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HTC 10 EVO 3GB + 32GB 5.5" Snapdragon 810 Android 7.0 Phone $186.69 AUD ($135.99 USD) Delivered @ LightInTheBox


5.5 inch display,dual sim, 2560x1440 resolution,NFC and Band 28 and snapdragon processor. Very nice phone with that price.

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  • No English language from what I can find.

  • +18 votes

    Snapdragon 810…

  • Reviews not good.

    • Keep in mind the reviews were done mainly at release and around US$600-$800.

      • Sure, but there are Snapdragon 636, 660, 820, and 821 around this price bracket ($150-$250). Not to mention the QSD 710.

  • Just purchased another, have 2 already. No other phone compares for the price.

    albeit, 1 has to be returned under warranty.

    • Hi, just wondering this is dual sim, does it support 4G+3G or 4G+2G? Thanks

    • Redmi Note 5, 5.99 (1080x2160), 3GB, SD 625, 4000mAh, $184 (Ali Express).

      Xiaomi Phones have insane custom rom support. The Note 5 has offical LineageOS support and will probably be getting at least the next two versions of Android.

      Con: No NFC and probably less bands. But still a far better phone for everyday life than this. The 4000 mAh battery gives people 10 hours of screen on time with heavy usage and two days battery.

    • How is camera?

  • that overheat processor

  • I owned this. I didn't play games. It never overheated at all. A very good phone for this price… (Most reviews were made when it was still probably around 700 USD ?)

    • My Z1 Premium never overheated and it had SD810 v1 …

      … although that said it's the only device that I've had that turned off one day and never turned back on again. FWIW.

  • How does this compare to the Sharp S2?

    • +3 votes

      S2 is miles ahead but their software sucks. Unrefined and inadequately tested as there are some bugs. Have to he technically minded as you'll have to update the software from China ROM to Global yourself.

      • but their software sucks

        I disagree, Smile UX has been one of the more thoughtful Android distros and as usual with Android versions that "suck", it's almost exactly the same as AOSP so …

        … also it's one of the most stable. I can only recall a couple of reboots for no reasons which is doing a lot better than most Androids which usually act like janky pieces of crap after a few months.

  • Great price for a great phone

  • Pay $254 to get Umidigi One, it has 4gb and band 28 (but no NFC) with DHL shipping or $235.50 with free shipping.

    Which one do you choose?

    note: DHL normally 7 days but it shows seller guarantee within 23 days or get full refund.

    Umidigi One Pro has NFC with 64gb $277 with free shipping.

    Cashreward 5% for aliexpress at least $10 less from the above price.

    Add on: both sim slots capable to use for 4G simultaneously.

  • I have an old HTC m8 which I've been using for the gym, (spotify and stopwatch)

    I think this may be a good replacement ! how does it compare to Xiaomi Mi A1 ?

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHi6VxusoaA This review is made in 2018 when the price is already at £100, even at this price the review seems bad.

  • For people who use this phone, does LTE work with Aussie carriers? Sounds like it was only designed for the Sprint network…I'm worried to buy in case weak network reception drains the battery like no tomorrow.

    Edit: This sounds like a really bad phone. Even the normal HTC10 from JB are coming up with bad reviews and JB hardly have any bad reviews with their range of outright phones. This being one of the few exceptions

    • HTC 10 has great reviews aside from battery life

    • Many of the points in those reviews don't seem particularly valid…
      -Person complaining that the cable is a standard USB C cable like most phones use these days.
      -Camera quality is fine, but it is especially good at night compared to most other phones. By default the resolution wasn't set to the highest setting.
      -The software is currently on Android 8.0 Oreo so perhaps some people need to check for update if their carrier is not pushing it to them.

    • Won't work on Telstra, I swapped to Vodafone and works 100%

      • Are you talking about the HTC 10 or the HTC 10Evo?

        I thought the HTC 10 sold by JB HiFi was both the unlocked/non carrier version OR the unlocked/Telstra software branded version which is supposed to work 100% for Telstra and Optus 4G as but had issues for Vodafone 4G.

        Have not read about any issues around the fully unlocked carrier free version sold by JB HiFi though.

  • Be wary of purchasing items from litb they are extremely dodgy and deceptive. Tablet arrived opened. Sent back via registered post. Landed in customs in Guangzhou. Advised then to collect the item so I could get my refund. Stated they didn't know what the customs telephone was. Then stated they gave never had to speak to customs. Been over two months in customs they are refusing to collect the tablet. Don't expect any good returns if it arrives faulty.

    • probably worthy of a neg vote just to warn people.
      The 810 was a terrible processor as well.

      • Thanks just negged. They still haven't picked it up. Think they are trying to prolong it so paypal rules in their favour…

      • Dear Customer,

        Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. But it is really the first case. We have transferred to the information to the related department.

        We will let you know if there is any news.



        This is what they keep responding. No follow up. Think their tactic is to avoid picking up the item from customs so that paypal closes the dispute in their favour as item not delivered. It is stuck in customs supposedly because the item is over $200 and requires lightinthebox to pay a import tax fee.

  • 2 weeks ago I replaced my old redmi 4x with this and I can absolutely recommend it for the price.

    Have had no issues with LTE on optus, reception has been fine (perth). Lack of 3.5mm is annoying but the price makes it easier to overlook. build quality is great and it feels like a flagship phone.

    Main issue for me has been weak battery life, coming from the redmi where I would get 3 days usually, with the HTC I can only get a full day if I am careful with usage. I haven't noticed any overheating issues, and the phone consistently feels faster/more responsive then the redmi.

    • Android 8 Orea seems to be released for this. Have you looked for an update as yet? Thanks

  • My current phone is HTC m9, is there any point in getting this? I like the phone, but the main problem is battery life, it can be 100% in the afternoon and dead flat by midnight (especially when it heats up which I don't know what causes it, sometimes I can feel it burning in my pocket). Sounds like this version may have the same sort of issues?

  • I got one of these from Amaysim EBay for ~$200 and am happy with it.

    A few issues:

    If playing games, the battery doesn't last that well.

    When turning on for the first time, Vietnamese was the default language, a quick google translate allowed me to set to English.

    No OTA Oreo as yet, and I haven't bothered chasing it up. I anyone can point me to a procedure to update it would be appreciated.

  • The SD810 (flagship smartphone cpu of 2015) has severe heating issues and battery draining. Ask anyone who had an xperia z5 about the reboots, freezes, heat and battery drain resulting from this. I had similar issues with a z4 tablet (better heat dissipation).

    You'd be better off with a newer, mid range sd processor.

  • Wouldn't buy this.

  • This is not much of a sale.
    Kogan has it for $219

  • Will it overheat and blow up like the Samsung phone?

    Cause fires ?

  • Good phone.

    BUT - no headphone jack. :(

  • Warning!! Ordered on 28th of July, tracking advice still says 'The item is pre-advised.' It seems they first ship the phone to the Netherlands and then it goes to Australia. Seems strange. Anyone receive yet or in the same boat?

    • Mine finally changed from "pre-advised".

      2018-08-08 18:56
      The item is at the PostNL sorting center

      2018-08-08 11:27
      Consignment received at the PostNL Acceptance Centre

      2018-07-31 07:25
      The item is pre-advised

  • Has anyone received their phone yet?

    Mini review would be much appreciated.

    • My brother got his, he says his Telstra SIm doesn't work in it :\

      • Really? That sounds strange. If unlocked it should work as long as your getting a signal and set up sim correctly.

        The bands this model has should cover all three telco's for both 3g as well as most of important 4G bands alike.

        Maybe you could have a faulty unit.

        • There's a comment in this post who confirms:

          N3M3S1S on 24/07/2018 - 07:45
          Won't work on Telstra, I swapped to Vodafone and works 100%

          My brother was on the phone with telstra for an hour and they couldn't get it working

          A googles reveals others have the issue also:

          I bought one and have the same problem. HTC Australia states it is Tiawanese model and is not fully compatible with the Australian network. Spoke with Telstra and they state they have not approved this phone to work in Australia due to compatibility issues.

        • @Andweeb:

          Wow, did not know that. Hopefully your brother can live with Optus or Vodafone reception/speed wise.

          I have a HTC 10 ( Telstra Branded ) and it works 100% for Telstra and Optus ( also with Voip enabled ) but Vodafone can not make phone calls if set to 4G ( something to do with their voip service not compatible with Telstra rom ), can call if set to 3G only.

          Apparently it's the other way round if it's a Vodafone branded HTC 10, calls do not work on 4G Telstra network. Damn Telco's making things hard for us.

  • I received mine today but unable to connect using my three sims (Aldi mobile (Telstra) Amaysim (Optus) and Catch Connect (Optus). I have "Limited Service" Emergency calls, but a network search gives a "Something went wrong" error message. GPS and Wi-fi are ok. I have yet to try Vodophone. Our optus is 900mhz and 700mhz only.

    • Mine is working fine with Amaysim (the only sim I have tried with it).

      • Thanks Videoman. I wonder if it is because our Optus tower doesn't have one of the higher frequencies. I will have to take it to town to find out. Very puzzling at the moment.

        • See my comments above about my brothers experience with this phone - will not work with Telstra. Someone in this thread said they used Vodafone and it worked fine.

        • I will have to go for a drive to prove it but I don't think this phone can do 900mhz 3g.

      • Seems to work on 2100mhz but not 900mhz or 700mhz 4g.