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Free Hey You $10 Credit When Adding St. George Bank Card + 2 More Free Coffee Codes (for New Accounts) @ Hey You


Combine with active existing codes to make 7 free coffees and $15 app credit to use on food.

Tried old promos and these ones worked. Add a St George bank card as payment method (no need to make a purchase) and instantly get $10 app credit.

List of codes:
- Referral code

Final result when you make a new account: https://m.imgur.com/08B3BFx

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    Both didn't work in existing account

  • shows only $5 balance for me..

    • Same. Maybe some will count as "free coffees"

    • The free coffees only show, after added to checkout . They will show in checkout as like a minus, once coffee is in checkout.

      • yes, i get that. what about $5 credit? Is that for food?

        • For ANYTHING. I just used $5 for iced moccq (iced coffee not usually covered by other voucher) .
          The 'coffee code' usually works for chai tea or hot chocolate etc too . A bit of trial and error for each cafe, as to what counts as 'free coffee' .
          Always large is included and also syrups etc are included at no extra cost

        • @ozzpete: the bold makes it very clear sir..

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    These guys don't do a very good job for keeping existing customers. Only benefits are new members.

  • Thanks OP, time to make another account :D
    Those amaysim sims are really paying themselves off lol!

    Btw you can use the credit on coffees as well can't you?

    • You can but I find the food is better value-for-credit! Or interesting drinks instead of hot drinks.

  • fyi, $10 credit bonus does not work when adding StGeorge Credit card! Must only be bank card.

  • Yesterday when I used my $5 and free coffee the girl said "Hey You" must take away but she let me eat in anyway.

    But just wondering what about if I order breakfast? Anywhere said have to be take away?

    • Doesn't have to be take away. There might be an option for dine in/take away.

      I've had no problems eating in.

    • Yeah I had the same experience with the coffees, cafe said the coffees I ordered were take away only prices, but semi-reluctantly let me have it there. Generally I will take-and-go, but just sometimes I want to sit down at the cafe. That treated-like-an-unwelcome guest aspect + lack of love for existing customers, rather puts me off Hey You.

      • That treated-like-an-unwelcome guest aspect + lack of love for existing customers, rather puts me off Hey You.

        Just wondering how much they received from Hey You or nothing?

      • thats just a shitty cafe nothing to do with hey you

        hey you doesnt enforce restaurant policies

    • If i want to dine in, or any other requests/options not available, then I just add it to the 'notes' section at checkout. Eg. "Please add honey" or "To dine in please, im already here" .

  • Do you guys know what defines a new account? Is it by the sign-up date? or activate date? or based on first purchase?

  • Added my St George bank card (new account) and I don't see the credit….:(

  • Created a new account to test this out, however ended up with only 3 free coffees and no credit… what gives? Is there a specific way to enter in the codes?

  • can't even open hey you app atm. who have same problem?

  • Problem at checkout, "payment method not accepted" when using both free coffee codes and also $5 credit" .
    Just started today with this error. New account. Everything shows as if normal, free coffee os deducted, $5 is deducted from food, then just as I hit order now, it fails due to "payment method" .
    I haven't added credit card etc, but never had to before. Anyone having same issue ?
    Also, when I try to order all over again, the free coffee no longer deducts :(
    UPDATE Started new account, tried without adding any codes (except initial referal) and 1st coffee went through fine. Then tried adding all the codes, seems 1 free coffee is applied, but not the credit (I didn't add any card though) .

    • They must be cracking down on it. I got around the payment method error at lunch today by ordering the coffee and food separately. I got the "Hey You credit: $5" popup only when the food order was under the amount of credit I had left. Hopefully works for you!

      • Thanks. Will try this . Order food seperate . It seems have to order coffees seperate now also. Ie. You have 2 free coffees, but cannot get 2 free in 1 order. Order 1 collect, then order another then collect works though ;)

  • Since last few days their app is crashing..tried to reinstall but same.
    Anyone with same issue

  • Do the codes on the full list still work for a new account? I'm a little late to the party.

    • Not sure - only update has been they’ve restricted multiple free coffees per order. If you sign up you’ll 100% get one or two free ones first but after your third order you’ll see for sure!

      • Just tried this. All codes got accepted on a new account. However, I only got 2 free coffees and no $5 credit. Looks like the codes can be removed/marked as expired.