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Castrol Edge 5W-40 5L Fully Synthetic Engine Oil $33.56 Shipped @ Sparesbox eBay


Original POLLEN 20% off Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

Great deal for engine oil. Just trying to give back to my OzB community.

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  • Was needing to restock oil for the car.
    Thanks OP.

  • Thats a decent price! Wish i hadnt bought a 10L of 5w30 not long back for $69

    • My car requires 5W30…will the 5w-40 from the OP be suitable?

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        Check what the owners manual says. It will depend on the car.

      • Yehh most likely fine, first number at cold is more important

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          Unless your car spends most of its time driving with a cold engine, that's not true.

          If you don't redline your engine, it's likely a slightly thicker oil may protect it better by providing a higher oil pressure at lower RPM.

          What it will also do is slightly increase fuel consumption since the engine has to work harder to pump a thicker oil.

      • Could you use it - yes, should you - no. Thicker than it should be, won't flow as efficiently through your engine.

        • Isnt it thinner? 5w-40 is higher velocity than 5w-30

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          Higher viscosity, not velocity.

        • You need to rtfm

          Cars general spec a variety of different oils

          I dare say in excess of 90% of modern day vehicles will have a 0-40 weight oil listed in the spec chart

      • Better not, 'cause 30 is thinner than 40 at operating temperatures, so 5w-30 is easier to cool the engine than 5w-40 and reach energy-conserving.
        Just follow what you manual indicates.
        So is my car as 5w-30. Have to miss the deal then

      • What car
        What engine
        How many km?
        Does it use oil?

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    Anyone know of a decent deal on VW 507 oil? Best I can see is Nulon Euro 10lt for $85 with eBay Plus sale tomorrow.

  • 2006 Toyota Rav 4, living in Queensland. I'd want a 10 to 20W-40 oil right? Because of the type car and weather?

    Real question is, is this suitable for a car we are going to drive into the ground?

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      Look in the manual, it'll tell you.

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        It recommends 10W-40 generally but 20W-40 in hotter climates, I'm not sure if Brisbane counts as that. Probably still fine with 10W-40. I'm not completely sure on this, I guess this oil is no good regardless.

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          In the owners manual the specifications section will usually have a graph which recommends the oil viscosities for various ‘outside temperatures’

          Here’s the link for the US version, see page 394.

          There’ll be a similar page in your owners manual. Find it and you’ll have your answer. If it recommends 10w-40 but says other weights are ok, then you can go with other weights.

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          You really don't want a 20w-40. to thick when engine cold.

          5w-40 or 10w-40 would be fine in a RAV4

        • @brad1-8tsi: Cheers

    • I would go 5-30 or 5-40.

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      Use penrite 20W60 for the rav

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        Too thick mate. 20w-60 is what you run in Holdens and Falcons with a million kilometres on them.

  • Great price for the quality oil!

  • Any deals on 0W-20?

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    They haven't jacked this one up and is the same original price as the Sparesbox website, unlike what they've done to other items on their eBay store.

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    It's not just oil, it's liquid engineering - Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed one and IMO better than the deals last year in SCA if you just need one cuz you will not be ended up with a hit and miss situation when buying online and got it posted to your door mat instead of heading into stores.

  • Thanks OP, next couple services sorted.

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    I just checked some brake parts I saved from their store last week. Definitely price jacked on Ebay.

    • I had stuff in my cart from 2 days ago before they jacked 'em up by around 15% post-POLLEN code. Just compare to their official website if you want to see how much they've jacked stuff up by. Sneaky! Sparesbox was never known for this.

  • Thanks OP!

    Awesome bargain, stocked up.

  • How does the Edge compare to the Magnatec?

    • Edge is much better. Tbh I haven't heard a good word yet about Magnatec

      • What about it is much better? I can't find any info or specification on either.

        • Most Magnatec oils are semi-syn and also their full-syn ones are made of mineral oils anyway. Also additives are different when Magnatec sticks to the components. Don't have massive knowledge about these but was interested in same thing some time ago

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          Edge also may be a mineral sourced Group III synthetic oil too unless you can show it's a PAO or Group IV?

          The oil @sween64 linked is a full synthetic 5w40 Magnatec for $30.

        • @bm:

          Wouldnt know, but that Magnatec doesnt meet German specs, so there must be a difference. I'm guessing mostly additives

        • @LukeOz83:

          Which ironically could also mean that it's better. Some additives protect moving metal parts better but harm emissions equipment like DPFs or catalytic converters and are limited or reduced in more "higher spec" oils, resulting in more engine wear.

    • generally more better but which Magnatec are you referring to? There are many (as there are also many Edges)

      • The one linked:

        Castrol MAGNATEC 5W-40 is suitable for use in automotive gasoline and diesel engines.ACEA A3/B4, API SN/CF or earlier specification 5W-40 lubricant.

        • There's not much between the two but I would always pick the Edge over the Magnatec.

    • (
      MasterScythe is the guy to ask. Really knows his oils.

  • They're both the same viscocity and both are most likely a Group III synthetic which means they're made from mineral oils but altered enough to make them behave like a real synthetic.

    The difference may be more in the additives. I still prefer Penrite since they add a lot more zinc, which protects lifters and cams but harms catalytic converters. I can't find the spec sheets for either Edge or Magnatec to do a comparison. You can always add a tiny bit of zinc additive as I do, since I care about the engine internals much more than exhaust emissions equipment.

    It might just be marketing, but I'd buy the full synth Edge over the full synth Magnatec for only a few bucks more.

  • Hi can anyone tell me can this oil be used for Camry hybrid 2011 cars which is on 100k service due next.

  • Will this suit my 2006 MK5 Golf GTI 6-speed manual ? I usually use penrite HPR-5 5W-40. I started using it as it’s a recommended oil for my car when using an online oil selector. Castrol Edge 5w-30 is a recommended oil but not the 5w-40. Can someone clarify this for me please ?

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      If it's the petrol 2L TFSI motor, I would stay with Penrite.

      I'd stick with Penrite because they advertise higher zinc content - The 2L petrol TFSI engine has a common problem of chewing out the camshaft lobe that drives the high pressure fuel injection pump, resulting in major damage.

      It's usually a matter of when it wears out, not if. Penrite may be a better choice to make the motor last longer.

      • It's a balancing act. more zinc = shorter catalytic converter life.

        Having said that, it's not that complicated. VW states that the MY06 MKV Golf GTi takes oil that meets specification VW 504.00 / 507.00. Castrol Edge SN is VW 502 00/ 505 00. So that's it, it's not suitable for that car.

        • It's a balancing act. more zinc = shorter catalytic converter life.

          Indeed, that's why I lean to an oil with higher zinc. A failed cat=check engine light (always on in VWs anyway) or a failed cam=motor rebuild.

          Not saying this oil is suitable. I wouldn't chance unspecified oils at this time because LSPI is a real risk for modern GDI engines.

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    Got 12L of 5w40 Penrite HPR 5 already from previous special but couldn't resist this at this price :) My 3rd car (the one that's only done 2000km since last service) will probably get this oil since nearly 18 months have passed. Might be low usage and low km, it smells fresh but there's only so much you can wait.

  • Is this OK to use in Subaru Impreza 96 which specifies 0W20?

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