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Bowden's Own Big Green Sucker Microfibre Towel $20 (Was $40) @ Supercheap Auto [Club Members Only]


The super luxurious drying towel for all car and microfibre lovers! Developed in close collaboration with some fussy professional detailers to be the fastest and most effective tool for drying. Its thick, soft and plush weave is the most absorbent microfibre we have ever found and is exceptional at minimising errant dirt and grit missed while washing, from scratching your car.

  • Super absorbent microfibre towel that literally sucks water into its fibres, so you can dry in half the time.
  • Ultra soft and thick fibres minimise any chance of dirt or grit micro-scratching your paint when drying.
  • Super plush, makes it safer than any waffle weave or chamois type drying cloths.
  • Uses micro-soft edges, with recessed stitching, so it won't inflict swirls or scratch delicate painted surfaces
  • Bright green colour, to easily see dirt in the cloth, and not wipe it back into your paint.
  • Nice big 40 x 70cm in size so you can dry more before having to wring it out.
  • Awesome 1000 GSM in plushness (Current packaging incorrectly says 900GSM but it's a real 1000, believe us!)
  • Holds 2 and half litres of water in its fibres, that's some serious sucking.
  • Single layer quality towel, not two layers sewn together for artificial thickness.
  • Machine washable and loves machine drying, so it will keep on sucking for many, many years to come.

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  • By club members only do you mean club plus? It seams that costs $5 to join, but they give you $10 credit, so the price of this product would be $15. Am I right or am I right?

  • Any reviews?

    I’ve seen a heap of ads on my Facebook newsfeed for Rapid Dry Towels for $49.95

      • Watched a couple of reviews after posting.
        At $20, I’m sold.

        No more chamois! What a mission they were

        • I've been using japanese synthetic chamois for years. I've never had a reason to dislike them. They work awfully well for me.

    • Yeah. It sucks

    • I've heard bad things about rapid dry towels, had a similar one back in the day.

      I have one of these and it's really good. Can do a whole car without wringing it out once.

    • I've used this one for almost a year now and it's pretty damn good. I've used it to clean a coupe and almost didn't need to wring it out afterwards (it got pretty heavy by the end though) and it makes quick work of larger SUVs as well. I used Bowden's Big Bugger Chamois prior to this and the difference is day and night - much less wasted time drying cars. Just start with the windows first and then work on the rest of the cars and there's no need to buy a separate towel for it.

  • The Big Green Sucker is a great drying cloth. Recommended.
    I already have 2, just ordered another at this price.

  • I thought this thing was bs, but gave it a go anyway. Bought it and love it. Certainly going to get a spare

  • Upvoted for the price - Bowden's product barely goes at 25% off, let alone 50%.

    Having said that, imo there is still a cheaper alternative:

    I have the waffle weave towel and it consistently dries my whole car without wringing, every time. Excellent value!

    • Might grab this on their next storewide sale.
      Just got a spare or to give to the missus to help dry the car :P

    • Me too, I have the jumbo microfibre XL. I blow off the car with a leaf blower first and follow up with this, barely gets wet and is nice and soft. Think I got it on sale too.

      • I use a leaf blower too. Especially useful for all the little nooks and crannies that form drips AFTER you've finished drying the car.

    • I too have the waffle weave from SCA and rate it. You can get the same cloth as part of this for $18.99. Great value as the other cloths are pretty decent too. It goes on sale from time to time which is why I have two sets and enough cloths to start my own carwash!

    • have the SCA one and its good but i cant dry my car with it, need to ring it out a few times.

  • Might give this a buy. Thanks OP

  • Picked one up to try, have bought all the different brands of car products over the years and in the end i found the large drying towel from K-Mart great to use without having to wring out, they are $4.

    64cm x 90cm - Still plush with long fibres, but is thinner than the bowdens towel, so i fold it into quarters and use different sides per panel to minimise carrying left-over dirt from early panels.

    38cm x 45cm - close equivalent to the bowdens towel, but i'd say a tad thinner and has a plush and low-pile side - good as a towel for door jams and engine bay.

    • Worth cutting it in to 4? Or 2 depending on how big t is

      • I'd say cutting it would cause the edges to fray and end up causing more trouble then convenience? K-mart also sell normal size 30x40cm towels cheaply if that's what you were after?

    • Please let us know if the kmart one is still the better one. Thanks.

      • The bowdens towel unfolded is about the same size (slightly larger) and thickness as the Kmart Large towel once folded it into quarters. What i like about the more conventional Kmart towel is it can be folded to give 8 usable surfaces compared to the bowdens' 2, changing sides of the cloth will reduce chances of moving leftover missed dirt around the car.

        The other benefit of the Kmart towel is that you could buy 5 for the price of a half price bowdens towel which means you could use a new cloth every 6-12mths and decrease the risk of contaminants from prolonged use of an expensive towel.

        The Bowdens would be a better quality of microfibre and would be slightly more absorbent, so it's a nice tool to have and use for those that can't have too much gear.

  • Limit 1 per customer :-(

  • Great product. Can definitely recommend even at original price.


    Any suggestions for a good/cheap wash broom? I have a Meguiars lambswool glove that works really well but I want to speed up the process and not get so drenched leaning over a large car.

    I literally used a soft indoor broom and it was okay but I need something with denser fibres.

    The ones at supercheap seem really expensive.

  • I see a lot of praise for Bowdens detailing products, are they actually that good or just marketing?

    • From my own experience - their reputation is deserved. TBH I don't know if they even have a marketing budget, most of the praise I see for them is word of mouth.

      Just like all brands, they have some standout products and some average ones but overall they are a good quality over the counter brand. Boutique/specialist detailing brands are of course higher quality but are often at a higher price with limited availability. Bowden's sits at the Meguiar's hobbyist tier for me and since they are an Aussie brand I prefer to support them all other things being equal.

    • There is better out there, but not at their price point.

      Good combination of price and quality.

  • Serious question: can it be used as a tea-towel too?

  • $40 for one microfibre towel? This better be the best towel in the world or else.

  • Thanks! I've been looking to try a new super absorbant drying towel. This is perfect. I love bowdens other products too! :)

  • Once you finish drying and need to detail then use this -


  • i thought this was a bit of a wank until i actually bought one… hands down the best towel i've used, i went and also got one of their koala soft polishing anti dust towel thing too…. anyway, this cost $15 after club membership credit so it's well worth $15 or equivalent to a packet of endoloops ?

  • I loved this so much that i actually bought 4 of them and got my mother in law to sew them together and its my primary towel for the shower


    cant get past payment stage. neither paypal nor cc works.

    also, anyone got any tips on how to get swirl marks out? stupid dealer delivered new car with swirl marks. not happy jan.

    • Yea, not sure what's happening, I can't even login.

    • You'll need a cutting compound as a polish, otherwise a product like Meguiars ScratchX will help

      • +1 vote

        Meguiars have/used to have a swirl remover product in their professional cutting compound range but seem to have dramatically reduced their catalogue in Australia.

        Having said that, the same swirls come back after a few months which makes me think it fills them in with wax rather than actually removing them.


        i was looking at the scratchX because its on sale and looks like it would do something. then saw some YT videos of toothpaste doing the same, but doubt i will want to go that cheap

        that said, i know i can take it to a pro, but i'm sure theyll try upsell me on everything. i just want it reasonably fixed as its not that bad and i'm sure theres a product that i can apply myself that they might just apply anyway.

        i'd be willing to learn to do my own detailing, and think there's forums for that too.

        i've never been one to take it to a pro when i can learn to do myself.

        • Shouldn't learn on a new car though.

          Keep in mind that for any serious work you will need to outlay a bit of money for a polisher, different foam pads (cutting, polishing, etc) different compounds (cutting compound, polishing compound, sealant/wax) claybar, good microfiber cloths, etc.

          I don't think i removed any swirls on my car polishing/cutting by hand, and i tried scratchX too.

          I decided i wanted to learn to do machine detailing myself, and once i knew what i wanted i spent more on the products and materials to use then what a pro detailer would have charged me, but it's ok for me as i used it many times since, on our cars and still have some product left but getting too cbf to do full details lately.

          TL:DR if you want to do it just once, take it to a pro. If you want to play with it and learn, get a machine and some compounds and go for it, but it might be more expensive to start with, then a pro detail, but will end up cheaper if you use it more than once.

    • Best to take it to a pro detailer. Will probably cost you a couple of hundred bucks but they can do a proper paint correction and coat it so they're less likely to come back

    • b0rat, did you ever get past payment? I’m having the same problem now (has been fine in the past) and am searching for the solution. Such a lot of time wasted on SCA site, sigh

      Edit: solved in this post Had to enter billing address manually instead of selecting from dropdown menu. Too strange! Thanks go to Andrewk35


        i did eventually. i waited a day or two. it seems to stuff up every now and then (during sales), then they fix it. probably grossly incompetent IT team applying temporary fixes because they can't resolve the actual problem.

        edit: or the above

  • I dropped mine in the garden and it's picked up all this mulch.
    Any tips, other than sitting down and ripping each piece out of bark one by one?

  • Paid $15, the $10 club catch bonus comes straight away

  • I joined and bought the club member, but it still charging me $19.99. I can see that I got $10 credit. How can I apply it to this purchase? Thanks.

    Update: Never mind. Got it.:)

  • Now that I've got the drying towel, can anyone recommend a good/cheap car wash or kit?

    Need the car wash and a wash towel

  • Is this the same price in-store if you present your membership?

  • Great, thanks OP


    yep and because i couldn't make payment its now completely sold out SA wide

  • I use a strong portable cordless blower, does 90% of the drying job. Last 10% with chamois is very quick

    • Mind sharing which blower you've got ?
      Am thinking of getting one to help dry the car

    • this is exactly what i do (black car problems). i use a $90 ozito blower from bunnings, does the job fine, especially from in between door jams and under the boot and rear view mirrors, which "leak" the most

      ive been using the big green sucker towel for over a year and have no complaints. works very well.

  • sign up to the club, use cashrewards and free $10 credit = WINNING!

  • How much is postage?

  • Been using this guy for a few weeks and its def better than what I was using before (2x waffle weave cloths). Would buy again. A+++
    Just need the one cloth to dry the whole car (i have a station wagon)

  • How does this compare with the waxit (also 1000gsm microfibre) apart from being slightly bigger, and green ?

  • I have one of these, paid full price for it and for $20 it’s a bargain! Honestly if you’ve used one of the yellow style chamois before this is way way easier and so fast

  • no stock anywhere in SA so i'd have to pay shipping :(

  • Have one of these and can confirm they are amazing at sucking up water. Bought another one!

  • I am hanging my head in shame :(

    Didn't do an online order and went into the store today to buy one and they are sold out in Coffs Harbour.

    Don't feel like paying $14 delivery for one.

    Sigh. Will try the K-Mart cheapo one and see how it goes.


    need to do an online order as well, free shipping min is $150, so i'm struggling to get there.

    any ideas? some stuff i have in cart

    Export Wet Look Tyre Shine 400g - 4 for $9.98
    Gold Class Car Wash - 1.9 Litre
    Scratch-X - 207mL
    Foam Applicator Pads - 4 Pack
    AUTOGLYM Interior Shampoo - 500mL (dont know about this)

    need more random but useful items that are actual good price

    • ymmv however, i like the meguiars lambswoold wash mitt, the super green sucker & bowden drop bear cloth. the other thing is scratchx is harsh, it's for deep scratches and will strip wax/ceramic coating.

    • Your going to spend $150 to get free shipping on a $20 towel?

      I tip my hat to you sir.

  • No one prefers Aldi's or Kmart's??