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Seagate 4TB Game Drive for Xbox One $138 Delivered or in-store @ Officeworks


Buy online or call 1300-Office for store stock availability

Seagate 4TB Game Drive for Xbox One
The Seagate Game Drive for Xbox allows you to instantly expand your Xbox One's storage capacity. It allows you to free up space on your console's internal drive and store more games than ever before. It has a compact design so you can easily take your games on the go to enjoy them with friends.
The hard drive is developed specifically for use with your Xbox One.
It has a large 4 TB capacity so you can store your game collection along with other downloadable Xbox content.
It comes with an inbuilt USB cable to connect to your Xbox right away.
The drive is compact and lightweight to fit into your entertainment unit with your Xbox.
It comes with a 3 year warranty for your peace of mind.
This hard drive has a green design to match the branding on your Xbox.

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  • Anyone know if I grab one of these if it's simple enough to copy across content on existing drives over to this one?? I don't need to re-install everything onto it?

    • What do you want to copy?

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          Xbox games:

          All you need to do is go into manage game and move them over.

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      yes you can - via the menu you use the menu items to say "move" item to another drive. it does take a long while and i'd suggest doing it overnight. There are youtube videos that take you through the steps

    • They take forever to copy over

  • Would love to know whose used up the most amount of storage on their Xbox One? 😁 Taking into account Games with Gold, purchased games, DLC etc.

    • I've filled up a 1 TB and two 500 GB drives

      • Me. Easily fills up considering how big updates are and DLC

      • I'm yet to fill up my 2x Seagate 3TB and 1x Toshiba 2TB portable drives.

    • I've only used 50% but I got an external one anyway to save wear and tear on the internal drive.

    • +3

      I've used 5tb so far, WD 4tb full and Seagate 2tb half full.

      • Hey habib23q…haha..was wondering if you were going to chime in!

        • Hahaha thanks mate. Yeah that's not including the 1tb built into this Xbox One X. So 7tb all up. I've run outta spare hdds atm. But am wondering will this get cheaper for black Friday or end of year sales?

          • @habib23q: Perhaps it might through other retailers like Amazon but it I doubt it will from Officeworks.

            It appears it has sold out online and I can't seem to find any stores closeby to where I live (in Melbourne) that have any left.

            • @cheepo: Yeah your right as I purchased the WD 4tb hdd at the end of last year slightly cheaper then this. But I did notice it did sell out quickly.

    • 2gb Xbox one x with 4gb external. Been needing to delete games for last 4 months to make room for new games.

    • On about 7.2TB so far

    • I’ve used up my entire 500gb internal hd and only have 500mb left on my 2gb external hd. Thinking maybe I’ll just delete some of the crap games I’m not going to play again for a while so I don’t have to get a new hd.

  • comes with an inbuilt USB cable to connect to your Xbox right away.

    What does that mean?

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    Is this just a generic 4TB drive? Can i use it on my computer??

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      Yes, it's just a normal drive.

      But you are paying a premium.

      Can get the same drive for about $110.

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        4tb for $110 & you haven't posted it?

        • Was already posted here by someone else.

          I bought one from the Bing Lee, eBay deal posted for $119.

          Getting it today.

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            @Scab: nah was 119 + post, only C&C was free. I had to pay freight on mine even with ebay plus as no stock in ACT. Still cheaper than this though.

          • @Scab: Oooooo! Name checks out.. ;P

      • Do you have a link for a 4TB for $110 - thought that was the going price for a 2TB.

        Assuming this is portable too, no?

        EDIT - Just saw the above but can't find the deal.

        • +1

          Probably expired.

          This is the deal I got:


          Expired, but if you're patient, you should be able to pick one up fairly cheap.

          • @Scab: Nice - must have missed it. Haven't seen any other deals other than that close to that price point as of late.

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    Will this work for PS4?

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      It sure does. I have one for each.

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    Don't need it, purchased anyway. Happy with the price :)

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    You won't find a cheaper 4TB USB 3.0 portable drive anywhere, TODAY. JB HiFi has to be kidding at $269 + $4.95 delivery for the same thing.

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      You deserve a job on A Current Affair.

      • Something for Grimshaw to talk about tonight

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    The only reason this is 4TB Drive more expensive is its green for xbox colour. A rip off really.

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      You call this expensive? Please find me a 4TB 2.5 USB drive that is cheaper.

    • First, it's cheap AF for a 4tb 2.5 usb3 drive and second, xboxes aren't green

  • Can you use this drive for normal storage and not for Xbox storage ?

    • Yes

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        That's pretty twisty.

  • So there is nothing special about this drive apart the colour and it saying XBOX on it

    It’s not a faster drive etc?

    • they are pretty fast, there are bemchmark comparisons. Theyre designed to be able to read the games quick.

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        Yer but compared to a normal seagate 4tb Portable ?

        • It's just a normal drive - nothing special about it.

  • OOS in WA.

  • OOS online and locally in fnq. Damn.

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  • Good for those who are short on drive space with the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 requiring 105gb of space..

    • I have three games that are larger than that already on my hard drive. GOW4, Quantum Break, and another I'm sure.

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    Thanks OP. Got one

  • Another 100gb game Forza Horizon 4….

  • I bet that these are just like ordinary Seagate Expansion 4TB portable drives with a green top on it with an Xbox logo on it. The 2.5" HDD in it are probably exactly the same.

    • Yup!

      • Still a decent price tho

        • It is.

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    Always have a good and solid back up plan. The conventional wisdom by tech experts on backups is known as the 3-2-1 method. Basically you want:

    3 copies of any data you don't want to lose.
    2 different mediums it's stored on (so 2 different drives in your computer, for example).
    1 copy kept offsite, to prevent against disaster.

    • How does this work for XBOX Games tho?

    • Useful tip for conveniental data.

      Xbox games are tied to your account so they can be re-downloaded if your hard drive was to fail or if you were to delete them.

      For your games saves, you can recover those also if you enable cloud saves.

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    Still in Stock in stores.

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    Rang the local store and got the last one put away for me. Just returned with it in my hands - $138.

    Thanks for the post.

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      Same with me good drive for the price saw some 3tbs and stuff more expensive

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    Retail for these is a joke, this price is on par with a regular 4Tb so good deal, I don't understand why people buy these at full price, they are exactly the same as a 4Tb seagate expansion, or what ever the flashy word is for them now, just has a green lid, blue for PS, can of spray paint and you're good to go, I got a 4Tb for $100 a moth ago, works fine.

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