expired Val Verde Italian Tomatoes Diced or with Oregano & Basil $0.60 (Were $1.50) @ Woolworths


These previously popular diced tomatoes are back on sale at Woolies. Can't complain paying 60 cents for 390g.

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    The best.

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    How are these compared to the Ozb favourite Annalisa?

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    At theses prices, not worth dicing your own.

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    Read this before you buy em cans of cheap Italian tomatoes..

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      Enough said.

      Btw you can complain about almost anyone being overworked (a lot bigger companies) and people still buy.

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        Like clothes, milk, trips to Bali etc etc.

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        I have little^wno respect for that source, but in this case the ill-treatment of workers on Italian tomato farms is corroborated by other sources.

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        I agree about the source but that's just one of the sources who have reported on this issue. I just posted it as something to consider (doesn't amount to complaining) for someone who cares a bit about the issue (exploiting workers migrant or local)..


      Thanks. Didn't know about this…

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      Already knew this, this is something I can get behind, this isnt a case of inefficient Aust farmers


      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I was genuinely unaware. The fact that newscorp was, is slightly embarassing!

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    I buy Aussie diced Tomatoes from Aldi and will support local farmers even Italian ones are always cheap.
    Will suggest supporting local farmers and economy as much as you can. These don't cost a fortune for local stuff.

    Do same for Olive oil and buy Aldi's Aussie Extra virgin olive oil.


      As much as I'd love to there aren't any Aldi's close to where I am.

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      I'm always tempted to buy the cheaper stuff but always buy Australian when I can. I work at a food manufacturer so I know hard it is to compete with cheap imports.

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        Despite posting this deal my immediate family are a leading food manufacturer in Australia so I try to buy local as well.

        At least this deal gives people the chance to choose 😉 It is OzBargain afterall 😊

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      Additionally, an Italian chef mate of mine said a lot of the 'Italian' tomatoes are actually Chinese tomatoes that are packaged in Italy and sold as Italian…a bit like the 'Product of NZ' stuff that is Chinese produce packaged (and therefore 'produced') in NZ…I haven't validated his claims so this may be urban legend!


    I bought some of these yesterday, and the sign said "clearance". I've barely seen Val Verde since they went from cans to TetraPak. Perhaps Woolies is dropping the line?

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    When he's not riding for movistar.


    In my local store they have been moved to the clearance area and have clearance stickers on them. Wondering if there getting rid of them

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    Anyone know what the Bisphenol-A content of these are versus the cans?

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      Tetra Pak is made with PET plastic which doesn't have BPA in it.

      But if it did it isn't worth worrying about.

      The lowest threshold of toxicological concern value for non-genotoxic substances is 0.0015 mg/kg bw/day for people who do not work with the chemical. (If you do work with the chemical the value is much higher at 0.0100 mg/kg bw/day)

      At worst BPA is released into room temperature water at the rate of 1 nanogram per hour (it's actually a big range form about 0.2 to 0.7 nanograms but 1 is an easy number).

      If you weigh 85kg then the TTC threshold for your BPA intake is 1.275mg/day.

      So taking the worst case BPA leeching values form before that is 1,275,000 hours for a room temperature BPA containing water bottle to reach your lowest TTC threshold.
      To put that into perspective, that is 145 years.


    Superb price. Thanks OP.

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    Just buy Australian branded produce. If your that needy that 60 cent cans of tomatoes is all you can afford then fine but if not …go Ardmona or SPC or indeed the Aldi Aussie grown&packed. don't bother with imports.
    *Same goes for the cheap milk. I hope they can come up with a deal that can help our dairy farmers.


      Home brand milk and brand name milk earn the farmer the same amount.

      Farmers sell their milk to a milk processor for a set price so buying brand name milk doesn't earn them more money.



      Not sure why the downvotes but by milk I meant any milk,Home brand or any other brand. I'd not mind paying more if I knew it was going directly to farmers and the same goes for Aussie grown tomatoes. Much as I like a bargain I'd still like to think I can help out the farmers struggling out there. So I buy the brands I mentioned when I can get them.


    80 cents at Woolies Scoresby Vic


    I usually just buy the Aldi italian tinned tomatoes for $0.60 or $0.70 ..

    I'll switch to the Aldi Australian made tomatoes to support the local industry.. does anyone know who processes the Aldi Australian tomatoes? SPC?

    The extra $1 or so it costs for a meal of Spag Bog won't hurt me and hopefully will help keep jobs in Australia.

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