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Google Home Hub $186.15 Free C&C (Or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys


Newly released Google Home Hub with a RRP of $219 so with TVA15 comes down to $186.15
Click and collect price or delivery available (was coming up as $8 for me)

Chalk - https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/google-home-hub-chalk-ga00516...
Charcoal - https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/google-home-hub-charcoal-ga00...

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    It's $186.15 using "TVA15"

    • Nice catch, didnt think that code would work. Will update!

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    Can this thing play video?

    • +1

      Only if it's visual

    • It can display YouTube videos, keep in mind that the display is smaller than it looks in photos.

      • +2

        It's actually unbelievably tiny.

    • AFAIK you could play YouTube and YouTube music, but the sound quality might not that good (tested at JB, somewhere sightly better than Home Mini)

    • It can. I tried Netflix but it didn't work for me. Not sure if it will be supported in the future.

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    7 inch display

    • +9

      7 inches is enough for most people.

      • +6

        That's what he said.

        • +16

          Very progressive

          • +4

            @Herbse: It's 2018 baby!

            • -4

              @Munki: That's too progressive!

              • @vSchweetz: what makes you assume its a he

                • eh clicked the wrong reply button..
  • Will this include the 6 months free Youtube platinum subscription?

    • +1

      Probably, usually get the offer in the app.

    • +1

      Yes, can confirm it turns up in the app.

      • Yes but not on an account that has alreay redeemed a similar deal

  • +1

    There was a review in the Fairfax papers a couple of days ago, for those wanting to know more:


  • dang, this is all i need … to play free youtube videos (music)

    too late, already invested in play-fi speakers + laptop + google mini

  • +1

    I purchased one two days ago(full price unfortunately).

    Its a great little device. The screen could be a tat bigger but it's ok. you can do anything and more you can do with it like a mini google plus it plays videos, photos etc. I can recommend it especially for this price. Great little helper. Mind though i have no home smart setup lie lights, thermostat etc.

  • +2

    I've been enjoying mine.

    Great for playing Youtube playlists and listening to music

    Can play Plex/Netflix etc if you cast it from your phone.

    I can say "ok google, start kitchen vacuum" and my xiaomi vacuum will start cleaning.

    I have it connected to some really nice speakers via a logitech bluetooth device

    • +1

      Do you know if when playing youtube videos it can also cast the sound to other google home devices? Like if i have google home devices throughout the house and play a music video on yourtube on the hub, will it \ can it cast audio to the rest? Or just only on the device itself? Would be interesting to know

      • +1

        There is an option to cast audio to all google home speakers, but I haven't tried it as I only have a hub.

        • Cool! Sounds good! Thanks!

          • +1

            @swifty7: Yes you can.
            I'm using it with 3 Google Home Mini and one Home. Kinda like a Sonos system without the sound quality. But is more than enough for me. (Using spotify)

            • @jccool: @jccool Awesome, thanks so much good to know! I'm about to buy a Bose Revolve Plus for travel and outdoor use. I've bought a google max, home and 2 minis recently :( I wish the hub came out earlier.

      • Google Home added the ability to link to other Bluetooth speakers and play music through that. I assume the Home Hub would still have this capability?

    • That's awesome, have you got any decent resources you could point me towards for the vacuum integration?
      I could never really find any :(

      • Use the Mi Home app with Google Home.

    • +1

      Hi mate how did you connect the xiaomi vacuum to Google Assistant? I have the same vacuum, it would be awesome to be able to tell Google to start it.

      • +2

        add the Mi Home app to the Google Home App

        • What location did you set your Mi Home app to?

        • +4

          THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I didn't know this existed until you pointed it out.

          @Raynes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8q_IYRRfuM

          Edit: TIL

        • once youve added the mi home app:
          "hey google, clean the room"

          • @walaj: When I said "hey google stop cleaning", it will stop there and not going back to dock.
            How to ask it GO BACK the dock?

    • -1

      How do u have the xiaomi vac hooked up to google home/google assistant?!?!?! I want this to work for me too!

      • you need the MI Home app on your phone first, then 'connect' it to Google home via the app on your phone.

        • Thanks bud. Also thanks for the down vote whoever did that… amazing!

          • @Bellpop: not me fwiw.

            re the mi home app - I have it connected to the singapore server.

  • +4

    I wish Google hadn't removed their "don't be evil" mantra, I would unshackle myself from Apple.

    • +3

      I hear you. For anyone interested in unshackling themselves from Google, this privacy focused Reddit megathread might be worth checking out.

    • Sure you would. I mean, Apple's doing super with privacy in China, aren't they?

  • +2

    Dont forget cashback with Shopback (6%) and Cashrewards (5%)

  • Damn had already bought from JB using ultimate home gift card.
    Anyone know how JB Refunds those? They took the card since the balance was used

    • +1

      They'll refund you back with a gift card.

  • -1

    Just seems like a glorified tablet…

    • +3

      But a glorified tablet doesn't do a lot of what google home hub does. Google Home Hub doesn't even run Android.

      Also personally I don't like the idea of a 24/7 battery being charged, so the google home hub is much more suitable.

      • True but it is a ripoff for the hardware inside

        • +1

          I mean, you could say the same for the Amazon Echo and almost any other smart home device… The majority of its value comes from the services it can provide, not from its hardware.

          You should think of it as paying for access to Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa rather than the microphone and speakers (obviously I don't endorse this practice, but it is what it is, and won't be likely to change until we start seeing mass adoption + more competition).

  • The specs I saw somewhere indicate it has the same speakers as the Google Home (2 x 2" high-excursion). Can someone comment on the sound quality? I am very disappointed with the bass-heavy sound of the Google Home.

    • +1

      Not sure if its the same but it should have the same (limited) EQ options like all the Google Home devices.
      I had to drop the base and raise the treble on my Google Home and then do the opposite on my minis

      • How do you do that?

        • +1

          options in google home on your phone.

          I can confirm its on the google home hub.

    • I am very disappointed with the bass-heavy sound of the Google Home.

      Yeah they tried to make it sound like a larger speaker but just made it sound boomy and muddy.

      Not that anyone actually notices or cares these days. The Sonos thread yesterday had 5-10 people saying how great they are but not one mentioned a single postive word about the sound quality.

      • Just connect it to external speakers.

        • But no audio out?

          • +1

            @elektron: Bluetooth speakers work fine

            • @fratzhaus: Thanks. I can sort of see the use for it in the bathroom for getting news and watching videos in the morning, while I'm getting ready, but the screen is a bit to small and low-res for that, as it would be a downgrade from my 8" FHD tablet, which works great with a stereo pair of bluetooth speakers but doesn't have voice control (would be great for wet hands!).

  • +1

    I built my own version of this with a Raspberry Pi and a 7" touchscreen running a free version of Dakboard. The component parts cost about the same as this product but I can control the software, run more open IoT platforms like home assistant, and add custom hardware like cameras and sensors. There are lots of online resources to build this type of device yourself and it is a lot more fun.

    • +2

      Its a completely different experience in my opinion.

      For starters without a far field microphone and the good code to go along with it, its a huge step down in terms of a real assistant.

      Google Home Hub is completely seamless, fast and a lot of that ability comes from it being a Google OS.

      The few dakboard videos I've seen on Youtube don't really make it look very good for a general assistant.

      I think dakboard is more suited for "I want to do these specific tasks in this room"

      • -1

        Fast it is not. Have you even used one

        • Yes, I own a google home hub, do you?

        • Yes, he's mentioned earlier that he has one.

          • @Shekster: And to point out that it's using a SoC from a cheap Android TV box plus a low resolution screen so probably 50/60 bucks worth of hardware.

            Sorry but this is 2018, if the interface stutters and tears and can't run at 60fps it's just stupid. Small screen too which makes viewing YouTube in the kitchen or bedroom cumbersome.

  • +1

    This thread prompted me to get a Chromecast, the wife has been wanting one for the longest time. $41.65, not too shabby. Thanks!

  • Can you give this scheduled commands?
    e.g. Play my wake up playlist at 6.30am on weekdays?

    I've got a Google home and haven't been able to do that.

    • +1

      You can create a routine for either Hub or Home in Google Home app

      • I've tried this one before. But a command is required.
        So I still have to trigger it.

        I want it to be fully automatic.

        • +3

          Yes, the command would be "Play <playlist> on whatever", then set the optional Date/Time and which speaker you want it to play on and it will then on trigger via the schedule every morning without input from you.

          • @HowMuch4Cash: Oh I get it.
            A command is required to create it.
            But it's not required to run it.


    • +1

      You can already do this from your Home using the app, create a routine with a repeating schedule

  • +1

    So what does it do that Google Home + chromecast doesn't?

    Can it cast video to my 55 inch TV?

    • You can chromecast TO a Homehub, not from it. Audio and some video content. Netflix not supported.

    • You can ask the home hub to play things on your TV, exactly as you would your regular google home.
      You can also play YouTube videos directly on the device, but apparently you can cast netflix from your phone to the hub. I haven't researched that yet

  • +1

    Lenovo Smart Display arguably a better deal for +$50?
    Has a camera for video chat, much better sounding speakers, slightly bigger screen.
    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/323422824880 - Use 5% off ebay code = $246.91 delivered.

    I personally haven't found a use case for it yet and would probably just get another Google Home device.

    • +$60

      • +2

        $186.15 +$8 delivery = $194.15 vs. $246.91 = $52.76
        Like for like comparison w/ delivery included.

    • -3

      Lenovo smart display runs Android which means Lenovo is responsible for all updates in the future.

      This runs google software and will be updated by google.

      • +3

        Actually, it runs the new Android Things platform, which means guaranteed updates for 3 years. 3 years is not too long, but not too bad for the 3rd party device in $200 range considering the $1200 flagship phone from Google gets the same 3 years of updates.

        • Thats true, i didn't realise it was different.

          But the Google Home Hub still runs a separate, newer OS.

          Guaranteed updates is more for security updates and if new hardware is released and has nothing to do with the google home hub.

          • @samfisher5986: Hub runs modified Chromecast software on cheaper, less powerful hardware.

            Google's Home Hub doesn't run Android Things—it's actually built on Google's Cast platform, so it's closer to a souped-up Chromecast than a stripped-down Android phone. It also doesn't use Qualcomm's SD624 Home Hub Platform. Instead, Google opted for an Amlogic chip.


    • Lenovo is really great for video calls. That's the only reason I got it instead of Home Hub.

    • +2

      Thanks! They just reduced the price, I managed to get one for AU $218.40 after 5% discount

      • +1

        Yeah they only had 2 and they both sold

      • +1

        No brainer for $25 over the Google Home hub if you wanted a screen.

        • Yes, that's why they're gone.

  • Rarely use my 3 x home minis, can't decide if its worth getting this purely as a digital photoframe….my heart says yes but my wallet says no….

    • +1

      Put it in the kitchen like I did, so many uses.

      • I don't cook - what are the others? Serious question.

        • All I can think of is photo frame. Too small to watch YouTube on imo, speakers don't sound like they're much better than home mini for music.

          There isn't a web browser right. I do want a hub for my home assistant but early reviews indicated no browser.

          • @zorrt: I agree. And you can already use a Chromecast + TV as a photoframe but I've never had a use for a photo frame - analog or digital, and I'd probably want an FHD screen for that anyway. Would have jumped on the Lenovo for $218.

        • Youtube, Plex, Netflix, Music/Music Videos.

          I would suggest a bunch of kitchen related things like recipes, conversions, timers etc, but if you don't cook then you don't spend any time in the kitchen anyway.

          • @samfisher5986: The screen resolution, format and size aren’t great for consuming video content. A Home Mini already does timers, conversions etc pretty well, without the need for a screen. And yes, I don’t spend too much time in the kitchen but still have a small wall-mounted TV with a Chromecast there, just in case I want to throw some video content on it.

            • +1

              @elektron: Do you own one?

              I do and it looks great.

              The screen size is fine at least for using in my kitchen.

              You aren't meant to have a movie expiereince with it, you can just put on a fun show while you cook, or play a music video etc.

    • Follow your wallet… I mean heart..