discharging efficency

Connected with body sensor: when someone passes by, the light will auto turn on

Support QC3.0 Device(only When single-port output)

World-Class chips are not only safer, they improve charging conversion rate.

Also Available:

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2S 10,000mAh New Version (Melbourne Stock, Pre-Order) $18.79 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay (eBay Plus Members)

As always, enjoy!

Original PENNY5 5% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post thanks to TA!

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • Micro USB makes baby jesus cry.

    • +17 votes

      The 20,000mAh version is $37.79? It's one of those listings to trick you into clicking in but it's actually more expensive.

      • I fail to see the benefit of the seller doing this. You click, see its more expensive, rage & move on.

        • No idea, I refuse to buy from any seller that does it! Especially the $1 ones, it's a waste of time.

    • +16 votes

      You got duped by the eBay drop down menu trick. The 10000mAh ones are showing as cheaper to pull you in.

      • You are right. Just ignore me. Cheers

      • +2 votes

        I hate the drop down menus

        • I always filter minimum $1.01 price to get rid of those $1 stylus or screen protector menu listings that hijack the sort by price results.

          Looks like they're catching on though and not using $1 as their minimum anymore.

      • They are all doing it now, becoming a headache.
        eBay need to improve their listings to show the price of the actual searched item not the cheap accessory in the selection box.

    • Misleading eBay posting, you need to select the right product then you see the real price.

  • Looking for similar deals for power delivery versions.

  • So are you guys carrying two cables for these powerbanks if you have a USB-c device? (i.e. one USB-A to USB-C to charge the device and One USB-A to Micro USB to charge the power bank)?

    Is there a better way like using the micro-usb to usb-c adapter or any other techniques?
    I have once used the adapter but it gets seriously hot

    It would be bit inconvenient to carry two cables…

    • I just carry a USB-A to C for mine as 20Ah lasts forever. Recharging is done at home, car or work 😉

    • micro-usb to usb-c adapter or any other techniques?

      That's what I do.

      I have a tronsmart micro USB to USB C converter that I keep on a micro USB cable so I can use the cable on both devices.

      The converter has a keyring so it's permanently attached to the cable so it can't get lost.


      • Thanks spaceflight. Do the converter gets hot during charging?

        I hope Clear will offer a deal on these tronsmart adapter :)

        • Mine doesn't get hot.

          If your usb cable doesn't have a 56k resistor in it (cheap, poorly made cable) then the converter might get warm because it is stopping your phone drawing to much current. If it is that is a good thing.

          The one you have could also have poor connections which would also make heat.

    • Is there a better way like using the micro-usb to usb-c adapter or any other techniques?

      Use a magnetic cable?

      Or use a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 cable?

  • got given a unique code and got it for $20 delivered. Quite pleased

  • Thanks, bought one! Been using my 2 10,000mAh ones for a year now and running strong

  • Good deal op, but ain't Ya associated with gearbites? Everytime I saw u there is a gearbites deal. Lol

  • I’ve got a $10 coupon. I could have been better off if they ran the deal at $28.99 :(

    • Hey nosrad, I got in contact with the rep and they have made a new listing for you here to use your $10 coupon on at $28.99 :)

  • Are all these legit? any fake 2C ones out there?

    • Gearbite only sell genuine Xiaomi products, I'm not 100% sure if there are fakes out there, but this is the cheapest on the market currently for a genuine model.

  • Is this a lot bigger in size than the 10000 one?

    • Twice the size

    • It about the thickness of two 10000mah. Also exterior is made out of plastic; whereas the 10000mah are metal.

    • Definitely recommend these over the 10k,
      the size is thicker but I recently bought the new xiaomi 10k one and was disappointed with the size.

      It's really not that much better in the end, the longer shape of the 10k offsets the positive of it being thinner.
      I'd rather the 20ks form and double the power.

      I also prefer the plastic body over the aluminium one.
      My black 10k I have to worry about it scratching my phone, especially if it had a few nicks from use.

      Plastic has a nice texture for grip and still looks good after a few drops/toddler launching it.

  • i thought 2c means both type C…… microUSB in 2018 is really not ideal..

  • Would anyone know if these are traveller friendly and ok to be used in Cabin baggage thru Australian Airports?

  • Will this charge my Nintendo Switch?

  • Can anyone here help me understand, I read that my Lenovo P2 needs a Qualcom compatible battery pack in order to activate the quick recharge, is anyone aware of this?

    • Quick charge is a qualcom thing. So if your p2 has a qualcom cpu then a qualcom cerified quickcharger is what you need to get your p2 quick charging.

  • Can this charge xiaomi 13inch laptops ?

  • Thanks OP. Bought one to try.

  • I raised the issue about micro-usb during the wireless headphones deal (Sony 1000/ Bose QC35) but that got shut down real quick by the people here. But its good to see some having a go in this thread

    • The way they decide is, they look at how many people are using usb C phones, and how many are using micro USB phones still. The micro USB phones outnumber the C phones by quite a margin. So instead of making the majority of people using micro carry a second cable, the minority on C devices have to carry the cable instead.

      It's a non issue really though. Especially with this power bank. If you don't use micro, you can leave the cable at home where you actually use it to charge the power bank. Bring your C or whatever cable with you when you're out.

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