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Sony WH-1000XM3 Black and Silver Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones $376.20 Delivered (Express) @ Addicted to Audio eBay


$396 on the website, additional 5% off with eBay Coupon P5OFF - $376.20 after discount!

Black and silver - get in while you can!

Original P5OFF 5% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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      Fyi so you don't get a shock at customs, you divide by 11 to calculate the TRS refund amount (so 34)

      • haha thanks! bit rusty with maths

      • Hi I purchased these and an travelling in Dec. What exactly do I need to bring with me in order to claim the TRS refund?

    • Where can one find this AMEX card that gets you $50 off?

    • That's really well done. I was happy to support A2A having seen their website, as they appear to be complete enthusiasts, vs just going to HN and price matching there. I didn't have your other stacks though, so can see how it worked out for you.

      I'm quite looking forward to seeing how these work compared to my old ATH9NCs. My Soundblaster E5 just pretty much died and it's annoying to hook it up to my phone every time I return to my desk, and also I feel like I need more NC in my current env where I really need to concentrate on stuff - preferably retaining some hearing in the process.

    • How did u do that? is it ok u PM me your receipt? I would like to get Harvey to match the price as well.

    • I went into JB Hifi Maribyrnong earlier today and bought one for $370 with 2-year Replacement Warranty included ($318 product + $52 replacement warranty). Used 5% off JB Hifi Vouchers which brought the price down to $351.5. Pretty happy with that deal that I got.

      • Any chance I could ask you to PM the reciept? I'm hoping to go into JB today if possible.
        Thank you!

  • Anyone in Sydney want to use the PACK20 code? direct message and we can sort it out.

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      How can I DM you?

      • del

      • del

      • I tried to 'start a coversation' with you but it says you aren't accepting new convos.

  • Are these more comfy than 35 ii?

    • Go to JB and try a pair on. Most ppl say the Bose are the most comforyable. I suspect from the ear cup design and being lighter. New Xm3s better than Xm2s supposedly. I had no issues with comfort for Sonys. Need to break them in a bit and ger use to the over the ears if you havent had a pair before.

      • JB HIFI Has customer samples you can try on? Qcii and mx3?

        • Mx3. Maybe some QCs. Depends on stores

  • Managed to get them down to $380 at JB! Just showed the guy my phone on the eBay checkout screen with the code applied and he did them for $380 no questions asked.

    • Could I be a pain and ask if you could DM me a copy of the receipt? Thank you!

  • Is the phone call noise fixed on M3? All M2 mic picked up are background noises. People on the other end can't hear me talk.

  • +6

    Owned since the qanatas sale. Have taken multiple flights, domestic and international, public trans, been inside construction site…

    Purchased mostly because of airfare travel and construction in my area.



    The noise canceling is amazing. It drowns out everything, Public transport, airfare, drilling, girlfriend

    Constant High pitch sounds can still be heard…
    E.g. Construction drilling sounds are gone, but vehicle reverse sounds can be heard. High pitch grinding (metal cutting metal or stone), baby cries even if in constant pattern…
    If you turn on music or anything it does distract but not remove to a degree


    The seamless Bluetooth across devices sucks.

    Turn off BT on current device, turn on BT on new device.
    e.g. if I'm using them with my phone and turn on my laptop (with BT already turned on, laptop), need to turn off BT on phone, and off/on BT on laptop
    hoping they patch it via update. (Reading nose reviews seems that manage this better, haven't used nose because NC in these is best based on reviews)


    Call quality is amazing, tested both ends.

    Download the app from gplay/istore because it offers updates (stock day 1 update for android users)


    flown to the USA twice now and these puppies were on 24/7. The "head clamp" sydrome some headphones have is not so bad, but make Sure to use a neck pillow, otherwise unwanted vibrations will be heard if touching things (obviously)

    hand gestures are great

    makes life easier, I never need my phone anymore to change songs, answer calls, etc

    Sure I paid top dollar but no regrets, these things are fckin fly. I'd like to try on Bose QCii now just to compare…. Are there in store display models anywhere?

    Thanks OZBG

    • At duty free stores at airports

      • Thanks, I tend to avoid them so never knew!

    • Know someone who owns a pair and they've said the ear pads are a bit shallow (at least compared to the Bose). Gets a bit warm inside so you can't wear them for as long without taking breaks. Do you find that's the case?

      • Maybe they have hot ears? If that's a thing? I wore them for 13 hours on a flight no problem.

  • There's a guy selling them for $380 (without the 5%) so it comes to approx $361

    • No longer listed

        • Corrected. My search settings musn't be set right. Might be missing out on a lot of bargains. :)

        • Thanks Hubert I bought them with offer @ $373 then with 5% off the final figure is $554 delivered.

          • -1

            @philart: "@ $373 then with 5% off the final figure is $554 delivered."

            Wow! Where do you live? MARS? :-)

    • If only he can provide tax invoice, I will already be all over this.
      Still useful for others who doesn't need to claim TRS though.
      Thanks for the deal alert :)

      • @ben1680 AA do.

        • Are they genuine?

        • Yup, I'm aware of this, but their price is $16 higher ($396 instead of $380)

          • @ben1680: Its $379 with ebay discount ay AA, and they said they would have honoured it in store if mentioned.

  • Hi addicted to audio rep - do you know how long this sale will last? Travelling atm and want to get the opportunity to try it out before pulling the trigger.

    Everyone else - any word on the snapping headband issue being fixed with this iteration?

    • Would be to early to call. The XM2 had some reported headband issues, but would be very minor number compared to the original. That is the least of your worries.

  • Have spent the better part of 6 months researching all modes and models, was almost exclusively canalphones up until now.

    Just purchased a pair of M3s (from JBHifi at the exorbitant price of $449 ($50 off RRP) due to international travel starting tomorrow).

    These headphones are amazing. In all modes. I have a large head, and they are very comfortable. Could not see an issue with the headband or earcups in the future, given the relative comfort at which they are worn.

    Controls are intuitive. Syncing is easy. And the sound, particularly when paired with an aptX HD device is phenomenal.

  • P5OFF

    'This code can't be applied to your order.'

    Any ideas why this code will not work for me?


    • Often with these on-going 5% off codes you can't actually use them more than a few times in the terms and conditions if you've used it with other products. Not sure if this is the case with this one.
      I'm assuming making a second account would allow it to be applied again, but also Addicted to Audio are kindly honouring the 5% off in-stores at their own expense as per the rep's comment, if you mention the deal (not advertised).

  • +1

    Silver is now in stock!

    • When are you guys expecting to get stock in your Newtown store?

      • +1

        Should be Wednesday afternoon arrival at Newtown

        • When will you start shipping out eBay orders? I placed mine Friday afternoon, for home delivery. Just want to plan around that. :-) Thanks.

          • @Jorgen: Nevermind, got the notification 45 minutes ago. Cheers.

  • How long will this sale be lasting OP?

  • +1

    Got mine for $357. Logged into Ebay and had a 10% off offer code + plus free shipping; think I got a steal.

    • Where did you find your code?

    • +1

      I just logged in to my ebay to check for shipping status and saw that too. Had already bought it with the 5% off; the discount code is single use and account linked so cannot be shared unfortunately.

      EDIT: Can't see shipping notification / tracking yet, even as the order was placed on Friday afternoon and it's Tuesday morning now. I'm guessing they must have sold a few…

      • +1

        Damn, mine got shipped today; ordered around 1am today. Maybe give em a shout.

        • Cheers, I just got the posted notification 45 minutes ago! :-)

        • Received today. They're quite good, need to get into the office to test the noise cancellation. Had a weird moment when I first turned them on after charging to full; no sound, disconnected, said it ran out of battery, just acting weird (Google Assistant was constantly popping up and getting in the way) until it came good.

          Comfort wise not quite in the same league as the QIIs (I tried a well worn set for half an hour) or my ATH-MSR7NCs (my non-gaming wired home headphones; have NC but a very mild one, not for noisy envs), however this could change as they wear in. Sound is definitely a huge step up from my ATH-ANC9s, not quite up there with the 7NCs - but this could also improve with use.

          Remember to set connection to LDAC in Bluetooth settings.

  • Hey guys, anybody know why retailers in Australia have been pricing the XM3's as low as US$270 (AU$370 approx.) despite RRP at US$349 (AU$499)?

    I have family in Japan that bought these for 43,000 JPY (AU$530 / US$380) and they couldn't find them for cheaper anywhere.

    Also, in the US, all retailers are selling for around retail, the lowest price I've seen so far is about US$340 (excluding tax of maybe 10% depending on the state). In France, they retail for 380 euro (AU$615 / US$440) with absolutely zero options selling them for below RRP. In the UK they're going for £330 (AU$610 / US$430), also, absolutely no sales anywhere and they're completely sold out.

    Why are Australian retailers putting 20-25% discounts on the XM3s whereas retailers overseas are selling them for RRP but still continue to sell out completely without even trying? What's going on?

    • +1

      I guess Sony Australia might be pricing it lower so that everyone is walking around with them, and drives sales via word of mouth later on when they're at full price? My guess anyway.
      I'm over in Canada at the moment and would have loved to pick some up for my flight home, but sadly can't justify when they are so much cheaper at home!

  • Following up to post a few hours in using these (office environment). Ordered the Silver, while I like them and good that they won't get finger prints I think 'grey' would be a more apt description. Haven't played with any of the functions, but sound with default settings is great and the NC is amazing. Can't wait to try out on my international flight this weekend.

    Also a big + to the vendor (Addicted To Audio). I had to cancel the first order as it was accidental (on phone and meant to scroll down), they sorted the refund without any fuss and worked with me to make sure I would receive the set before I travel (hello TRS!). Ordered Monday afternoon, arrived in BNE Thursday morning.

  • Any headband cracking issue?

  • Ordered on the 12th and chose Express but still waiting for mine. Checked the tracking number they have provided and now it says invalid number. Sent them an email a couple of days back but no reply :/

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