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6 Weeks Free after 30 Days on Combined Domestic Hospital and Extras Insurance or Cashback ($150 - $1000) after 60 Days @ Bupa


6 Weeks Free after 30 Days on Combined Domestic Hospital and Extras EXPIRED


Listed on the Westpac website when logged in as a customer but code should work for anyone.

Join Bupa on combined domestic Hospital and Extras health cover and get a complimentary 6 weeks; PLUS get your 2 & 6 months extras waiting periods waived!

Only for new customers on new policies issued by Bupa HI Pty Ltd (ABN 81 000 057 590) who join on direct debit. The customer must take out combined domestic Hospital and Extras cover between 13 August 2018 and 31 October 2018 (?Campaign Period?). Offer EXCLUDES Overseas Student Health Cover, Overseas Visitors Cover and Short Stay Visitor Cover. Not available in conjunction with other offers. Not available if you join through a price comparison website (including Compare The Market). Complimentary 6 weeks applies after the first month's payment and 30 consecutive days of membership. 2 & 6 month waiting period waiver only applies to extras. Fund and Policy rules, yearly limits and other waiting periods apply.

Bupa Health Insurance Cashback ($150 - $1000) after 60 Days

Repost of this deal but active now until 31 December 2018.

Set up your health cover to pay with PayPal for at least 60 days.

Enjoy Bupa benefits and receive your cash back in your PayPal account in the 3rd month after joining Bupa.

$150 - $1000 cashback depending on level of cover and how single or family you are.

The 6 weeks free deal I just posted is probably better but this one runs for longer.

Full T&C

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  • BUPA are the worst


    It’s the health of you and your family…

    • And your bank balance. I only have health insurance to avoid the MLS.

    • wow thats sneaky as hell

      how is this legal, yet they enforce banks to announce basic product changes loudly in newspapers and letters

  • also whats with 3 health insurance deal posts all of a sudden

  • Just an FYI that BUPA is pretty poor value for money for extras. Not sure about hospital.

    They give you very little back so you're getting cents back for every dollar you paid them.

    They're also basically one of "the big banks" of the private health insurance world, and all their profit goes back to the UK.

    • I'm currently with BUPA (extras only), any suggestions which company is a bit better (again extras only)?

      • To be honest, I don't have an answer for which would be considered the best value. All I know from experience in the health industry is that often the biggest names are the worst.

        I have opted for to "self-insure" for extras only because the rebates I get are nowhere near the premiums I would pay. It would be better to put the money I would have paid into a high interest bank account and pay for health services myself. If you have high risk tolerance, you might even invest the money instead as a long-term endeavour.

        It may not be the easy answer you're looking for but you'd have to figure out the math comparing the rebates you get back vs the premiums you pay.

        Actually, the best ones I've seen are the "union" type funds like Teachers's or Railway and Transport but that's specific to those industries only.

    • Agree. I had a broken neck a few years back and they advised they were withdrawing neck fusion surgery which is something I may need in the future, so I knew I needed to change. From paying $160 per month with Bupa for budget hospital and silver extras I changed to Aus Unity for $110 a month and was still covered for everything I was with Bupa. Bupa called to match the offer and couldn't get close. I said I would be willing to stay but the offer was not even close. This was the day I knew I was getting grifted.

  • WHo in hell is decent with the compromise between cost v return ?

    I have been with Medibank Private since the '90s, they give me the shits but i am way to lazy to chnage, unless I can find someone decent ? I get the occasional teeth clean and glasses every few years but I am getting on at 52, so stuff will probably start breaking down soon.

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