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Qantas Double Status Credits on QF Flights between 23 Oct 2018 and 30 Jun 2019 (Must Register and Book between 11 - 16 Oct)


Third time this year, Qantas is offering double status credits!

For a limited time you can take off with double Status Credits on eligible Qantas operated flights with a QF flight number worldwide* in all cabins^.
How to earn double Status Credits

Simply log in below and register for this offer (all passengers in each booking must register separately to earn double Status Credits).
Book an eligible Qantas operated domestic or international flight with a QF flight number* between 11 October and 16 October 2018, for travel between 23 October 2018 and 30 June 2019.
Don't forget to include your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership number in your booking to ensure you earn double Status Credits.
Once registered, you can make unlimited bookings to earn double Status Credits during the promotion.
Bonus Status Credits will be credited to your account up to six weeks after travel.

Remember, you earn more Status Credits* on our more flexible fares and in premium cabins.

Must register on link.

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  • +23

    Oh piss off, i just booked some flights yesterday at 10pm

    • I did the same ~6pm :(

    • +1

      Booked a trip worth ~630 SC a few days ago. :(

  • Good for those that need to book travel this week, however, I suspect the 'deals' will be few and far between from a flight price perspective.

  • +4

    Managed to get to the Qantas landing page, but once I hit register, I see this: "The campaign that you requested is invalid or doesn't exist."

    • same here as well

      • see below. Seems to be flaky - working for some people in other browsers when they try it.

    • +1

      Seeing similar reports from some people on Facebook who had it fail until they tried another browser? Go figure.

      • +1

        Thanks. It didn't work on Chrome, but worked perfect on Safari (mobile).

        • browser targeted deal? smh

        • Working on Edge fine.

        • Works for me on Chrome, just got email of registration successful

    • Ditto - tried Safari, IE and Firefox

    • +3

      Worked out fix for chrome
      Go to incognito so not signed in
      Click link to deal from ozb
      Do not click register button yet. Sign in to qantas ff from top right.
      Click back till you get to the qantas double status page and click register.
      Should prompt you to add email address and register :) done!

  • Wouldn't work for me in Chrome, used Firefox and was able to register successfully. Thanks OP, great timing for some up-coming bookings.

  • confirm it worked on safari and not chrome!

    • Same for me. No go with latest chrome, worked with latest safari (both on macbook).

  • -1

    double status = your points worth x2 much?

    • +36

      double status credits = you'll earn twice the status credits.

      Status credits aren't worth anything except for calculating your status in the Qantas Frequent Flyer program. You can't use them for bookings etc

      Here is my take on the Qantas stats levels… TL:DR worth it for Gold if you're a few SC short of making it. Other tiers, don't bother.


      Little benefit. 1 free lounge pass when you acquire silver. A bit of extra baggage allowance and some tags for those bags. Use the business check-in counters when flying internationally. okish but meh. Absolute madness to consider paying for and taking a flight for this level.


      Biggest jump in benefits, lounge access is very good and includes the oneworld lounges. hefty increase in baggage allowances, plus they'd probably wave fees if you were a few Kgs over. Much better upgrade chances. Priority domestic security and domestic/intl boarding (very handy for securing space in the overhead lockers). Much more avail for award point bookings. Bags might be tagged priority, but this has virtually no impact on when they come out of the baggage claim flying with Qantas, might give some people a small boner to see PRIORITY on their bags. Other OW carriers do indeed prioritise your baggage sometimes. Lounge access is also good because you can chat to the lounge staff about seating, typically far nicer than the check-in staff. (i.e. they might try and find you an empty row in econ so you can sleep)


      Ok, not a huge jump from Gold. IMO certainly not worth spending a lot of money chasing Status Credits. Pick just about any seat for free Recently removed, they now charge you for seats they deem as "premium". Lounges are nicer but you get over them quickly. Have always been upgraded when there is any space in the premium cabins (when I request with points, although only once it was complimentary). More baggage allowance than you could ever use, and they would probably wave any fees if you were over. Express pass access on international flights (handy overseas, but Australia is not so much of a benefit now they have the auto-gates, although it can be VERY handy when the quarantine lines go mental). Bags tagged as First Class, which means they have a small chance at coming out of the baggage claim first. Much bugger baggage tag boner. (and potentially stops other people mistaking your bag and taking it. Probably also makes it a great target for any thieving baggage handlers, yes this happens). Priority phone queue, I've rarely had to wait to speak to someone, and never more than a minute.

      Plus plat has some more little un-advertised benefits:

      Flying international economy you always get a few flight attendants coming to shake your hand throughout the flight, a bit weird but I guess it's better than being ignored.
      If you do ask for something or press a call button they'll typically stop whatever they're doing and come running, also weird.
      Similar to gold but they're more likely to be accommodating on any requests you might have.
      Any disruptions to your trip will normally have a case manager sorting out alternatives for you, before you even know it.
      Disruption re-routing you'll have priority over other pax when they allocate seats, typically a premium cabin if avail & the best alternate flights.
      Heaps of availability for award point bookings, plus you can call and talk to priority staff (answer the phone in seconds usually) who usually accommodate you anyway they can. They really take their time on the phone with you, rather than rush you off so they can get to the next call. They will often personally take on requests and call you back to let you know how they're going.
      Other OneWorld carriers will treat you very very well as an OneWorld Emerald status, probably better than QF does. I've had Qatar re-book my elcheapo award flight onto Eithad (in bussiness) and accomodated my request to fly me to a different destination in another country because of a flight delay. Plus a fancy hotel + spending money + meals. Worked out pretty nice actually, because I ended up with Virgin Gold status due to the SC earn with the Etihad flights, when you don't usually earn SCs on reward flights
      They used to offer a lot of additional flight felxibility @ the first/business counter or lounge, regardless of your fare class. Say you arrived at the airport early and wanted to hop on an earlier flight. However they are unnecessarily strict now, trying to encourage more flexi tickets. Virgin on the other hand are GREAT when it comes to putting you on earlier flights, they've done it pretty much every time.
      Personally I'd never take a flight just for the status points unless I was a bee's dick away from obtaining or retaining Gold AND I have a bit of travelling comng up. But some do and it might make sense for them. Most of the benefits center around convince, which is very hard to put a value on for an individual. If I had to put a value on it, then I'd say;

      Silver ~$50(what you can get when you sell the lounge pass),
      Gold worth $1,200(compared to the the Qantas Club fees @$939 joining+1yr, access to OW lounges on all OW flights, quicker checkin & boarding, not needing to worry about luggage weights)
      Plat maybe $1,800? For me the benefit above Gold is how I'd value the extra effort they go to with flight delays + a bit nicer food n booze in the lounge.
      But it's very subjective and all depends on how much you fly. Fly a lot and plat has significant value.

      • +4

        Platinum is a huge jump if you fly internationally with Qantas/One World.

        You graduate from the business lounge to first lounge which comes with champagne, a la carte menu, and day spa.

        • +2

          Sure if that's important to you, but like I said, you get over that pretty quick (well I did).

          I should also add the other benefit of plat is the express lanes through security & immigration. Combined with late checkin and bag drop. This has absolutely saved my bacon on a few tight transfers in BKK & LHR recently. Very subjective as to what this is worth though.

        • The day spa is now restricted to people who actually fly 1st class. It was nice while it lasted.

          • @Yola: Is this from actual experience? I was there in the last month and got a booking and definitely not flying 1st class.

            Just comes down to availability. First class passengers are able to book the day before (they get a call) while everyone else can only book on arrival.

          • @Yola: Not Melbourne FCL, was there this Monday, no issues even though I booked Economy (saver)

        • The day spa is now restricted to people who actually fly 1st class. It was nice while it lasted.

        • You graduate from the business lounge to first lounge which comes with champagne, a la carte menu, and day spa.

          In Sydney - yes. But not all airports have a OW first class lounge, and even if they do they dont all have a la carte or spa.

          Then there is DFW. Where the temporary AA "Premium Lounge" reminds me of a really crap party at a badly maintained community hall. But with less ambience.

      • +3

        Bags might be tagged priority, but this has virtually no impact on when they come out of the baggage claim flying with Qantas, might give some people a small boner to see PRIORITY on their bags.

        I lol'ed.

        • +3

          Nothing like a first class lounge stiffy while enjoying champagne and a la carte menus at the day spa

          • @ChickenTalon: no space for a first class lounge stiffy when I'm there* - Sydney first class lounge is packed most Sunday and Monday mornings (although it was quieter last Sunday after clock change)

            • or maybe that says something about me…
      • +4

        missing from the above - status points on a flight..

        The Status Bonus rewards Silver members with 50% more Qantas Points, while Gold members receive 75% more points. Our Platinum and Platinum One members earn 100% more Qantas Points.

        Of course the value of points is subjective as well….

        • Came here to say this. The 50% extra points in Silver is probably the best feature and it wasn't mentioned.

      • Hrm. I recently booked a flight that (if doubled) would knock me up to Gold.
        Should I cancel my current booking ($400 I think?) so that I can rebook under this promotion?

      • Good summary.. no Plat1 or Chairman’s club write up ??

        • Chairman's is by invite only.

          P1 is significantly harder to get than P - not just more flights, but the majority have to be with Qantas, rather than OW or Qantas partner. If you are spending enough on flights to get P1 you most likely have someone managing your travel already and so the 'personal care' aspect of P1 is likely lost on you.

    • Status Credits != Points. Status Credits are what get you up the 'shiny card' ranks from Bronze to Silver/Gold/Platinum/Platinum 1.

      They do sometimes have double points offers though.

      • +1

        Man. QF is really diluting their status. On many occasions, spending time having a meal outside beats QF lounge any day.

        I don't think it's worth the effort and get sucked into it. Like what the other ozb-er said, you get over it quite quickly.

  • Worked with EDGE

  • +17

    Confirmed working with Netscape Navigator

    • +1

      Now we’re talking.

      • Confirmed working with MS-DOS.

  • +1

    Any luck with Lynx?

  • It says "The campaign that you requested is invalid or doesn't exist.". Am i doing something wrong?

    • +1

      ^Read the comments above.

      • Sorry, I missed that

    • Yep - not reading the myriad of comments above….

  • works with chrome. handy as i am about to book flights for jan!

  • I booked flexible fare flights a few ago so does anyone know if I can simply sign up for double status credits and change my booking to become eligible?

    • Yeah

    • +2

      If you do, make sure you get a new booking number to be safe and not just modify your existing booking. This would likely mean a full cancellation, get your money back, then re-book as if it were a completely new booking.

      • +1

        Definitely do this. The actual booking date has to be in the dates specified. Even if you have made a booking which is not yet ticketed it still will not work unless you fully cancel and start the booking again

        • Needs a new booking reference. On the other hand I used this deal last time and had to change a flight and still got the bonus credit for it.

  • +1

    Damn, booked 2 days ago :(

    • Cancel (make sure you get a refund, not a rebooking) and then book again if you've got flexi fares? or fork out for the cancellation if the SCs are really worth it to you.

  • worked with IE on desktop, doesn't work with any browser on my iphone or ipad.

  • Worked in IE - now to book something in!

  • Could someone suggest a status run to earn 140 SC from Melbourne (280 double SC) and have to fly before 31 October. Thanks.

    • +4

      Mel to BKK via Syd.
      Take Friday off work (that nasty flu going around and you don't want to spread it at the office).
      Get into BKK Fri for happy hour. Depart Sunday evening.
      Flexi economy both ways would pony up 80 + 80 = 160 x 2. Ok more than you need but a nice little break.
      (could also fly down Fri and return Sat … stay at airport hotel)

      Or Mel to HKG via Syd on way up (80 SCS flexi) and direct to Mel return (60 SCs flexi) = 140 x 2. Another great local for dumplings. Easy airport express train. HKG is a personl fav.

      Or Mel to Fiji (Nadi) via Syd return in business = 80 + 80 = 160 x 2.

      Really just comes down to time and money and what you want to do. If you can have a bit of fun along the way, even better.

      • +1

        Thank you for thoughtful post.

      • Actually the Fiji option would not apply as QF don't fly there. So disregard that. But SIN, HKG, PVG, BKK are all close ports that QF fly to on QF metal.

  • didn't work for me in IE or Chrome

  • I book my QF flights through my work booking system. Will they still count or does it need to be on Qantas.com?

    • +2

      Make no difference which channel you use to book. Provided you have registered for the promo first (keep the confirmation), then make a booking (& comply with the dates & terms) you are all sweet.

      • Thanks mate

    • +3

      Confirming it does work for work booking systems.

  • thanks just booked 6 flights

  • +1

    Priority Boarding on QF is nothing but a fail. Could learn a lot of VA!

    • +2

      Agree on Domestic. Often boarding both lines simultaneously is less than priority. We find on International out of Syd / Mel it works well. LAX, HKG, AKL it always seems to work. SIN, PVG & BKK is average. YMMV.

  • Do you have to book via Qantas for the double points? I'm about to book a flight to Brazil with LATAM via STA as it is much much cheaper for the same flights there compared with via Qantas. LATAM is a partner airline.

    • -1

      I understand you don't need to book via Qantas directly - ie can book via travel agent, BUT the flight numbers on your ticket must be QF. Even if the flight is operated by another carrier and Qantas code shares, you must have bought the QF version of the ticket.

      • Ah crap. That's not going to work then as I'm not paying an extra $600 x 2 for the exact same flights because it has a QF number. Next.
        Thanks for clarifying :)

        • +1

          Just to note in addition, it has to be Qantas number (QF) as well as Qantas operated. So a codeshare will not get double.

  • My membership year lapses at the end of February. If I book a flight for end of March, does that mean I will get 23 months the gold? The remainder of the year the points are earned in, then the following year as a full gold year?

    • +3

      If you earn 700 status credits in that single month of March then yes you will get 23 months of Gold.

    • Yes. If you book March 2019, You will have Gold until Feb 2021

  • Will it work for JQ flights?

    I mean this bit in the T&C is a super shitty sentence and I can't work it out:

    Status Credits will not be earned on some fare types and booking classes including Classic Flight Rewards and any flight with a QF flight number on the ticket which is not operated by Qantas including Jetstar, Jetstar Asia, Valuair, Jetstar Japan, Jetstar Pacific and other partner airlines except are not eligible for this offer.

    • The short version is … you must book QF flight number flying on QF metal on a normal revenue flight that would normally earn points / SCs.

      No code shares i.e a QF flight number on Jetstar metal would fail.

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