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Optus $30 SIM for $5 @ Optus Online Store


Last time at this price was this:

Finally it's time to buy again.

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    how long before the sim expired?

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    $30 SIM for $5. Free Delivery.
    Limited to 1 per customer. Activate on chosen plan within 30 days of purchase. Offer ends 13 Sep 2018.

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    Limited to 1 per customer. Activate on chosen plan within 30 days of purchase. Offer ends 13 Sep 2018.
    5G of data.$5 for international call.

  • It's been a while. Thanks OP.

  • Got one. Thanks.

  • I’m a novice on phone plans, but can I buy this and keep my existing number? I’m on a recharge plan only with Optus. Thanks

    • You might have to port your number out to Vodafone/Telstra and then port it back to Optus as a "new" customer. Might not be for new customers only though, in which case you could avoid that trouble but i doubt it.

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        Thanks bought 4 ….All I do is ring up and say my current Sim is faulty they activate the new sim with my current number and $30 credit is on the new sim too easy

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          Wouldn't the credit apply to the mobile account and not sim card? I don't see how this would work… If it does then great.

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          The new sim card is loaded with $30 credit so when they activate it with your current number it has $30 on your number it works being doing it for 2 years. All your doing is swapping sim cards and the new one has $30 credit on it.

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          Yes, be sure to tell them you want "sim swap, same number same plan etc, just new sim card, as old 1 is faulty" .
          You can also do in store at any optus store, just show your ID like license etc, and they can do sim swap in about 2 minutes . (Give them the $30 sim starter kit)

  • Curiously, is there an advantage to this over previously listed Kogan plan?

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      Diff networks
      Optus vs Voda

      • Thanks! So apart from the network coverage/possible some speed differences there's not much else?

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      If you want optus network at a budget rate go to Catch Connect.

  • Got a damaged sim card with the last year deal. End up in buying anotspare sim for 2$ and then wasted hours with customer care services.

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        That's a pretty fair neg, issue with Optus for sending a broken SIM and wasting hours of their life trying to rectify it.

        Same things were said in a previous deal, Optus doesn't seem to treat customers very well for these deals.

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        Yep, i'd agree with the neg. Optus where aware the sims couldn't be activated, but sold them anyway. Substitute the word "broken" with 'dud sim'.

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          Substitute the word "where" with 'were'.

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      Optus is fine when the SIM card is pre-activated and works, but if you happen to score one that isnt activated, better off throwing it out and cutting your losses. Your sanity is worth more than $5. Their customer support is absolute crap as they dont seem to have a process to deal with prepaid SIM cards which arent credited properly.

      I've been given the run-around to goto a optus store and get a replacement, which the store wont process as they say it would come out of their pocket, not optus etc.

      I've probably received a handful of bad SIM cards, but for the most part they're usually fine.

    • Agreed. Last two cheap SIM deals had dramas and the time spent attempting to resolve it and finally being denied the 'bonus' data that made the deals worthwhile meant I swore against Optus and closed my wifes existing account with them too. Now happily with Kogan.

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    No way too many dodgy sim experiences avoid

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      I've used a lot of burner Sims from Optus and never had a bad sim. Are you sure you're just not damaging them removing them from the card?

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        Lol no its at the activation stage online and where its failed for whatever reason they refuse to refund the data to another sim, happened a couple of times

        • Online sim swap has never worked for me (I've tried several times, probably more than 10 times) .
          Phone activation is quick and easy, provided when you call optus, choose option 'porting from another network' as this seems to be the only way to get a real person on the line quickly.

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    I 'dipped my toes' in the Optus waters recently… Port failed/ didn't work after 5 days.. I gave up and basically wasted $5. Last time it took 29 days, 20+ calls and 3 visits to an optus shop to get it working.

    Basically, if the company don't have a clearly accessible customer service number you can ring without the sim being active, give it a miss. They have one, but do their best to keep it hidden, plus disconnect/ change it regularly.

    With the provided Optus helpline it gives you 3 activation options…all of which link back to the same place that basically says 'do it online'. They treat their customers poorly. I'd give it a miss.

    I have a 1300 number at home that gives access to an actual operator. If anyone is stuck in limbo land, send me a pm and I'll pass it on.

    Lastly, if you really must go Optus, go with the catch deal to give you at least 90 days for all the pfa it will take to get your sim working.

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      Um, why do we need to PM you for the 1300 number? Just list it here FFS. First you bag Optus for hiding the number, now you are doing the same !!!

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    I always have issues porting my number in and out from Optus. Not worth wasting hours if not days of your time. Stay away from Optus.

    • I am pretty sure they are doing this on purpose to discourage SIM hoppers.

      • NO it usually occurs when porting from within Optus internally as its a manual process. Cross-carrier it seems to be automated and less hassle.

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    Have had a few dodgy sims from Optus before. Optus confirmed that the sims were faulty and advised customers to buy a $2 SIM card. It then took long hours on the phone to activate.

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      Omg I had this. Thought it was just bad luck. This surely has to be a scam.

  • was trying to post this deal this morning but system said P-plate and L-plate not allowed to post Optus deals.

    Actually $5 is a real low for this starter pack.

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    I ring optus saying my sims lost or faulty sometimes and just move the credit to my existing optus prepaid number

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      For unknown reason, this only can be done in store or hotline, and can't be done via web or chat.

  • I'm trying to port from Vodafone right now and I get this error message

    The number you're requesting to transfer is already on the Optus newtork. If you are replacing your SIM, please cancel this activation order and go to PPACT-PORT-015

    (the spelling mistake was directly copied from the site as well)

    Annoying.. I'm gonna have to go the weekend without calling…

    • Had the same thing happen to me. Can't remember the specifics but I had to go back and forth with staff from both networks to get it fixed.. was a very unpleasant experience

    • That is the exact scenario I am facing. Tried live chat but still couldn't solve the problem. I was told to visit a store to fix it up but I wonder if the store can fix it.

    • I had the same. A store won't help. They will just call the standard support number while you are there. Try 1300 300 937. I don't have the actual support number I used on me at the moment to resolve this issue. But I looked it up and think it's the number above.

      • can you let us know the number if you find it?? i cant get past the automated message with this number

    • Could it be that Optus is trying to make it difficult for us sim sluts?

      • i think so… its ridiculous

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    I can confirm that the last time this deal was on I also got a faulty sim that couldn't be activated. Optus made me jump through hoops to get it rectified so in the end I just did a chargeback to get my money back.

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    activated 12 sims so far from the last couple of deals no problems..

    A couple of the sims did argue with me though but I eventually got them to activate

    • would like to know what to argue?

      • some took a few days to activate and one I had to call optus to activate

        • what number did you call?? ALl the numbers I've tried are automated numbers/

        • @maddoglee: Try my 1300 number above, but don't choose "activations". Just get to an agent via any other pathway. Tech support / unlock a post paid etc etc. The number above used to have one extra sub pathway the others don't.

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    I just get OW to match. It's just easier, not to mention getting them for $4.75

    • oh wow good thinking!!

  • Far out Optus is useless. I just signed up to an unrelated offer, got my SIM today. Went on the live chat (which their SIM recommended me since I'm porting from Virgin). They took 20 minutes only to put me onto the phone after repeating myself several times, with the activation team… who were closed for the day, so my call went somewhere else and finally told me this.

    If they simply told me they were closed to begin with I might not have wasted half an hour… Ugh. This happened last time going from Optus -> Virgin, took literally a week to get ported.

    You'd think they have enough virgin customers leaving (due to closing down) to come to Optus it would be streamlined.


    • You may be chatting to Watson (AI) in Optus, not necessarily a real person during Live Chat :-) hence having to repeat yourself.. just one scenario of cost cutting measures my workplace is trying to use.

  • Only 5 gigs with no bonus at all.

  • With this starter pack and without recharge, can I turn on International Roaming to receive SMS while overseas? I need an Australian number that I can bring overseas to receive SMS for airline updates or bank otp. Thanks.

    • This comes with $30 recharge, so you can use it to activate and use any eligible plan.

  • When does the SIM card need to be activated?
    - within 30 days of delivery, or
    - by the expiry date at the back of the pack

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      Just received sim pack expiry Feb 2020. I'm keeping it to use in few months time so the $30 credit should still work. ie. Not needing to be within the 30 days.

      • Received mine too. Keep mine for visitors from overseas

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