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DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo $1499 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Probably the cheapest I've seen on Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo.
Obviously this isn't Mavic 2, but great price nonetheless.

Limited stock (3-4 left ?) but more on the way as per listing. Free expedited delivery.
Original link says OOS, but should still be able to get it from here
Original link

RRP $1899 as per DJI site
$1788 on camerasdirect

Amazon Australia 10% Cashback from Cashrewards
around $1363 after CR?
around $1230 after TRS?

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  • Wow, that is a great deal.
    Being it is like 1/2 the cost of a MP2FM

    • +1

      The zoom replaces this model. The M2P is on a whole other level with the larger sensor.

  • +1

    Is the Mavic Pro 2 worth the price?

    • -1

      Some reviews I’ve seen comment the cameras actually worse. Perhaps it’s software issue and it can get fixed. I’d check owner forums before buying it

      • The mavic 2 pro's camera is certainly no worse, it just doesn't quite measure up to P4P quality which is what people were expecting.

  • Is the $1499 including GST or does that get added to it? Calculations look to be based on price not including GST. If so please put full price including GST in title. Don't want to become american here where we advertise price then add taxes on at checkout.

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      That price would include GST

      Items: $1,362.73
      Delivery: $0.00
      Total before GST: $1,362.73
      GST: $136.27
      Order Total: $1,499.00

      • Ok thanks for confirming. Wouldn't the discounts then read.

        10% cashrewards = $1,350

        TRS = $1,212.73

        or does cashrewards take into account GST?

        • cashrewards dont refund you the GST yes

          • @Ceri: :( I thought they did. Or was this change since the recent charge GST on everything change?

            • @knobbs: Not sure since when. But my cashrewards for amazon prime purchase didnt include the GST price

  • Wow, this is ranking pretty high on the 'didn't-know-I-needed' list.

    • +3

      I have the OG Mavic and man, if you haven't had a DJI drone before you will be blown away with the intelligence and settings it has. Art in technology.

      • ^ Exactly

      • what’s OG?

  • Is this really a Fly More Combo? There's no mention of it besides one photo and a line saying 3 batteries, but is that for real?

    • +1

      Googling the model number (DJIMVProCOM-PT) every other website shows the fly more combo.

    • +1

      I believe it is, especially looking at product code DJIMVProCOM-PT = DJI Mavic Pro (Fly More) Combo - Platinum

      For reference DJIMVAIRCOM-W refers to DJI Mavic Air Combo - White
      vs DJIMVAIR-W = DJI Mavic Air - White
      and DJIMVProCOM refers to DJI Mavic Pro Combo

    • Thanks!

  • Is this manufacturer make a quality product or is it simply a market share hog?

    • +1


  • How would you claim the TRS back? Buying it while in Aus then claiming it when you leave to go on holiday abroad or something?

    • +1

      You need the tax invoice with your name on it if over $1000. Considering this is over the $900 threshold for an individual bringing back goods gst free, you would need to pool it with a family member. So if you and a family member are travelling you can pool together $900+$900 = $1800. So you simply claim gst back before you depart Australia and you won't need to pay GST when entering back into Australia because you are below the threshold.

  • +2

    It's gone :(

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