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[Pre-Order] 40% off New Samsung Galaxy Watch for Enhanced Partnership Program Customers $299 - $389.40 (Work Email Required)


Samsung may pull this offer tomorrow since this is going to get Ozbargained to hell, so be quick.
[Update 2 - 4G models BACK IN STOCK! about 450units left as of 4:30pm. Probably from cancelled orders. Get in quick!
Bluetooth versions of both sizes and all 3 colours are still available]
Also, make sure you are checking your order history via the EPP samsung store url, not the regular public one or you might not see it show up
And dont forget cashrewards for this. I already got $10 back TA has confirmed cashrewards is ineligible for EPP deals. My $10 is still pending and will be declined by samsung after review

[Update 3 - samsung seems to have applied a quota of 2 wearables per account (you can see your limit under the "My Quota" menu under your personal detail menu icon). This will limit scalpers, but also people offering to help others.
Stock looks like there's 300 4G 46mm models left]

Update 4 - 85 4G 46mm units left as of 29/09

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch is 40% off via the Samsung Enhanced Partnership Programs website. This is a preorder to be delivered on/after the 3rd like everywhere else, i.e. if your company has a corporate benefit relationship with Samsung, you can register your existing Samsung account by activating it using your company email address. I can confirm working for Westpac and Telstra.

To test, check with your company’s corporate benefits. I simply modified the URL below accordingly with "Telstra" or "Westpac" to see if the companies have a relationship. But you still need a work email to receive the activation link.


list of corporate partners thanks to RichardL

  • ANZ(shop.samsung.com)
  • Coles(shop.samsung.com) (now Expired)
  • NAB(shop.samsung.com)
  • Optus(shop.samsung.com)
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)(shop.samsung.com)
  • Telstra(shop.samsung.com)
  • Vodafone(shop.samsung.com)
  • Westpac(shop.samsung.com)
  • Woolworths(shop.samsung.com)
    More being updated by RichardL as they are identified

Once activated you will see a huge banner saying 40% off RRP for all models from the 42mm BT model up to the 46mm 4G model
4G model was out of stock over the weekend but restocked this morning so be quick.

Inventory appears to be shared with retail offers from the Samsung Pay App deal, which is the next best thing if you can’t get this deal:

You also get free express delivery and if you really wanted the dual charger, its $20 off via the corporate site as well.
And no you cannot stack the Samsung Pay deal with this 40% offer (I already tried :P)

This is a killer deal as you save $260 with free shipping on the 4G 46mm model. For comparison, the Gear S3 Classic/Frontier were previously being offered for $350 more than a year after launch and previous deals were still around $300.

So $300-389 for a preorder with 7 days battery life and optional 4G is unbeatable.

@Samsung - please dont kill me for sharing this deal to 7000+ of my friends

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