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11% off Expedia when Paying by Mastercard (Selected Hotels)


Looking for a replacement for the long-running MASTERAU12 coupon I found this - MASTERAU11…

I can't find it on the official Mastercard website yet, but the code seems to work if you click through the link in this post (I found the code and link on Couponation FWIW).

Qualifying Bookings: This coupon code discount (“Coupon”) applies only to stand-alone hotel bookings (not a hotel booking in combination with any other product or offering such as flight + hotel or flight + hotel + car) made online at www.expedia.com.au/mastercard that are prepaid at the time of booking (subject to the restrictions set out in the Terms and Conditions below). You must make payment using a valid MasterCard credit card issued in Australia to qualify for this offer. (“Eligible Card”).

Coupon code value: 11 % discount (“Discount”).

Redemption Period: Valid for use by 11:59pm AEST, 31 December 2018 (“Redemption Period”).

Travel Period: The travel dates must be before 30 June 2019 (“Travel Period”).

How to use your coupon code

• During the booking process, on the payment page you will see the link ”Enter coupon code” where you can enter the coupon code;

• Enter the coupon code in the relevant field and then click the “Apply Coupon” button. If your booking is eligible, the applicable discount will be subtracted from the price of the travel reservation before the application of any taxes, applicable fees or additional costs.

• Use an Eligible Card to pay for your qualifying booking.

• This offer does not apply for multi-room bookings.

(EDIT: fixed the link - should go directly to a valid link for the coupon now - banner should appear on the top of the page)

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  • Anyone know if there are hotels excluded? MASTERAU12 had most 5* hotels excluded

  • Is this MC debit card or MC credit card?

    • Worked with my credit card. Your mileage may vary.

      • Btw, amazing find Op!
        Just used it for two hotels in Queensland over Xmas, worked! It's a genuine deal, as all sites were showing pretty much the same prices as Expedia +/- 3%, but with this coupon it was a no-brainer.

        Also earned Expedia points, haven't figured what to do with them yet :)

        Note:must go via link, else coupon rejected on payment screen.

  • +18

    Can confirm, MASTERAU100 does not work.

    • Did you try MASTERAU110?

  • Thanks OP! Is this a one time use thing only or can you use it to book multiple hotels multiple times during the offer period?

  • Getting this:

    This coupon offer is only valid after clicking through from the original website or email that provided the code. Please check the terms and conditions for more information.

  • Are flights included ?

    • No they're not

  • Does this stack with Shopback/Cashrewards?

    • +1


      also when booking 2 rooms only one room will get the dc

  • +2

    Can someone explain to me why this is better than booking through the Expedia owned Cheaptickets.com website and applying one of the always available 16% voucher codes and using Cashrewards? I know you have to pay in USD but you can use a no international fee credit card.

    I feel the Cheaptickets route is the better deal - 16% vs 11%

    • +3

      9 times out of 10 for me Cheaptickets is more expensive once the tax is added on the final page.

      Higher rates, bigger discount…

      • I have generally found the exact opposite to be the case.

        I have tried every coupon code under the sun for agoda, expedia etc. and cheaptickets is usually still cheaper and I use a card with no international fee.

        • Fair enough! It has been cheaper for me too- it seems to be a bit of a crapshoot.

        • I've generally found Cheaptickets with the code to work out cheaper for me too.

    • Have you got details on a 16% off code that can be used? Found a ten percent code but it didn't work

      • +3

        WANDERLUST is the code


        Doesn't work for big chain hotels usually

        • Tried on a few hotels in tokyo and only 2 out of 6 worked.

        • Thanks fedwood, saved me about $20 paying in usd and taxes as opposed to the Expedia deal

        • says code is expired

  • Doesn't work for me, tried every which way, every link, every site, keeps saying must link through original email :(

    • The MASTERAU12 used to do the same to me randomly sometimes… Try a different browser with adblock turned off if you haven't already - might be imagining it but that seemed to work for me.

  • +2

    Try incognito mode to book if you get the error "must click link through original email" and use this link www.expedia.com.au/mastercard

    Should have the 11% off coupon appear as a banner at the top. This worked for me

    • Add the link in description

  • I priced a package to Fiji (outrigger) by using the 11% off code for the hotel and then booking the flights Separately through Expedia and it was $4150 2A, 2Ch vs booking the package through Expedia with no discount was $3870. So booking the package (accom, flights, transfers) worked out significantly cheaper. Anyone got a code for booking packages or know the cheapest way to be book packages ?

  • Oh and then I tried the same package with cheaptickets.com and it world out to ~$4850 (AUD converted) so significantly more expensive there.

  • Thank you!

  • Saved $30, thanks.

  • OO, it may be worth mentioning in the title that this is only for hotel bookings.

  • I can't find where you enter the coupon code.

    Am I doing something wrong? After clicking "Reserve" for the room I want, it takes me to the page with contact details, payment details and the button "Complete Booking" at the bottom, but nowhere to enter a coupon. Is it on the next page?

  • Ha-Ha!!! Checked the price for the hotel by going directly to Expedia and then by using Mastercard link to Expedia and the price went up by 80%!!! So 11% discount is a gimmick.

    • The above inflated price I got when used VPN. After I turned it off, the price has come down to normal. Interesting.

  • Expedia is showing me a much lower price than other sites, and then a further 11% off with the code…I'm worried that the lower room rate means taxes or something is excluded and I'll have to pay a large top up on site…I've had this experience with Expedia previously

    • What is hotel and dates can check if u want

    • I also found lower rates on Expedia then on other sites, as they were having 15% off sale for selected properties. 11% extra discount was a cherry on top. I made a booking. There were no hidden taxes. You will see the final price before you pay.

  • Looked at Cheaptickets, code SAVENOW gives 10% discount. Not sure what code gives 16% discount?
    Using a fee free credit card, Cheaptickets works out cheaper.

  • Might sound silly but has anyone tried booking with another payment method but still received the discount after using the code? Code works on the hotel I want but I don't own a mastercard.

  • On the payment page, there isn't the "Enter coupon code" option…

  • After all the hassle of trying to get the thing to work, it tells me the coupon is not valid for this hotel.

  • Saved about $500 thanks to this post - Thank you op!

  • How do you find out what hotels are eligible with this deal? I'm trying book 3 nights in hotel in new york but they all say hotel is excluded?

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