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20% off 24 Month Optus Phone Plans @ Harvey Norman / Domayne / Joyce Mayne


It seems like only at Harvey Norman stores?

Need a new phone yesterday, went to one of the stores yesterday, surprisingly I received further 20% off the discounted $105 promo plan (originally $125)
So instead off $125, I am now paying $84 for the plan.

Only available for Port-in customers from another service provider, so I bought a Telstra sim to do so.

The deal I got was

IphoneX 256GB on $105 plan (20% off =$84) plus $10 repayment for the phone = $94 monthly
Min.Total cost over 24 months is $2256
Given that the phone is worth ~$1600 outright, the difference is only $656. so its only $27.33 per month for 24 months

and I get all of these…..

100GB of data
Unlimited standard national calls and data
Unlimited International calls and text
4GB of Roaming Data

Amazing deals!! Better get yours today!

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      • Nope. It’s near a Super Cheap Auto store.

  • Confirmed student discount works. Have to ask them on live chat. Harvey norman can't do it in store.

    Got the iphone X 64gb for $75.60per month.

    • What did you say to them? I tried asking for it in the online chat but they said no

  • Purple plans not included in the 20% off promo?
    Really interested in the S9+ 64GB

    • Purple s9 plus is, but the 20% offer is excluded from the $59/$79 promo plans.

      • Thanks. Appreciate the reply. Now I understand. I'll wait what other promo in the future.

        • NFI

  • I'm guessing that I can't port from Catch Mobile since they use optus' network?

    • You can port from Optus resellers and get the deal, just not Virgin.

      • Reverse dupe.

      • I called the Tweed Heads Harvey Norman store today and they told me this deal has finished now. Is it still running?

        Is this offer now maybe store dependent?

        • I went to Fortitude Valley store today and it's still running.

        • @bogstation:

          Thanks. called a different store and they said it was still running too. Any ideas untill when?

        • +1

          @ozhunter68: posts on here say till Aug 20, but I did not confirm.

        • +1

          @bogstation: Extended to 26th

        • @bogstation:

          Was told by one store that 20% off port in sale ends end of trade tomorrow ( Sunday ), so three separate dates on this post lol. Deal for me done, but looks like port will be Monday.

        • @farque:

          Extended to 26th

          Do you have a link for the extended deal?

  • I tried ask them on iPhone 8​ smaller plan, they said they only do big plan with 100gb. Sad

    • my friend signed up $49 Samsung S8 regional plan, with 10GB DATA, discounted to $44x0.8+$5phone payment=$40.20. So no problem for the small plan.

      • Too bad for me then. I ask for, and confirm again and again. They said no. Only plan $100 up.

      • now $44 $59 $79 plan not include in this deal

  • Hi, I did port in yesterday. HN said it will take 4 hours to transfer the services to Optus, been like 1.5 days, nothing happened. Shall I ring optus or HN?

    • HN

    • Are you with Catch? mine is taking time too, don't have time to call HN tho because gotta run off to work now

      • No, I am with vodafone, funny that I received the ack message from vodafone that they have received the port out request right after I left HN. But been like 2 days and nothing happened. Will call HN on Monday, let's see.

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          I rang HN during my break and less than an hour later my port went through

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    for anyone who is currently with Optus but wants to transfer to other provider just for getting this deal. I was told by HN staff this is not going to be eligible for the deal. The number has to be with some other provider for a long time, a few days would not be enough. They will audit and cancel the 20% discount anyway.

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    Just a reminder to also request for a cover or wireless charger when porting over to one of the new plans.
    Note 9 covers weren't out yet so i just grabbed a wireless charger.

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      Wait what? Is it free of charge?

      • Yup - just need to ask.
        If you've preordered a phone maybe just ask them when you go in to pick it up.

        • Can't find anywhere it says that it's included or free of charge. Got any link? Cheers

        • How you know? I can't find any news or word indicate they give free.

  • Has anyone been able to get a share sim for $5 one off? I couldn't, they said that deal ended a while ago

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    I was able to get 10% off with my daughter's (primary school) email address.

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      That's interesting, surely the service is not in the daughter's name, is it?

      • +1

        nope its under my name. I just said i signed this number up for my daughter, they did not ask for age. They sent the student promo code to her email address which was a email and asked me to tell them the code.

        This is now even a better deal!

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    Just signed up on the steel today at Harvey Norman Moore Park, the salesperson said lucky it ends today.

    Although if popular I would imagine they were extended, but that's just my opinion.

    Also confirming I ported out a number on Friday from Optus on a plan no contract to Telstra and put it back in to Optus TODAY to claim this deal no problem.

    I'm not sure he said you have to stay a certain. With the other provider doesn't seem to be true, as is my experience!

  • extended to the 26th aug if anyone still wanting to take up offer

  • Confirmed still working, signed up with this offer today - bargain!

    • With the Samsung Note 9?

  • +3

    Signed up today with regional discount and 20% off. So I get 200GB data and 256gb iPhone X for $84 a month (RRP $145) - amazing! Franchisee showed me emaili from Optus Rep confirming all this and confirming it has been extended to 26/8. Thanks OP - best Oz Bargain deal for me yet :) …ps they didn’t have it in stock, so have rainchecked the handset, which will be sent directly to me.

  • Hi guys, can someone please inform me on the cheap way i can port my phone and part it back to Optus for this deal?

    • Buy a $2 SIM or wait for a free SIM offer

  • Thanks OP… ported and got both 20% and student 10%. Cheers

    • How did you get 10% Student discount? From online chat?

      • Yep online chat and got sms confirmation

        • Thanks.

        • I managed to get it yesterday but never got an sms. Also never got one of those order emails you get when there is a change to your service.

  • Anyone tried porting from Virgin to any other teleco then to this?

  • Can anyone tell me what line is shown on the bill to ensure I am receiving the 20% off from HN?
    I've received my first bill and there is nothing stating that it is 20% off

    • Our shows on page 2 (charges breakdown page) down the bottom.

  • +4

    IS this deal still on?

  • Damn it, I only found out about this today. I would have totally jumped on this. :(

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