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Aussie Broadband: Free Modem (Valued at $149) on New Signup + $15 Shipping


Update 29/07/2017

Thanks to Phil Britt who confirms the online issue has been solved and that the deal is again available online as well as over the phone.

NB you have to select the power modem and not the basic, for the code to work.

Update: thanks to tranter, deal still works over the phone if you mention the "free modem for new customers" offer

Deal expiry says end of July

I signed up for Aussie Broadband a couple of days ago and got the WHIRLY10 discount (about $60).
A few days later, and it's I could've gotten a month free (about $80).
Tonight they email me and I could've saved $149! :S

For those who would like a modem instead of a month free (in the other deal right now), you can get a free premium modem valued at $149 if you include the code at sign up. ($15 shipping for regular delivery)
It's a Netcomm NF18ACV
(Thanks to Porthos for reminding me to write what modem it was)

Pre-configured and if there are any issues, they will handle it, I assume (as opposed to buying it elsewhere and having to deal with that store, for a saving of $15 or so).

I don't think this is targeted, the email looks like a generic offer and has an expiry date.

More background if needed:
I filled out the application form a few times (without actually finishing the process) over a couple of days. Today is about 4 or 5 days later.

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  • +5

    Well Telecubes been down for an hour in Melb or Vic (& possibly Tassie) so it might be time to switch. I don't need a modem but a free month would be nice.

    • +2

      If anyone with Telecube is experiencing slow International speeds in NSW region as of yesterday and today, reboot your modem. Had rebooted it just now and I'm back up to close to 50mb again.

      • +1

        I was with Telecube for a few months but precisely because of the “reboot your modem every week to get your internet back” experience I have left. Seriously, their network is not reliable.

    • My thoughts exactly. Got home this arvo to find no Internet access and even now it's unusable. On a 100/40 plan in Tassie, FTTP. I'll give it till tomorrow but otherwise they can shove their price hike up their arse.

  • Can you stack discount codes?

    • Alas no

    • +1

      Nope. Can't even combine promo codes and referral codes any more either.

  • +2

    I got the same email, signed up just over a week ago with the $10 off for 6 months. Annoying as would much rather a month free!

    Also probably should add to the OP that the modem is the Netcomm NF18ACV

    • +2

      I am in the same boat. Signed up a week ago and missed out on these promotions.

    • +3

      Aussie webpage doesn't have much info on the modem. Full specs here:

      Brief specs are

      • Enhanced VDSL2/ADSL2+ Dual Band AC1600 Wireless Gigabit Gateway with VoIP
      • 4 x Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 LAN ports - nbn and UFB ready
      • ultra-fast connection to nbn and UFB fibre network - 1 x 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet WAN port
      • Access and share media and file content across the wireless home network
      • 1 x USB 2.0
      • VoIP feature for HD quality voice calls - connect up to 2 telephones
    • +3

      i got that modem through Aussie BB, and to be honest I'm not a fan - the 2.4GHz wireless has constant problems. I ended up turning off the wifi and using an old TPlink archer D9 as my access point.

  • +2

    It is the Netcomm NF18ACV. It is an AC modem which is nice.

  • +1

    I'm a little pissed, I signed up literally 2 days ago and now 2 better deals have come along before I've even got a date for my connection. Bonus points for AussieBB emailing me to advise me of the great offer I can't get.

    As an aside, anyone know how long it usually takes to get connected (HFC)?

    • +1

      Me too, very frustrating and not a great start for giving them a shot. Called up to organize everything and asked the guy if there was any difference to doing it online or on the phone and he said no. Now there’s free modems, free month, $10 of per month etc…very poor.

    • -2

      If you contact Aussie they'll probably give you one of the offers if you ask nicely. If not, and you haven't been connected, cancel, then sign up to one of the offers.

      • Did call and they said they couldn’t do anything and they also put a block or something on your account which means you can’t cancel then reconnect. Not sure there’s much we can do now.

    • About 2 weeks for me with HFC

      • Thanks, that sucks.

  • Can I cancel my acount and get my wife to sign up on the same address?

    • yep

  • +2

    This is a good deal for month to month! For contract go with exetel. You get the modem for $20. $59.99 50/20 with static ip.

    • Exetel any good? I saw 50 mbps download speed advertised on their website but cannot see 20M upload? Am I missing something?

  • +7

    Perfect timing.

    I've been with Internode for 10+ years but just recently the modem they supplied a couple of years ago has gone on the blink. It's just out of warranty and they won't entertain replacing it free of charge even though the issues started before warranty period expired.

    I've paid over $10,000 worth of invoices over the time I've been an Internode customer. Loyalty counts for nothing anymore and they just lost a long term customer.

    This is a better modem than the one Internode supplies anyway.

    • Nowadays loyalty has no meaning to businesses especially for Internode ugh ugh TPG!
      Maybe try to talk to them in Filipino language.

    • +7

      they just lost a long term customer

      Do you think they care about losing one customer? I'm always reminded of this scene when someone makes your statement.

      • +1

        I thought they would since they actively called me a couple years ago to sign me up to a new NBN plan on 24 month contract.

        Maybe the person who knew it's cheaper to keep an existing customer than find a new one doesn't work there anymore.

        • +3

          They used to love you long time, but not now :-(

        • +4

          The person who called you is a sales representative, he calls from his home and he doesn't give a damn about loyalty but he just got a list of people to call and he gets commissions on that.
          He won't work too long for that task so he will move along.
          Loyalty today is no more in the dictionary for the businesses.

        • Maybe. I was already an Internode customer, it was the switchover from ADSL to NBN.

        • +2

          Seems like we were all wrong.

          I called up Internode today to cancel the service. They said they will supply a new modem including shipping at no charge.

        • @tranter: Retentions people often have a wide discretion and different incentives to the warranty people.

        • @josho9:

          Yes, I should have been talking to the Internode Customer Support Team but it's not obvious how to get on to them in the first instance.

          It shows that they do care to some degree, contrary to what others have said.

  • Should I get a month free or a free modem?

    • I'm no longer up on tech. So I thought, if I buy the modem from them, then it should be compatible, already set up and if there's any issues with my Internet, they'll take care of making sure the modem is right.

      None of that "it's the modem's fault so take it to the modem seller" (based on my experience of a different Internet provider, a few years ago).

      • Yeah I guess that’s what I will go with since it’s valued more than a free month lol

    • +8

      Unless they figure we've all got modems already …

  • -3

    Code doesn't work

    • +9

      Username checks out.

  • Code doesn't work for me either unfortunately.

  • I am a bit confused. Currently with Telstra NBN, looking to switch. I have the black ardis NBN modem that connects the HFC and that links to my netgear nighthawk.

    The modem here seems to only have a RJ45 + phone line? What would my setup look like, if I wanted to maintain my nighthawk as the router?

    Thanks guys.

    • I have this modem (bought from UMart for $139) and had the little black NTD box connected today. Just waiting for Aussie to activate the connection. I’m also moving to HFC from regular Telstra cable. This modem has the WAN port plus 4 Ethernet ports.

      You’d connect the RJ45 from your Ardis NBN modem into the WAN port of the new Netcomm modem.

      Edit: just realised you wanted to keep your existing Nighthawk. As long as it’s configured to Aussie’s service, you wouldn’t have to change any of your set up.

      • +1

        The NTD (for HFC) -is- the modem (it demodulates the incoming signal and converts it to ethernet).

        You'll be buying/using a router (no matter what the clueless people at the RSPs say) connected to the NTD.

        • it demodulates the incoming signal and converts it to ethernet

          even Ethernet uses modulation - for 1000Base-T, it’s Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) 5.

    • It would look like you selling the free modem on eBay and keeping your nighthawk :)

    • +1

      you use one of the others deals. keep your Nighthawk & change the config settings in there. you don't need to downgrade to their router.

  • that router is whack, but should be okay for a small unit

  • I've got this same modem through Aussie, although I paid full price at $169. It doesn't have all the bells & whistles of other modems, it's fairly no-frills but otherwise is quite good. I've never had problems with the 5GHz wireless, can't say about the 2.4GHz as I've turned it off since I don't have any devices using that band.

    One of the best things it has going for it is it's an "nbn™ registered FTTN/FTTB Modem/Router". Why is this important? If you're using non-registered equipment and a fault occurs then nbn Co. can refuse to investigate further.

  • -1

    Tried to signup but code invalid

    • 2ND that. Been waiting to get a decent modem to switch over. Gutted

      • +1

        comments below suggest you can get it if you call up.

    • This code now works and is now fixed.

  • This on FTTN in bridge mode linked to a Ubiquiti UniFi AC Pro, or is there a better (reasonably priced) FTTN modem router with POE to run the AC Pro without needing to use the POE Injector?

    • +2

      Umm.. what?

      The AC Pro needs a router to work. You can’t bridge this modem and connect it directly to your AC Pro, it won’t do anything. If you want to connect the AC Pro to this modem, it won’t be bridged.

      • The Netcomm NF18ACV is a modem/router is it not?

        Looks like the deal is over anyway!

        • +3

          Yes, but if you bridge a modem/router it basically turns it into a ‘dumb’ passthrough device and strips away any of the router features. So bridging this modem will give you sync, but won’t give you authentication for your VDSL2 or give you any NAT/DHCP etc. So you’ll need then a router (with a WAN port) to then connect the AC Pro to.

          Either keep the device as a modem/router (and turn off the Wi-Fi and use the AC Pro for that) or you’ll use this as a bridged modem and grab another router (then connect the AC Pro to that).

        • @Porthos: Ah I see what you mean; I have misinterpreted the term bridging as switching off the Netcomm's WiFi. Thanks for correcting my mistake!

          Seeing as this deal has ended, do you know of any FTTN compatible routers with POE that will run the AC Pro?

        • +2

          @Master Bates: can't think of consumer routers with PoE. You will need to look into Ubiquiti or Mikrotik for that. If you only want to power one single AP then cheaper to use PoE injector. Ubiquiti AC Pro should come with one in retail packaging.

        • @smiley-k: Thanks! I have the Injector; I was just hoping to have a neater install and save having to use 2 electric power points.

  • +2

    Code no longer working.

  • how's this modem compare to a TP Link VR900?

  • I have tried using the code and it did not work :(

  • +2

    I signed up last night with WHIRLY10 and then immediately after ordering saw the email for this offer. Called them up and they kindly switched the promo code over to this one as I had ordered the modem.

  • +3

    This deal hasn't actually expired.

    It doesn't work online but if you call them and mention free modem for new customers they will do it no problems. Expires 31 July.

    • The issue with online signup has been fixed so you can signup online with this promotion until 31 July.

      • +1


      • Thank you kindly. Updating the deal now.

  • Confirming the above 2 comments.
    Helped my parents sign up just now by calling them up and definitely do get the mentioned modem for free.
    Just had to pay $15 postage.

  • Sorted thanks :)

  • Signed up by calling them and got the fee modem. Just had to pay $15 postage.

  • Any contracts for free modem

    • They don't have lock in contracts at Aussie

  • The issue with online signup has been fixed so you can signup online with this promotion until 31 July.

    • I just tried to sign up and this error appeared: "Invalid promo/referral code provided"
      Should I select the modem in "pick a modem" stage? If I do so, although promo code works, it shows $164 once off fee that has to be paid!

      • Yes you need to select the "power modem" in the pick a modem stage.

  • +3

    I can confirm for anyone living in the dead zone (Perth), that these guys have been fantastic since we dumped Skymesh where they belonged, and changed our connection over.

    We're on an unlimited 100/40 plan, and every speed test I have done, even during peak hours, has produced download rates in the 90s and upload rates of at least 35.

    With Skymesh we wouldn't even reach 10mBps during the same time frame.

    Their customer service has also been pretty good throughout.

    I've already claimed my first month free, so I've got nothing to gain from writing this, but simply believe in giving credit where it is due and helping others find a good provider.

  • ABB modems are certified for FTTN/FTTB/FTTP/HFC/Fixed Wireless. My house is getting FTTC, does ABB support FTTC?

    Recently ABB sent me a blue coloured letter titled "high-speed nbn is here" except the nbn address checker states it's at least another year away. Why did I get this letter?

    The offers in the blue letter matched their website. The ABB marketing team missed an opportunity to sell. They could've offered a free Netcomm NF18ACV modem and a life time plan discount if I switched my adsl connection now and moved onto nbn later.

    Looking at the plans, why don't ABB offer nbn12?
    Is nbn no longer offer this at wholesale?

    • Why don't you ask Aussie Broadband?

      What's there to complain about? You can get the free modem now.

  • Just signed up to 100/400. Goodbye SkyMesh and hello AussieBB. Can't wait! $6 more for better POI.

  • Could anyone confirm if the modem could be configured to be used with other ISP if I were to leave AB in the future? Thanks

    • Yes. ABB do not lock their modems.

  • I received a call from Aussie broadband (as my details were subkitted when I didn't have much luck as per my post earlier). All sorted. Free modem promo over the phone worked. Perfect! Needed a quality VoIP modem desperately and this is a great deal! $63 plan (low speed and 300gb), $15 shipping and no contract! Thanks for this

  • My address has a New Development Fee of $300. Does anyone know if this can be waived or discounted or it is the same fee regardless of provider? Thanks

    • I heard you can't get it waived. NBN gets to charge it once, to each site, to the first person/organization wanting to use the connection.

  • Thanks OP. This is fantastic as we were looking to go with a new ISP. The free modem just makes the change even sweeter (and also the fact that our new home has FTTP instead of HFC). :)

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