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Earn a Bonus 30,000 Qantas Points after Holding a Health Insurance Policy for 180 Days @ Qantas Health Insurance


Highest bonus offer I've ever seen with them. Naturally it depends on what option you go for, but check if it works for you.

Earn up to 120,000 Qantas Points after 60 days qualifying period, then hold the policy continuously for another 120 days for the bonus 30,000 Qantas Points.

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Also do your research - eg for me, I've compared other funds and couldn't match the return + points, but I have a lot of claims. Your mileage may vary.

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150 Points for the referrer (up to 20 times) and referee for signing up to the app.

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    Up to is the keyword here.

  • ff or fff points?

  • Damn, I signed up last Thursday for the 120k deal!

    • +1

      that was 60 days, much better deal IMO. This is 180 days

      • Up to 120k points after 60 days, then up to additional 30k points after 6 months.

        "1 Qantas Frequent Flyer members (QFF) who purchase a Qantas Health Insurance policy between 29 April 2024 and 11:59pm AEST 3 May 2024 will earn up to 150,000 sign on Qantas Points over 6 months. Qantas Points will be awarded to the primary policyholder in two stages and will be based on the level of cover held at that time: (1) up to 120,000 Qantas Points after the policy has been held for 60 continuous days, (2) up to 30,000 additional Qantas Points after the policy has been held for 180 days. During this time 150,000 is the maximum number of sign on Qantas Points that can be earned upon purchase of combined Gold Top Hospital and Top Extras Cover for Couples, Single Parents and Families. Each Qantas Health Insurance policy has a maximum number of points that can be earned upon purchase. Offer only available if you buy your policy through the Qantas website or call centre. Not available to customers who have: held a Qantas Health Insurance policy at any time in the previous 12 months; or who have held a health insurance policy with nib, AAMI Health Insurance, Apia Health Insurance, GU Health, Suncorp Health Insurance, ING Health Insurance, Priceline Health Insurance, Real Health Insurance or Seniors Health Insurance at any time in the previous 6 months. Qantas may withdraw or extend this offer at any time."

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          Thanks for clarifying. If that's the case, then no real loss, because the additional 120 days for 30k points is a no-go.

  • When's the best date to churn relative to the billing date of your current provider?

    • Note this offer is only until 3 May. If your provider offers partial month refunds then it shouldn't matter, if not then closer to your end of prepaid billing period while also factoring any notice periods that may apply. Not sure if any health insurance providers do the latter, but I do know of a couple internet providers that do.

    • I recently churned from Bupa to Medibank for velocity, Bupa refunded me back the difference when Medibank started. To top it off didn't need to contact Bupa. Medibank initiated the transfer and closure.

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    Whats the best strategy here? sign up to the lowest plan and change to the highest level how many days before the 60 days is up?

    • you got it

      • Have you done the above?

        • yes multiple years, hardest part is talking to the sad person trying to retain you.

    • Also curious, can you just get the lowest option for extras and no hospital?

      I was quoted $35/fortnight for family.

      Then switch after 58 days to the highest option.

      After first high payment taken out and points awarded, cancel?

      • +1

        yes all correct, only last tip is downgrade once you get the points then cancel. Means you will get the refund from highest option.

        • Wow really?! Can you walk me through what you do? Been doing this a few times now and didn’t know about this trick.

          • @nightelves: Its part of the there cooling off period for Qantas Health Insurance, you have 30-days to change your mind and receive a refund as long as you haven't made any claims within that time.

            • @shap08: Can you just upgrade and downgrade through the app?

          • @nightelves: I am too nervous to try it and miss out on the points haha.

        • Can’t you just cancel without downgrading? Not sure whats the point if you have 30 days cooling off period.

    • Can I have concurrent insurance with this ? Aiming for the 120k points only and don't want to close my current provider.

  • Do i just have purchase before 3 May or policy needs to start as well! My current policy is expiring on end of May, and for some reasons its complicated to get out before

  • As pointed out - you need to hold for 6 months to get the full bonus.

    So really no different to the old offer but just an incentive to hang around paying their premiums for an extra 4 months.

    Not really that 'special' as they offered 150k a few times last year.

  • wow does it really work in that you can sign up for the lowest cover, and then change to gold hospital + extras at say day 55 and get the full 120k QFF points?

    • would like to know this too, atm VIC family top tier is $850/month for family (damn VIC is the most expensive among all states!)
      will be great if I could sign up the lowest, then move to top tier at day 55 or something…

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