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10% off $100 eBay Digital Gift Cards (5 Cards Max) @ eBay via PayPal


10% off $100 eBay Gift Cards via PayPal. Offer ends at eBay's discretion. T&Cs here. Enjoy :)

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      Please do enlighten us.

    • Talking to 3 people now. Please no more messages. Will let you know if my approach is successful.

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        Any luck yet?

        • I'm basically only helping one person. The other two are a tad slow… Rather than have a solution (which might not work), wanted to know what the issue was.

        • @JuliusSeizure: Okay, my method was not successful with that individual. It looks like this is a one-off solution so don't get your hopes up:

          My issue: I had an old phone number attached to my Paypal. As a security protocol, Paypal will require confirmation of the code sent to that number. I canceled the transaction, changed my number on the Paypal website and tried again. However, each time I would receive the error codes quoted earlier by Ozbargainers.
          My hypothesis: From my diagnosis, I believe that you will need to pass that verification first time. Upon failure, it will invalidate that paypal account and quite possibly the card/bank account used.
          My workaround: I used another Paypal account and being that my bank card has a major credit card company on it, used CC details instead of my preferred bank details. When conducting the eBay transaction using this approach, the transaction failed first time. However, I was now able to reselect the Paypal option (which now showed which card I was using and the credit card company) and process this transaction.

          TLDR: Paypal is a bitch. If this works, please upvote and comment to let others know.

          Edit: Was recently suggested by others that the new Paypal account needs to be under a different name. Using a relative or family member's account would be worth the try.

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          @JuliusSeizure: Any news?

  • I just have done something wrong, I wanted to purchase 5 of them with the PGIFT10 discount.
    I was in ebay store and it sent me to Paypal to pay, logged in and then paid, but nowhere did it ask me for the code and I think I just bought all 5 at full price and not $450, spitting chips, did I do something wrong!

    Was there a spot I was supposed to enter this code? Help? I wonder if I can get it refuned?!?!

    • Lol sorry but lol.
      You aren't the first check read whole thread from page 1 you will see the answer of your question

    • yes it should be in the checkout section after going into cart, can be before or after entering paypal details. You can check the invoice on your paypal account directly and check the transaction to see if there was $50 coupon applied

      • That is so bad, no $50 coupon.
        Sounds like I'm not the first to make this newbie mistake, I've raised a complaint with paypal (but have no hopes of anything).

    • at the bottom of the checkout page where you click paypal as your payment method…

      ALWAYS add things to your cart then go to checkout…

      • Should it work from the ebay.com.au (Australian) site too?

        I honestly didn't see any spot - it was like - click here to go to paypal, then click to confirm purchase and that's it….. [email protected]!

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          Maybe you clicked "buy it now" and it fast tracked you past the normal checkout… Most the time when I purchase things from ebay I use a code, and more often than not I add multiple items to my cart, then go to the checkout where the code entry box is down the bottom… so I'm not too sure what happens when you just click "Buy it now"…

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          Thanks FlickIT, I've never bought anything from ebay as far as I can recall, so maybe that's what I did….

          So Buy it now fast tracks you….
          I'll be eating 2 minute noodles for dinner tonight I fear until I'm over this…

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          I'm not sure, I was just taking a stab in the dark… shlt happens hey… live and learn…

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      Go to eBay support livechat and tell them the coupon code didn't apply properly or some excuse. They're pretty generous and sometimes will set you up with a credit voucher.

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        Thanks for that _ didnt know about live chat, they couldn't apply it, but said they would cancel it - but had to wait 3 days….

        Bit vague I thought about it but they said initially it was fine to buy more today or tomorrow.
        Then I said there was this error

        "This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired."
        and they said maybe there was a limit - I think I saw a limit of 5 somewhere.

        So left with the decision if I buy 5 tomorrow and wait for refund on the first 5, otherwise I'll have 10 x 100 cards!

  • Gaaaaaah, when I try apply the code it says "we ran into a problem, please try again later", same crap as yesterday. same sh1t, different day…

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    In my excitement to buy these gift cards yesterday, I pressed the paypal payment (default first option charged to bank account rather than credit card), and got hit with overdrawn fees on my bank transactional account :(

    Don't make the same mistake as me!

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      Need to get a new bank. Or give them a call to 'wavy' the fee.
      The banks i use, only charge me a overdraw fee if the month end statement is overdrawn. So as long as you top it back up by then they won't charge you.

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      That’s why I removed my bank account completely from PayPal. Default payment is now my AmEx, Visa for those few merchants who don’t accept AmEx-funded PayPal. The only downside is that I cannot bank any payments received to a bank account (but since I don’t sell much on eBay, it’s not a big think for me).

  • Just grabbed 5. Now to await the actual codes. Making a $1000~ purchase soon so might need another set of cards.
    Thanks for this, TA.

    • FYI you can use a max of 8 cards per transaction.

      • Oh, that's a hard limit?
        Thanks dude! Was just going to go through the process of signing up a new eBay account and linking it to my Paypal - might be worth splitting the purchases up as well then!

      • That is the official line but back in the first page or two of comments people reported using up to like 15 cards… so… there may be hope…

      • Not for me, I just used 12 cards in one transaction and stacked them with Package20 discount code.

      • I've used 14 cards plus a code. Plenty of info on the first page.

      • I used 14 & a discount code

  • Just got it! First time it said error when I logged into Paypal; did it again and went through fine.

    Just gotta wait for the cards now.

  • Been waiting since afternoon for the Cards and still no luck. Also missed out on the Macbook Pro as the colour I wanted is sold out.

    Time to ask for a refund. Shit Paypal.

  • Could not get pass the paypal wall… dissapointed!!! Ive tried everything still doesnt work.

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    4091 verkauft

    Mehr als 10 verfügbar

  • I get an error "This code can't be applied to your order." :(

  • D'oh - one transaction per person. I should have bought 5. Oh well.

  • Still having issue what Paypal not working. What a bummer.

  • still waiting for my giftcards I ordered today to come through

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    5131 sold and still climbing. That's over 1/2 million dollars spent on these Gift Cards.

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      and 30000 on the old listing

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        So 3.5 million dollars spent so far.

  • Bought 5 but only received 4. Anyone has the same issue?

    • I brought 5 as well, received all 5. But the codes I received were only 4 digits and cannot be used!

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        this happened to many of us, and within a day, Paypal pro-actively sent through the 13-digit codes.

        i feel like the 4-digit code is some kind of 'holding basket' to process the huge influx of buyers.

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        I brought 5 as well

        Where did you bring them?

        • from ebay to his pocket

  • I received the email with the codes, when I clicked on the link it directed me to page and show only 4 code digit and not 13 digits. Does anyone have the same issue?

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      I received 5 emails Friday night at 10.47pm with 4 digit codes. The next day at 12.46pm I received 5 emails from Andy Lee from the PayPal Digital Gifts team with new codes. 1 of the 5 new codes only had 11 digits instead of 13, but it looks like he forgot to put two zeros at the beginning. I didn't contact ebay or paypal about the 4 code error.

      • Thanks for the info! Maybe the mass purchase from everyone ends up with a number of errors. I will contact Paypal via ebay purchase to get this sorted.

  • Any tips on successfully purchasing a second set 5 of 5 under a seperate account?

    I've created an entirely new ebay, paypal under a different email address, mobile number and Visa card, but the purchase still wont go through D:

    Just getting the generic ebay "Something went wrong. Please try to check out again." error.

    • ip address? cookies? incognito window?

      • Tried on an entirely different PC and browser. Might be ip address. or maybe the account is too new. Really annoying - might chat to live chat tomorrow if this deals still up.

        • Most likely account is too new, until bank account and cards are confirmed and/or certain amount of time has passed, only then the purchase limit will be lifted (overtime) - or so i was told.

    • I had no issues doing this.

      Created a new eBay account, different email of course, but same name, number and used the same Paypal account.

      Used a different browser, but from the same PC.

      The second account gifted it to my main email address instead of buying it for "myself".

    • Make sure your primary account address in ebay matches what you have in paypal.

      • Thanks, just tried that, still no luck

        • I created 2 additional ebay AU accounts and used my main existing paypal account. Only time I had a problem was when the address didn't match up. I put my delivery address as my main address in one of my ebay accounts. When I changed that to my residential address that matched my paypal account it finally worked. This is at the checkout page where I was trying to choose Paypal as the payment option.

          Unsure if you tried an existing Paypal account or created a new one. Hopefully you're able to get it resolved to purchase before the deal is gone.

        • @marquise: so i create two ebay accs and same name number and same paypal account ?

        • @lihljglg: and same address

        • @marquise: so far what i did is i have two accs one is my main and my backup to buy 2 more accs with all the same details apart from email and same paypal address is that correct?

        • @marquise: so i just bought 7 gift cards using two accounts so you can stack up 7 gift cards on one acc right :)

        • @lihljglg: yes you can use quite a few in addition to promo code

  • +4

    I was able to use 13 cards + coupon

    Screenshot: https://imgur.com/Ge8vaLA

    • What did you buy with all them.

      • +1

        ASUS Vivobook S14 with i7/16GB/512GBSSD along with some other smaller phone accessories

        So I essentially got 28% off this laptop which is a sweet deal.

    • Sweet for stacking more than 8 gcs.

      With ebay sales 10-20% off , icing on the top.

    • Did you try with cashback?

  • Can't buy JBHIFI gift cards with Ebay gift card … anyone else tried to buy a Gift Card using a gift card??

    Wait just read this …

    Are there restrictions on the use of eBay Gift Cards?

    The Gift Card may not be used to pay eBay or PayPal service fees. The Gift Card also may not be used to buy eBay Gift Cards, third party gift cards, gift certificates, coupons, coins, paper money, virtual currency, or items generally considered to be "bullion" (for example, gold, silver, and other precious metals in the form of coins, bars, or ingots).

  • Hi, I keep getting error "Something went wrong, please try to checkout again"???

    • Same here, I have tried everything I can think of and all of the suggestions posted on here, short of contacting paypal themselves.

      • Do you have a balance on your paypal to cover the cost? I dont have any money uploaded onto paypal i am wondering if thats the issue..

    • Sigh, same problem. Paypal is so useless. I wonder if the Paypal account has to have a linked bank account or something.

      • I just linked my bank account but that can take 2-3 days.. will try again when account is linked it might be it

    • +1 been trying for a couple of days now, still not go.

      I did speak to the ebay customer support, who advised me it was a technical error and he did something on his end and said to try again in another 24-48 hours.

  • Thanks , glad it came back just got 5

  • Are the cards locked into the account you bought them with.

    • No. The only time they locked is if you don’t use the full balance of the card in one go. The remaining balance will then be locked to that account.

  • Hooked. Bought 5.
    Thanks TA.

  • +1

    I still can't apply code PGIFT10 on ebay, keep getting "We ran into a problem. Please try again later." error. How can you guys get it?

    • Same problem with me. Been with eBay since 2003. My wife created here account in 2016 and she was able to buy the 5 gift cards but no matter what I do and try I keep getting the same error as you.

      She used her PayPal and I have my separate PayPal but same shit.

      I guess it’s something from PayPal’s end that is triggering these odd issues.

      • Do you have a mobile number linked to your Paypal?
        After I linked it, when I tried to buy the GC it asked me to verify a code sent thru SMS
        After verified, I didn't have the error anymore

        • I verified mine but still no luck.

        • @tajid:

          I just chatted with ebay, mine doesn't work because I created the account under US IP. Just chat with them so they can figure out how to fix your case.

    • I had this issue with one of my spare ebay accounts.

      Turned out I created it with a VPN in UK for one of the previous sitewide deals. I went on ebay chat and told them I moved to Australia and they had to manually change my country back to Australia even though I already changed my registration address in ebay back to Australia.

      So maybe give this a try and see how you go.

    • Same problem here - PIN verified account, still get the same message…

  • how long does it take to receive the emailed codes? paid about two hours ago (9am AEST) and already have the ebay feedback update…or is it cause it's sunday?

    • I did mine yesterday and got the vouchers within 6 minutes but I’ve seen other comments about it taking hours.

    • Purchased mine around 7:20am and got them at 11:20am, so 4 hours for mine to come through. You'll have them shortly :)

    • I'm in the same boat

      Ordered around 9am and I'm still sitting here no code

      • Got yours yet?

        • yeah it came in at about 3PM

    • Got yours yet?

      • +1

        yeah…got them about 1230pm. so 4.5 hour delay.

  • Anyone made a new account and bought 5 more?

    • Are you serious?