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Honda Whipper Snipper Line Trimmer 4 Stroke UMS425 $255.55 + Delivery (Free for Sydney Metro) @ GYC Mowers


One of the highly recommended line trimmers. Shows free shipping for Sydney metro.

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  • I have this. It's okay.
    Could do with a strap for the misso

    • the "misso"?


      The bent shaft makes it a bit awkward to use. Excellent motor, not loud and no smoke.
      A lot heavier than a 2 stroke but you get used to it. It.s not the weight itself, but it does effect the balance, combined with the massive bent shaft may a while to get used to.

      Could never go back to a 2 stroke, never found an electric one with enough grunt for my needs.

      Remember you need to change the oil with a 4 stroke, just something to remember, but no mixing fuel.

    • Lol I got the Misso but what strap are you talking about?

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    Shaft looks bent.

  • Ours starts like a champ every time, even after a long winter break. I'll stick with my Honda 4 stroke motor until I go electric.

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      My Stihl does to… Have had it for 3-4 years now. Had a Honda before but the Stihl is much lighter, so better for bigger jobs that take a while…

    • I've got a 2 stroke makita… usually starts about the 10-20th pull. Needs a lot of foreplay.

      • Here's what I've found to be an almost guaranteed way to get a 2 stroke 'snipper started:

        Press prime bulb 10x
        Set to Choke setting
        Hold the throttle trigger at full and pull 3 times (It'll likely sputter, start and stop again. That's fine)
        Hold throttle trigger at full again and pull to start.
        Keep it held at full throttle until it manages to get the revs up without bogging down

        I had a snipper that sat for close to 6 months because I could never get it started. Found a post on some gardening forum that described the above steps and it's worked a treat every single time.

    • My Stihl blower has been sitting in the garage for 3 years. I have a Gardner come and do our lawn. His leaf blower wouldn't start so he asked to borrow mine. Turns out it doesn't start now. Took it to Stihl they wanted $80 to look at it and then they will quote for the actual work. Does anyone know how to fix it?

      • Depends what's wrong with it, hence the $80 diagnostic fee. If you're using three year old fuel I'd tip that out and replace it with new stuff before doing anything else.

        Remember that pull start two strokes are pretty simple beasts and your issue is going to be a lack of fuel, air or spark (or any combination of the three).

        New fuel, clean air filter, replace spark plug (if you don't have a tester and can verify it's good). If it still won't start after that then it's going to be something to do with the carb (or the lines running to / from it) or some other wiring / electrical issue. Trying to start it with the fuel cap off is another trick which may yield positive results.

      • I definitely agree with Nomadesque, but as an amateur, I would also use a can of "Start Ya Bastard" from SCA.

  • Loving my 2-piece 25cc 2-stroke ALDI $79 unit:-)

  • Looks just like my civic :)lol

  • I have the straight shaft version now for almost 6 years. For this price I'd go bent shaft!

  • This is an interesting design.

    The 4 stroke engine has the advantage of being better on fuel and lasting much longer.

    The bent shaft design has the disadvantage of using more fuel, and not lasting as long as a straight shaft.

    Haft of this has been set up for long term use and half hasn't. You'd be better of getting a straight shaft if possible. But if you don't use it enough to warrant that extra cost, a 2-stroke model would probably work fine.

  • surely these filthy archaic 2/4 stroke things are becoming extinct.. who out there needs more than a 40v? I have one theyre great.

    • People who don't take their coffee with soy, that is who.

    • To a certain extent, but you’ll still find that many industries will continue to use petrol/diesel for ages to come because it’s just more reliable in remote areas where it might be hard to find a charge, also with oil you don’t need to wait for it recharge or worry about batt packs going off. Personally I’m all for electric, but yeah petrol and diesel isn’t going anywhere. EG; im not sure if loggers will ever switch to electric.

    • You're welcome to come out to my acreage with your 40V and pit it against my Honda 4 stroke. We'll see which one gives up first with the weeds and fence lines I am cutting.

  • I bought mine 9 years ago and it's still going strong.

  • Want this but already have four 2 stroke whipper snippers at my house. Two of them are mine, recently went to use and found fuel bulb had cracked. So borrowed my dad's which also cracked after a few presses. Ended up using my neighbours. My shed currently looks like a whipper snipper graveyard. You'd think they'd use a less perishable material for the bulb. Gunna order some spares off ebay and have a go replacing em myself.

  • Has anyone purchased from Edisons ebay before?
    Currently have 20% off for the 4-stroke GX35 Honda pole chainsaw which comes with a few other attachments.
    Is it a legit Honda motor? I assume pole/attachments aren't from Honda but looks a decent price if motor is legit.

    • Avoid anything from Edisons - check the horror stories over at Whirlpool etc about their myriad of made up brands. Essentially absolute junk.

    • Yeah they’re marketing is a bit sus with their products and after reading up on whirlpool, agree with Nikko that Edison’s need to be avoided

      Some of their brands are german sounding but thats it

    • I got same hesitation as you. The price of that multi tools one is so good and it says honda powered. But since no reivews can be found and to avoid risk. Then I gave up that offer.How's you going?

      • I'll probably give it a miss, most of the reviews I've found are pretty old although they aren't on the Honda model.
        Could always purchase the multi-tool and return in 30 days if it's not actually a Honda engine. Although I imagine it'd be a hassle rather then spending a little more for peace of mind

  • $55 shipping to Victoria

  • Average deal at best. I went to my local dealer and got one for 299 and they threw in an upgraded bump feed head worth 40 and loads of other gimmicky stuff. You'd be better off heading to your local independent dealer and supporting them.

  • Robust things, I paid nearly double that for mine 10 years ago and still runs like a champ. I wouldn't recommend this however I think I have changed the oil once in that time and still starts and runs easily.

    Would prefer a straight one instead one day.

  • How is the line thingy? I hate changing mine so much, why aren't there more user friendly line replacement thingies ?

  • I used to had cheap trimmer from Bunnings, after couple of use I threw it away, it needs 20 to 30 pulls to start. I heard Honda motor is the best but a battery version has becomes popular. Any suggestions?

  • Ego 2.4mm electric snipper 56v works a treat on my 900m2 block, close to petrol performance beats my 2 stroke victa.

  • I just hire a bogan.

  • My Honda UMS425 has been going strong for over 14 years. Has not changed in Design in all that time. Only thing it has needed was fuel bowl replaced this year. And regular oil changes.

  • My Stihl blower has been sitting in the garage for 3 years. I have a Gardner come and do our lawn. His leaf blower wouldn't start so he asked to borrow mine. Turns out it doesn't start now. Took it to Stihl they wanted $80 to look at it and then they will quote for the actual work. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  • For those who live in Vic, $279 , $10 more, many stores it seems

  • I'm looking for trimmer, it seems good deal and it's Honda brand. Anyone has any suggestions for the Honda powered stuff like Baumr-AG BCX-750 Honda Powered 4-Stroke 6 in 1 Multi Tool. It comes with Honda engine, but the reviews of Baumr-AG seem not that good. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • I just hired a stihl 2 stroke trimmer from kennards. $47 for the day including line and fuel. Got 3-4 hours work done. For those with a smaller block it might be worth just hiring instead.

    For larger jobs, I would want a straight shaft with harness and bike handle, as I found the smaller units are not good for lots of work.

    • Wow, $47 for a day is wayy too steep. It's not like you only use it once or twice a year right? I think it's worth owning one.

      I bought a Ryobi 2 stroke straight shaft for $240. Been using it every other week.

    • A couple of months ago, purchased from ALDI 31cc 4 stroke straight shaft with steel blade & line feed for $99 with 3 yr warranty.
      Using on large block when grass is knee to waist high, starts, runs & cuts well. Is a little heavy but shoulder strap helps. When grass is not too long the Ozito 18v is a breeze.

  • I have the straight shaft/bike handle version of this one. Would be the same engine. Really happy with it, runs like a champ and makes a lot less noise than a 2 stroke.

  • I placed online order last night and received a phone call today advising it's ready for pickup. These guys sound very professional and it seems they run a very good business. Usually when you buy something heavily discounted the seller treats you like a nobody, not so with these guys - Big thumbs up!!

    • We have bought from then before (including special orders and parts) and they have always had good service.

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