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V.I.Poo for $5 (Usually $10) at Coles


Never heard of this before but a couple of lady friends have recently mentioned this product and vouch for it. Basically you spray this in your toilet before you drop log and it masks the smell until you flush. Haven't tried it myself as the missus is away so I have no reason to use it.

The latest female to spruik it to me included that the purple and pink versions are a lot better than the yellow one.


Previous deal at Woolies for $5:

Current Coles post:

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    • better by our thing so men still find you attractive

      Well if it really is that stinky that the spray is needed he'll find out later when he's head goes close to the source …
      Just sayin'

      • +1

        Name checks out

    • As don draper would say

      Its a bout givining a women a choice

  • +3

    I use this in the cinema after I have emptied the large popcorn bucket cos 'i dont wanna miss a thing'

    • After you've emptied it and before you fill it?

  • Perfect for those shitty situations

  • +7

    Mother-in-law present sorted.

    • Hope your divorce lawyer smells nice.

  • +1

    Apparently product testers have a shitty job.

    • +37

      I'm going to bookmark this URL for whenever I'm feeling blue as reading your comment will remind me that no matter how hard I think my life has hit rock bottom at least I'm nowhere near as tragic as the human being who made this comment

      • Shit just got real…

  • +2

    Does your misso really bust your balls over your poo stinking like shit?

    • +1

      Nah, I usually use the second bathroom anyway. I reckon it would just be nice for her if I knew it was going to be a rough one and she had to dry her hair immediately after.
      I understand all the comments saying it's natural but do these people keep the windows up in the car when they break wind and stare at their partner and say it's normal? It's just nice not to smell bad things.

      • -1

        You really need to look into your diet. Stinky poo is a natural indicator of a bad or in-balanced diet.

        • +1

          Nope. Some things that are very good for you smell bad after digestion.

        • @syousef: Could you let me know what healthy foods that you very good for you and smell bad after digestion?

        • @OnlinePred:

          Onion, garlic, asparagus are good ones to start with.

          Beans can be super healthy and are known for making bad smells. As are eggs.

          I wouldn't say a curry is bad for you either, unless it's all you ever eat.

          Moderation in all things.

          Your poop isn't meant to smell nice.

        • -1

          @syousef: It isn't meant to smell terrible. That is the indicator of too much of something, or an intolerance. Onion/garlic/asparagus do not make your feces smell bad, excess amounts do.

          Like I said, the colour and odur are good indicators on a healthy diet. If you eat excess of certain sulfur, high sugar, processed foods, then yes it will smell quite bad. If you do not eat excess of beans/onion/garlic then the only thing that could smell is your breath.

        • @OnlinePred:

          It takes a single bean meal, or curry meal or egg meal to make your feces smell worse.

          Your argument is circular. If someone eats some beans and has a merry old time spreading cheer you're going to label that as excessive. It doesn't matter if they do that once a year, you're still going to claim excess. That smell would have nothing whatsoever to do with general health of the person consuming those beans.

          Magical thinking abounds in food science and digestive health. I'd find it quite funny if it wasn't so harmful.

          Now there are definitely medical conditions that can make your stool smell bad. And there are conditions for which testing a stool sample is a useful diagnostic. But it's not as simple asw "dude your poop smells bad, you must be eating wrong"

        • @syousef: I don't think you are hearing me. I eat onion, eggs, beans, lentils etc etc. My feces only smells bad if I eat fatty take away food, OR I eat a large amount of these items. If you are getting smelly feces, then you have had too much of that item.

          I 100% agree that if you eat those products in excess your feces will smell! 100% agree! Curries often have excess amounts of many nutrients etc that go straight through, of which causes the smelly feces. Also lack of liquids etc can cause constipation that can cause smellier feces.

          Anyway enough talk about shit. It smells in general, but if it smells worse, then you have an inbalance from something you ate. You can choose to look into it, or ignore it and accept it as a type of food, rather than the quantity you consumed.

        • +7

          @OnlinePred: someone actually said : "My shit don't stink". Amazing

        • Thanks for the concern but diet, fitness and gut microbiome are big interests of mine; I spend a lot of time learning about them. Doesn't mean I don't get on the beers and have a calorie cheat day every now and then as I like to enjoy life too.

  • Should be compulsory for people using public toilets.

    • -1

      People should just poop in bags whilst in public.

      As for the environmental warriors/morons I have always wondered why bagging dog shit in public is a good idea when it could just be left on the grass to compost naturally.

      • You’ve never been to Paris ?. There it’s quite normal to leave your dog poop on the pavement for others to walk around/in.

        • Thought that was China

  • +1

    Is there a product that does the opposite of this? i.e. intensifies the smell? would be hilarious for when I take big dumps at my mate's place.

    • +4

      its called curry and it makes your poo look like a curry

      • +2

        cast iron stomach here… unfortunately even a fiery vindaloo has very little effect on me :(

    • +1

      Save some of your shit and then wipe it under his nose while he'd not looking. Try and make a Hitler mustache.

    • +1

      you've never had a large Hhopper and cheese meal with a side of onion rings followed up with half a bottle of Jack Daniels?

    • You never had those end of year 12 pranks through school? Stink bombs galore.

      • If kids these days try to pull the crap that was normal in the 60s, 70s and 80s they'll end up in jail with a record as a terrorist.

    • There is!! LiquidAss

    • Fart bomb.

  • +2

    Rather let the next cubicle smell my business than to risk public toilet splash back 🤔😬

  • Works well if you spray it directly up your butt and then spray in the toilet. No clean up at all

  • +1

    spray in parliament before next session starts ….

    i recall,years ago they used to have those air wick fresheners in some people’s toilets, especially with larger families,
    with smaller apartments, and some with no windows in the toilets this might be handy when visiting people as a courtesy, if you like your host anyway,

    or visiting your future in laws and have used the toilet “ darling before you marry him get him to see a doctor, if it’s an illness or he has a dead rat up his bottom”

    for a share house can of glen 20 is cheap

  • V.I.Poo

    Very important shit.

  • +10

    Annoying tv ad. Stupid product. Waste of money.

  • These questions are for those who used this before, How many sprays this last? Does this leave any traces of use (like Lavender smell)?

  • I've used it and it works great!

  • +1

    Are they saying that women defecate? Who knew?

    • +1

      Only on your dreams.

  • +2

    I just turn on the fan. Works for me.

  • Is this the half strength version for Less Important Poo?

  • I can’t believe this is a product…


    • Yep and people buy it. Sorry mate you just too slow on inventions.

  • I thought the ad was pretty funny but this is a completely unnecessary product. Everyone's shit stinks.

  • +7

    I''m just here for comments

    • No crap.

  • My poop stinks good no deal

  • +1

    Nevermind me, I'm just here for the comments

  • +7

    Awesome, invest $5 in this and then only need to flush my toilet when it's full!
    Isn't this a great way to save water?

    • +2

      Ozbargainer of the year award.

    • And if you buy some turtles and have them live in your house, they'll mutate and become superheroes.

      • Let the logs pile up in the bowl and your turtles can play beaver dam in your toilet - coolest kid in town

        • Teenage Mutant Toilet Turtles. Turtles in a Toilet Bowl. Puke Power.

  • This shit is the goods! (no pun intended.. or maybe there is!)
    Seriously.. this stuff works very well.

  • +1

    Time to punish the porcelain.

  • If people are that way inclined, surely deodorant is cheaper? About $90.91/L and that's half price!

  • If I sprayed this in my butt hole, would the effects last longer?

  • Smelly poop…first world problem. Wait, I think this is a global problem is it not🙀

  • This is toxic to aquatic life. Tell this to all those females.

  • came here for the comments

  • +1

    Ice magic might be a cheaper, biodegradable substitute. Sets in seconds.

    • Plot hole… sets in seconds on an icy surface… not sure about a steaming surface. :)

  • +1

    I wonder if they went down the wrong track with the product name? People who give a shit about the smell of their poo are perhaps not the same people who want to carry a product in their handbag/manbag that heavily features the word poo. People who enjoy the comedy of the product name are perhaps not the same market as people who would want to actually use it.

    • +1

      I miss the days of deliberate broadcast price checks.

  • Why don't you breathe through your mouth and save some money.

  • Doesnt it burn though?

  • Waste of money, nothing can mask my by-products

  • What if you spray and then spend 20 minutes reading OZB on the dunny then do a poo? Still work?

  • Does it work on bullshit? If so I'll send a case to Shorten.

  • Got given this as a joke present…I use it all the time, it works pretty well.

  • This product (and/or poo-pourri) is absolutely magical if you're co-habiting with someone who has Crohn's/an ostomy or similar. Quite cheap/easy to make your own too, if you find issue with the ingredients. :)

  • What a crapping great deal!

  • I just love that comment from the OP, "Drop a log". Like my work mates who say: "dropping off a batch" (From when I worked at a chemical factory in the USA), or "Dropping the kids off at the pool", which is fairly common with my work mates now in here Aus (Toilet humour I know).

    • Sinking battleships.

      • Backing one out…

        Going to go visit my friend John…

        Are a few that I have heard.

        • Laying cables.

        • @syousef: taking a dump - but where too ?

  • Wondering if this works with floaters?

  • I might just have to squeeze one out my local Coles this week!

  • Better use for this is to spray it on your bottom when you realise there is no toilet paper after dumping your shit

  • +1

    Couldn't you just eat healthy/some vegetables instead??

    • I currently have gastro intestinal. and my poo is running and very bad. >.<

  • Take the label off VIPoo and put it on a can of silly/crazy string and gift it.

  • Is there a spray to stink it up abit ? Mine smells like roses, and I get embarrassed sometimes

  • wow

  • i line my jocks in this stuff

  • I love dropping stinky smelly poos to grose people out. Id never use this.

  • This is just no help for the managers upstairs that come down and spray paint the disabled toilets every morning at work.

    Nothing masks that smell.

  • I need something to mask the noise.

    • Maybe earplugs are on sale on aliexpress.

  • Do they have any marked down g-bangers?

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