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    Search link

    Edit 5/9: Allphones removed

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      Thanks mate

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      Thanks a lot.

    • ultracheapweeabookun on 03/09/2018 - 21:03 Comment unpublished. (Requested by Commenter)
    • There will be a new POLLEN code that I saw this morning and stated ending date to be 20/09. However while i clicked on the link it took me to seasonal sale and then ebay plus link. Hopefully we should see this code soon.

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    Here we go again!

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    Search link please :)

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    Here we go again Jack

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      the jack i know has kept my wallet healthy

    • Wake up Jack, Wake up!!

      • You meant wake up Jeff!

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    Video pros normal pricing is a bit high…

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    Thanks OP.

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    Try again. Search link

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      Search link broken… got another link?

    • Appreciated.

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    Computer alliance? nope

  • +2

    Why….. again….. make all of us thinking 20% off would be their everyday prices now..

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    i like allphone, dcxpert, sydneytec and videopro, bought from them several times with no any drama.

    Definitely recommend.

  • Which good keyboard and mouse to get? Mainly for officework and web browsing only.

    • Logitech K400

    • Logitech MK270R

    • +2

      K95 Corsair

  • +14

    allphones is selling note 9 for AU $1,972.99 - $1990. wtf

  • +1

    Mark up dem prices.

    • Dont need mark up. they are already up up & going up

  • Just signed up NBN from Aussie Broadband, my area is FTTC. Currently using old TP-link TD-W8970 modem router, but the wifi only limit to the area same level to the router location. Any good recommendations for routers that may available from these sellers? Thanks!!

    • +1

      https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/asus-rt-ac68u quite popular here, dunno if it will work for your case though

      Didn't you get this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/396571?

      • Yeh that or the new 86? Would work great with FTTC

      • Sorry to butt in but can you recommend me a FTTB modem/router please? I did some research but I'm still at a loss. It's for use in a multi storey office building.

      • Thanks!
        I signed up a week before the free modem promotion :(

    • Both Asus and Netgear Ac1900 based routers are good

    • If your home is small and one storey, the AC68 will do ya, if it’s quite large and two storey, AC5300.

      • It’s a two storey townhouse, nbn modem is upstairs and bedrooms are downstairs. Anything else that range between $140 and $200? Thanks!!

    • Disagree with all of these comments.

      Recommend multiple devices > single strong device.

      WiFi is a funny cup of tea. The performance of your devices' internal WiFi come into play - and in most cases getting a better WiFi router does nothing more than send transmissions from the router really well. Your devices need to send information back - which is usually where the limitation sits.

      My recommendation - get a modem for the modem and get a scalable cheap managed WiFi solution such as TP-Link's EAP series or Ubiquiti Unifi (which comes with EoP injector).

      If you do go down this path - definitely recommend a solution with a WiFi controller (such as the 2 above) so that you can seemlessly flick between devices.

      • +1

        Business grade hardware for personal use? Google wifi or Netgear orbi would be a better choice.

      • Well, you clearly have an interest in networking and capable hardware to suit, but unfortunately your advice can not be applied to the type of the people asking for recommendations.

        A 'single, strong device' is all that most home networks require.

        • Have you tried to set up any of the devices I mentioned ?

        • @Michegianni:

          I'm aware of the products and their seamless approach to integration in a home network, but I still think that it's overkill.

    • I am currently with AussieeBB and FTTC as well. I'm using the google wifi's and haven't looked back, it just works. Highly recommend them if you can spend a little bit more.

      It's also good if you want parental controls etc. the app is very easy to use

  • +4

    no appliancescentral? :( looking to buy 65" TV

    • +2

      Videopro? I'm also looking at 65" TV's too. Hopefully there's something decent tomorrow.

      • Videopro's price plus shipping is not that attractive… Unless there's flybuys 20x points on top of that

        • What sort of 65" TV are you looking at, and what sort of total cost? I almost pulled the trigger on the Hisense 65" (P6 or P7 model) the other day with Harvey Norma's 15%-off sale "with free shipping", but turns out I'm not classed as being within their free delivery zone which added $99 delivery cost. :(

        • @webbiegareth: Looking at Sony X7500F or Samsung NU8000.. something under $1700 if possible. I went to TGG yesterday and had a look at Hisense 65P7 since it's so popular in OZb, just to check the quality out and found that the pic quality wan not that good, kind of blurry/washed out compared to Sony/Samsung/LG


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    Once you Jack you cant go back

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    any jacks? i mean deals

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    @OP. tomorrow is Monday 03rd… I think u put the wrong start date

  • yet another eBay deal, and I don't need anything. or do I? share your ideas, what you are shopping for?

    I could upgrade 256 gb ssd in my laptop to 512, but I don't need that much space. I could get a bigger DDR4 ram for it, but it has 4gb soldered, so if I replace the 4gb plank it won't be dual channel. I could get a new lens for my camera, but I do have a new lens for my camera, a 100-300 5.6L, it's coming on Monday. I am happy with wireless headphones I have, and noise cancelling is good. I could get a new camera, but Canon hasn't made a camera I would want to upgrade to, and I want to keep my lenses. I could get a new laptop, but rationalising the familiar is easy.

    so, what are you shopping for? maybe I should be shopping for it, too :D

    • +5

      Obviously a AMG high yield investment vehical so you can look the part for your work of course.

      • not really, I have a mortgage to pay, and everything I mentioned was a bargain of the bargains. SanDisk SSD I bought 2 years ago, cheapest Canon DSLR 1300d I got on xmas amex/HN deal (it's all in the glass anyway), the lens is a manual FD L lens made around the time I was born, and cost me $200. headphones are Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 I got 2 years ago for $170. and laptop is a refurbished Lenovo with i7-7500u that I managed to get for about $200 with all discounts and promos.. so I am not talking high tech, but I guess I am quite conservative guy and don't need to buy much to do what I love.

        but I do want to find out what I am missing out on :) if I am that is

    • +1
      • I'd buy that for a dollar

      • Someone bought 1 in june. Seems legit.

    • Tis better to give than receive. I'd like a foscam FI9853EP

    • +10

      I'm too lazy to look as well.

      • Name does not check out WatchNerd :)

  • -1

    any good phone?

    • I want to know too

    • +1

      Nokia 3310 (locked to Optus) for $64 shipped, or $79 unlocked.

    • Nokia 6.1 2018 version with 4/64 and dual sim looks good at $265.68 after 20% off, but can’t tell if the current ‘discounted’ price will revert back before this code begins :/ in which case you’d be better off with other cheaper sellers and the current PHENOM code instead (2 sellers around the $285 mark after code atm)

      • Add GST

        • Whoops true, the other 2 are local stock so that’s a no brainer

    • +1

      Quite a few in 2018

  • Perfect timing. The Surface Book I bought from the last deal had to be returned for battery not charging issues and DSE(Kogan) decided to refund rather than replace the unit so now I'm in the market for another laptop/tablet replacement. Hopefully there will be some decent deals

  • +1

    I can already see some fat price inflation

    • -1

      Where? Doubt it.

  • Looking for a cheap gaming headset (<$50). Only one available is this "SADES" brand.
    Anyone know if its any good and/or recommend another item?

    • +1

      For $50 bucks just go buy a half decent Sennheiser and a cheapo desktop USB mic.

    • -1

      For $50 just hop into Big W or EB and buy an Afterglow headset.

  • Is it possible to use the current ComputerAlliance deal to build something better than this Dell gaming desktop (i5 with 1060) for $1,120?

    • You may need to upgrade that memory to 16GB. Of course, it is realy depend on what you play.

  • -1

    Any bargains???

  • Will $700 for a s8 be a good idea? $620 with TRS.
    Or Huawei p20 is better?

    • I'll just go for the P20 PRO :D Been eyeing on this phone. Going overseas in 3 weeks.

      • I would buy now from alllphones with the 10% off code.

    • +1

      $620 with TRS

      I think you mean $636.37.

    • Where is s8 for $700?

      • @brendan86
        S8 at allphones is for $875, less 20% will be $700

    • Huawei p20 pro will be $939 with this deal. I would rather get that one.

  • 20% off DRAM would be nice, and make a new computer build viable unless the prices are jacked.

    The Aussie dollar is only about 72c at the moment, but that is different to price jacking at promo time.

  • +6

    LOL price jacking at its finest


    Galaxy S8 $1107 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Brand-New-Samsung-Galaxy-S8-5-8-64GB-4GB-4G-AUS-Stock-UNLOCKED-from-SYD/322814866485?hash=item4b2943f435:m:mvJ_z5tKEBJn5fIrJGDih3A:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!4127!AU!-1

    Galaxy S9 $1349 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-Galaxy-S9-SM-G960-64GB-256GB-Black-Blue-Purple-In-Stock-Now/323131684797?hash=item4b3c2637bd:m:m76UFuOH7gpr8MVAxza3AgQ:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!4127!AU!-1

    Galaxy S6 Edge wtf $$987 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Original-Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge-SM-G925I-4G-LTE-64GB-GOLD-Unlocked-Oz-Seller/322814866271?hash=item4b2943f35f:g:ty8AAOSwGhFZidlw:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!4127!AU!-1

    Cheaper to buy when its not on special..

  • I’m hoping for some Sony TVs since I’m having issues with my current one.

    • +4

      Help us Sony-wan Kenobi, your will's only hope.

    • There were sales via Sony direct last week. I bought a 43 and they ran out so they offered me a 49 as a free upgrade :)

  • Newbie questions, Im here for the new phone, btw would it possible to purchase the phone from one of the seller on the list above today, and pay them using the code when it active, which is tomorrown at 10am?
    Or the purchase can only be made once the deals it active by tomorrow..

    • How would they be able to jack up the prices then?

  • +6

    Allphones 128GB Note 9’s have mysteriously gone up to $1657.99, over the $1499 RRP. I appreciate the post, but these seller specific 20% off eBay sales are a joke.

    • +4

      this is ridiculous…
      ebay should release word of these deals at the same time as locking all items prices.

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