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[eBay Plus] NVIDIA Shield 4K HDR Media Player with Remote $203.15 Delivered @ PCMeal eBay


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Credit to Kirt

[eBay Plus] NVIDIA Shield 4K HDR Media Player with Remote $203.15 Delivered @ Pcmeal

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  • great device - bought it from amazon a year ago and is used everyday!

    • Shame that Terrarium is no longer with us

    • Same, it's invaluable.

    • what do you use it for ?

      • I use it for plex, netflix, youtube. also has apps like tenplay, and presumably other similar things to that.

        I can't recommend it enough, but what I don't know is how it compares to other androidTV devices.

        • I can't recommend it enough, but what I don't know is how it compares to other androidTV devices.

          It's the gold standard in proper Android TV devices. There aren't that many actual Android TV devices around. Most of the 'Android tv' boxes out of China (apart from the Mi box) run Android, not Android TV. That prevents things like Netflix 4K from working.

        • I use the Xiaomi MI Box. very similar uses and 120 cheaper

        • I have a 2018 TCL TV with Android TV baked in… it takes like 20 minutes for the TV to turn on every time because it doesn't sleep properly (there's a fast boot mode that doesn't actually work).

          My shield is amazing though :D

        • @jayzorz:
          Mmmmm, this has the processor that the switch has in it. It's not really the same.

        • @jayzorz:

          The Mibox is absolute garbage after the Oreo update.

          Its well worth spending the extra here to save the frustration.

        • @Dex: hi Dex. Feel for you buddy and surely there are many more like you suffering at the hands of TCL Android TV if the whirlpool thread on TCL TV is anything to go by. However I am one of the TCL owners (75C4US) for whom it has worked like a charm from day 1. Can’t tell you how good is it to live with just 1 remote for everything. Wondering if the Android TV interface on the nvedia shield is the same as that on the TCL? If the TCL tv was working the way you expected it to, what would you need the nvedia shield for?

        • @gbnz:

          The Oreo update was not Android TV box specific… it was crap on all Android TV set top boxes. They are ever so sloooowly improving the new GUI… (Restart has been re-located back to where it should be… Quick Settings, screen captures are back for the gamers). From what I hear, Nvidia and others have put some heavy pressure on Google to fix Android TV up as there has been speculation that Google was set to abandon Android TV in favour of other systems.

          Anyway, it has been 2 months now with the Oreo update, I still don't like its overall appearance, but at least they are now listening and restoring some logical functionality to it. Personally I preferred the older 10 foot GUI, but then I am a dinosaur when it comes to look and feel of Android TV.

        • @gbnz: good thing I haven't updated to Oreo :)

          My daughter uses it for netflix (I installed PIA VPN), snes9x/nes ROMS with a bluetooth controller, youtube on the TV (32inch TV/DVD combo) + chromecast capability.

          Does the job properly with no hickups.

          Can't really complain for $70 I paid for vs a chromecast.

  • Dear God, that is a good price! Lowest (Oz version) price yet.

  • +5 votes

    Credit to Kirt

    Cheers mate - snapped one up myself - awesome price!

    …and the Shield with controller is going cheap too, at $270 delivered:


  • The shield tv has been the most epic Android device ever. Im still rocking my 2015 shield daily for hours on end. Its supplies all of our media, fta tv, movies, music, games. And its had so many major software updates over the years. Its the tv box that just keeps on giving.

  • What benefits does this box have over mibox if im not gaming on it?

    • Same i have apple tvs,android box as well as smart tv yes im into gaming but dont get time to use much and i have xbox for that.
      So what benefits would i gain from having this?im also curious why people buy without controller have they no plans to do gaming?

    • +4 votes

      A few I can think of:

      • Ethernet
      • Native Amazon Prime Video app
      • Can run Plex server
      • USB 3.0
      • Record FTA directly to internal / adoptable storage
      • Aussie power supply and warranty
      • what's your setup for recording FTA? via Plex? I find the UI for Plex clunky - maybe it has improved since I last played with it.

        • +4 votes

          I have Plex running on a Win10 PC, with a HDHomerun hanging off the network (am keen to test Plex server on the Shield though).

          One of the more recent (and very welcome) improvements is the grid guide:


          …however, I agree with you - Plex isn't the same polished and user / family friendly experience when compared to a dedicated DVR like Fetch TV (for the record, I use Fetch for FTA - the HDHomerun was more of an experiment).

          As an aside, Fetch is (hopefully) soon releasing an update to allow streaming FTA over the network from a Mighty connected to an antenna, to a Mini or Mighty without an antenna connected:


          …so should makes things interesting in the networked FTA world.

          Some other random thoughts around FTA on the Shield:


      • The latest Nvidia Shield APK for the Amazon Prime app works quite well on a Mibox when sideloaded. Only issue I have is occasional audio cut-offs of half a second every once in a while.

    • Alough I bought this unit last year from Amazon US with the game controller, I am not into gaming either, but it's there for the grand children when they visit. Instead I use it with PLEX server on a WD My Cloud PR4100 NAS to serve movies, TV & music from one location. I watch the Major League Baseball and Amazon Prime daily. So far it works well with everything I have thrown at it which can't be said of the Google/ASUS Nexus Android TV (puck) which died in the bum and was not supported a year after I bought it.

      It works well and within my expectations. Most cheap 'Yum Cha'"Android TV" boxes just have the bog standard Android o/s for tablet devices installed and the specific Android TV o/s. These do not operate as expected so beware of those munckins.

  • What would be the price on the tax invoice? Is it the original listing price or the one after discount?

    • Original listing price (based on previous experience buying on ebay using discount voucher)

      • If so, great timing haha. Im going overseas next week. Will grab the one with controller of 318 listing price woohoo.

  • Dammit! Bought one on Friday for $215 :-(

  • Finally my ebay plus is doing some good. Is this their strategy ? Try to win us back before we all sick of their no plus deals?

  • This or the Mi Box? I don't yet have a 4K TV…

  • how does this compare to a raspberry pi?

    • 4K, Gigabit Ethernet, Android TV, Proper HD/4K Netflix, Plex server that supports transcoding.. Different ball game really.

  • Does anyone experience Netflix issues on this - routinely after starting up my MiBox, I get "We're experiencing trouble playing this title…"

    Restart fixes it but it is hella annoying.

  • Any have a view on how well the "always on Google Assistant" works with a controller?

  • This or ATV?

    • Depends.

      Quick summary: shield is better for digital out, atv4k is better for 4K colour space switching and Dolby vision.

      • You can also get ATV 4K through the plusit15 deal.
        I got a 64GB version for $236.30. $41.70 saving on the buymac price, which as a dollar less than RRP of $279.

        The 32GB model can be had for $211.60

  • This thing can’t even plan 4K files via USB. Am I right ?

  • No controller? (in item listing)

  • I have a Sony X9300D which comes with Android TV. However, updates from Sony have been poor and still stuck on the older version.
    Whilst I enjoy the Android TV landscape, the Sony seems to struggle sometimes processing using Kodi and even connecting to WiFi.
    At this price, very keen on this one, would probably go for the one with controller as well.
    Any comments or should I hold back another impulsive buy :D

    • I have the same TV, there was an update earlier this year.

      Have had no WiFi issues.

      • Yep, have installed that update(v5.381) from April. Did a factory reset. Still the Wifi is crazy. It just keeps dropping when in idle.
        Cant cast from mobile devices quickly. Have to wait a long time before it connects to the Wifi and then it keeps working normally until I put it in standby.
        This wasn't the case earlier and changed after the update. Have changed my router as well to no avail.

        • That update messed up my HDMI CEC.

          When I turn my Xbox on, it goes to the analogue TV Channel set up screen, worked fine prior.

      • Do you own this NVIDIA Shield 4K HDR Media Player with/out Controller?

    • Nvidia support this thing like crazy. Definitely grab one at this price if you can afford it. I bought one from Amazon last year (after having a Google Nexus player, then Mi box) and havnen't regretted it. If I had a second TV, I'd pick this up in a second.

  • This thing is very good!!! Highly recommend, I got an older TVbut not so old and basically the shield allows it to play 4K stuff without a hitch even though it would just display 1080 on my TV. Plus that Google assistant is pretty cool when your telling it to turn off and on your TV.

  • How's this for playing 4K content? Does it support more codecs than the ATV4k?

    Also does it support HDMI CEC - I find that very handy with the apple tv, pressing a button on it and it switches everything on.

  • currently use steam link to stream video - would this add anything?

    • Well this thing can run the steamlink app. It can then do EVERYTHING else as well:

      • Netflix 4k
      • Youtube
      • Amazon Prime video
      • Voice remote with Google Assistant
      • Catchup tv apps
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