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LG Neochef Microwave 42L $196 C&C (or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


LG MS4266OBS Neochef Microwave Oven 42L, black finish.
Cheaper than before if you can pick up, otherwise add delivery ($38.74 for me).

Original P20TGGS 20% off The Good Guys eBay Deal Post

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  • IS the 25L fine for one person? Or should I really go the 42L?

    • 25L is fine for two..

    • suggest you see the 25L in person, it is quite small IMO
      I have the 42L and its just the right size

    • What are you going to want to cook? Sometimes you need the bigger one if you're going to cook something bigger. Also, check the measurements of the inside. The last 25L one I bought was too small to fit a dinner plate inside, which made reheating anything on a plate a pain.

    • +1 vote

      If you're worried about 25L being too little, remember you can only use about half that - only what's on the turntable. You can't put anything in the 4 corners because they'd hit the wall when the turntable rotates.

      If you need a smaller microwave, I'd suggest a Panasonic flatbed - the microwaves come from underneath instead of the side and are usually around $200


      A 27L flatbed is equivalent to a 45L microwave with a turntable.

      Also, unless buying a $10 gumtree special, I could never live without an inverter microwave any longer. Being able to lower the microwave power is so amazing for reheating smaller servings or keeping a gentle heat in larger food quantities.

      • The flatbed doesn't have the bullshit plate that rotates that never stays on and is a pain in the arse to clean.

        I think I'm sold.

        • bullshit plate that rotates

          I like your name of it better.

          But going back to any other microwave with the bullshit plate feels old, not in the good way like a choke on an old carby V8, but in the bad way like using Windows ME

        • Except most flatbeds don't cook evenly if that matters.

          • @wolfshooter: Because they dont have a rotating plate?

            My microwave is ten years old and can turn down the power to better evenly cook. Can put frozen meat in there on lowest Nd leave for 20 minutes. Does this mean it has inverted power?

            It's a POS that needs replacing but the stinge in me is waiting till it dies.

  • +3 votes

    The friggin tune it plays will drive you crazy!!

  • I think they have jacked the price since yesterday. It’s cheaper…..

    No, my bad it’s 24L I looked yesterday.

  • Stainless steel same price

  • I haven't seen this myself. But when I was researching a new microwave recently I think I remember many people saying that the glass was so dark you can have trouble seeing the food.
    So gave this range of LG a miss.

    Worth considering if it's important to you.

    • Couple that with it being lit by a tiny white LED at the very top front - you don't see much. Overall the microwave function is excellent

  • As per last time and confirmed by more than just me, if you rely on 2.4 GHz wireless internet, forget this.

    • What's been your experience? How close to the router/2.4GHz devices like cordless phones etc was your microwave?

      • They were in different rooms, at least 7 metres away. I posted of the problem a previous time it went on sale and someone else confirmed they had the problem too.

  • Aldi has a convection one this week for $160-170

  • Worth noting that this microwave won the choice product of the year and has good reviews on productreview (which is quite a rare thing for alot of microwaves…)

  • +1 purchased this microwave (stainless steel version) a couple months back and it's the best microwave i've used. Functions are user-friendly, design makes it easy to clean and the food is cooked evenly every time. For anyone that is considering the 25L i wouldn't recommend it as it is really small, this 42L is the perfect size imo.

  • I got the conventional edition and its amazing.

    Heats up quick, easy to clean, if the table gets stuck it spins the other way, makes chips, steams veggies bruhhhhh.


    Can you mute the sound on it (permanently)?

    • No, I checked with their support but nothing to allow disabling of the tune.

      • Kind of like the Huawei welcoming tune when you start up the phone. And the worst thing is it is loud. Whoever designed it was probably deaf.

  • And the price has now gone up to $299 before discount. No longer a particularly good deal as that makes it about the normal price of $240.