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[Pre-Order] 40% off New Samsung Galaxy Watch for Enhanced Partnership Program Customers $299 - $389.40 (Work Email Required)


Samsung may pull this offer tomorrow since this is going to get Ozbargained to hell, so be quick.
[Update 2 - 4G models BACK IN STOCK! about 450units left as of 4:30pm. Probably from cancelled orders. Get in quick!
Bluetooth versions of both sizes and all 3 colours are still available]
Also, make sure you are checking your order history via the EPP samsung store url, not the regular public one or you might not see it show up
And dont forget cashrewards for this. I already got $10 back TA has confirmed cashrewards is ineligible for EPP deals. My $10 is still pending and will be declined by samsung after review

[Update 3 - samsung seems to have applied a quota of 2 wearables per account (you can see your limit under the "My Quota" menu under your personal detail menu icon). This will limit scalpers, but also people offering to help others.
Stock looks like there's 300 4G 46mm models left]

Update 4 - 85 4G 46mm units left as of 29/09

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch is 40% off via the Samsung Enhanced Partnership Programs website. This is a preorder to be delivered on/after the 3rd like everywhere else, i.e. if your company has a corporate benefit relationship with Samsung, you can register your existing Samsung account by activating it using your company email address. I can confirm working for Westpac and Telstra.

To test, check with your company’s corporate benefits. I simply modified the URL below accordingly with "Telstra" or "Westpac" to see if the companies have a relationship. But you still need a work email to receive the activation link.


list of corporate partners thanks to RichardL

  • ANZ(shop.samsung.com)
  • Coles(shop.samsung.com) (now Expired)
  • NAB(shop.samsung.com)
  • Optus(shop.samsung.com)
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)(shop.samsung.com)
  • Telstra(shop.samsung.com)
  • Vodafone(shop.samsung.com)
  • Westpac(shop.samsung.com)
  • Woolworths(shop.samsung.com)
    More being updated by RichardL as they are identified

Once activated you will see a huge banner saying 40% off RRP for all models from the 42mm BT model up to the 46mm 4G model
4G model was out of stock over the weekend but restocked this morning so be quick.

Inventory appears to be shared with retail offers from the Samsung Pay App deal, which is the next best thing if you can’t get this deal:

You also get free express delivery and if you really wanted the dual charger, its $20 off via the corporate site as well.
And no you cannot stack the Samsung Pay deal with this 40% offer (I already tried :P)

This is a killer deal as you save $260 with free shipping on the 4G 46mm model. For comparison, the Gear S3 Classic/Frontier were previously being offered for $350 more than a year after launch and previous deals were still around $300.

So $300-389 for a preorder with 7 days battery life and optional 4G is unbeatable.

@Samsung - please dont kill me for sharing this deal to 7000+ of my friends

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              • @portard: Yes you download the galaxy wear app and Samsung pay within the wear app where you can add cards etc. The app itself is standalone from your phone so you don't need a Samsung phone. I am currently using this with a pixel and a gear watch.

          • @portard: the setup process, card download onto the ESE and app to setup all appear to be separate, so theoretically you could setup samsung pay on your watch separate to whatever your phone is

            but i only own samsung phones so i cant test

        • @RichardL:

          Reviewers quote that it works with any android or iOS device.
          The payment feature won't work with iOS.

        • no it only works with samsung pay

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    I have access to this.. happy to help someone out i guess - provided its not too much effort for me.

    • Me pls

    • yes please

    • Memememeeeee

    • in queue here also

    • how much is the watch and which model is it?

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      Would you be willing to help me out too please??

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        Hello Can anyone help me out please?

    • Much grateful if you can!

    • Yes please ")

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      Much appreceiated if you could help me as well!

      • yes please - let me know.

    • Me too please ~

    • I would love this as well, would be greatly appreciated.

    • Me as well pls

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      Paul I know you will be getting spammed - but if you would like to help me, I would sincerely appreciate it! cheers

    • Thanks mate! Would appreciate any help from your side! Please pm me

    • Yes pls dear

    • well that escalated quickly didnt it.

    • Hey paul i m also intrested to buy plz pm me

    • Hi Paul. Are you still doing this please? Would love to get my hands on that watch!

    • Do you still have one?

    • Hello Mate,
      Do you think you can still help. Please msg me if you could?

    • help me too please

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    If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Great deal OP. Ordered 1.

    • Hey mate, any chance you could help me order one? Send me a PM if so and we can work something out :)

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 46mm WiFi.

    It states 4G only works with Telstra, and I am with Optus. Not sure if it's true since Optus does support esim with their Apple Watch offerings.

    • How much?

      • +3


    • Telstra have exclusivity for a short period however Optus supports Number Share with Apple Watch so you can assume they can offer the same service to any eSIM based watch.

    • theres alot of speculation

      samsung store rep said the exclusivity was purposely worded vaguely to make it sound like it only works with telstra but thats not really true
      Optus and voda simply havent enabled it yet. but the watch would be compatible once they do

      • Do you know when it would be enabled for other networks?

        I'm waiting for the one with Cellular, or else would have gone with Ticwatch Pro, would be way cheaper

        • i scoured various forums incl whirlpool and official optus ones

          nobody knows

          i guess we will find out once the device is actually released properly

  • If anyone can help that'd be awesome!

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    Hmmm…. I work for one of these companies but they don't provide email addresses for us workers further down the food chain. Need to hit up the boss.

    • Tell the boss it's time for your promotion.

      • Ah shit, she's got the day off today.

  • Just checked with my education account and I can see 20% off on the watches. Not 40% but for others who are in Uni/TAFE as students or staff may find this info useful.

    • Yea, can only see 20% myself with .gov

  • +1

    I need to track down someone who works for any of those companies……and don’t want to buy the watch.

    • +1

      Someone said they can order 10!

  • wait, i kept reading this had inbuilt GPS and now I'm seeing GPS needs internet? so it's only connected gps?

    am i confused??

    • Reviews say GPS and GLONASS, so sounds like real GPS to me.

      • hhmm I'll have to check in store. it's a deal breaker if not.

        website says

        "Plot your course for what lies ahead
        Galaxy Watch comes with GPS* so you know where you are and where you’re going. Added to this are a built-in altimeter and barometer for when you need to take it off the beaten track.
        * Using GPS requires internet connection and may increase battery consumption."

    • It should work without internet, but internet will make a lock faster.

  • If anyone is willing to help me out, please pm me! Much appreciated :)

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      PM me if you need help ordering one.

      • -2


      • can you PM me?? i am new user and unable to PM you. i need help someone order for me please.
        im from Sydney

  • If anyone is able to assist here and able to PM me I'd be greatly appreciative. As always, please and thank you!
    EDIT: Scrap that, just remembered a mate of mine works for Woolies and he's helped out. Happy days!

  • if someone can help, please PM me, much appreciated :)

  • +1

    Edit. Used gov email address… Yet only showing 20%?

  • I was about to buy a s3 frontier this weekend but this is even better. If someone could please help out that would be much appreciated.

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    probably not going to apply to many people here but this is also open to Sydney Opera House employees;

  • For those in regional areas, there's no point buying the LTE version of this watch.
    Just like the Apple Watch and Huawei Watch 2, the Galaxy Watch LTE does not offer Band 28 compatibility.

    • How does one determine if band 28 is used where I am? and will it just revert to other slightly slower bands?

  • +3

    Finally a benefit for working for Woolworths

    • Does it work for all employees or just ones with email access? Just using a Google login?

      • It requires a confirmation email to your work email. If you have a Google login, you will have email.

        I used my ALH email fine.

  • thanks OP, one for me, one for dad

  • Has anyone been able to use the woolworths link
    I try to login Gmail using my woolworths email and just get an error..

    • I can't get it to work yet.

      • Just getting a don't have access messange?

    • +1

      I did with my ALH email.

  • +1

    Just wondering, is it actually safe to preorder this using someone elses Samsung account? Is it possible for the delivery address to be changed after the order is made?

    • when you checkout you enter a specific delivery address but the account owner can login and cancel

      • Looks like they can do that, yeah. But there's also an option to call customer support and probably get the address changed after payment. Seems a little risky to me.

  • +8

    Don't forget Cashrewards (2.8%) also works on this deal.

    To get it to work on the corporate site (If you have the CR browser add-on):

    1)Go to Samsung website
    2)Click enable cashback
    3)Copy link of corp site into URL bar and enter
    4)Cashback will still be enabled on the corp site.

    I purchased mine last week, cashback was registered.

    • +2

      Hi crazycs. This may have worked in the past, but Samsung is declining cashback for transactions made this way. We (Cashrewards) added the terms (see below) to site during the Note9 promo on request from Samsung. A tracking email is no guarantee of cashback. Samsung can and will decline these transactions when they check their analytics for sale attribution, as the link you used is not directly available via Cashrewards. Thank you.

      Cashback is not available on any purchases made via Samsung’s Education Store, Samsung’s Business Store, Westpac Offers, or any Samsung Enhanced Partnership Portals.

      • +3

        Thanks for clarification.

      • good to get official confirmation thanks

  • So I work for the NSW Government… doesn't seem to work. I used to work for BT Financial Group (under Westpac) - that old email doesnt work either. If anyone is willing do a good deed and willing to offer their account, I would greatly appreciate it!

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    I work for one of the listed companies if anyone wants one. Otherwise check out gumtree in a week or 2 Haha

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      Hi I would love one mate

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        Would love one as well.

      • I can get up to 10 and I've got my for myself already so just send me a message. Not sure how it works on here haha.

    • Count me in please

    • Would love one as well.

    • EDIT: Nevermind

    • Me too please :)

    • +1

      Use the woolworths link and a gmail address. Seems to have worked for others.

      • Didn't work on Gmail, but ok on hotmail for some reason

    • Can I get one if you have spots left

      • You can buy a max of 10 wearables with EPP discount. So spots limited haha….

    • If you're able to get me a 4g lte version count me in if it's not to much trouble.

  • Damn I used to work for 3 of the companies listed above + interviewed for 2 of the others…..I guess Galaxy Watch was not meant to wrap around my wrist!

    • +1

      Try harder, may be galaxy watch 2? ;)

  • +31

    For me, any email works for Woolworths. Even my gmail.

    • Thanks! Woolworths works for my gmail too. You’re a hero!

    • you are a legend. up vote. worked for me!

    • Worked for me too cheers

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