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Amazon Australia 10% Cashback (up from 6%) @ Cashrewards


Hi all. We've increased Amazon Australia Cashback to 10%. Increase will end at our discretion. Thank you as always for your support. Enjoy :)

Very Important Notes:

  • Items added to your shopping cart before clicking from Cashrewards will not earn Cashback and will not be eligible for Cashback claims.
  • You must return and click through from Cashrewards to Amazon Australia every time you make a new transaction/purchase.
  • Purchases made via the Amazon App are not eligible for Cashback.
  • Gift Cards, Vouchers, Charity, Non-Profit items, and Amazon Prime memberships are not eligible for Cashback.
  • Cashback will be paid on eligible purchases, excluding shipping/delivery, taxes and GST.
  • Pre-orders are eligible for Cashback provided the item is scheduled to be shipped within 60 days of purchase.

A Small Education Piece:

Please always ensure your last click before purchase is from Cashrewards. Simply click Shop Now and complete your shopping without leaving Amazon AU. A lot of untracked claims come from the fact members have other tabs open and/or are using Google or comparison sites to review their product/s before purchase. All cashback/rewards sites work off a simple principle - last click. The winning affiliate is always the one that receives the last click. Also turn off any AdBlock/uBlock/Ghostery as well as Safari (mobile and/or desktop) Cross-Site Tracking. Finally, you must return and click through from Cashrewards to the store every time you make a new transaction/purchase.

Other Cashrewards Links:

Referral Links

Referral: random (4321)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • Haven't got the cashback from previous 12.5%

    • +2

      you didn't add the item after using the cashlink, probably had it in your basket prior.

    • +1

      TA will sort it out for you mate. Shoot him a private message.

  • Was looking for ps4 spider man edition. Nice timing TA! Might pull trigger tmro! Cheer

  • Does anyone know if CR works with McDonald's monopoly $20 off $79 voucher.

    • It doesn't. Learned the hard way.

      • As in you can't claim it or it doesn't come up in your account?

        • According to Cashrewards: "Cashback may not be payable if you use a coupon code that is not listed on this site"

  • Do you know if there will be increased Aliexpress cashback?

  • +1
    • Mario party was $52 when the app deal was available

    • https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/offer-listing/B07FDN2V6L/ref=dp...

      Current price is $67 from Amazon AU as per the link above. $2 cheaper than Target but will come to $60.30 once cashback is applied with this offer.

      • +2

        The cashback amount doesn't include GST as mentioned in the deal. So this with this deal it comes to $60.91. Small difference for Mario Party, but something to keep in mind when making calculations and comparisons.

        • Thank you for picking up on my mistake.

  • Still Haven't got my cashback from 29th July, even though the company has verified the transaction.

    • +1

      It’s still within the normal 90 day approval timeframe as per the store’s terms. If you believe it’s not, PM me your CR email address please. Cheers.

      • -1

        could I use the gift card balance to pay it?

  • +1

    If it's at your discretion it means you're making a hell of a lot of money when you drop it back down to 6%.

    • What do you mean by that? Do you think cash rewards is going to secretly drop it back down to 6% and pocket the difference or something?

        • +6

          And it's a pretty good reason for ozbargain members to consider making a cooperative to get a better return rate.

          OzBargain members are here to spend money and save, not attempt to establish a rival company for one that's offering money saving services (in the form of a cashback)

          I mean if Amazon drops what it pays cashrewards

          What if Amazon doesn't pay cashrewards that full amount, and it's a promotional thing run by CashRewards to increase volume in the long-run?

          But when they say it's their own discretion then surely they are not paying enough money back to us

          What!? You mean, companies Woolworths are making a profit every time I buy something not on sale (because I need it) and that they can offer the item at a sale price, and I should consider making my own supermarket too!?

          • -1

            @cwongtech: Ultimately, ozbargain members want the cheapest price. That's it

            • +3

              @DisabledUser72145: Definitively, you don't have to use CashRewards service. That's it!

              • -1

                @sky blu: I'll use it until something pays me more. Won't you?

                • +3

                  @DisabledUser72145: I'd rather get a slightly higher price at Umart compared to MSY.
                  Not everything is about price.. service, speed, customer satisfaction all come into the equation when I part with my money.

                  I'd rather get the second or third cheapest with the peace of mind that the other party will deliver what I need. Rather than gamble with company xyz with no known history who is offering rock bottom prices that beat the competition.
                  You can call it brand loyalty, I call it reliability and trust.

                  Sure, you can go try start Cashrewards v2 OzB edition if you want, I highly doubt you have the expertise, manpower, resources or knowledge to do it. Just like how I'm going to make cwongtech supermarkets soon because I couldn't buy my milk on sale the other day.

                • +2

                  @DisabledUser72145: Then don't bag their service if you choose to use them. It is free and you get something back.

                  Knowing when to cease in a convo is an art mate.

            • @DisabledUser72145: Just stop talking man, this is getting embarrassing for you.

                • +2

                  @DisabledUser72145: Dude… just stop talking, you're making a complete fool of yourself.

                  • @yanhaot: Dude, would you use cashrewards instead of shopback if shopback was offering 12% back? You sound like a fanboy.

                    • @DisabledUser72145: Lol I use neither. Jokes on you, now shush.

                      • @yanhaot: You use neither but you voted positive on the deal. Does it hurt?

                        • @DisabledUser72145: It's a good deal, so I voted positive.

                          • @yanhaot: I believe they are getting something like 15% back on all Amazon transactions via their website. At 10% I think it's a better deal than when they only give 6% and keep something like 9% of your money. But what would you know, you use neither. Carry on. Happy to help you with the maths while others keep negging away about simple observations.

                • +4

                  @DisabledUser72145: Do you work for free? Why should they?

                  I don't use shopback out of principle because I'd rather keep any affiliate money within Australia, employing people in Australia.

                  They also give 1% of their profits to the starlight foundation.

  • i'm still waiting from my water order the other week

  • +1

    great, whenever I bought something, this comes up

    • Cancel and reorder? Or is it too late?

      • +1

        This is what I have done before.
        Next time, keep item in wishlist and then go nuts when the cashback is active.

    • Same issue, I bought a Nintendo Switch and a bunch of accessories with the 6% cashback just 2 days ago haha, all being delivered today….

      • +1

        But you get a sweet Nintendo to play today so it's not all bad =D

  • With the cashback that brings the PS4 Pro down to $479.10 which is still so painfully far away from that $375 price in July…

    Worth it at this price guys? Seems to be the cheapest around right now.

    • Are you upgrading from a base PS4 or getting into the PS4 market for the first time?

      • Upgrading from base PS4. I also have a decent PC already, but want a pro for the sake of the playstation / console exclusives, as I find sub 1080p, barely 30fps a tough pill to swallow.

        • +2

          I'd wait a month and see what the Black Friday sales bring.

          • @MaXcon: Sure, cheers for the advice! I guess I can stop being a snob for a few weeks in order to play Red Dead.

        • You can trade in your base ps4 with any game and get the Pro for $299 at EB Games with Red Dead 2 atm. Which, IMO is a far better deal.

  • So anything good to buy or recommend from amazon can’t start to ponder what might be worth spending my dollars on just yet, someone care to share?

    • This deal brings the $99.00 Momentum watches down to $89.10 shipped.

  • Shadow of tomb raider comes down to ~ $43. Seems like a good price.

  • Does this apply to digital purchases too.. like Kindle eBooks?

    • +1

      Sure does :)

      • Damn! Did not even think to use CR for my Kindle purchases!!

        • well FML. I buy kindle and audible stuff all the time and also didn't think of this. Handing my Ozbargain licence back

  • +4

    Hi TA, I know you said this will end at CR discretion, but can we get a 24hrs heads up before it finishes? Sometimes I’m just patient waiting for a sale on amazon for the stuff I want, but if 10% cash back is all I get I’ll take it too.

  • Does this only include items sold by Amazon or anything on Amazon? Thanks

  • If it from the US but listed on AU does it count?

    • +1

      Yes, bought some vinyl recently and it worked.

  • I got a question.

    Why do you have the ruling about:

    Items added to your shopping cart before clicking from Cashrewards will not earn Cashback and will not be eligible for Cashback claims.

    I can work around it, but it is a bit annoying.

    • +5

      Hi ntebis. It’s a requirement set by Amazon. They will not recognise or attribute sales to Cashrewards on any items already in a cart before clicking out. Annoying maybe, but totally out of our control.

      • +2

        Thanks for the reply and the clarification.

      • +1

        Question: What if it was in the "Save for Later" cart and then added back to the cart after logging into CR?

        • +5

          Hi gryhawk. Same. Please simply start with a clean slate (click Shop Now [repeat for each transaction], search, add to cart) to ensure smooth tracking.

  • damnit TA.. just bought smtg over $600…..argh

    • +13

      Should've bought some vowels as well.

  • I use the cash rewards chrome add on and always assume everything is fine when the ring around the cashrewards logo is green. I bought some items and they haven't registered in my account or my email yet. I assume it is because I haven't followed the instructions properly - I was tabbing out to google a few things. I know it is my fault and I should have read into things more, but it may be more intuitive to have consumers arrive at a conditions page after clicking on activate on the add on. When it was green, I didn't think to look into anything further.

  • Cashback is capped at $100.
    ==> Does this mean its capped at $100 for every transaction OR the 10% applies only until each user reaches $100 even if we make mutilple purchases ?

    @TA: just confirming, this 10% applies to cameras & lenses as well right ?

    • +2

      Hi nkr. Cap has been removed for this promo. And yes, cameras & lenses are eligible :)

  • Sorry its first time I use cashreward. I purchase from amazon. I use mobile phone on desktop mode. My last click is shop now then its direct go to amazon.com.au. But on amazon page, it's a mobile version. Does it matter? How do I know if its work?

  • +2

    Good cashback, but can't be bothered with Amazon now, significantly higher prices than I used to get on the US store and a hugely reduced range of items. I'm a bit baffled why they can't dropship everything from the US store to the AU one and just add GST here.

    • +2

      Too much effort, the AU government has made it a pain in the ass thanks to good old Gerry Harvey and his whinging ways

      • +1

        When it comes to paying tax, Amazon always says it’s too much effort.

  • Hi TA

    Can you advise if the cashback will apply to the powerbank in this deal? It uses a coupon for a discount


    • +1

      Hi cyrax83. Our terms state that unlisted coupons are ineligible. Having said that, you have nothing to lose by trying. If it tracks and is approved down the track, we're all winners :)

  • Great deal TA!

    Hoping to see some a Dan Murphy one soon, just in time to stock up for Melb Cup and the end of year festivities

  • Just ordered and forgot cashrewards again.

    Cancelled and ordered again.


  • Does it include items sold and shipped by 3rd party?

  • +2

    It was a bloody mess from the last 10% Amazon Cashback. Written 5-6 emails to the Customer support, issue still not resolved.

    CR has been tracking wrong amount on my purchases. Not only that, it's tracking per item not by transaction. Freaking mess!

    • I think that might be because of the way Amazon has charged you. When it comes to multiple items/orders on there a lot of the time different amounts show up on the credit card on different dates. So with multiple items/orders sometimes difficult to work out which is which.

  • Hi All. re: cashback. If I purchase something at AMAZON AU for $100 and use a gift voucher I received ($50) to help pay, do I get any money back? Thanks

  • CashRewards disallowed for me, because
    1. I already had the item in my cart, before clicking through from CR. Ok, fair enough.
    2. Because they claim the voucher was not on CR.
    I need to read the CR fine print next time.

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