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[iOS] Military Insomnia Technique - Free (Normally $2.99) @ Apple App Store


Hey everyone,

The Android version of this app was posted a couple of days ago, and finally Apple has come through so I am making it free for a few days too.

Much fuss was made last week of a US army technique to get you to sleep in under 120 seconds. It was featured all over the place, so we decided to make an app. It does the steps voice guided so you don't need to remember them.

It's free for launch for the next few days, then it will revert back to its $2.99 price. Have at it! Sale ends on the 13th, but not sure what time.

NOTE: After some feedback I have commissioned a female voice, in the coming days an update will go out which will let you pick your voice and randomise the end. This update will be free as long as you download the app while it is still on special.

You can read more about the "technique" here:

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  • Can anyone confirm if they have tried it?

  • Am I reading this correctly, that the app has only just been made available as iOS. In that case, it was NOT $2.99 previously?

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      Well it was for about an hour until I put the special on and posted here. It will revert to that price on the 13th too, but explaining this whole thing in the title goes against the OzB guidelines from what I can see - ie too long winded.

      edit: I've updated the title to say "Normally" as it is probably more correct.

  • Bug report (X 11.4.1). If you start the process, the screen dims to black then the voice speaks. If you quit or want to switch apps the screen does not go back to auto brightness. It stays dim and you have to manually set the screen brightness to see anything onscreen.

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      Getting the audio to play automatically in the background proved problematic so I implemented the screen dimming which should reset at the end. However I didn't think about the app quitting early.

      I'll fix it up and post and update, but it will probably take a couple of days before Apple approves it.

      Again thanks for the feedback!

    • Interesting, Auto Brightness has been dodgy at best for a while now.

  • Can you guys add an option to have water sounds to go with the canoe on lake

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      I was thinking about doing a few different audio clips to mix it up. The article has a few examples, but there are plenty of scenes you could describe that would do the same. This keeps it a bit interesting while still practising the technique.

      I'll try and include it in the next version.

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    Ok need one more app for waking up not feeling like a zombie

  • OP, I installed but can’t get past an opening screen…..

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      Hey @Hen,

      Is it the first screen with cartoon of the boy sleeping, or the second screen with the checkboxes? If its the checkboxes you need to complete those tasks before you can click the continue button.

      If you are still stuck feel free to PM me or even give us a call on 0755410549

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        Boy sleeping. Solved by turning to portrait mode…continue button visible then. All good now :)

      • My phone is out of reach

        Well no because I'm using it for the app and also using earphones… Seems a bit silly.

    • Yep , same thing.

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        Hey furiousgeorge,

        I think it might have to do with having a smaller screen and not being able to scroll, im working on a fix now.

  • Bug report: I’m still awake.

  • I tried the android version last night.
    I couldn't get into it because the voice was a bit… rough.

    That being said my partner and I listen to a relax into sleep meditation audio file with a soft-spoken, passive, american woman speaking, so the contrast may be what is making it difficult for us.

    Is it possible you can add a soft-spoken, female voice as an option?

    Perhaps some soft meditative sounds? (there must be dozens of copy right free audio for this on youtube)

    • second it.
      I found the voice not to be enticing or attractive enough to carry me onto the journey of … sleeping.

      There should be different voices for us to choose from.

      Also, (I've tried the android version only), apart from the first screen, I cannot see the different from this app to a recording file!

      So yes, it is worth it free of charge. Paying for it? Nah.

  • Just curious why the Android app is priced At $1.99 and the iOS is $2.99?

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      Good question, its an Apple thing.

      I wanted to charge $2 for the app. Both Apple and Android take a 30% cut of whatever you make. Android lets you set your price, so its $1.99

      Apple, on the other hand, forces you to lock your app into "Tiers". These are tied to the US dollar and fluctuate with the exchange rate. So the minimum price is 99c USD, but the minimum I can set it for Australia is $1.49

      The next tier up is $1.99 USD / $2.99 AUD

      So I have to choose between taking a loss or charging more, and in this case I went for a bit more. It also costs more to service an Apple app because I need more expensive equipment to develop on (Must be a Mac instead of anything), and they charge $149/year to maintain an Apple developer account (Android is $25) So I think its justified to go higher rather than lower for Apple.

      • I need more expensive equipment to develop on (Must be a Mac instead of anything)

        Do you qualify for the Developer discount?

  • All that killing must really ruin one's sleep.

  • Relevant resource:

    HN discussion:

    Satirical summary from ngate:

    "A reporter divulges highly classified special operations training for going to sleep: lie down and relax. Hackernews enumerates all the reasons this won't work for them: they're too smart, they have crippling emotional disorders, they're too busy 10Xing to function as a human, they took the wrong chemicals, they can't stop looking at Facebook, their spouse can't stop looking at Facebook, they already sleep great because of some expensive training they took in Austin, and so on, for two hundred comments. No technology is discussed. "

  • Doesn't work on my iPhone X. I can get past the check boxes, but than the screen goes black. No voices can be heard and switching to landscape mode doesn't help.


      Hey Jesse085,

      It doesn't manipulate the volume for you, is it turned up? Unfortunately I don't have an iPhone X to test it with, but it does work with the official simulator on an iPhone X

  • Interesting idea but as others have noted, the voice is not suitable.

    You should think about hiring a voice actor.

    Can be done cheaply if you find one from fivrrr. It will make the overall product much more polished for little expense.


      Already done! I'm just trying to find the time to upload the new version

      The new voice also has a number of different scenarios that will randomise to keep things interesting without getting off track

  • Hey I can’t see this in the App Store