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Logitech Harmony 350 Universal Remote $16 @ Woolworths


Good price for a Harmony programmable remote. On clearance at Woolworths nation wide.

Combine up to 8 remotes in 1. Control your TV, cable or satellite box, DVR, Blu-ray™ player, sound system, and more.
World's most compatible
The ever-growing Harmony database of 270,000+ devices has power-on sequencing, timing, and direct input commands.
One-touch entertainment
Press the Watch TV button to turn on your TV, cable or satellite box, and more. Each one powers up with just the right settings.
5 channel presets
Jump to the channel of your choice with 5 programmable Favourite buttons.
Comes with 2AA Batteries.
You will need to download software on to a PC and connect the remote up in order to make it compatible with your devices. The cable comes with the remote.
It only has one activity button unlike the 650, but that costs a lot more.

UPDATE: Price drop to $16 Kudos to RichardL

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  • +2

    These are great, and compatible with a surprisingly large number of products

  • +7

    650 or bust

    I wish the $35 650s were still around

    • My first 650 did bust! LCD got stuck ON so batteries only lasted a day It' probably wouldn't have happened with a 350, but I still replaced with another 650:). I'd probably go for a 350 if I only had a couple of devices to control.

  • which Woolworths is this in?

    • +6

      Mine works fine, never had a problem with the software either. These are great if you have a TV, amplifier and pvr.

      I love the favourite buttons and the return button for going back to the last channel.

  • +1

    Just got one yesterday. Typical. Took about 20 mins to connect up with everything. Worked right away with TV, sound and Xbox but still need to tweak for Foxtel.

  • +3

    I had one of these for the spare TV setup, but upgraded to a Harmony 650. Much better having multiple activities available.

    • +2

      Same. 350 was good as a basic remote replacement, but activities much better to cover TV, soundbar, gaming/blu-ray/htpc combos

  • +1

    We have two of these in our house (for two different rooms) and they are pretty good, especially at this price.

    I probably don't need a third remote but if I did I would get the 650 and relegate a 350 to my son's bedroom?

    • go bombers

  • Would this work ok on Foxtel IQ3 as it uses a Bluetooth remote ?

    • This is a infrared remote only.

    • +2

      It does work on IQ3. Although it has a Bluetooth remote it does accept IR (just like the mi box)
      Source: I use the 650 on my IQ3

      • Are you able to use all the Foxtel functions like play, pause, coloured buttons on your 650 remote ?

        • Yep, on the 650 at least. Not sure about the 350 but if it has coloured buttons, play/pause etc I assume it would also work

        • @FicklePickle:

          If it works on a 350 it'll work with all Harmony's, the device library is stored at the Logitech server. My wife has a 350 and me the 650, we both operate the same equipment. However so to keep things uniform we only start up and close down with my remote.

    • Yeah, I had an old IQ2 remote floating around and I actually PREFER using it over the bluetooth IQ3 remote. The IQ3 remote is frustratingly unreliable for me, while the IQ2 IR remote just works all the time.

  • Interesting. BUT not the cheapest they have sold at Woolies. I have picked up several at $16 about a month ago in store.

    • They've been $15 at Aldi as a one off special. I bought two at the time.

  • Do you think they would let you buy it and return it if it doesn't work for me exactly how I need it to? Not so much from a product fault but I just don't know if it's going to be compatible with all my gear and if it isn't then I don't want it.

    I guess at this price point if it doesn't work I can just regift it or something. Or hold onto it and hope my sound system dies so I can justify buying a new one.

    My 90's era Sony sound system thing doesn't seem to have a mute button and also the remote has like 50+ buttons on it, the majority of which are unneccessary to have and if you or a guest accidentally presses the wrong one you can't be sure what the original setting was that you just changed. A universal remote would address the latter but whether or not there's the capacity for the system to understand a 'mute' command if the original remote didn't have it, I'm not sure. Alternatively perhaps there is a programmable type button I can set that just spams like 15x 'volume down' commands in a flash so it works as an effective mute.

    • Keep the receipt if you wish to return it. I have bought one just an hour ago, after lunch I'll set it up and see how it works.

      • Simple as that hey? I guess while it is unethical I could probably just say "hey it was dead out of the box" and they aren't exactly going to to test it there and then. Hopefully it's a goer and there's still one left at Woolworths when I get there much later today

    • +2

      I’ve often found these Logitech universal remotes can transmit commands the original didn’t have. My favourite is jumping directly to an input rather than cycling through a menu list of them.

      • Now you're making me want to ditch work early to try make sure I can cop this deal. Really excited to put away the remotes I have and never look at them again.

      • Yep any commands you want - Just learn 'em. I mix and match commands for different devices to activities to save going to individual devices.

        For example we have both a soundbar and surround sound amp. We normally use the soundbar for general TV viewing, but prefer the surround for movies or other DD5.1 encoded programs on Foxtel, so I have unused buttons to control the receivers volume as well as the standard one's for the soundbar. Makes things easy.

  • Do these work?

    I've got these before and never got them to work how I wanted them to.

  • I have the 650 and love it, but for some reason I couldn't get it to Sync anymore, tried different computer and cable but no luck, anyone have the same issue?

  • -1

    How well does this work with PornHub?

    • +6

      The remote doesn't have a vibration function

    • +2

      You still need to push the right buttons.

  • +1

    These are great, I've had mine for over 5 years and still going strong after some massive bashing from my two toddlers.

    Very easy to program with pretty much any IR device.

  • +1

    I have the 650 version. Remote is nice and works well with multiple activities to set. Only trouble I've had with it is with the software you use to sync the remote with your computer, it was a bit unreliable.

  • I can't seem to find this on the Woolworths web site (or BigW). How do you know it's nationwide?

    • I guess that being a clearance item, stock availability would be hit and miss from store to store. If you find one in store without a sale tag, get a staff member to scan it. The lower price should come up as pricing is done at HQ, only instore specials over ride that pricing.

  • +3

    $16 in Woolworths Majura Park, ACT. Just grabbed one.

    • Great find. I've set mine up now and it works pretty well as expected, the software was able to figure out what model of sound system and TV I had just from a single search.

      Didn't like that you had to login to set it up though, not sure what purpose that is meant to serve. I guess that means they can datamine your commands and your setup to improve their device database

      • I found they store the remote information in the cloud.

        The original computer I programmed on was handed down and when I got as new one I installed the new software.

        The second I logged in I saw my remotes and devices as I'd left them. Makes for very easy reprogramming if you change devices.

        Can't vouch if it spies on your cat or you in the shower but I KNOW they definitely make you log in for convenience.

    • How many were left? Might head in there after work.

      • Just got home, around 5 left.

        • Which section of the store did you find it? I've looked near the batteries and in the stationary section, but no luck

        • +1

          @railspider: Stationary. Near the middle path of the store.

  • -3

    $2 at my local op shop a few months ago, still in the box and unused. My second one. :)

    Cool story.

    • I’ll give you $4 for your $2 Logitech remote.

      • $4.10

        • $4.10 and some Brut Refreshing Splash On

        • @dm01: inaudible gasp

        • +1

          @dm01: Are you going to personally splash it on?

          I lied… seems its a harmony 300, but no I don't want to sell it.

        • @Gravy: Still a superb find though.

        • +1

          Your find of the good but basic 300 model (controls 4 devices against 8 in this deal & probably lacks other features) sold for $12 @Kmart 6 years ago & newer model $15 @Aldi 3 years ago. I think only the older units sold in a box - packaging changed to blister pack.

          Bought when price dropped to $10 in 2015. A good device if only need a little more than basic commands. Mainly use it with a 1TB Panasonic PVR bought in the dying days of Dick Smith for $10 (no remote).

          So an old unit is not worth much, but good find at that price if unused.

          Unfortunately the downside of Op Shopping is you may never see another like that - but that's what makes good finds so memorable. I'd say that explains the neg votes😢

  • Any experiences with this and Foxtel? I have to press a button twice to get action in foxtel. But not for other devices. Tried changing button repeat settings and internet delays to no avail.

  • Can't find anywhere in West Melbourne :(

  • Marked as $23 but scans at $16 at Neutral Bay Woollies. I got two and a couple left.

  • Can't seem to find one anywhere in outer east of Melbourne with the stores I asked (as opposed to just looking on the shelf) saying that they haven't stocked any remote controls for ages.

    • same here. and not shown in the system as well.

  • I bought one last night at Woolworths Indooroopilly (Brisbane) - marked as $23, scanned as $23. There was still one more on the shelf (aisle 3).

  • Anyone find any in Melbourne lately? Don’t care which part.

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