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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Dual Sim 6GB Ram 64GB 4G - Black $379 Delivered @ eGlobal Central AU


The same deal that was posted a couple of weeks ago here:
is now $20 cheaper: $374 + $15 (shipping) - $6 (WELCOME) - $10 (discount for registered members) = $373.
[Price updated to $380 reported by @777]
is now $14 cheaper: $380 + $15 (shipping) - $6 (WELCOME) - $10 (discount for registered members) = $379.

I received mine last Friday, pretty happy with it so far. Enjoy!

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eGlobal Central AU
eGlobal Central AU

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  • Is it Android one?

  • Does eGlobal sell the global version of their Xiaomis? And do they charge GST? Does anyone know? Thank you.

    • Mine came with the global rom with Google play and apps. No GST.

      • That sounds good. I'm actually thinking of the Mi A2 Lite- they just don't really say on their website listing about global ROM and GST…

        • I'm pretty sure it's the global ROM as it's sold globally as the Mi A2 Lite while in China it's called the Redmi 6 Pro and runs MIUI.

        • Those for sale internationally from reputable places like eglobal or dwi are all global rom versions.

          Bought one (A2 lite) for dad and it's very nice.

  • Hi Op, which ROM you've got on your Mix 2, China ROM or Global ROM? Got Google service? Thanks

  • I got one in the previous deal .
    Mine had global rom

    • +1 vote

      thoughts on the phone? i have a redmi 4x atm.

      • No complaints so far.
        Still transitioning from my mi max to this.
        Phone came in about 8 days. Was completely sealed .
        Had miui 9 global. Updated ota to miui 10.

        Much snappier than my mi max .
        Comes with a nice case.
        Comes with au plug adaptor . Big chunky thing but works fine.
        Seems like a really well built phone.
        No regrets in purchasing so far.

  • Does this phone support google pay?

    • Yes.

      • Thanks. Just waiting on a deal on the 128GB model, hopefully soon!

        • just be aware, i bought a mi 8 advertised as having the global rom, but it was a global rom flashed over the chinese rom with an unlocked bootloader. So basically, I can't use Google Pay (but I can pay using NFC with the Commbank app)


            @clemoly: Was concerned about the same thing so thank you for bringing this up. Not too fussed about B28 as I’m with Vodafone, however Google/Android Pay is something I’ve really gotten accustomed with.

            I understand the Mix 2 should technically support Google Pay, however has anyone had the same problem as clemoly on their Mix 2 which was purchased from eGlobal?

          • @clemoly: Flash magisk and you should be able to.

  • Does anyone know how good the battery is on this phone? And how long was the shipping to Australia? Thanks

    • Haven't used it much yet, still on my old phone, so can't say much about the battery life. Shipping took a little over 1 week. It had a tracking number, and signature was required.

    • Even though I don't personally have it, from multiple people, I have heard that the battery life is average. In terms of shipping, I can't really be helpful here as I've never bought from them, but then here is a link to their shipping info page: https://www.eglobalcentralau.com/shipping

    • The battery life has been good for me. Not as good as redmi note 3, way better than an iphone 5s/6. If I use mine constantly all day I won't have to charge it until I go to sleep. Generally I just use it a little bit and only charge it every 2 or 3 days

    • I bought a different phone from these guys, it came in about 4 days over a weekend (fri-mon). They used DPEX which I later discovered is just toll, so use toll tracking (it's a better interface and more detail)

      • I ordered one of these phones from Eglobal on 21st September. It arrived in Botany, Sydney(where I live) on 30th September and still has not been delivered. I paid for insured economy Express Shipping. I’ve called DPEX the last 2 days and they have emailed the dispatcher but still cannot tell me when it will be delivered. Perhaps I’ll be making an insurance claim if it doesn’t arrive next week.

  • Got my one yesterday. Came with Global ROM MIUI 9.2 (had to update MIUI 10 after activating it), Google play store and a phone case inside the box. The only downside probably is that no headphones were included.

  • Wished Xiaomi would start adding a quad dac to their phones

  • Not sure if anyone can answer this, but I use my phone for work which means I need to install a number of security apps on it. Long story short, one criteria is fone can't be rooted. Would this fone be considered rooted as it had a custom rom?

    • Global rom doesn't require rooting, custom rom in most cases does.

    • It can be rooted. It doesn't come rooted and it doesn't have a custom Rom.

    • Be careful. Certain companies e.g. banks, do not allow work apps to be installed into certain mobiles. I know xiaomi is not allowed for one of the banks, they only accept mainstream brands like apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia….And I'm not talking about it is rooted or not.

      • Which one?

        I have the original mi mix and have credit cards with corresponding apps from CBA, Westpac, ANZ and NAB and all work flawlessly.

        Only thing I don't have is B28 otherwise great phone with a 2 day battery

        • Work apps are different from consumer apps.

        • Downtime is correct. I referred to work apps I.e. corporate or enterprise apps. For consumer banking apps, that's different.

          SmiTTy was asking about using his phone for work and needing to install security apps because of his work.

          Not sure what the downvote was for…misinformed?

          • @chillipaste: some people. neg anybody that asks question that don’t make xiaomi look positive , it’s the same where i used to work …..phone wasn’t allowed to be rooted and company had right to remotely erase all data from your phone if you lost it …including your personal data, so many people asked for work to supply the phone and sim and they kept their own phones for personal use.

      • I work for a bank. I have this phone and have installed all the banks admin/security aps and have no problems. I now have access to mail and internal network. So no issues here

      • Just use magisk. I'm with heritage and that's happens without it. Same for Snapchat and I think Fortnite to a certain extent.

    • Thanks everyone :)

    • Does Magisk get around those?

  • got xiaomi’s phone collection all lined up in the drawer with eneloops…still haven’t opened two of them as yet ..and now op made me wanna get a mix 2 this time lol

  • Just wanna ask, is it eligible for gst refund? If so, what should I be looking for to see if it's gst refundable? Thanks in advance

  • no headphone jack. sad

  • How reliable is eglobal? Seems to be akin to all the other grey importers with very dodgy service and no discernable warranty (7272wil, perfect world, buybuybox etc)

    • eGlobal are lieing cheating rogues. I bought a waterproof camera off them, it leaked, returned it they then stonewalled me, eventually sent photos of a damaged seal (different colour, different camera) and never even returned the camera. Lesson learned.

    • Be wary. There's a reason why these jokers are so cheap. I've heard plenty of horror stories and I even have one myself. A couple of years ago I attempted to claim a boot looping LG4 phone under warranty. The short story is that they have a rapidly depreciating warranty(!) and in my case, when they couldn't repair my phone, they offered me a hundred dollars worth of store credit. This for a phone that I paid $500 for a few months prior. I would never buy from them again. But if you do wanna buy from grey importers, I would value the item as if it didn't have a warranty.

      • I agree about treating these grey imports as if there's no warranty. That's why I usually buy from local stores.

  • Is this better or worse than the Xiaomi mi a2? Also 5.99 inch and 128gb version has got 6gb ram and same price as this mi mix 2.

    I'm guessing this one is better since CPU is better, which I'm not too fussed about. So despite being older I'm guessing this one is better because it's probably an earlier flagship model (based on CPU) vs a2 which is a newer mid range. Is that a fair assessment?

    • I don't have the Mi Mix 2 but I have used the Mi A2 for 2 weeks now.

      It is an awesome phone except for one huge flaw, the battery life! Can barely make it through the day.

      Also, it might be too thin! It's super slippery and hard to get a good grip on it! It's a lot better with a case on it.

    • Yes, this is better value.

  • Mi mix 3 rumoured to be announced on the 15th. Should I bite the bullet or wait for a price drop on the mix 2s… Id like the wireless charging and better camera but just can't justify the price difference for now (I'd like to buy a phone in the next month)

  • I have a Xiaomi Redmi 4A dual SIM, for around $100 a good basic phone, totally reliable, used in the USA, no issue whatsoever, however the second SIM and the MicroSD are interchangeable, you can't have two SIMS AND the microSD up together!! Might be worth checking with this model …

    • Almost all phones that are dual sim with SD card slot are like that. If you don't mind cutting up your second sim, you can usually modify it so it sits on top of the SD card.

  • Never had a Xiaomi before. How does miui play with all the google services?

    -the left most homescreen is your feed
    -Google assistant with full voice support
    -maps and the info about when to leave for your bus etc
    -backup and sync
    -nfc (seems to work fine with gpay)

    Or can that be easily gotten back by using a different launcher?

    Looking at this one or the mi8

  • Thanks @juser10, ended up bought one after hours of contemplating!. I've used the Xiaomi Redmi and Note line ups and pretty impressed with them. Can't wait to try out this Mi Mix 2 with top end CPU.

    • I certainly thought it was a good deal, even at $20 more when I purchased it. Like I said above, I haven't had time to try it out properly, but it does feel very well-built!

    • Got the phone delivered today, in just 3 days. Wow, that is damn good quick

  • I'm using the Mi 6 right now, I believe it has the same SoC and RAM…Probably hold on to it and wait for the next price drop in the Mix 2s

  • No headphone jack is a deal breaker for me. I don't really use NFC and I've been using a Xiaomi without band 28 for a few years fine so I might go the pocophone.

    Anyone know any good deals for it? Seemed like last month there was a deal for the pocophone every other day.

    • NFC and a 835 at this price is the sweet spot for me. Poco was good but I've been using google pay a lot. Missed this one though.

  • This or the Pocophone F1?

  • 380 now

  • It appears that some Xiaomi phones suffer from blurry text when scrolling and the Mi Mix 2 is one of them. I have a Mi Max and it does not have the same problem.
    I'm a bit disappointed by this and not sure I can put up with it long term - it is really noticeable to my eyes :(

  • what's a good drop proof case for this?

  • They're showing in stock for $379.

    Xiaomi MIX 2 Dual Sim 6GB ram 64GB 4G - Black English Only
    1 A$379.00
    Subtotal A$379.00
    Shipping & Handling A$22.58
    Discount (WELCOME) -A$6.00
    Grand Total A$395.58