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Download Qantas Well-Being App and Complete 10000 Step Daily Challenge for 1000 QFF Points


Yeah, the qff program is pretty rubbish, it’s hard to redeem for flights, points are worth next to nothing but hey it’s free points.

Saw this on Sunrise this morning:

Take the Sunrise Challenge in the Qantas Wellbeing App
Download the appto track your steps – as a new app user, every step counts. The first time you complete a 10,000 step Daily Challenge, you’ll earn 1,000 bonus Qantas Points. Ends 30 September.*

As a bonus free sign up to qff for those downloading the app.

Download App

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    They have some outstanding watch and champagne deals, but yeah, no action for flights lol

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      Booked flights bne-per 3 ppl with the 25% points special over Easter for $249 not that bad

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    Also earn an extra 150 points total by entering your height, weight and blood pressure. Easy points!

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      The data is used by a life insurance company selling Qantas branded insurance. I may be cynical, but worry that it could affect future pricing or availability of insurance, or maybe even let them claim a pre-existing condition. That said, I'm comforted by the Royal Commission's finding that all insurance companies are upstanding and ethical businesses.

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        Enter a perfect BMI, and perfect blood pressure reading…while on the couch eating a big bag of chips and your dog is running around with the app on a burner phone in the backyard.


        I may be cynical, but worry that it could affect future pricing or availability

        Kinda wierd that you have this pet thing for insurance marketing while you're using a credit card rewards program.

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          I'm less worried that a bank might deny me credit in ten years because I bought some groceries at Woolies and bought a shirt from Myer. Meanwhile, I know that a life insurer will charge me more if I've had some odd blood pressure readings or if their algorithm tells them I might be overweight due to insufficient exercise (regardless of whether I actually am).


          @newdad: The app can't take your blood pressure nor can it give any idea what your activity levels actually are, let alone whether you're doing enough for your calorie intake etc.


          @callum9999: No, not automatically, but some people might enter them voluntarily. You may see the risks differently, but for me, the risk just isn't worth it for 150 points.

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      You got an S9+ for $2k worth of points and you're proud of that? Lmao

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    Targeted- new sign ups? I have already been using this app for over a year now, so don’t think I qualify for this.

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    Puppets on the Qantas string (?) ———to do the 10.000 step challenge to get rewards —

    Many Australians save up their Qantas Frequent Flyer points in the hope of one day redeeming them for that dream flight in the pointy end of the plane .

    But redeeming Qantas points for a flight in Business or even First Class is often an enormous challenge!

    The trouble is, Qantas does not release any award seats on some flights -

    Qantas is not obliged to release award seats on every flight.

    Indeed, the Qantas Frequent Flyer terms & conditions state that blackouts may apply to Classic Flight Reward availability.

    But Qantas is not entirely transparent about this lack of award availability


      I agree, and virgin used to be much better but is rapidly going down hill. I did however manage to secure business class last year for my family - 4 people - to Europe using 1000000+ points I'd been sitting on.

      Was not easy as Qantas had only 2 business class seats available on flights - ended up using the points on Cathay who have some flights which are more than half business and booking each way as it came available around a year before.

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        Sites like ozbargain that promote flight redemptions might have something to do with availability!


      Many Australians save up their Qantas Frequent Flyer points

      So instead of saving up money for themselves, credit card users lose more money by using a credit card than they would have by not using a credit card. They pretend that receiving tokens in exchange for losing money, that can only be redeemed a certain way, unlike money, is how you save money.

      Makes sense.

      If you're the bank.


        That purely depends on the deal you get…

        The airmiles I've generated from credit card spend have been worth roughly the same in cash value as what I would have earned by using a cashback card (the only "cost" I incur) but allow me to fly in business occasionally.

        I'd love to hear how that's "wrong" of me?

        (Cash value is worked out based on what I would have paid for economy flights as I'd never pay cash for business - if I used the actual value of those business flights I'd be way ahead)

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        Why do I lose money by using a credit card? I would've spent that money anyway if I was paying cash…

        As long as you pay off your card each month, you're fine.

        And if you can't control your spending and end up racking up a huge debt on your card, well, that's not the bank's fault, it's your fault for spending more than you earn.

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    What's with the animosity towards QFF?

    I think it's pretty fantastic:
    -If you do a work trip to Europe in Business, you get a free return domestic flight in Economy
    -If you only fly discount economy in Australia, every 11 flight is free
    -You can get a OneWorld RTW ticket that's worth $13,500 for only 280k points (or about 3 CC signup bonuses)

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      That's not the issue, the issue is the lack of availability for reward seats.

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        I don't think it's an issue at all. I think the problem is people thinking they're entitled to an award seat on any flight, which is not how freebies work.

        So long as you are happy to fly at off-peak times, and with partner airlines, you won't have a problem finding availability.
        Yes, Business/First seats on QF metal are very rare but that's a well known fact that you need to accept when joining the program.

        To me, the fact that I can book a Syd-Mel just a week before for just 8k points + $30 tax is incredible, especially when the tickets have gone up to $250-300.


          Agreed. We just booked Christmas flights for a similar amount from Brisbane to Adelaide, which would have been $500 return if paying without them

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      *280k points and $1000+ in taxes


        For a $13.5k flight!!!


    Speak for yourself OP. I've saved over $10k AUD in flights in the last few years using FF points from CC's.


      Great, I’ve saved too, no way I was shelling out to take my kids business. But every year they water it down and as I said to raise charges from $800 to over 3k to the us for my family is just ridiculous.

      I’ve since preferenced virgin who are better but less and less so.


    I thought that last RM Williams deal with QANTAS points was pretty good…

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    I don't get it with the QFF animosity. I just returned from a round the world trip where i redeemed points for 7 separate flights using rewards seating. Granted i booked 6 months out but i had no problems getting seats.

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      Like I said I’d saved to fly business to Europe and even when I looked 1 year prior, only 2 seats were made available on flights so I couldn’t take my children on the same flight. Pretty crap only make 2 seats available for everyone and only on some flights. Economy reward are okay but premium and above almost unattainable on classic rewards.

      Also, a number of years ago I took my family to the US return economy, for four of us came to about $800 in taxes etc. A few years later I booked the same trip again and taxes etc came to over $3000 which at the time was about $2000 more than velocity for the same trip. I couldn’t believe It and thought there was an error, contacted Qantas, and they said now some of the fees, costs, security etc have increased the prices. It was actually just as cheap to buy some tickets direct.

      I’d be interested to know what the extra costs where on your round the world considering you see rtw flights on Ob for around $1k sometime less.

      Not a great rewards program when you can buy a ticket outright cheaper than using points. Apart from that, it’s a great program.


    We didn’t have much trouble getting two business class tickets to Brussels for early June next year, Emirates. We will be flying economy virgin points home, Etihad.

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      Yeah 2 tickets is a lot easier, try booking 4 business return to Europe for Christmas. Even 9 months ahead.

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        The peak of the peak seasons. I feel for you but if anyone is expecting to find a host of rewards seats at Christmas then they are delusional.

        I booked a short notice business class trip to London in June, nice weather, nice lounges (loved the moet and Chandon bar in Dubai) and nice planes (EK business class).

        Thanks Alan.


          Thanks for the heads up on Dubai.

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    This app is good for keeping your points ticking over so they don’t time out.

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    Fully support the bad mouthing of QFF and how worthless the points are. Means less competition for award flights.

    Need to stop bragging before we ruin a good thing!

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    "A joining fee usually applies. However, this will be waived if you join when you download the App."

    Can I do this n times, on n android simulators with n accounts and pool them?


      It's a good plan. The points generally transfer. Even if they didn't, if you could make 10 accounts that all started with 1000 points you could transfer points onto them as needed to book things.


        I believe theres a 5k minimum for transfers?

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    Thanks OP. Probably easier to just download and enter your blood pressure, e.g. 120 over 80, for 100 points.

    P.s. I couldn't find the sunrise challenge

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    Reward Flights and especially upgrades are easy to redeem using QFF points if you have Status within the program… meaning you are either a Platinum or Gold member. Points upgrade requests are assigned in order of Status… P1, then P, then Gold, Silver, Bronze.

    So yeah it's unlikely that a Bronze or Silver QFF member is going to get a requested points-upgrade on many sectors, esp the popular long-haul OS flights when these have already been used up by the P1, P, G pax above them in the order.

    Reward flights are also "more available" to higher status QFF'ers. P1 and P can request extra QFF points reward seat(s) to be released if none are publicly available on the sectors they want to book using points. Not always guaranteed, but more often than you'd think. So again… this uses up Reward inventory for QFF'ers further down the Status pecking order.

    Is it wrong for an airline (or any company) to preferentially favour it's Top Tier, loyal customers? Not in my book. QF is a publicly traded company and they will live and die in the market by the choices they make.

    Having said all that… I'll take the 1K points.. it all adds up over time and will help with future upgrade :) (thanks to OP)


      Pretty much this. If you're Bronze, it's going to be pretty hard to claim award flights.

      They save it for the people who you know, actually fly with with regularly.

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    This app is one of the best ways to keep your points activity up to stop them from expiring for those who arent points-minded.

    It sweeps small number of points to your Qff acct weekly. Great to avoid the 18 month inactivity rule.

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    Sure, you're earning peanuts worth of points daily, but cumulatively, I've earned almost 20,000 points in two years and it helps push me to get a bit more activity in on my slower days. Seems like a win-win situation to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    So this is only available to new app users?


    Has anyone got the 1000 points for completing 10k steps yet?

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      It's showing up for me in the Qantas Wellbeing app. Should be credited next Thursday. I can also confirm it is indeed for new app users only.


        Thanks! I had the Qantas Assure app previously, so perhaps that’s why I’m not seeing the points?


    I didn't get my 1000 points. Is anyone else waiting?


      OK They just arrived.


    Got some but not the 1000.


      Mine only arrived in the last hour.


    Mine too :)