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Zzz Atelier Mattress Black Label (Queen) $236 Delivered @ Zzz Atelier eBay


Purchased one of these for the guest bedroom in one of the previous deals and couldn't be happier with it. So much so I've been on the lookout for the next deal so I can get a King for the master bedroom. Pricing as follows:

  • KING= $339 now $271.20
  • QUEEN= $295 now $236 - Back in stock
  • DOUBLE= $255 now $204
  • KING SINGLE= $205 now $164
  • SINGLE= $165 now $132

Also on sale are the similar but slightly softer and slightly cheaper Red Label mattresses - Here

Pricing for the Red Label:

  • KING= $329 now $263.50
  • QUEEN= $284 now $227.20
  • DOUBLE= $254 now $203.20
  • KING SINGLE= $204 now $163.20
  • SINGLE= $154 now $123.20

Original PAYOFF20 20% off selected eBay stores Deal Post

EDIT - Updated with out of stock and low stock availability
EDIT2 - Queen back in stock, all sizes now showing 10+ available

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    Doesn't post to Perth :(

    • +2

      Check the comments in this previous deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/378884

      They will post to Perth and other areas listed as excluded, but will charge an additional postage fee on top.

      • +1

        Thanks, Trojan! - have sent a message to the seller. Will update if there is a response :)

        • And what was their reply?

      • Wonder how much to Perth metro, pls keep us posted. Thanks!

        • +1

          I was quoted $59 delivery. I’d assume it would be the same for all of Perth.

        • @Porthos: you'd be surprised. They seem to pull random numbers and see if you would accept or not

    • +1

      I’ve bought one and had it delivered to Perth (metro) before. Unfortunately this means you can’t get these deals as they have to produce a once off “offer” which is a price + postage and you agree to pay that amount. As far as I’m aware, there’s no option to input a coupon this way.

      The mattress still ended up being worth the price and extra postage. Bested a $2000 mattress for firmness. Paid $336 for the “KING Mattress - Super Firm Mattress w/ Extra Firm Pocket Spring + Ultra HD Foam” delivered.

      • +4

        You can use codes with the once off offer, I have done so twice with the eBay 20% off deals.

      • +2

        Ouch. You can use the coupons.

  • +15

    Good value mattresses. Have one for my daughter and pretty comfy.
    They also don't appear to price jack - as far as I'm aware - when eBay have discount codes so kudos to Zzz Atelier

  • +18

    Bought one of these for the guest bedroom but ended up swapping out our main mattress for it as it was so comfortable.

    Only two "issues" with it, being that the edges offer limited support so if you sit on the edge, it has a lot more give than normal mattresses, and secondly, it's quite a thick mattress so if your base is already high, it might make the overall bed surface quite high

    • +4

      Second this

      • +3

        Thirded this.

        • +1

          Fourthed this.

    • Hi, thanks for noting the two issues. RE the thickness, does the standard fitted sheet then cover the mattress considering its a lot thicker than the normal matresses? Thanks in advance.

    • How long has your mattress been unboxed for? I found the edge support acceptable after a few months.

  • +2

    Bought 2 KS last time and these are great value for the price.
    Prompt delivery and the way they pack is superb as well

  • +4

    So impressed with the black label that we bought at the last sale. Very comfortable and my back thanks me. We upgraded to a king bed which negated the soft edges which may be more of an issue with a queen or double.

    • +1

      How does the King negate the soft edges?

      • +4

        You don't need to sleep as close to the edge on a wider bed.

  • +2

    Bought a single with the last sale
    It sort of moulds to your body so it will suit some firm sleepers. It is quite high off the bed if you have a high frame.
    I really like it and have found it to be great value.

  • +3

    This mattress is the new must have item after the Xiaomi vacuum. I've just got a single one for the kid. Thanks!

  • +1

    Thanks for posting! I'm planning on getting a Queen size but does anyone know if the packaging will fit in a SUV? Cheers!

    • +2

      Just get it shipped lol

      • +1

        Haha, I am getting it shipped to an address but still waiting for settlement for our new place :)

        • Ahh good luck. I was pretty much in the same position, ended up opening the mattress then moving it with a truck 2 weeks later to the new settlement.

    • +7

      I picked up mine at the delivery depot. I am driving a 2014 Hyundai Elantra sedan. I fit the queen size mattress in the box by lowering my passenger front car seat to the back seat and it fits. Just be careful while driving with it on the front passenger seat to back, cause when you do hard turn it might shift a bit, make sure the box is tied down if possible. :)

      From my previous conversation with the seller, they say "The dimension for the box for queen size mattress is 32cm x 32cm x 158cm.".

      Hope it helps.

      • +3

        Yeah should fit fine in an SUV, the vacuum packaging is quite impressive!

  • +2

    Great mattress, got one in the spare room.

  • +2

    From my experience of 8 months with the King size black label mattress I'd say it's well worth it

    Here's my review from a couple months ago which I still stand by 100% https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2604318#r55492629

    I said in my review I paid about $315 shipped but looking back at the ebay invoice it appears it was $275

    Paired it with a very minimalist and basic bed frame on ebay for ~$100 shipped

    • Have you owned a proper mattress before this? With memory foam/latex etc to compare too?

      • The mattress I used before this was a Sleepmaker Miracoil. I don't know anything more about it then that without looking it up.

        • Oh okay. Yea I think these are comparable. They are generally $1k from factory. I don't see how they could compare against higher end mattresses but for these very budget ones for sure

        • @OnlinePred:
          In many reviews here and Product Review these are compared to $3000 plus mattresses by those who previously had them and score ahead.

        • @Yola: and they last 15 years+? I just don't trust reviews

        • +1

          For $236 they do not need to.
          Yes I am also sceptical of reviews but they are overwhelmingly positive on here, Whirlpool and Product Review. I look at how many times people have posted. On their eBay store there are reviews from 3065 people in the last 12 months all positive (3 neutral) and only people who actually purchased can comment.

        • @Yola: you know how it works right? They buy the item, review it, then they get refunded by the seller. They are told things you write like "it's better than my $2k mattress", and if they do they will refund the purchase and get the item for free. Would you turn them down?

        • +1

          Total reviews on eBay 4901. They gave away 4901 mattresses? And all the people in our community here on this post and earlier ones on this deal also liars. Some of these people have made thousands of posts on all sorts of topics - all for $$$?

        • @Yola: it's how it works. Create some hype and others follow.

        • @OnlinePred: it was and inside job!

        • @OnlinePred: Well your hype ain't cutting it with me, so i guess it doesn't always work that way. Hey, this is from 4 days ago. I'm late. Sorry.

    • I purchased the bed base from Zzz Atelier, which for king was nearly the same price as the mattress, as I wanted everything to fit together perfectly. However it ended up being way too high. Luckily we disassembled the legs and only used half of them to lower the height.

    • How much do you weigh? & Is the bed shared?

      • +1

        Something in the area of 70kg, I'm a tall slender fellow. …sigh…the bed is not shared :*(

  • How firm/soft are these? And do any of you use the ZZZ Atelier bases/frames?

    • The company rate them as 6.5/10 for the black and 6/10 for the red. Personally I would rate the black as a bit firmer than that. Not tried the red nor have I used their frames so can't comment

      • Thanks. Hard to know if that's like a rock, or what, of course.

        Our current queen-size mattress really needs replacing, and the base, too: shame they don't have bases with storage drawers - would be very handy.

        • +1

          Don't get a base with storage drawers unless you're really tall. I got one from eBay with the queen size and my bed is damn high. I got use to it 2 months later though.

        • Pretty sure these mattress-in-a-box have a Love It or Return It Free deal usually. I don't see any mention of it on the ebay listing but the details on the listing are quite minimal. Perhaps contact the seller and ask

        • @hetzjagd: I think I'll just watch for future discounts on these mattresses: don't really want to buy just right now (well, would like to, but can't…)

        • @hetzjagd: if you buy it direct from the retailer for several $100 more, you get a free return. From eBay it’s yours to keep

        • @dtc:

          I hear you and you're probably right. In my opinion though it seems odd there would be any difference - what's it to them?

          Strikes me like potential for abuse if they think they have a system going. Order a mattress direct from the retailer, try it out for a month, if you like it then send it back anyway then buy it cheaper on ebay. Most people wouldn't bother doing this, sure, but for this reason it seems a bit limited to not offer the free return/refund on the ebay outlet store.

  • +1

    Makes you wonder about mattress markups. I wish there was a more comprehensive expose on this.

    • +7
      • +1

        Damn, I knew those affiliate-marketing driven review websites were dirty… but that whole thing is FILTHY. Thanks for sharing the story.

    • +1

      I could give you a better insight on how Mattress mark ups are done and actual costs etc.. Worked in the Bedding industry for several years before moving into my chosen field of study about 8yrs ago. See some of my comments here from years ago. Happy to give advice but the mattress industry is vastly different to the electrical appliance world..

  • +3

    Any good deals on the bed frames??

  • +7

    How is it for romping on one of these mattress? Asking for a friend.

    • +1

      Grey Nomadian? Asking for travelling partner?

  • Are these mattresses okay on slats, or only suitable for a base/ensemble?

    • +2

      We've got one on slats and it's been fine

      • +2

        Also have on slats with nil issues

    • +1

      You'll find that 99% of manufactures only do slat base ensembles (Sealy was the only one doing spring bases when I was last in the industry) so it would feel exactly the same as on a slat bed as appose to an ensemble base. I am unsure how this company make their ensemble bases though.

      Generally speaking - all mattresses can be put on a slat bed or ensemble. The only real difference will be in the hardness/softness when you have a spring base or flexi-slats that have some give in them. They cause your mattress to feel a little softer than your straight slat bed frames/ensembles.

      Hope that helps

  • +2

    Bought a king size couple of years ago and have been really happy with the quality. Bought another queen size few weeks ago. Comments about the edges are correct but these are great value overall.

    • Hi, does the standard fitted sheet then cover the mattress considering its a lot thicker than the normal matresses? Thanks.

      • I have a single mattress and am able to fit my single Sheridan fitted sheet but not by a huge amount

  • +1

    Queen is sold out.

    • +1

      OP updated, thanks

      • No worries. Sucks as I wanted to try and get a listing done to post it to Perth but no point now as it’ll go out of stock again before they can make one I bet :-(

        • Back in Stock mate!

        • @whypaymo: Yeah just sent them a message, I’m guessing by the time they’re able to make one it’ll be out of stock again. Plus I think I read in the last post about it they charge like $80 postage to Perth? Ouch haha.

        • @whypaymo: Updated OP again haha

        • @Tr0jan: Cheers!

        • @Porthos: Shipping is 1/4 the cost. Hope you get a bargain there!

  • How does this compare with big names such as King Koil, Serta, etc?

  • Will consider one of these in the future.

  • I bought a Sealy queen size mattress + base from Myer for RRP$3400 almost 8 years ago. Is it worth buying Atelier?

  • Queen back in stock!

  • Can anyone compare this to the Aldi mattress-in-a-boxes, in terms of firmness?

  • +2

    wow i didnt know these were so popular lol, recently caught up with a old mate who owns this joint and he was telling me about this!

    • +1

      Your mate owns the people making these mattresses?

      • +9

        Can your mate hook us up with a(n even better) deal? :)

        • well he did tell me that I could get them at a super good deal and told me to have a look at them but I didnt bother too much at that point.

          Perhaps now I should ! Will let you guys know if I get anything good ;)

  • So what is the returns policy on purchases from ebay? Just buy with paypal and contest the purchase if it sucks?

    EDIT: Also has anyone tried their pillows?

    • The pillow is awesome, I still use it even though I changed mattresses

      • i hate the pillow. way too soft

  • My back hurts, may as well see if my soft ass mattress is the problem.

    • This may not be what you're looking for, 6.5/10 sounds about right. I had one for 7 months and couldn't get rid of ongoing minor lower back pain, went to a $200 sleepy's (about 8.5/10 firmness) and it went right away.

      • Where did you get the sleepy 's.?

        • +1


          Note they're different styles of mattress, which is one of the reasons the Sleepy's is firmer. The ZZ is pocket springs rather than traditional connected springs.

          The ZZ developed pretty noticeable body grooves in about 7 months, the Sleepy's hasn't yet in about the same time.

        • @JBOT:
          That's interesting you have a 8.5/10 firmness mattress from sleepys.

          I actually have a 20/10 in firmness.
          Sleeping bag plus the floor. Back has never felt better

        • +5

          @JBOT: yes I’m immature but their URL looks like it reads Sleepy Sex Press haha 😆

      • Thanks mate, maybe I'll try that.

        My current mattress is about as soft as it gets!

        Hopefully they'll cancel the order!

      • +1

        JBOT - Did you have the extra firm or the chiro endorsed?

        • My order says Chiropedic Black Label

        • @JBOT:

          Thanks for reply, maybe XeKToReX should get the firm one.

  • I have read some reviews, some people said that this mattress has strong chemical smell even though the mattress has been used for weeks and months.
    Can someone who has this mattress clarify your experience if it's true?

    • +1

      There was definitely a smell when we first opened it, but I don't recall it being there for more than a couple of days. Certainly no issues with it now

      • Thanks for the clarification