expired Purchase 2x Heineken or Heineken 3 Cases (At First Choice / VC) & Get a UE Megaboom 3 for $101.50 (RRP $299) @ Heineken


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Greetings everyone, a friend of mine found this great deal last night in the first choice catalogue.

Purchase 2 Cases of Heineken or Heineken 3 beer in one transaction from First Choice Liquor or Vintage Cellars and get the newly released UE Megaboom 3!

When you add up the cost of the cases, the cheapest current deal you can seem to get Heineken 3 Cases are from Dan's for $39.90 each which you can then price match at First Choice, netting $79.80 in total and $179.80 for the whole bundle which is a great price for the speaker itself.

Heineken cases currently seem to be around $44.95 each at most stores. Please make sure you check around and price match at First Choice before you buy!!

Closing date to purchase the beer is 15/11/18 and closing date for entering the submission is 22/11/18.

There are 7,590 speakers available for purchase in the promotion.

There is a $1.50 admin fee mentioned in the FAQ:

How much do I pay for delivery?
The $100 (plus $1.50 admin fee) offer includes delivery by mail.

As always, enjoy!

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