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Handy 240L Green Wheelie Bin $78.90 (Was $110) @ Bunnings


Great price. Enjoy :)

The Handy 240 litre wheelie bin is the perfect waste container for multi-unit dwellings and homes, materials handling, medical practice treatment rooms or as a commercial kitchen waste container.

Featuring a UV resistant construction, it is also resistant to frost, decay and chemicals, while its wheeled design makes it portable and easy to manoeuvre.

  • Resistant to heat, frost, decay and chemicals
  • 240 litre capacity
  • UV stabilised
  • Easy to manoeuvre

Credit Pricehispter

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  • +34

    That's a wheelie good deal!

    • +20

      Really? I think it's a rubbish deal. Time to take out the trash.

      • -14

        lol, you guys are triggering people (neg votes)

  • +19

    Thanks! This is going to look so good with my ibis outfit for Halloween this week

  • +23

    Just report to your council that yours is stolen and you get a new one. Why waste $78.90?

    • +2

      You have to fill out an affidavit in SA.
      Councils also photo-recognise the serial on the sides of bins, so they know if the 'stolen' bin is still in circulation

      • +5

        That’s why I always file off the serial numbers when I pull this scam.

        • You've thought of everything :)

        • +4

          Some have RFID chips I’m them now too, they’re scanned as the trucks pick them up

          • @sghetti: Yeah, Brisbane City council has retro-fitted all of them with RFID chips now.

            • @DisabledUser110229: Bin stealing must be a thing in Brisbane City. Stay Classy!

              • @happirt: They're more interested in who's throwing out what, how often, how much (weight), and whether they've paid for that extra bin. Sydney and Melbourne councils are the same, though don't know if they've completed the roll out across all of them yet.

                It's a cameras watching our garbage fall out of the bin world we live in now. As a bonus they can use it to keep tabs on the drivers.

          • +9

            @sghetti: @sghetti: These days our garbage bins have more tech than the nbn

            • +2

              @twig: Both use the GIGO principle

    • what if you put 2 of these out front , will they empty both or just 1

      • Both

      • Unless your local council is a smarty pants and has different coloured lids :(

      • In Brisbane they've put RFIDs in all the lids. If they find an un-tagged bin it will get flagged for collection.

        Realistically then, the only reason it's worth buying these is if you're a commercial entity who puts your garbage into a larger bin / skip before collection.

        • +1

          or if you want a handy outboard motor rinse/flush trolley

      • You can pay for an additional bin in my council. So I'm pretty sure the guys who drive the trucks just empty all the bins.

    • +4

      people that play that trick are real trash

    • Isn't that fraud to report to your local council that the bin was stolen when it really wasn't. I mean the council is a local arm of a government is it not. You would be basically defrauding a government.

      • +6

        Hmmm, defrauding the fraudsters. Do two wrongs make a right?

      • No councils are not a local arm of government as they cannot create laws but they act as if they are and even call themselves "local government". In the 80s there was a referendum to give them that power but it failed.

        • You re-inventing the term then? Never heard of LGAs? LG has always meant "councils" (municipalities, boroughs, shires etc): https://www.australia.gov.au/about-government/how-government...
          Councils make rules (often enforcable in law courts) and raise/manage public funds for (supposedly) public benefit, are mostly elected, and generally are run under the auspices of, drumroll, a state "Local Government Act". They have always been considered the third tier of government, albeit with reduced powers.

    • -2

      Just throw your garbage on the street it's free and you save the cost of a phone call.

    • That's right, and you'll pay $30 more one-off for next council rate

    • Not in Tasmania. You buy your own, and if it's stolen you buy another one.

      • You're lucky YeahTheFknBoys doesn't live down there.

  • -1

    If you’re in the ACT… You can call up the ACT shopfront or whatever it is, tell them your bin (or recycling bin) was stolen and they’ll come drop a new one off.

    • +11

      You can also walk out of supermarkets without paying for your groceries.

      • +7

        You can also mug old ladies on pension day. Or download an MP3.

        • +3

          Or download a car or a house

        • +1

          "Or download an MP3."

          What? Downloading MP3 files is not illegal.

        • i find pensioners really struggle if you try to get them in the bin head first. Try the fireman lift.

  • +5

    medical practice treatment rooms

    Perfect for dumping those used cadavers.

    • +25

      Consulate office of Saudi Arabia in Turkey might need to stock up.

      • +5

        Not necessarily Turkish, even the one in Canberra might actively looking for it.

  • What will happen if I buy this 240L waste bin replace my 80l bin without notice council?

    • Your rates will go up accordingly lol

      • +1

        What if you rent?

      • +7

        Incorrect. The bin men do not give a rats ass, all they do is follow the street bins so they can go home.

        • In Brisbane they're all logged via RFID chips and GPS. They don't have to care, it'll get flagged in a report. It'll be someone else's job to go out and retrieve the un-tagged bin.

    • +1

      80 litres? Holy cow. Ours is 140 litres.

      Good question though. Assuming the truck is compatible with 240L and assuming the council offers 240L one way or another then I doubt the driver would care enough to do anything about it.

    • +1

      Also interested… For research purposes

    • Depending your bin colour, if it's different the Garbo will know and not flip it up.

    • +1

      Dunno - we borrowed our neighbours bin and put both out… and they didn't take one as they have a list/computer of how many bins per property. I think they're starting to become more sophisticated.

      • -1

        out side there house??

    • +2

      We got a 140L from council but only use the 240L from bunnings. Have been using it for a year without council noticing.

  • +7

    xmas gift for the mrs sorted

    • +2

      Lol if I tried that…all my clothes will be in it the next day

  • +2

    The enthusiasm of that Bunnings staff member in the video has sold me on this deal.

  • +1

    drill a few holes in the bottom and in the side for drainage and u got a wheely tree planter

  • +12

    This is great for disposing of smaller bins.

  • +2

    Guys i know this sounds cheap, but it is a major rip still. Councils that buy these in bulk get them for $35 or thereabouts.

    • +3

      Bunnings would have a 100%+ markup on the vast majority of their items.

      • +8

        But lowest prices are just the beginning.

        • +3

          Beginning of what?

          It's like a permanent cliffhanger. I don't like stories without resolution.

    • Regardless of how much it costs the council, they still have no problems charging rate payers almost $200 for replacement bins

    • +1

      Got mine from Masters for $35 back in the day.

  • +3

    lol, remember when the environmental warriors had these replaced with smaller bins to encourage recycling, and the councils just dumped the old (heavy, plastic) bins in landfill? Nice work guys /s

  • Any limit as to how many bins you can put out for collection for Brisbane Council?

  • +3

    For Salisbury S.A residents you can pick up a 240L green bin for $56 or delivered for $65 from NAWMA (http://www.salisbury.sa.gov.au/Live/Waste_and_Recycling/Gree...)

  • in ACT just call them and they will drop you off one for free

  • are these good for dissolving corpses?

    • +1

      Plastic is fine with hydrofluric acid. Just don't use your bathtub like Jesse did in Breaking Bad!

  • +1

    Not a bargain. $55 with Brisbins in Brisbane

  • I reckon the inventor of wheelie bins is richer than Bezos, just reclusive.

  • +1

    I see these on verge pickup all the time

  • +2

    Instead of buying reusable bags at the supermarket I'll be using this instead. thanks op.

    • Not a fan of trolleys then?

  • Our Council ( Mitcham SA ) will only replace a waste or reycling bin if it gets stolen and even then you need to fill out form and get signed by a JP or police officer.
    If Green bin gets nicked you have to replace yourself.
    If you want an extra Green bin collected they charge you an additional $$ per year.

    We have one spare and we store Firewood in it over winter

  • Can I recycle this bin?

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