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[Refurb] Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB SM-G955F $549 & Galaxy S9 64GB SM-G960F $749 Delivered (12 Months Warranty) @ Phonebot


One of our corporate customers bought these units for testing android apps has returned them. They are in absolutely mint original condition (Refurbs to the extent of cleaning and wiping data). OZ stock comes with 12 month Samsung AU Wty.

Comes in white box with Samsung fast charger brick and USB Type C Cable

Samsung Galaxy S8+ 64gb $549 sold
Samsung Galaxy S8 64gb $539 sold
Samsung Galaxy S9 64gb $749 sold
Samsung Galaxy S9 256gb $829 sold
Samsung Galaxy S9+ 64gb $899 sold
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64gb $749sold

Handling time is 2-3 days. Items will be dispatched from our shop in reservoir by Wednesday latest. All items are dispatched in Australia post signature on delivery satchels so expect these to arrive approx 2-3 days after shipment.

If you have any questions or queries regarding orders, you can pm me or use the message us feature on the site

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  • +6


    I love me s8 plus that much that I want another one just to. Show my love for it

  • +1

    I thought Samsung warranty was 24 months?
    I understand they are refurb - is it actually Samsung warranty?

    • yes your right. you can claim wty upto 24 months

      • so we are getting the balance of the warranty?

        • Thats part of the consumer law, we will only mention 12 months on the inv

      • It can't be full 24 months though as they have been used for a while, right?

        • correct. Theyve been used for only 30 days or so though

      • Could you explain about "claim wty upto 24 months"? How long are the warranty of these phones exactly?

      • +2

        Better check the terms of the manufacturer's warranty. May only apply if purchased in brand new, sealed condition. If you do not meet the terms of the warranty you may still get similar coverage under consumer guarantees but could be a hassle to argue.

        • Hi Rep,

          can you please confirm this one? will it be voided since it's not purchased as brand new?

        • @danz84: Trust me mate you will not have any issues claiming wty in the next 12 months as iv stated in the deal. cheers

        • @erroorfree:
          Essentially because we are purchasing a product from you we will only get 12 months warranty through Phonebot not Samsung because it is now used.
          If we purchased new from Samsung or another Aust retailer we would get the full 24 months warranty.

          Samsung s9 64gb is around ~$850 brand new and comes with 24 months warranty - SAMSUNG WARRANTY
          You are selling s9 64gb used $750 with 12 months warranty.

          $100 up to the buyers I guess.

        • +1

          @dasher86: were selling with samsung wty. you can claim from samsung without any issues. if you have any issues you can bring it to us. But from past experience, customers have claimed via samsung directly hassle free

  • tax invoice for gst/TRS ?
    Australian model?

    • +1

      yes comes with gst tax inv. 100% au single sim version

      • +1

        hi rep, no s8? the s8+ might be a tad too big for me and not sure I want to spluge for an s9 now… the s10 looks tempting with the rumours….

        • s8 we can do sams price $549
          Galaxy s8

          s10- foldable screen ya?

        • @erroorfree:
          thanks - might just go with the s8+ then as its the same price haha…

          s10 should have ultrasonic indisplay fingerprint scanner/big battery/more storage/5 cameras? lol….

        • @spoonmugen: im using vivo nex s with indisplay fingerprint scanner. its a bit iffy, i hope sammy improves on it. 5 cameras wtf omg :D

    • Are you sure you can use TRS on secondhand goods?

      • yes 100%

      • +2

        If you have an Australian tax receipt showing a GST component and it meets the minimum value for TRS then you can claim it.

  • twin sim?

    • +8

      no, uno sim

  • Is phone unlocked? Which OS is installed? Thanks

    • unlocked ofcourse. both models android 8.0

      • Having difficulty agreeing to privacy policy, no checkbox at statement?

        • you mean the t&c tickbox? i checked it on my phone, its clickable. are you on a tablet or ipad?

        • No the Privacy Policy - it only appears when I select the "Also create an account for future use" option

          NVM I'll just do an anonymous purchase

        • @I like bargains: ill get it fixed now .this is annoying :S

        • OK I'll cancel transaction, please confirm when good, cheers

        • @I like bargains: cool .will pm in a bit.

  • any cheaper price available for pickup?

    • yah $10 less :)

      • hi mate, just wondering if the s8+/s9 were at reservoir or st Kilda east?

        • yep at both available for pickup

  • Do these phones come with all original accessories and box?

    Edit: nvm.. Just re-read op

  • any deals for the s9+? :)

    • s9+ purple 64gb (lilac) $899

      • Do you have any other colors in S9+?
        huge price difference from s9….🤔

        • only lilac atm.

      • would you have more stock coming in for the brand new s9+ at $999? :)

        • ill keep you posted. nothing atm though

        • @erroorfree: thank you :D

  • Good price for like new condition.

  • Any interest free paymwnt option?

    • zippay and afterpay wont offer us pfffftfttt

      • lol they will if you are willing to pay their fee ;)

        • +2

          bahaaahah ssshhhhh lol

  • Do you have any dual sim versions?

    • not atm

  • +2

    Good Deal OP. Got one - Hope the screen protector comes through - nice little surprise!

    • +1

      awesome mate. enjoy your new phone

  • +1

    Argh, why couldn't you have posted this next month, I'm going overseas beginning decembe! Good deal.

    • +1

      I'm in the same boat. Leaving start of December… :/

      • +1

        haha theres always deals coming mate ;)

        • Can we have a special December travellers sale? ;-)

        • +3

          @z00m: yep ofcos :)

        • +1

          @z00m: That would be great. I am going overseas in mid-December too.

    • +3

      Same. I'm trying to get into Australia, probably by boat, so I can buy one of these.

  • Great deal!

    • cheers

  • Good price. Would have went for these if we're posted few days earlier.

  • The website says 6 month warranty but there is a tick box with free 24 month warranty. So 24, 12 or 6? Confusing

    • +2

      yup 6 months unless stated otherwise. Stated 12 months here

      • So what is that 24 month free warranty tick box for? If I tick it I get 24 months? Also is that Samsung warranty or your local one?

      • does it come in original box and packaging ?you say its in like new condition ? so it has not been used for more then 30 days ? does it have 12 months Samsung warranty ?

        • Does it come with brand new earphone?

      • Haha looks like you’ve jist changed 24 to 12 on the page. Pity I didn’t order earlier ;P

  • -1

    Will you show refurb on the Invoice? as I'm afraid it will be hard for TRS

    • Has anyone done the TRS claim for refurb/second hand goods purchase? honestly, I've never done it and just want to confirm if it will not be an issue. :)

      • +1

        I have not.. but i don't think custom actually checks whether it is second hand or new.

        all they check is the invoice and the GST component.

  • -1

    Does this come with fortnite skin?

    • +3

      wow … i read that wrong..!

  • does it come in original box and packaging ?

  • Hi OP, just clicked on the link for the s8+. Says Grey and Gold only. Is that the "Orchid Grey" which is almost a purple colour? Do you have any pics of the grey one that you're selling? or better yet, any black or silver ones? Cheers.

  • Anyone had problems with posting Instagram stories on either s8 or s9?

    Wife's S7 hasn't been able to do it since oreo update a month ago. = very unhappy wife!!!

    Will get one of these if they can do it ok.

  • Has the S8+ sold out? :( I was hoping to upgrade my note 4 :((

    • looks like it…
      I was hoping to pick one up…. :(

      • yes you can pick it up. we have stock at store

    • PM me if you are interested in the s8 plus

  • Hey OP is the warranty 12 months or 6 months. On the website it says 6 but here you posted as 12 months?

    • yup 6 months unless stated otherwise. Stated 12 months here

  • Note 8 is out of stock?? I can't select a color since no option is visible anymore

    • hey mate . try now. its fixed

      • +1

        Love that your handle erroorfree is spelled wrong. Try errorfree, for an error free experience.

  • Have anyone found an affordable temerpered glass that is compatible with spigen cases. The temepered glass gets lifted so easily with cases.
    - Galaxy S8 phone

    • No need for the temepered glass. I use UAG Case. Everything fine when my s8 dropped off the shelf.

  • Looks like it is all out of stock

    • Bugger! Any more deals coming up OP??

  • :-( none left

  • -1

    op that is 4 sales in less then 1 hr that U guys have missed out on and it's 12am Tuesday morning just hurry up and Alicante some more stock so we can all go to sleep

  • +1

    Has anyone had their phone shipped yet?

  • +1

    Still waiting for it to be shipped no info or emails

    • -1

      yes most of the orders are shipped except a few that are going tomo first thing

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