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Sunny Fruit Organic Dried Figs 600g $1.46 (after 25% Pantry First Order) + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Notice: The listing for Sunny Fruit Organic Dried Fig has been updated to a single pack.

Not sure about the taste, but the price is surely good.

The prices for apricots and mulburries are the same:



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    Thanks that looks like good value


    Sunny Fruit Organic Dried Figs

    Are these the Large Sunny Fruit Organic Dried Figs, or the Small Sunny Fruit Organic Dried Figs?

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    Thanks! Great deal.

    Here, have some muesli and granola to go with your dried fruit:

    $2.80 and $2.99 O&G granola and muesli before discount.


    Looks like this was a stuff up. Ordered 3 x 12 packs of figs and apricots but received 3 single packs of each instead. Now the listing has been changed to single packs as well :/

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      Same here. However, I called Amazon and they refunded me the purchase price for the 3 single packs that were delivered.
      In addition, they also gave me promotional credit for the other 33 single packs they couldn't fulfill (33 packs * $1.96 = $64.68).


        What did you tell them? I did a live chat and they only offered me a refund and $2 promotional credit. :| I had my hopes up too high..

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          Perhaps I was the first one to make the complaint, and they felt obliged.
          I said I placed an ordered that Amazon had accepted, and then sent me the wrong order with just 3 single packs. I wanted them to fulfill the complete order. I was put on hold for a few minutes, then the lady said they would refund the money for the 3 single packs that I paid for, and also give me promotional credit for the remaining 33 single packs.


          Check your email a $30 credit should be heading your way :)

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        I didn't have the time to chase it up but just got this email.

        Hello Donald Trump,

        We've noticed an error we made in regards to the dried fruit you purchased in your order #12345.

        The title listed this as a 12 pack, however, the item was actually a single unit.

        We're sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. To help make up for this, we've applied a $30 credit to your account. The credit will be automatically applied to your next order containing items shipped and sold from Amazon AU.

        Thanks for your understanding,

        Amazon Customer Service

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