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Zzz Atelier Mattress Black Label (Queen) $236 Delivered @ Zzz Atelier eBay


Was on the lookout for mattress, happened to find this within the eBay 20% off sale. Very decent pricing IMO.

Original Polished 20% off 38 Selected Sellers @ eBay Deal New Code: Original EOFY 20% off Selected Stores on eBay Deal Post


Limited Bed sizes now remain. KB, KSB, and SB Remain in stock as of 4PM.

Pricing as follows

  • KING = $339 now $271.2
  • QUEEN= $295 now $236
  • DOUBLE= $255 now $204
  • KING SINGLE= $205 now $164
  • SINGLE= $165 now $132

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  • Note: Does not post to Qld, Tasmania, W.A and most of S.A. OK though for NSW and Vic.

  • Been using this for over 3 months. Can say that its better than the $800 mattress I had bought from freedom..

  • Good price. While it probably is the Black Label, I don't see the eBay seller listing it as such or am I missing something?

    • You're missing something.


      Zzz Atelier Chiropedic BLACK LABEL is engineered with the goal to deliver uncompromising support and comfort like no other bed.

  • Bought a double and king single.Must say it is really fabulous value.getting very good sleep on the comfy mattress.Beats the costlier brands.no regrets.

  • I bought a mattress from another seller recently
    And I am not happy.
    The thing is impossible to return.
    Once it is out of the box - there is no way to put it back in.
    I am scratching my head if I should accept the damage and dump it. And get a different one (like this).

  • anyone recommend a base/bed to go with this ?

    • I've bought this bed frame from ikea https://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/S59930109/. It isn't the easiest to change sheets since the back of the bed frame gets in the way. If I could choose a base again I'd go with something without a back board like this https://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/S59902941/. I'm happy with the mattress though.

    • Doesn't this come with the base? It looks so tall…

    • Do not buy the bed base from this company (Zzz Atelier). I did as I thought it would be perfect if I got the base and mattress from the same place but it was too high. I had to disassemble and take of half each leg length. Which is not good as only a pointy end sits on polished wood.The standard bed base should be 33 cm high and the mattress is 34 cm. But the mattress is great, there are also comments on Whirlpool and Product Review very favourable. I also agree that the gold black is medium firm with the edges quite soft. So you cannot sit on it to put on socks. I wish I had purchased the firm, but that is very subjective. But definitely still from Zzz Atelier. Ordered Sunday, arrived Tuesday morning.

    • This bed base looks identical to the one I purchased from Zzz Atelier except it is nearly double the price. See my comment above about it. It is a worry that they do not show any measurements or construction details or pictures. The price is quite high. You can also try Ikea, Freedom and many others I am sure and they provide more details. Zzz Atelier do not seem to sell a bed base now.
      This is the sort of detail that you should be provided

    • I can't compare it to the atelier one, but that sleep right one is cheap in terms of quality and construction imo. Import made in China too.

  • Maybe it's just me, but the idea of buying a matrress without testing it is insane

    • Normally Id agree but Im having back issues with my current King and want another firmer mattress but think ill move house soon and get a cali king (if it fits) so dont wanna spend $2k on a king that I might not have for long.

    • Don't forget to test it with the prospective wife too; two birds with one stone.

      • +2 votes

        Don't forget to test it with the prospective wife too; two birds with one stone.

        Two birds? Better get the largest size if you want to fit 3 people comfortably.

    • You're not testing the ones in the shops either, you're merely kissing the mattress with your back for <30mins.

      • I once slept overnight at Myers in the bedding department. I didn't get woken up until around midday next day given their lack of staff lol

  • Goddamn it, I bought this two weeks ago for $280.

  • Thanks OP! Have been waiting for a deal on this mattress after all the good reviews.

  • +2 votes

    Bought the King back in January with 20% off and has been awesome so far.

  • "This code can't be applied to your order." Anyone getting this? —edit - Code does not work when I am logged in.

    • I had the same issue and it was because my ebay account was registered overseas. Ebay customer service resolved it for me.

  • anyone know where to find a cheap king ensemble? not a fan of the normal bed bases

  • is this bed the same as all these other beds popping up, like the koala bed etc?

    • Yes, I have both this one and koala. Zzz is bit firmer compared to koala and koala feels more cosy. Overall zzz is well woth the price.

      • Price aside, do you prefer sleeping in the Koala mattress? Thinking about getting A Koala for the main bed and this one for a spare room

        • Yes, I prefer sleeping on the Koala and I have similar set-up with Koala in the main bedroom and zzz for the spare.

  • Any retailers stock this?
    Testing just seems so crucial…

  • I bought this mattress over 2 years ago after reading good reviews. Happy to say that it's very comfortable, reasonably firm, no issues whatsoever.

  • Wanted to buy this.

    Won't ship to Tasmania.

    Sent an email to them, asking if we could get it shipped here. They emailed back, asking for my mobile number so we could discuss this.

    Never got a call back. Sent a few follow up emails, still didn't hear anything back.

    Really sucks, I was super keen on one, but the lack of customer service just turned me right off them.

    If you have an issue with one, I wouldn't expect any decent customer service, considering they couldn't even call me when I was literally about to give them my money.

  • These are actually pretty nice matresses. Respectable.

  • Another +1 from me.

    3 people at my work have purchased one on my advice, and are all happy too.

  • I can vouch for this, I've had one for ~3 months and it's been very comfortable.

  • So I bought one of these for a little more during Christmas Holidays.

    Other than some lag with the tracking, it's been pretty damn good.
    I went mattress shopping, outlets, ikea, sealy's, koala etc. The thing with just sitting on one of these things in the shops, other than the marketing is you just don't know. I like the idea of a mattress in the box and the eva would have been my next bet, mainly because you can return it if it's shit.

    I spent two weeks looking for one and just ended up confused and annoyed at the way the industry works.

    The koala, wayyyyyyy to soft.

    In the end, I thought (profanity) it, it has great reviews and if it sucks, I won't be out of pocket too much. It's been pretty good, took a while to get used too. It's definitely on the softer side of medium firm, but the quality is pretty good.

    I use an IKEA Malm bed frame. Note if you're going to Ikea, they undersize to what the Australian standard is, so it won't be a perfect fit. Other than that, happy with the mattress. I'll consider buying another one.

    Compared to what budget mattresses you could get at Ikea, I'd definitely recommend this.

  • I bought one last time I could get it for 20% off.

    I love my mattress and happily recommend theis mattress.

  • Thinking of buying this mattress given the good feedback.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a base?

  • Can we not just use this mattress on any queen/king bed frame if we have queen/king bed frame like from Ikea or Amart furniture of stuff? Don't get the concept of getting a base? Maybe I am missing something

    • Yes I think you can as long as its the correct size. Maybe the people asking are going to change their bed size, that is what I did.

    • I think Ikea king size is different to the standard king size. If i'm not wrong, it's a few centimetres smaller.

  • Queen out of stock :/

    I have one of these already and it is an awesome mattress.