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Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse $79.95 @ EB Games


Long time lurker, First time poster.

Just got a Logitech G900 for a steal of a price $79.95 normally $150+. This mouse is the predecessor of the G903. The only differences between the two is the weight and the ability to wirelessly charge. The deal is pick up only at limited locations around Australia, with stock being limited.

2-Year limited hardware warranty.

System requirements:

Windows® 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
Powered USB port
Internet connection for optional software download
Physical specifications:

Height: 130 mm (5.12 in)
Width: 67 mm (2.64 in)
Depth: 40 mm (1.57 in)
Weight: 107 g (3.80 oz ) mouse only
Cable Length (Power/Charging): 1.83 M (6 ft)
Battery life:

Default lighting: 24 hours
No lighting: 32 hours
Package contents:

Charging/data cable
Wireless USB adapter
Cable adapter
Accessories case
Side button caps (2x left, 2x right)
Side button covers (left, right)
User documentation

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  • Perfect for professional bargain hunting.

  • Great mouse.

  • How does this compare to the MX Master 2s? It usually drops to around this price on sale and I've been waiting to get it.

    • If you are purely using it for work I’d go with the MX because of the ergonomics. It’ll be more comfortable. But overall I’d rate the G900 as better.

    • I got both and pref this one over the MX Master 2.
      This mouse is amazing except that battery seems to give out after a year or so. You can easily buy replacement battery on ebay and replace it yourself though.

    • If anyone here has a MX Master 2s and uses facebook, I have a quick question and request for you. Please reply or dm me. I'm having a small problem with mine that googling isn't giving results for

      • you can probably post here. i've got one and use fb, as i'm sure many others do

        • Thanks, while typing my reply to you I realized I should try disable all browser addons first to rule out that one of them is causing the issue - and now I think I may have narrowed it down. I'll need to experiment further given this revelation and follow up with you if I'm still stick

          The issue was the 'chat window' version of Messenger within Facebook would scroll up heavily and reveal a few months worth of chat history with only some minor scrolling. Scrolling on all other websites and programs would behave normally and I'd disabled things like smooth scrolling and lowered the sensitivity for the wheel etc. Possibly the Facebook Purity add-on was messing with it but I will troubleshoot this further

        • @hetzjagd:
          I think I'm having that issue too (no mouse or anything, just laptop trackpad). Think it must be a FB glitch.

        • @blighst:

          I find trackpads notoriously hard to use with complete accuracy unless I turn off all the gestures and stuff like that.

          Do you happen to use Firefox? Have you tried disabling all add-ons?

        • @btst7000:

          I'm just uncoordinated and refuse to take the time to practice and improve. I use a touchscreen mobile phone and I use it a lot, but I also generally do not use gestures and stuff on the phone for a similar reason as stated above. Apple Iphone btw

    • They're fairly different based on just battery life alone: this lasts 1-1.5 days whereas MX Master 2S lasts for 2 months+.

      • MX Master 2S lasts for 2 months+.

        lol sif 2 months? maybe on like only 1 hour use each day or something.

        • MX M2S is my office mouse, it does last around 2 months, and since I work in IT, it is actively being used every work day for at least 6 hours. In fact it never actually ran out of battery since I had it, I only charge it every 2 months for peace of mind.

        • It's no joke. Mine lasts ages.

        • @ChillBro:

          Hmm well I have one too on moderate usage but I don't think it lasts 2 months. Although I never really took notice of how often I'd have to charge. I think it's maybe every 3 or 4 weeks? Certainly lasted longer than my MX Revo that's for sure. One annoying thing is smooth scrolling often stops working and in order for me to scroll on web browsers I have to disable it!

        • @CVonC: How many hours per day do you consider as 'moderate usage'? I solely use mine for work (~8 hrs/day) and I honestly cannot remember the last time I charged it.

          Also, I've been using mine through Bluetooth. Just a theory but perhaps it expends more energy if using it through the dongle?

          I've not had any issues with the new 'smart' fast scrolling. In fact, I wish this feature was on my G502.

        • @ChillBro:

          I guess 6 hours in total?

          I use the unifying dongle as I've found the BT connection to be unreliable.

          If you're talking about the adaptive scrolling (spin it faster and it'll change to free spin) then that wasn't what I was talking about. Smooth scrolling is primarily for how web browsers display scrolling (makes it appear smoother, like how you swipe up and down on a phone). I find occasionally if smooth scrolling is enabled, my entire scrolling stops working in all web browsers (works in other apps) unless I disable smooth scrolling or do a reboot. It's an issue other people seem to have but there doesn't seem to be a fix besides a reboot if you want to keep it enabled.

  • only few in stock in east coast

  • Zero available in the West.


  • wow great price.

    highly recommand for battery swap mod for reduced weight.

    • Swap the battery for a lighter, lower capacity one? I'm using a G403 and wouldn't mind reducing the weight, but I wouldn't want lower battery life.

  • I think the cheapest i saw this was $115 (Logi sale on Amazon).

  • I love this mouse, just like high frame rates once you go wireless it’s tough to go back.

  • OP, Maybe specify that its only available in the states that have stores stock these.
    From what I saw, just NSW and VIC

  • Love this mouse too. The fact that it has so many buttons is awesome because I have all my media controls on my mouse now (volume up, volume down, play/pause, next track, previous track, I even have a button bound to F5 to refresh ozbargain easier hehehe).

    I seriously could not go back to any other mouse. I've had mine for over a year and the battery is fine, granted I never have the LEDs on.

    • Had mine since release and also have no issues. Apart from hating the shape.. Battery is fine, and I have the G logo lit with the breathing effect.

      • Yep agreed, the mouse itself looks like some sort of batmobile mouse and I'm not a fan of the physical appearance but I'm used to the feel of it and it feels quite comfortable.

  • Top notch mouse, I was originally skeptical of a wireless gaming mouse, but this one surprised me and performs just like a good wired gaming mouse. Highly recommend 👍🏻

  • absolute steal!

  • Heads up but logitech are lowering the prices because they're about to release a new mouse, logitech g pro wireless on the 15th of August. Apparently it's going to be a gamechanger.

    • That Logitech "FK"? That's a completely different class of mouse. The G900/G903 is more of a "all the bells and whistles" kind of mouse. Rather than a super light competition one. From the leaks, the new mouse has less buttons and lacks the smooth scroll of the G900/G903.

    • Technically this mouse is superceded by the G903 in any case.

    • Are you referring to the G305?

  • Decent mouse. I don't like it as much as my old G700s, though. G700s has a much better shape (provided you're left handed), better button layout and more buttons!
    Unfortunately some of the buttons on my G700s got a bit mushy, so I had to switch it out.

    Regardless, this is a good price for a good mouse.


      How was battery life? Mine only used to last 3-4hrs on max saver settings… Otherwise great shape.

      Bit more comfortable than the 900/903

      • Not very good. I used those high capacity Eneloops which lasted me a few days with low-moderate usage.

    • Oops, meant to say provided you're right handed…

  • This is a great mouse and a great price.


    Great mouse until mine stopped charging suddenly.

    Ive gone through these Logitech's over the years from an MX Revolution (still going strong!) >> G500 >> G700 (RMA, poor battery life) >> G900 (RMA, stopped charging) >> G903 and loving it… Although my 903 has a sticky DPI button so will RMA at some stage lol

    • How long did you have yours? I think ive had mine about 2 years now. Going well so far.


        Almost 2yrs? Can't remember… Only had couple months left of warranty before I returned it.

  • next to nothing where we are.

  • No stock other than woop woop towns

  • No stock near me or in Sydney. Would have grabbed one otherwise.

  • +9 votes

    No stock in major cities and no shipping. If a bargain falls in the forest and nobody can claim it, is it really a bargain?

  • heart breaking moment you've been looking at g900 pricing all day, you see this and realise only woop woop has stock.

  • I really like this mouse, but I only get 2-3 days out of a charge with LED's off.

  • For all those saying only stores in the middle of nowhere have stock, try calling them to see if they will send it to you. I bought 2 Wii U Pro controllers for $90 from a store in NSW and the manager posted them to me. EB has pretty good customer service in my experience. Obviously, postage will be additional

    • Thanks, I gave them a call and they were more than happy to do this. Just ring the store in question, they will put it aside for you and say on Monday when the post office is open, they will call you back and tell you how much the shipping will be. You will then need to go to a nearby EB store, by a giftcard for the 80$+ shipping, then pay over the phone with that.

  • Will I be able to 360 no scope Ninja, Daequan and Tfue?

  • Best mouse I've ever owned. Paid $180 for it a few years back and I love it. $80 is an absolute steal!

  • Would jbhifi price match

  • Logitech mouse over Razer any day :)

  • Anyone here who got one, can you please pm me the package dimensions and total weight?

  • Great mouse, I got mine a couple years ago. I did have to get a couple replacements due to misc issues though.

  • Thanks OP, I was able to snag one.

  • I got the last one in Gungahlin Canberra. Hard to find one but not impossible!! Funny thing…. Testing it out for the first time and I must say im mixed to the feeling of it. Maybe I have to get used to it.

    It has some cool features. 1)can change mouse speed with the buttons on the mouse 2) the middle mouse wheel can be set to slow rotate or spin 3)can be wired or wireless.

    But to be honest I feel my old mouse is actually better at playing games "Microsoft wireless 5000"

    I feel its not as long so I can pick it up and jump forward like a trap spider to reposition myself easier/faster. The mouse speed is also spot on. I have owned 2 of these in the past and feel they are fking top notch…

  • Thanks op. Just picked up the last one at Miranda

  • Yesterday I went to the ebbgames at garden city to see if they still had the G900, but they were out of stock. The lady that served me check the surrounding stores within 50km and no one had them, she said there warehouse was out and the only way to get them by importing interetate. I don’t even know is the price will be the $80 still, although the shipping will be free.