This was posted 3 years 3 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Existing Customers] Kogan Mobile Data Upgrades on Plan for this Cycle


Kogan Mobile is adding 3GB's of extra data to existing customers for their 3rd anniversary

The 3GB is a once off bonus to existing customers only

Small - 3GB
Medium - 7GB
Large - 17GB
Extra Large - 32GB

Extra data expires at the end of your 30 day cycle and returns to normal data limits

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  • +5

    thats good news. love hearing this

    • my app went from 32gb to 35gb

      • +1

        thats is love from kogan

        • ahh dam, i just received the email. its temporary. only for their birthday

  • Web site not update yet.

  • +6

    Just notice my 7gb is now 10gb as well but I can’t seem to find any information about it so don’t know if it’s permenant

    • My plan also got upped to 10 GB as well.

      The value of this plan keeps getting better and better, I started off paying ~$10 p/m for 6gb and now it's $10 for 10gb…

      • +1

        Great stuff. I only just came on board 10 days ago so it is a nice surprise to get a further update.

    • +1

      Mine too. I can't even get through 7gb let alone 10! It's a once off though.

  • +2

    My 32gb plan is now updated to 35gb.

  • +1

    I'm not much of a fan of Kogan in general but their mobile plans are kicking serious ar… butt lately

    • +26

      and they increase data for all, not just new subscribes, which is very rare for a telco.

      • +1

        Pretty rare for anything really. Most businesses/services throw out incentives to new subscribers - and it makes sense from a business point of view because new subscribers are perceived as harder to entice than existing customers (why entice ones that are already with you?)

        But certainly not complaining!!

  • Can anyone tell me how the 90 day plans that are currnetly on sale work? You pay $14.90 for 90 days of access, and then $4.97 each 30 day block? So the total cost is $29.81? Or do you pay a total of $14.90 for 90 days access and that is it, and it works out to $4.97 a month?

    • +2

      Probably the latter

      • I agree it probably is, but wording seemed ambiguous.

    • the latter

    • -1

      Literally spelt out for you if you clicked into the product info.

      • -2

        "That's only $4.97 per 30 days, with one upfront payment of $14.90 for 90 day access".

        So it's $29.81 then.

        • +1

          No. It's $14.90 upfront, no further monthly charges.

          $14.90 / 3 = $4.966 = $4.97

    • +1

      Is it going back to $99.90 after 90days?

      • Yes

        • thanks

  • Getting sweeter and sweeter

  • respect! initially began with 6gb, then got the bump to 7 and now 10, awesome

    • +3

      Went from 8GB to 20GB in 2 years… feels good man.

      • man that's some good value haha

      • same

      • +1

        Actually it's only a one time deal. 3gb extra till the end of this billing cycle. Still, 8gb to 17gb in 2 years.

  • +8

    They have upgraded my plan so many times now that I can probably drop down a tier and give them less money.

    It's a bold strategy, Ruslan. Let's see if it pays off.

    • True, started with 14gb and within 2 years it's more than doubled to 35gb. Insane.

    • Yeah same! 7gb to 10gb for me and I've only used about 2gb with 11 days left. Might as well drop down to the lowest tier by the time my block ends. But that's not until July next near. Who knows what the quotas will be by then.

      • me too. now 20gb on large i think too much, maybe should drop to medium for 10gb, in another 6 month probably they up it to 12-13gb

    • I've reached the same conclusion but got here the other way around.

      I downgraded from 17GB to 7GB finding I didn't need 17GB but then discovered the hard way I DO need more than 7GB, I estimated typical use to be 10GB/month.

      Now I'm on 10GB/month and don't need to upgrade! Thanks Kogan :)

  • +12

    Thats how you create customer loyalty!

  • +1

    Great! finally love for 3 gb, now getting 6

  • My 7gb plan now upgraded to 10gb :)

  • +3

    Ha! This is brilliant
    I got an sms the other day saying I've reached 85% of my quota, today I got another one saying I've reached 50% of my quota. Rolled my eyes and thought "get your act together kogan"

    This quota increase explains it all.. Thank u koganmobile, you rock.

    • yeah got a message saying 85% done and then 72% in app.

      thanks KOGAAAAN

  • My overpriced telstra contract is ending soon. Should I switch to this? What is the service like ?

    • +7

      of course. this is ozb mobile phone provider of the year

    • +3

      Vodafone network

      • +2

        That's a good thing unless you're living in 2012.

    • +2

      U can always get one of the cheap one month plans to try the network… Not sure of they still got the <$1 plan but worth trialing!

    • +1

      Test the network first, because for me the 4G is getting very slow and I signed up for a year :( When I am in Westfield Hurstville, I am getting less than 1Mbps

  • +4

    my $0.49 sim now has 35GB.

    • so how much is per MB?

      • +1

        I got one of these SIMS but not sure what to do with so much data now.

  • -2

    Very good but, the people paying the least end up benefiting the most at double data and the people paying the most get the least increase in comparison.

  • +10

    Just got an email, 3gb of bonus data which expires when my current 30 day cycle ends. Don't think its ongoing from the sounds of it.

    • same

    • Most people seem to have missed this. This is a bonus for this month only.

  • i focking love kogan

    first they upgrade from 16GB to 17GB

    and now to 20GB

  • +2

    Just got an email from Kogan. The extra data expires when your current 30 day cycle ends.

    • And I have 2 days remaining… =(

      • +1

        Same here.. time to smash it !!

        • Stream all the shows and movies!

      • same, I wish they added it to the next cycle so it's fair to everyone

  • +1

    Hmmm.. just got their email. the bonus data is only for the month because it is their birthday. Looks like it is not permanent?

    • Paste?


  • Amazing!

  • do they do data sharing for apple watch, thats really the only reason i'm sticking with my current optus plan…

    • -1


      • They don't. I have an Apple Watch S3 with cellular and it's never been an option.

        • +1

          You are correct. I was wrong.

          • @noramando: I wish they would! I don't think any telcos offer it on prepaid. Pity, I'd be happy to pay extra for it but would much rather be on this great deal :)

  • +3

    Honestly find it really hard to justify not using Kogan. The only key reason you wouldn't take it is if you make international calls or require roaming. Also some people prefer to have at least 1 member in the family to be with Telstra in case they ever need to make use of the better coverage in an emergency for example (tbh I can't argue with that, it's a fairly reasonable point).

    If you don't, then surely you would rather pay half (sometimes even more than half) of a similar plan from a competitor + have no contract.

    Don't forget you can use discounted Kogan vouchers as well as the $10 referral credit to bring down your average monthly price even more.

    I started off with a 6gb 365 day plan for ~$10 p/m (used aforementioned vouchers + credit), and without paying an extra cent I've seen my monthly data increase from 6, to 7, to now 10gb.

    Edit: Seems this bonus data is only for this month, however that should still not detract from my point.

    • +1

      Agree with everything you've said, except:

      The only key reason you wouldn't take it is if you make international calls or require roaming.

      Kogan have international calling packs, so it's an option. There's no solution (that I am aware of) for roaming though..!

    • I just got an email. my plan went from 17gb to 20gb. it's every month according to the email?

      • This was from a month ago. The data increase you're talking about is something different that has just happened today and is permanent.

        • Is there a post about it?

          Edit: found

  • +13

    Only 30 days.

    It's Kogan Mobile's 3rd Birthday!

    To celebrate we've added 3GB of FREE bonus data to your account. The bonus data expires when your current 30 day cycle ends.

    • +1

      Oh lame

      • yeh bummer planned renewed today to find myself back to 17gb meh

    • +2

      yeah exactly was just about to post this, NOT a permanent thing, only until end of the cycle.

      • Fixed post

        • all good, revokes the dislike, just wanted to make it clear that its NOT like the previous upgrades kogan had been doing which have been permanent

    • Yeah just got that email. It's only temporary.

    • Mine ends in 5 days.

  • I'll drink to that!

  • Must admit that it is more sort of Forum topic, but love to upvote it as a deal.
    Kogan is changing tradition of Telcos…
    Edit: Realized it is for one month only. Having said that, they have done it in the past and still the only telco doing it.

  • party is over… just one month increase

  • just ported in and started new cycle. Even better value !

  • 2 days left of my plan. Lucky me.

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