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Bauhn 55" 4K UHD Smart TV with HDR $579 @ ALDI


Just came back from Aldi. They've given out the catalogue for Saturday 13 October.

For those who missed out on the 60" dumb TV from Aldi recently, well, they've come out with a 55" smart TV!

Seeing as how it is not yet the bauhn website, I assume this is a new model range coming out.

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  • Price in title

  • 4K tv too

  • One year warranty is a bit poor. You'd easily be covered under ACL for at least 2 years, which begs the question why they don't make it 2 years.

    • It costs more. The seller needs insurance to cover potential cost of repairs.

      If the government was actually serious, they would just legislate "two years warranty".

    • its actually 8 years under the ACL

    • One year warranty is a bit poor. You'd easily be covered under ACL for at least 2 years

      true but it is amazing how many people out there unaware of their rights under ACL

      the seller will shrug their shoulders, and probably say you should have bought extended warranty
      it is only when you mention your rights under the ACL, that they unshrug their shoulders

      • Show me in writing where it says 8 years under ACL law?

      • Many are also aware………. that to get your rights under acl you need to take the matter to a tribunal and pay for the pleasure. The outcome is not guaranteed. Also I doubt a $500 tv would receive the same support from acl as a $3000 after 8 years.

      • Aldi or bauhn do not offer extended warranty

      • Then buy the linden tv from good guys, they are good budget tv with 2 years warranty, lots of choices on the market.

    • You'd easily be covered under ACL for at least 2 years

      I'd say that it's a lot longer than 2 years. Have a look at this thread: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/389179

      Most consumers are quite ignorant of their rights, and they will therefore not pursue the manufacturer if the product fails after a year, because the "warranty has expired". This works for the manufacturers, so they won't make it any longer than a year.

      The "warranty information" published in Bauhn's website looks dodgy AF because they don't even explicitly state that expressed warranty is for a year!

      • I'd say that it's a lot longer than 2 years

        Indeed, I've sighted ACL to have a panel replaced on an $800 Samsung TV after 2.5 years.

        I think you'd be safely covered for at least 2 years for even a budget $100 22" screen. Relying on ACL for anything beyond 5 years (for even the most expensive tvs) would be optimistic.

        What we can say with absolute certitude is that any extended warranty plan offered by retailers is a complete waste of money.

        • Relying on ACL for anything beyond 5 years (for even the most expensive tvs) would be optimistic.

          There is precedent for 8 years as a case. Look it up.

        • Block-quote What we can say with absolute certitude is that any extended warranty plan offered by retailers is a complete waste of money.

          Tell that to Harvey Norman! Tried to sell me warranty for a camera. If it doesn't work after x years, we'll just give you a new one no hassles. Yea right…I tried getting a phone fixed 2 weeks after it was purchased and they made a big deal out of it. Imagine asking for a replacement after a few years! Didn't want to go with HN but AMEX deals and random sales at HN are hard to say no to…

          • @pippohippo: Sales staff earn a big commission from the extended Warrenty…..up to 50% from what I've read in Choice Magazine.

            Their eagerness to sell you the policy is purely self serving.

            • @ash2000: worse was when I had to order the item in because it was sold out, they just added the warranty on and they said you can think about it and then remove it if you don't want it. So I said sure. Got the most expensive added, and then I asked to remove it when I collected the item. They're a broken record, and don't know when to stop pushing it for it.

              And I think you're on the money there - ACCC should really look into dodgy warranty sales, whilst I have been lucky to not need it or manage to make a claim, their sales tactic is questionable. I always ask what is covered and to have the manager write something up for these specific cases they're claiming and that the ACL won't cover me for it otherwise don't expect me to get it. If you can't back up your own statement, don't claim it.

          • @pippohippo: Each Phone manufacturer has different DOA periods. If the phone is under $400 like my motorola was, I received a credit under 'Product Care', which I used towards Headphones, as I had just bought a Samsung Galaxy S9.

  • Smart TV's aren't always that smart ;)

  • These Tvs any good? I was a bit sceptical when I saw one in store recently

  • Don't think we've seen these Bauhn's with HDR before, wonder how good it is.

    Hate budget SMART TV's though, much prefer the snappier interface of a dumb dumb

    • +5 votes

      I have my doubts… at this price it's probably FakeDR - accepts the signal but still a 8 bit panel, no local dimming, and poor overall brightness.

      But it is only $579!

      • +3 votes

        How do we find out? Do we need to wait for someone to crack it open, or is this a clone of another TV somewhere? Perhaps like the Kogan/DickSmith one that has similar features?

  • Wonder how it would compare to my 27 Inch Gaming IPS 4k Panel. Im half considering buying it just to test.

    • You'd be limited to 60FPS, but then again, that's what most 4k monitors are limited to.

  • I wonder how many hdmi ports and if it supports 2.2

  • How is this compared to TCL?

    Is Freesync supported?

  • Might be worth trying it out and returning it within the satisfaction guarantee period if it is poor.

  • HZ refresh rate?

  • For those who missed out on the 60" dumb TV from Aldi recently, well, they've come out with a 55" smart TV

    I doubt Aldi's smart tv is as smart as other brands
    the one I has a slow browser and lets you catch up on free to air tv
    no netflix/ youtube or the ability to download those apps

    My Panasonic plasma smart tv, which I bought back in 2012,(but which had been killed) had netflix which was a lot easier to work with, than through chromecast which I am currently using

    long story short probably worth saving a bit and buying ALDIs dumb tv instead, as you will need something like a chromecast to make it really smart

    • It literally says at the bottom left of the page netflix and youtube are preinstalled

      • missed the fine print
        but was talking about my model

        netflix, youtube should cover basic usage for most users and hopefully be more useful than a chromecast
        if my memory serves me right at one stage aldi was giving chromecasts in the box, with their tvs

  • If it is a new range. It’s always best to wait for the next model to come out. Usually most of the dramas of the first version have been ironed out by then.
    But for $579 and with the fact that the next model should come out around the same time as this models warranty is about to expire. Means you could return it & get the new one. Or something else if it as slow as most bauhn TVs

    • How would you return it in a years time?

      • Aldi have a lenient return policy. Nothing gets tested instore to check or verify the customers issues or complaints about the product.
        So if you are unhappy with any part or function of the tv within the warranty period. Return it with your receipt. This could be Picture quality, sound, speed, lack of updates, remote is intermittent, funny sound or any number of possible issues. All Aldi wants is your receipt & the product so they can send it back.

        • I was of the understanding that after the 60 days satisfaction return guarantee, that then it was up to you to contact the manufacturer for warranty claims, and ship it to them if required.

          • @chyawala: Nope. 60 days is for any reason. No matter what. Change of mind, not needed etc.
            The warranty period is for any issues, problems, defects that the customer perceives.

            Good luck with the hassle of sending it to bauhn.
            I’m pretty sure that any customer that has tried to go through the manufacture route usually finds out that there is no spare parts available.
            Help desk, the manufacture & an Area Manager should tell you to take it to your closest Aldi with your receipt for a full refund.

            An overstepping Store Manager may tell you to call the manufacture about warranty. At which point you go through help desk, an Area Manager will call you back & get you to go back to the store for a full refund.

            But 99% of the time. Take it in with your receipt. Take it to the checkout and let the person know at the checkout the issue with the item. They will get you to fill out a form so that store can send it back to Warehouse. Make sure you have the correct bank card/ credit card with you that you used to make the original purchase.

          • @chyawala: Customers must (almost) always seek remedies from the seller, not the manufacturer.

            The seller may choose to then seek compensation from the manufacturer, but it is the seller's responsibility to resolve both the implied warranty claims under ACL, and explicit manufacturer warranties (although the seller/retailer will often mislead consumers in this regard).

            Page 10 (page 14 in my app but page 10 of the document) https://www.accc.gov.au/system/files/Warranties%20and%20refu...

        • Aldi have a lenient return policy.

          60 days is for any reason. No matter what. Change of mind, not needed etc.

          My wife tried to return snow gear on the same day it was purchased (realised we already had some of the stuff she bought in the rush). Cashier wouldn't accept it at all, as apparently seemed to think some sort of scam was going on. Had to argue and then get a manager over to authorise, and even then the cashier still wasn't happy about doing it, ranting and mumbling.

          • @djkelly69: I know it's a hassle, but I always line up and speak to the cashier 1st. They may call another staff member/manager to start the process at another register. I have done this a few times, and the cashier can keep serving (plus they can see you walking in with the goods on camera).

  • What I gather, reading up comments from previous posts and using my 2 cents, is this:

    1) at the end of the day, you literally get what you pay for.

    2) these TV don't have as stringent a QC compared to the big brands, so the possibility to pick up a lemon is higher. Hence you get people who are extremely satisfied, and those who curses at the sight of an Aldi store.

    3) I think the TVs "smartness" is comparable to those sold on Dick Smith/Kogan. You don't pay $579 and expect a Nvidia Shield/Apple TV interface out of the box.

    4) tying into point number 3, and a comment from a user, although Netflix and YouTube come pre-installed which is a great thing, but I do not see a possibility of installing additional apps due to it not being an android TV and at this price point, I don't think Bauhn would be too eager to develop more apps. But, we still don't know what the specs are for the TV, so maybe I am wrong.

    5) even if you buy it, and find faults left right center with the smart function, it is still a freaking $579 55" TV! That's still one of the cheapest price point for TVs.

    • I wish there were less posts like this, basically 'Hey this is a cheap tv'

      It's like writing on a car forum about Fiat, that it's not as fast as a Ferrari, or that it doesnt have the same warranty as a Ferrari, or the same comforts and extras as a Ferrari.

      I know all these dude, just tell me stuff that are new.

  • anyone know if this is [email protected] ?

  • My Tv just died tonight. Which one should I go for.

    55" HDR OR 60" dumb.

    • 60" HDR.

    • I actually typed a lengthy reply, but it was accidentally deleted.

      Short answer: a 60" dumb TV + Chromecast/Android TV box to add-on the smart function.

      The 60" is based off a well tested and tried product, both by the manufacturer and the consumer.

      • The q was about HDR. I believe that's different to "smart" (?)

        • I think the TVs is question is the two latest sold by Aldi, one the older model 60" non-smart TV without HDR, one a newer model 55" smart TV with HDR.

          The reason for the recommendation above is because the newer 55" is a relatively new model. No reviews, no prior user experience, basically no way of knowing how well it'll perform and how good the HDR actually is. If as a second TV, then yeah, probably give it a try. But as the main TV in the house, in my personal opinion, an older, well reviewed and improved model would be the better choice.

  • So it’s now shown on the ALDI website, but still not on the Bauhn website. The ALDI website doesn’t reveal any more details than the catalog did. Really want to know if it’s true 10-bit HDR.

    • i doubt its true 10-bit HDR only the real premium model TVs do true 10-bit even hisence only offer 10bit on the higher models like the P7 , the P6 still does HDR but is 8bit plus dithering

  • How would this compare with the Kogan 55" dumb one?

    For the price + chromecast, I see little justification to go with the ALDI one. Plus it has a LG panel.
    What do you think?

    • the kogan Series 8 JU model is alot older only has peak brightness of 250nits and does not seem to list HDR if your buying a kogan you would want at least the Series 8 LU still only has peak brightness of 300nits but at least lists it has HDR but really if you want HDR to pop you need at least 800-1000nits peak brightness

      i am hoping baugn update there website to tell us some of the specs of this aldi TV before it comes out,i would only buy a kogan if it is heavily discounted doesn't matter that its a LG panel when they skimp on everything else.

      • Right now my old TV died, so I'm without anything and I was looking for something cheap, as I only use it for Netflix and some light gaming.
        Initially I was looking into some 40" Hisense + Chromecast, not even UHD… but since this ALDI offer is coming ip, I figured might as well try it out, as other Bauhn TVs have reasonably good reviews given the price.

        I guess I'll have to go to Aldi to read the TV box, at this rate.

      • $56 for delivery on this for me, v picking it up on Saturday.

      • That Kogan TV is a brand new model, it was only released a few days ago

  • has anyone been able to get any more specs from bauhn about this 55" HDR tv yet, i dont want to bother rushing down on a saturday morning to try get one if the specs are terrible

    been looking around online found some Linsar (UK bauhn) HDR TV has peak brightness of 350nits according to this website http://www.vjbailey.co.uk/Products/55HDR510.html

    but nothing about the HDR specs is it only 8bit or is it 10bit ,

    i am thinking of just biting the bullet and getting a 50" TLC with 20% good guy deal least has a better warranty at 3 years and is HDR Premium

    • Yep, still no specs on Bauhn website. Just called Tempo - the rep took a bit of convincing that the details aren't on Bauhn website yet but tells me the model number is ATV55UHDS-1018, which is distinctly different from the UK one you mention there. I have been promised an email with a copy of the user manual, which has the specs on one of the last couple pages - fingers crossed this arrives. As soon as it does, I'll post it here & Whirlpool too.

      Worth mentioning: it looks like the model numbers they use can be decoded quite consistently and easily: "ALDI TV 55" Ultra HD Smart – October 2018". It's therefore possible to guess the model number of future models. Interesting that this model number doesn't reference anything about HDR, though.

  • I have a User Manual complete with the tech specs we've all been waiting for!
    Grab it on my Google Drive

    Looks like we've got a Standard Remote and a Simple Remote included - both are presumably IR. No QWERTY keyboard for the "Smart TV" features, and it's not RF either. We've got Optical Audio Out and 3x HDMI inputs, one of them with ARC. 2 USB ports. Comes loaded with Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Screencast (Android only), Netrange, Foxxum, and Zeasn app portals (never heard of the last three!). The manual notes that downloading additional apps is not possible with this TV.

    Netflix is apparently supported in 4K HDR, provided your internet is fast enough.

    Screen Size 54.6’’ (138.8cm)
    Resolution 3840 x 2160
    Contrast Ratio 3000:1
    Brightness 260 cd/m2
    Aspect Ratio 16:9
    HDMI version 2.0
    HDCP version 2.2
    USB Multimedia Playback Format
    Movie MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, H.265, VP9, TS
    Music MP3, AAC
    Photo JPEG, PNG, BMP
    Power Input 100-240V~50/60Hz
    Power Consumption W
    Dimensions (w x h x d)
    Without stand: 1242.2 x 730 x 83.8mm
    With stand: 1242.2 x 786.4 x 246mm
    Net: 13.1 kg
    Gross: 17.7 kg

    • Does any of that alude to anything about it having an 8bit or 10bit panel?

      • Seeyamate below has a different spec sheet for the TV, which mentions

        Colour 1.07b

        This seems to imply 10-bit, because 8-bit is 16.7m colours. But at this price? It seems impossible.

        Quite tempted to pick one up tomorrow, test it out, and take it back if it looks like crap. Will post my thoughts.

  • Here’s what the ALDI rep on Facebook sent me:


    Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding BAUHN 55 UHD Smart TV.

    The product specifications are:

    Panel Size: 55"
    Resolution 3840x2160
    Module Brightness 260nits(Typical)
    Contrast Ratio 3000:1
    Viewing Angle 170°/170°
    Response Time: 8ms
    Colour 1.07b
    Refresh rate 60HZ
    Memory DDR:1GB
    Audio Power Output 8W+8W
    Sound mode 7 sound effects preset (Standard/Music/Movie/Sport/Game/News/User)
    Sound Control Balance/AVL
    Sound Effect surround
    Integrated App store NetRange、Foxxum、Zeasn
    Preinstalled Apps. Netflix/Youtube/Facebook/Twitter
    HDR: Yes
    Miracast: Yes
    Consumption 140W
    EPG & PVR
    Built in HD tuner
    Wi-fi (built in)
    Power Consumption (Standby) <0.5W

    NETFLIX: Movies, TV shows and more: an endless world of entertainment on demand.
    Netflix on Remote
    YouTube: Quickly access YouTube with the press of a button to enjoy music and videos on a big screen.
    YouTube on Remote
    HDR: Extreme contrast and accurate colour creates a picture that pops, for hyper real-life quality.
    4K: Four times the resolution of FHD, over 8 million pixels, and eye-popping, immersive picture clarity.
    REC: Entertainment according to your schedule; record TV shows now, watch them later.
    ARC: Clear the clutter; use HDMI ARC to send audio to an AV receiver without additional cables.

    The TV comes with a 12 month warranty.

    If you require further information regarding the TV, please contact our supplier on 1300886649

    Kind Regards,

    ALDI Stores

    • 10 nits higher than Kogan

      Is the extra 10nits worth the extra 40 bucks? I don't think so.

      Is the extra 40 bucks worth the ease to return the item in case failure/unsatisfied? I think so.

    • So from my limited understanding, 1.07b colours suggests it's a 10bit panel rather than 8bit however the cheapest tv that otherwise supports 10bit is the Hisense P7 series which sells at roughly twice this price. Something isn't adding up for me

      • my guess is the HDR will only have limited supported over HDMI and will only function on the "smart apps" and usb maybe, that cheap kogan the other day was 1.07b colours but was told HDR signal would not work on gaming consoles, i wish good guys had the P7 on there ebay store for 20% off they had the P6 on there but thats only 8 bit + dithering even though some places advertise it as 10bit

  • So, is there going to be any difference if it's not HDR10? I assume it's a cheap LCD anyway.

  • Anyone managed to nab the TV?

    The Aldi near my place stocked probably 8, and it was gone within 10 minutes.

    Total monetary cost of owning : $579+$2.50 delivery

  • I got the last one firm my store too in Frankston and am setting it up now too

  • Let us know how it goes!

  • Got mine today, it’s terrible. Even compared to my non-HDR Samsung from two or three years ago, there is significantly less contrast and significantly less peak brightness - I don’t understand how this could be possibly be HDR certified. Black levels are more like a dull navy… there doesn’t even appear to be any local Deming, only dynamic contrast.

    If anyone has some tips or setting suggestions, I’m all ears. Otherwise this one is going back to the store.

    • Thanks for the anonymous neg… I returned my TV to aldi yesterday. Lady at the checkout told me this happens every time they sell TVs. Out like hot cakes, and back the next. Take from that what you will, but to those of you convinced that this TV is great, I'm happy for you.

  • Alright, so. This thing looks very similar to the $800-$900 UHD TVs at JB HiFi. To me, it looks fantastic: the blacks are dark, the panel is nice and bright (I turned the backlight down to 90 rather than the default 100), it’s sharp and clear (after turning the sharpness down to 0). I put the brightness down to 49 as it’s just a tiny bit washed out at 50 (one step on the brightness adjustment makes a big difference). I have one dead pixel at the top right - thankfully in the region of the letterboxing when watching a 1.85:1 aspect ratio movie, and because the pixels are so small it’s practically unnoticeable until you get close.

    1080p content upscales nicely. It switches frame rates quickly and smoothly, too - less than a second. The UI is fast and responsive, though appears to be upscaled from 720p as it is very blurry. Given I literally only use the TV with my Apple TV, this isn’t an issue. HDMI-CEC works properly.

    I’m extremely pleased with it. For $579 I cannot complain at all.

    It seems it was a popular buy; I got the last one of the pallet (I estimate the pallet would have fitted 6 or 7 TVs), and I got there at 9:30am. Compared to the 60” one from September which ALDI struggled to shift and still had a few of weeks later, I hope the popularity of this one tells ALDI that they should ensure future models feature HDR, too.

    I’ve put mine up on the wall and sold my old one already.

    • Even better after these settings. Thank you :)

      • Glad to help! I also turned the contrast down to 90, and colour to 48. I did this whilst using the THX Tune-Up app on the App Store - very useful.

        The viewing angle isn’t amazing - it washes out past about 70° off-centre, but isn’t an issue as long as you’re facing the TV.

    • I agree with manually changing out the settings. I used the default movie setting and hated it. The colours seemed washed up.

      A method I then used, inspired by your suggestion, was to play a video of a HDR content, and paused it where a good reference could be used and adjusted all settings until I am satisfied with the results. So far it's a one setting fit all scenario.

      The only problem with the TV is if we are using the inbuilt Netflix/YouTube, it keeps killing the background apps when we navigate out of it to quickly check the settings. A lack of back button on the simple remote makes using the inbuilt YouTube impossible. The simple remote also doesn't really play well with Nvidia shield. The "OK" button registers itself as a menu button, which is annoying when you want to play something from the pendrive.

    • For anyone who scored one of these, here are the settings I am using:

      Picture Mode: User
      Colour Temperature: Nature
      Aspect Ratio: PTP (Pixel-to-Pixel)
      Noise Reduction: Off
      Advance Settings

      MPEG NR: Off
      Dynamic Contrast: On
      Film Mode: On
      PC Mode: Off
      Overscan: Off

      Inside of Picture Mode: User

      Contrast: 90
      Brightness: 49
      Colour: 46
      Sharpness: 0
      Backlight: 90

      That seems to give me excellent results 👍

  • I bought both Tvs yesterday. 60" dumb and 55" smart one with HDR. Played same content on both together. The difference was night and day. Bauhn is improving. Sound with Aux was pretty bad. But optical and HDMI-CEC connections give proper sound. Smart functions are okay and apps are working properly. Going to return the 60" today. And will check out the LG 55" form TGG, hope I don't have to return the 55" Bauhn.

  • I missed out on these yesterday. My 3 local Aldi’s were all sold out by 9.30. Does anyone know if Aldi ever resupply special buys during the week?