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Opening Sale Men's Leather Jacket $40 (RRP $200) @ Siricco


We have a problem last week with this sale. Now I will be in charge of this account.

We have been in the business for 36 years. We all well known for our leather jackets and bags
We have very competitive prices

This is a sale to launch our new website

Also check our leather jackets for father's days

Or satchels

This is jacket that we are promoting for the opening sale.

  • Five button closure
  • Fully lined
  • Bottom Side tabs

Approx 76cm of Length from the Collar


  • Chest: 118cm
  • Waist: 112cm


  • Chest: 116cm
  • Waist: 110cm

Any enquirers email me to [email protected]

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  • +16

    Perfect if you're some sort of Russian gansta from the 80s…

    • +5

      Yeah every bad dufus would be wearing one of these just before he got his arse kicked in those 90's Steven Seagal movies

      • +2

        Exactly - it's kitsch value has to be more than $40.

    • +3

      Hi Salmon123,

      Tell me which jacket would you like in the link below and I can give you a good discount

      • +2

        TBH - nothing on your website is to my taste, but I think $40 for jacket is a decent price and I'm sure you'll find some Russian gansta's as customers.

        I'm not sure why the post was reported as spam. Seems like a decent deal.

        • +3

          I know it is not the best jacket. I will promote one nice ladies jacket next time. Definitely not a Russian jacket
          Thank you

        • +3

          @Siricco retail: I think I saw these jackets in John Wick.

      • G'day,

          There was an Aussie who had a yacht with a similar name to yours.

        Anyway,I purchased a Nappa jacket from a firm named Skinwood,who also advertised on this site recently, as a birthday present for myself.
        Seems to be made out of dead critters named vinyls.

        A price on a bomber jacket crafted out of goat,sheep,well almost any critter except vinyls would be appreciated.
        Those vinyls seem pretty small,so an XXXXL would be good. Mainly for winter ….. maybe I should be a good OzBargainer and wait until Summer :)

    • +1

      Size M gansta

  • Rat leather?

    • +2

      Well King,

      To be honest it is rough leather

      But check our other jackets in the other links

      I can give you a good price in other jackets

      • +2

        Just kidding ;) but seriously what kind of leather is it?

        • +7

          :). I know you are kidding

          Goat leather
          At least you won't be cold in the next winter

        • +2

          @Siricco retail: kidding about goat leather … Nice!

    • King Rat.

  • +1

    rat leather poncho?

    please provide the skin type and where its made (aus or imported)

    • +1

      Hi bergz,

      We have satchels and some nice leather jackets

      If you like one of them in this link. I can give you a very good discount

      • Hi Sirico,

        What is the good price of this one?

        I know nothing about leather, but would like to know what the difference between a jacket made from goat leather and cow leather?

        Thank you.

        • +1

          That is a very poprular soft leather
          The rest of the jackets are lamb skin leather so they are soft
          I am giving the price in a private message

          I can't text you in private

          I can give you for 200

        • @Siricco retail:
          Thank you so much for your offer.
          I just spent my budget for another gift. Anyway, I will visit your website whenever I think about a leather jacket.

    • How much for this one please?
      Siricco Classic Zip Men's Italian Leather Jacket SI104 (Made in Australia)

    • +1

      Any special price on this one?

      • -1

        Sorry for the late reply. I have been answering emails and enquirers I am texting you in private now

  • +4

    Just some feedback.
    You need to have size information including accurate measurements.
    And I suggest you get some models and a professional photographer to do some product pictures.
    The product pictures on your site do not look good.

    • +1

      Thank you so much for the feedback

      I think it is positive and we hired a model this week

      We will add those pictures soon

      • +4

        we hired a model this week

        Do you have a leather casting couch for sale, too? Just sayin'

        • +3

          Yeh, but it's stained.

  • +6

    I own 2 of your other jackets, one cow leather, one lamb leather bought from your Melbourne store, very happy with the quality.

    Not sure what goat leather is like though ?

    • +14

      Thank you. Finally one positive feedback. I was getting depressed.

      We have more jackets in the website
      Just check what we have there

      • +2

        I had one previously too. It was kind of suede finish and quite nice - fairly thin leather but lasted a fair while considering.

  • +5

    OP since you know your leather
    is this full grain/ top grain or other

    Also we have a member PJC who is after ostrich leather undies
    If you could source them for him, I could ask him to get in touch

    • Amen to that.

      • +1

        Unsurprisingly OP is avoiding my questions.

        OP is your leather full grain or top grain
        Is your leather sourced from Australian tanneries.
        Are your jackets made in Australia?

    • +1

      LMAO - my next watch strap is gonna be toad leather 🙊

      • +2

        Cane toad leather!
        Sourced from Queensland!

  • Opening sale after 36 years?

    • +1

      Opening sale for our website
      We launched our e-commerce website two weeks ago

  • What is the measurement for Small size Jacket?

    • Our chart in at the bottom of the website. If it doesn't fit you can send back
      Plus we have 14 shops in Melbourne

    • +2


  • Nice deal, upvoted! Do you have any specials for the Hardside Luggage? Specifically large Samsonite ones?

  • Uuuuuuuggglllyyyyyy

  • It's a shame doesn't come in (S)mall size. I don't think it is going to fit me i.e. too big.
    Also, what is the minimum spend for free shipping?
    It appears I have to buy 2 of these jackets to qualify for free shipping.

    • Yes there is a minimum of $60

  • Hey Op,
    Any deals on:
    Jacket: VITA Men's Hand Finished Leather Jacket
    Mens bag: Modapelle Vintage Leather messenger/Satchel Bag


    • -1

      Of course. Happy to help
      I am texting you in private

  • Do you think if I cut one arm half-off and roughed it up a bit I could make it look like the leather jacket from Fallout 1?

    Oh, looks like it needs to be zip-up:

  • Hi OP,

    I like this jacket

    Only issue is leather jackets are usually righton my shoulders. Are we able to return if it doesn't fit well? Also what kind of leather?

    Hmm hmm I'd also like a 'special' ozbargain price


    • Hi OP, I'm also interested in this jacket as Suspect420?

      Are you able to do a special price for it?

  • Hi OP
    Best price for
    Thanks in advance.

  • +1

    Guys just think about this for a moment.
    In another post, a guy is selling two leather belts for just under $40. These are full grain leather sourced from tanneries in Australia and we agreed on that post that it was a good price

    For $40, here you are getting a leather jacket. Think about the quality of the leather, if you are getting a jacket for the price of two belts

    Also OP is avoiding my questions about the quality of the leather, whilst having the time to clinch deals!

    @ PJC, we may have to source our Ostrich leather elsewhere

  • +1

    I paid about $120 for a Siricco jacket made of pig suede when I visited Melbourne in the mid-90s. It was made in Australia and it still looks as good as when it was new:

    • +1

      I guess things were still manufactured in Australia in the 90s. Nowadays the trend is designed in Australia but made in…

      I doubt the quality has remained the same

  • Hi OP,

    Can I get a deal on Jhon hooded jacket size - small? Thanks :)

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