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Samsung UA55NU8000WXXY 55" UHD LED LCD Smart TV $1,276.00 (Free C&C or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


Cheapest price I've seen for this TV.
Can pickup from a local Good Guys or $54.94 delivered.

Original 20% off The Good Guys eBay post

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  • Nevermind me…

  • Just edited the link

  • Any one knows how to apply the discount code, every time I enter it, get a massage can't apply to this order.

  • Can anyone suggest whether smart features are worthwhile yet, vs. using mce/shield etc?

    I've been using my tv as a simple display without smart features as they were terribly slow and lacking features vs. dedicated hdmi device… although my tv is several gen old. Appreciate informed recommendations

    • I'm by no means a tech expert on Smart TVs. However, I have one of the first gen Samsung smart TV's which was extremely slow and apps dropped support(eg Redbull TV). Got a Chromecast HD (for ethernet, not 4K) and it has given the TV a new life. From my experience, I would suggest buying a TV for the picture and sound quality and not for the smart features. Can always get a Chromecast, PlayStation, Roko etc later down the line to make use of the good quality TV.

    • Bought this TV few months back and loving it so far. Great picture quality and very good sound for a TV. Now to answer your question about the the Tizen smart tv platform, I’m pretty happy with it. The apps I frequently use are YouTube, amazon prime, Netflix and Plex, and all of them work smoothly. My chromecast usage as a result has decreased significantly and also because it’s not the Ultra 4K version. The inbuilt tv apps play 4K content flawlessly. Overall the smart tv platform is smooth and relatively bug free.

  • This is series 8 but not QLED. Even QLED series 6 is considered more superior than this. Not sure why.

  • HI guys, tried to order it, but when applied the discount code I get an error message, any one knows how to apply it

  • Darn, just got me a Hisense P7 for about the same price a week ago. For this price, I would probably have taken the Samsung. P7 is still nice though.

  • Tempting, good price

  • Specs wise this appears similar to the q7fn than I bought the other day. Please someone tell me I didn't waste 600 bucks. Colours are better on the q7, hdr too, but worth 600 bucks, I'm not sure…


  • It's a shame that they only give you a 12 month warranty..

  • Grrrrr, I too am having issues applying the code (and I'm not after a massage 😉). Anyone worked out how to get round this pls?

  • How do you change postage to pickup?