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5% off WISH eGift Cards + Bonus $5 WISH eGift Card When You Spend $200+ after Discount @ Woolworths Gift Cards via ShopBack


Hey guys,

Happy to announce that Woolworths WISH eGift cards are now available for purchase at a 5% discount via ShopBack (desktop/mobile site only)! Click through to Woolworths Everyday Gift Cards via ShopBack to receive an instant 5% discount on gift cards at checkout.

As a special launch offer, we're offering a bonus $5 WISH eGift card if you spend $200 or more (after the 5% discount) in a single transaction at Woolworths Everyday Gift Cards (i.e. a minimum of $210.53). Limited to 1 bonus eGift card per customer.

WISH gift cards have no expiry date and can be redeemed at:

  • Woolworths Supermarkets
  • BIG W
  • Caltex Woolworths
  • BWS
  • Dan Murphy's
  • Cellarmasters

Happy Shopping!

$5 Bonus WISH eGift Card Terms and Conditions:

  • The 5% discount on WISH eGift Cards is an ongoing offer, and is not a cashback offer. Click through to Woolworths Gift Cards via ShopBack to receive an instant 5% discount on WISH eGift Cards.
  • A bonus $5 WISH eGift card will be issued to those who spend $200 or more (after the 5% discount) in a single transaction at Woolworths Gift Cards.
  • Bonus offer ends Tuesday 2nd October, 11.59PM AEST or while stocks last (limited to the first 2,000 customers).
  • Limit of one bonus $5 WISH eGift card per customer.
  • The bonus $5 WISH eGift card will be emailed to your ShopBack email address by Monday 15th October. You must be subscribed to ShopBack's newsletters in order to receive it.
  • Accounts that engage in fraudulent orders/activities will be banned and ineligible for the bonus offer.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3856)

$40 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • Can you buy a $225 card to meet the minimum $200 requirement (after 5% off), OR is $250 the minimum?

    • Never mind.. I saw that some people have bought $211 cards.

      • Hi virhlpool,

        Yes buying a $225 card would already qualify you for the bonus requirement. $211 would be fine also.

  • +12

    Anyone got their gift card yet? 8+ hours seems like a long time for processing.

    • +6

      No, still waiting and not entirely impressed with that!

      • +2

        It takes about 24 hours. You'll get used to it if you buy them regularly. And you may as well at 5% off.

        • +3

          Cashrewards ones usually come after a couple hours for me. Not 9+

        • I received all my weekly Cashrewards WISH egift cards between 3 to 4 hours after orders placement confirmation. For order which was flagged for random check, I usually receive the gift card the next day

    • I usually wait 2 days.

    • +2

      Still waiting for my egift card. It definitely is taking way too long compared to Cashrewards which usually took 3 to 4 hours after WW order confirmation.

    • Hey capslock and everyone else,

      Hopefully Woolworths does process this soon! Would love to speed it up for everyone but it's beyond our control :(

      Quite strange it's taking a bit longer than usual but it could be happening since its the first time purchasing via ShopBack. See if you guys get the gift cards tomorrow.

      • I haven’t received my cards yet. It’s been more than 20 hrs.

      • +5

        Just an update with this, we've reached out to Woolworths and the reason for the delay is that you're treated as a new customer going through ShopBack for the first time (even if you've been using the same email address through other providers), so you do go through a manual verification process.

        The payments team at Woolworths are going through yesterday's orders as we speak, so hopefully it's not too long till the gift cards are sent out to those that haven't received them yet.

        • Got mine. Thanks for following up.

  • +4

    @TA, can we have a price beat please?

  • Your order is being processed and will be distributed shortly.
    Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery of eGift Cards.
    The above time period is an estimate only, from receipt of your payment. Times may vary depending on payment confirmation from your financial institution.

  • +1

    still have not got my card it's been over 12 hours now. Usually get it within afew hours.

  • +2

    With CR you get these within 4 hours max. This delay is disappointing.

  • -1

    These shopback guys will do anything to get you go over huddles then still avoid honouring a legit cashback or any other promo they put up. would skip them if possible even the bait deals like this.

  • Has anyone got their gift card yet? I always buy through CR and it never takes more than 3-4 hours for it to be emailed to me…more than 15 hours through shopback and nothing :(

    • Nope. 20 hrs and still counting. I am feeling like taking my upvote back. “Beyond our control” isn’t an acceptable answer when they’re in business.

      • Order is through Woolies system, not ShopBack. So Woolies processing is the delay (maybe extra checks as first time for ShopBack referal & yesterday was public holiday in some States).

        I've taken ShopBack to task over a stuff up in Amaysim deal (which has now paid out), but this time it seems it is beyond their control.

        Hopefully quicker next time, otherwise CR seems to be a better choice. Although I've had 12+ hour delay through CR - Woolies system can be slow.

        Received my eGift Card @9am.

  • +1

    I bought one from Shopback and one from CR one after the other. CR came through in 3 hours.

  • Anyone know if the 2000 limit has been reached yet?

    • Hi andshebakes,

      At this stage it still looks okay for you to order.

  • Received eGift Card (Ordered at 3pm, arrived 9am)
    Clicked on link in email, it opened in Woolies Money App, clicked to add card - simple.

    ShopBack is new for Woolies gift card system, so may have required extra processing or checks - hopefully quicker next time.
    Plus, yesterday was a public holiday in a few States, which could have delayed processing by Woolies.

    With previous problems with ShopBack in Amaysim deal - I held back on upvote. Issues were slowly resolved & Cashback in bank.

    Now the wait for $5 eGift Card.
    Hardly seems worth the effort.

  • Got my egift card just now as well

  • Ordered mine this morning and got it just then.

    • Hope you are in first 2000 to get the bonus eGift Card.

    • I ordered mine yesterday morning at 10 am and I am still waiting ……..

    • Good on you, mate. After 24 hours, still no sign of the gift card even though I used the same email address, billing address and payment method as my regular WISH gift cards purchases. Not good at all.

        • Yes. I'm aware of the verification process needed…but after 30 hours, still no sign of the gift card.

          • @F1ngolf: you can call WW customer service 1300 101 234 to expedite the process, it is not really Shopback but WW problem.

            • @samehada: I know and agree that the long delay of getting the gift card is no fault of Shopback. WW has stuffed this up. However, Shopback could do better if they've forewarned us this delay if (and only if) they were aware of this issue in the first place.

            • @samehada: egift card came in a couple of hours ago.

  • +1

    There is a vagueness to this offer unfortunately found in other ShopBack offers…

    Over 2000 clicks here & subscribers to ShopBack received promotion in email around Noon yesterday.

    Confirmed should be still OK to qualify
    for 1 of 2000 bonus eGift Cards👌

    BUT we only get sales reports after 2 days so we're going to make this judgement based on clicks/page traffic. Will expire the deal if we suspect this limit has been reached.

    • -3

      Hi Infidel,

      We are monitoring external clicks/traffic through to Woolworths Everyday Gift Cards, not just clicks from OzBargain to the Woolworths Gift Cards store page.

      • +1

        Yes, I understood it is total clicks through your site, which you can monitor.

        Just with my previous complaints in Amaysim deal about vague & changed t&c…

        There is no point in taking up an offer that lacks certainty in the mind of the customer. That is vital in a Cashback business, where customers must wait for the benefit of buying via your site.

        This offer was initially unnecessarily confusing regarding purchase amount to qualify. I understand that these deals are complex to set up with multiple parties. But, it shows lack of preparation in presenting a offer - with easy to understand t&c.

        (All ShopBack Cashback eventually has been paid out for me)

      • -1

        Ordered at night the 2nd of oct before its expired, no signs of $5 egiftcards. To be fair, if you really monitor and its already reached 2000, then you should take the banner ads of extra $5 on your website so people not got clickbait

  • Just got my $220 gc but still no $5?

    • -1

      Hi Frozensage,

      The $5 gift card will be emailed separately.

      The bonus $5 WISH eGift card will be emailed to your ShopBack email address by Monday 15th October.

  • Thank you, just bought one.

  • Is it possible check if the voucher purchase was tracked by shop back.. I use mobile site..

    • -1

      Hi yourpalcliffy,

      Woolworths will send over the transaction reports to us in the coming days. If you purchased yesterday we'll see it in the reports tomorrow, if you purchased today we'll see it the day after.

  • Is there anyone else who ordered yesterday and still haven't received their cards? I haven't received mine yet.

    • Still waiting… No invoice, no gift card.

      • Just received mine.. about 5 mins back.

      • Finally came through some 40 hours later…

  • -1

    Guys, just beware of these cheats. Ever since they launched in Australia about 4-5 months back, I have faced numerous issues. Seems like they are in the business of making money be cheating & looting people's money. They come out with amazing cashback offers only to not track the transaction or incorrectly track the transaction amount and then always blame it all on their bloody idiotic system. I doubt if that is the real reason and suspect they are purposely doing this to cheat and loot people's money.

    Issues I have faced ever since they launched:
    1. Missing transactions
    2. Incorrectly tracked transactions (cashback should have been tracked @20% but is only @5%). Luckily I remember the cashback rate it in my mind and raise this to get it corrected. There will be a number of people who might not recollect, forget to check or report and these guys will take advantage of them and make money.
    3. Amayasim cashback amount dropped from $40 to $35 but was later fixed (this happened for many customers).
    4. Bonus promo cashback not applied to account.

    I have had to waste a lot of my time in reporting, following up and getting these fixed.

    Cashrewards although doesn't come out with great cashback offers, but they and their systems are at least reliable.

    I just hope everyone boycotts them and they soon go out of the business instead of cheating & looting people's money.

    • -1

      Hi vishbargain,

      We're definitely not in the business of cheating people, but we will definitely note our mistakes. We know it is extremely frustrating for you to follow up and get things fixed and we're trying to reduce the likelihood of this happening in future for anyone.

      Have you had your bonus cashback promo issue resolved yet? More than happy to look into it if you're able to PM us your account details and let us know what bonus promotion you are referring to.

    • @vishbargain
      I can relate to your unpleasant experience as I had encountered a few of them too. Like you, it makes me wonder, if it is worth the trouble to follow up religiously on all the transactions and cashback just for some incremental saving. There is definitely much room for Shopback to improve. However, in all my experience with Shopback Rep or CS, they have always tried their best to make good of their commitments. So in all fairness, to call them out as "cheats and looting people's money" is too presumptuous.It would also be preposterous for so many reputable global brands and merchants including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc…to work with Shopback if they are not genuine and professional in their business conduct.

    • Have had 100% success with ShopBack tracking & payout to bank account. Much better than I expected. It's just the offers have been unnecessarily vague, responses often slow, & confirmation takes ages.

      People have made many similar claims about other Cashback businesses here. Again, no problem for me ordering on mobile.

      As the Cashback business does not determine if you met criteria for Cashback (done by another business), there are many reasons why claim may be rejected. If the Cashback business isn't paid, we don't get paid.

  • +1

    Hi Rep,
    I have received the actual giftcard (at last) however didn't receive the $5 bonus yet… Could you please assist?

    • +1

      Hi Bappy,

      The bonus gift card will be emailed separately. Please see here.

  • +1

    If you have not received your egiftcard, you can call WW Customer Service 1300 101 234 to follow up.

  • Setup new account tonight, ordered at 9pm, received egift card at 10pm. Have used everyday rewards before, perhaps they recognise my mobile number or credit card. Very happy, thanks OP and I await my $5 egift card eagerly.

  • It’s been 3 days , and I have not received anything including the gift card that I have purchased!

    • Hi AroundAustralia,

      Sorry to hear this! Please reach out to Woolworths via [email protected] or 1300 10 1234 to follow up.

    • +1

      Spend 3 seconds to read above before asking repetitive things like this.

  • Ordered at night the 2nd of oct before its expired, no signs of $5 egiftcards

    • Hi countmein,

      The gift card will be emailed separately by Monday 15th October.

  • -1

    Still do not have my giftcard ordered on 2nd???

    • Hi Camerlottoo,

      Please reach out to Woolworths via [email protected] or 1300 10 1234 to follow up.

      • Ok thanks for reply appreciate the link n number

  • Hi Storerep, How do I validate that I'm subscribed to cashback notifications to ensure that I get my bonus gift card? I have logged on and can't see any notification settings.

    I think I'm subscribed but can't be sure.


    • Hi brownbag,

      Our customer service team at [email protected] can check for you!

      • thanks.

      • Ok, I receive your offers & notifications of my SB transactions etc by email…
        Does that definitely mean I'm subscribed?
        I'd think so.

        Best to describe subscription so we know.

        • If you get offers via email then yes you are subscribed.

  • +1

    has anyone received their $5 gift card yet? I placed the order 5 mins before expiry and got my $200 gift card from woolworths 3 days ago..

    • Confirmed: Cashback/ Bonus is added to Available Balance
      Congrats! Your Cashback/Bonus is now confirmed and $0.00 has been added to your Available Balance.
      only first 2000 clicks will get extra 5………….

      • damn i must've been out of the 2000 clicks lol..
        where do u see that info from?

        • From shopbackCashback Overview

    • I got nothing: tracked as 1:38pm on day of offer

    • +1

      Hi jussie2000,

      The gift card will be emailed out by us. You'll receive it by Monday 15th October.

      • Oh thanks for the confirmation! Will keep an eye for the email.

  • where and how do you check that "You must be subscribed to ShopBack's newsletters in order to receive it."

    • Hey coolsteps, just missed this but you can send over your email address for us to check. We have sent out the gift cards already so if you've received it then you are subscribed!

  • Just received my $5 eGift Card - I presume it's from this deal and not the one posted yesterday? Haha

    • Hey illumination,

      This deal yes, we still don't have the list from yesterday's promotion yet.

  • Gift cards have just been sent out :)

    • +1

      Received $5 Wish eGift card @5pm💳
      Upvoted deal👍

    • Hi rep,

      My bonus gift card link in the email is shown as a broken link. Could you help please? Thanks.

      • Hi BronzeWok,

        Could you send us a private message with the email address you're using on ShopBack?

  • +1

    Got my bonus e giftcard too

  • +1

    Thanks Shopback. got the Gift CarD!

  • Thanks OP. Got the gift card on Thursday

  • +1

    Can we have another one?

    • +1

      Haha maybe not too soon :)

  • +1

    Hi rep,

    I seem to be the only only one who hasn’t received the $5 bonus gift card. Can you assist?

    • Hi xaznbluesx,

      Could you please check your spam folders to see if the email might have gone in there?

      If it's not there, please send over a private message with the email address you're using on ShopBack plus your gift card order number, and we can send you the link to your bonus gift card via private messaging too.

  • I still have not received the bonus gift card for the 2nd round.
    @OP: Has it been sent out for 2nd round yet?

    • Hi samehada,

      No they haven't been sent yet but they will be soon!

  • Hi Rep,

    Made the purchase in the first day but got nothing. Why?

    • Hi tanky,

      It's possible that the email might have gone into your spam folders, or otherwise you are not subscribed to our newsletters. If you still cannot find the email there then please send us a private message with the email address you're using on ShopBack plus your order number and we'll send you the link to your gift card through there too.