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TaoTronics TT-BH22 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones $59.74, BH027 Earphones $24.74 + Post (Free $49+/Prime) @ Amazon


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EDIT: the TT-BH22s have now sold out, Thank you to all that have purchased! The code for the BH27s will be valid until 8pm AEST

TaoTronics TT-BH22 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones was $89.99 Now $59.74 Code: RYAF2QDV EDIT: Sold out

A Personal Oasis of Quiet: Active noise cancellation (ANC) switch
Adjustable Fit, Maximum Comfort: With 90° swivelling ear cup & super soft protein ear pads
Long-Lasting Music Playback: Battery life of up to 25 hours or Plug in when the battery is low
Dual Large-Aperture 40 mm drivers: Expect aggressive bass, balanced mid-levels, and bright highs
Hassle-Free Clear Calls: Built-in CVC 6.0 noise-cancelling microphone for clearer call quality
Highly rated by News.com.au YouTube Reviews by ASBYT & Unbox Junkie

Still Available:

TaoTronics TT-BH027 Bluetooth Earphones Sport Earbuds was $32.99 Now $24.74 with Code 2ITUUBKF

IPX6 level: Protective inner Nano-coating that makes it the Bluetooth headphones for running even to outbrave rain and sweat
Robust one-piece molding: Metal CNC machining provides extra stability & the soft, airtight rubber inline controls are more durable and comfortable
Comfort & universal fit: soft ear buds cater to the comfort of your ears; freely combinable ear tips and ear hooks suit all situations
All day, every day: 9 hours of playtime for a whole day of use and an included OTG charging cable refuels the Bluetooth earphones anytime
Safe, magnetic design: clip the two ear buds easily together and wear them around your neck for extra loss-resistant security

SunValley introduced TaoTronics in 2011 to produce High Quality, Low-Cost consumer electronics. Since then they have grown to be a leading consumer electronics brand with hundreds of products and millions of satisfied customers. They are now officially entering the Australian market and will be adding more and more products to their Amazon AU store. To find out more about TaoTronics and their products or register to get your Free Extended Warranty visit www.TaoTronics.com

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  • inb4 someone compares to Sony and/or Bose

    • How do these compare to beats by apple? :P
      Quarter the price….just as good.

    • Heh its already got the Sony beat on two key points as per review:

      . comfort wearing experience, inbuilt microphone that allows you to talk while listening to music,
      . Bluetooth can connect to multiple devices simultaneously.

    • How does this compare to…
      Corsair for GAMING? :P

  • For the BH-22s what features are better and/or worse than the earlier offered BH-40s?

    • different deign? these are more oval ear pads, those are circular, gotta as xev


      Sound quality wise they are very similar.

      They are different styles though and the BH22s fold down into a small size and comes with a smaller case.

  • Bought these TaoTronics TT-BH22 Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones in the last deal and used them on my trip to Europe. Gee these are great , cut out most of the noise, comfy and very light weight easy to wear.
    Good price too.

    • I concur. Love their portability and comfort (at this price point).

    • I also bought on the last deal and found them perfectly acceptable for my flights to the USA. Yes all of my colleagues were wearing Bose/Sony/Sennheiser, but I only paid 1/6th of the price they had to pay, with almost as much benefit.
      Also I wear them to the gym and they're great. I'm not always worried about them like I would be about a $350 pair. If they fall down and smack the ground hard (which does happen), meh that's fine. (Btw they are very sturdy and have no signs of damage or wear yet despite my hard treatment of them.)
      The battery lasts a long time.
      I would buy again.

  • +2 votes

    Got one! Thanks rep

  • BH027 mic function as good as the headphones come with the phone? I bought SB and the other side hardly can hear me. Any feedback appreciated

  • So which model has the best sound quality and noise cancelling?

    • +1 vote

      I have compared them and honestly, the sound is very similar on all. I wouldn't be able to pick one I prefer.

      The main difference between the BH22s, BH040s & BH047s is style and the BH040 & BH022 come with (different) carry cases.

      The BH22s fold up into a smaller case.

  • These noise cancelling headphones or the Aldi ones?

    • These are Bluetooth while the ALDI ones are wired

    • +11 votes

      These ones. But I am biased :)

    • I have the Aldi ones, picked them up on clearance for 20 bucks down from 30. I have to say that for 20 bucks they are probably the best set of headphones I have ever come across, with or without ANC. The ANC isnt Bose level, but these are still doing a great job on the train and the battery lasts weeks (had them 4 weeks and havent charged them since I bought them). Compared to a pair of Marleys I have (bought for 25 but rrp was at least 80) the Aldi pair sounds better, I dont have an extremely expensive pair of cans to compare them to unfortunately (and yes 400 bucks for headphones is extremely expensive IMO, I dont think anyone was spending that much for the first 40 years of the walkman being out).

      Apart from ANC they have a removable cable and good build quality, fold up, go right around my ears (oval) and when ANC is off they still work. Having said that I am considering this deal as it's Bluetooth, but mainly because it has a mic and the noise cancelling might be better, and damned if I am going to ever pay 300 bucks for slightly better sound

  • Thanks OP for following up with the messages! I've picked up a pair

  • Amazon US suggests bh016 is the newer and maybe better version of bh027 sport earbuds (now offering aptX support).
    Do you have that in stock/ on offer too ?


      I don't think Amazon gets it right with there 'newer version' notes.

      I have put the question through to the Rep and will let you know when I get an answer.

  • Hey Rep, how about a deal on your transmitter/receivers to go with these offers?

    • +4 votes

      I am hoping next week we might have a deal.

      Send me a private message and I will notify you.

      If anyone would like me to let them know when I have a deal for specific TaoTronics, VAVA or RAVPower products please send me a private message with that product in the title and I will notify you a soon as the deal is active :)

      • i'm interested in a deal for the transmitters too (to be used with TV),
        and so i'd like the earphones with the APT-X to go with them :-)

    • +1 on transmitter receiver

  • Is BH22 rechargeable and include a battery?

  • +7 votes

    Having bought these headphones for the same price previously - The ANC is way overrated and have plenty of lag when hooked up to TV (as no aptx or ll) so I don't recommend these if they are important features, save the money and put them towards a better pair unless you want general purpose low end BT headphones.

    I have a pair of bh025s and they are great, aptx and no lag from TV.

    • 100% accurate. Don't expect wonders with the ANC and you'll be happy with this purchase as a general purpose set of wireless headphones.

    • Thank you, your comment saved me from purchasing the wrong set.

      Not needing to buy right now but does anyone know which is the best model for TV watching? It looks like the BH036 has aptx but is that different from aptx low latency?

      I want to get some headphones for my father as he is quite deaf and being able to isolate the sound with some ANC and play directly into his ear would be a big help for both him and Hello protect my mother's ears from a very loud TV.

      • +2 votes

        Any with aptx or aptx ll should be fine. You do need a decent transmitter too, ideally supporting each of these modes. Taotronics produce these so hang in there for a deal. However, I bought 2018 Avantree Audikast which supports both, 2 simultaneous connections (will transmit whatever the worst pair accepts) etc which have great reviews but more expensive than the taotronics.

    • So, just to confirm is TaoTronics TT-BH22 support APTX ? seems like there are conflicting information ? Thx

    • How about when wearing outside listening with iPhone?

  • Thanks OP! Bought a pair of BH22s

  • Do you need amazon prime to get it down to $59.74, I was hoping to just use the coupon code and just pay postage (non prime user here )

  • Ordered the TT-BH040's in the previous deal no worries but this keeps giving me this error when trying to buy the TT-BH027's…

    The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.

    Anyone else have any issues?

    • +1 vote

      You may be trying to use the wrong code, the correct one is 2ITUUBKF

      If that isn't the issue let me know :)

      • Haha….yep that was it, saw the other code further down the page.

        After how impressed I was with the BH040's I have no hesitations in giving the earbuds a whirl for my gym and cardio sessions.

  • +1 vote

    The earphones are very good value at $24.74. Someone just posted half-price earplugs costing more!

  • Hi Rep, any chance of a deal on Taotronic noise cancelling wired earbuds? I.e. https://www.amazon.com/TaoTronics-Cancelling-Headphones-Awar...

    • +1 vote

      We had a deal on those last week so it may be a while before there is another deal.

      We will be having a deal on the similar EP001s coming up in the next couple of weeks


      Send me a private message if you would like me to notify you when I have an active deal for either :)

  • Cheers OP. Got the BH22's & picked up Tronsmart Mega 40W BT speaker also. Traveling OS next week so will claim TRS on these & the Xiaomi Mi A2 64GB I ordered this week.

    • Does it all not have to be on one invoice of > $300 to qualify for TRS?

      • Nope :)
        " your purchases are from a single business with the same Australian business number (ABN) and total AUD 300 (GST inclusive) or more. For example, if you bought items from one business, even on separate invoices, that together total AUD 300, these items could be eligible for a tax refund under the TRS"

        • Nice one! Do you need to show them the items you purchased?

          • @c0nfus3d: yep, they need to be with you.

            • @wiz187: Great, thanks for clarifying!

              • @c0nfus3d: So made a rookie mistake. Although I did purchase the 3 items from Amazon.com the sellers were all different & as a result all had different ABN's on gst receipts - there for was not able to claim on the headphones & speaker ( lost about $15 reund on trs ). Not a huge mistake but next time I will try n find items all sold by amazon. Got the rebate on phone though $30+ & that was my main concern. Just thought i would share my lesson with you.

  • Just got my bh040 from the previous deal, compared to my sony xm2s they are more comfortable and the noise cancelling felt the same. Sound is different, the TTs sound hollower, not as clean as the sony's and im not even an audiophile but for $58 you cant go wrong i guess.

    • Interesting that some feedback on Amazon suggested the ANC is not great. Ordered 2 of these for ourselves for Xmas overseas holiday so will see. Don't fly enough to warrant 2 XM3s unfortunately.

  • is there a cheaper version without noise cancelling?

    • +1 vote

      There are the TT-BH028s, it's been a while since there has been a deal on those, I will have to ask the Rep.

      If you would like me to notify you when I have a deal send me a private message :)

      EDIT: I would help if I included the link https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07FFT4TFW

  • Thx OP ! Great timing as I was looking for an ANC travel headphone. Ordered one.

  • Thanks OP! Grabbed one TT-BH22!

  • I missed out the last deal on TT-BH040, should i get this one instead? which one is better in terms of sounds and comfort? i personally like the big round cups design on the TT-BH040

  • Of all the models, which would be the best for watching tv?
    Edit: headphones not earphones preferred

  • I don't need another headphone, already own a PLT BBPro2, but I just don't know why I bought another one instead…

  • Showing up 89.99 for me???

  • This or wait for a deal for BH40? I heard the newer version is not as comfortable to wear for long time?


      It depends on which style you prefer.

      • Haha thanks I find both seems to be good, although I slightly prefer the more comfortable one. Shame none of them support aptx ll as I already own the TT-BA09 at home.

  • ShopBack Amazon cashback is increased to 20%! Ony for Nov 1st!

  • Bought 2 pairs of the BH0027s will leave a review once I've used them a bit! Thanks for the deal!

  • For some reason still showing 5.99 delivery even though have applied both codes and showing free shipping in promotions applied.

    Order Summary
    Items: $122.98
    Delivery: $5.99
    Order Total: $128.97
    Promotion(s) Applied: -$36.24
    Order Total: $92.73

    It's ok still a good price but was a weird error.


      You shouldn't have been charged for delivery at all, I would contact Amazon support about that error.

      • I might do it if I get the energy too. Gonna go out and get some brekky now.. Mind is still not awake I think.

  • Bought one of the BH22, will leave review later. Good deal, thanks!

  • If the bluetooth transmitter is connected to a device like a Nintendo Switch, can anyone confirm whether it will be able to receive voice from headphone and transmit that through?

  • Thanks OP,..Bought one to replace my https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/115046 Phillips Downtown since 2013
    Hopefully the sound quality would be much better?

  • Just jumped on board. Got some for Dad. Interested to see how these compare to other headphones.

  • I have a large head. Can anyone comment if these can accommodate?


      I have a big head as well and can wear the BH22s comfortably, but if I want to wear a hat as well they can be a bit tight.

      The BH047s headband extends further and the BH040s even further.

      • thanks. I think a safer bet for me would be the BH040s. I see there was a code for them a week or so ago, didn't notice that one. Any new BH040 deals coming up?


          We had a deal on those last week so it will probably be later this month before we have another deal.

          It looks like we will have a deal on the BH047s in a couple of weeks,

          If anyone would like me to let them know when I have a deal for specific TaoTronics, VAVA or RAVPower products please send me a private message with that product in the title and I will notify you a soon as the deal is active :)

  • Anybody who has bought any of these and uses in windows 10, can you show me what devices they show up as (i.e. what does this screen look like?

    I'm trying to avoid this problem:

    Which I'm guessing it has, as every device on earth seems to, but figured I'd check

  • How do these compare to the Bluedio noise cancelling earphones?

  • can anyone comment about how they perform in regards to delay?
    I like the fact it's bluetooth and has a good battery life, but i dont want to use them for listening to music purely. I would like to watch videos with audio in sync ideally

  • No aptX, no buy!

    Any deal on BH024?

    • +1 vote

      There isn't one planned at the moment but I am sure we will see a deal around the November and Pre-Christmas sales.

      If anyone would like me to let them know when I have a deal for specific TaoTronics, VAVA or RAVPower products please send me a private message with that product in the title and I will notify you a soon as the deal is active :)

  • I've tried using the your amazon link for the BH22.

    It's showing as $299 and then when I try to apply the code RYAF2QDV it says it isn't applicaple?

    • +1 vote

      Sorry Mate, The BH22s have now sold out.

      I will notify you when I have a new deal for those.

      If anyone would like me to notify them when I have a new deal for the BH22's please reply to this message

      If you would like me to notify you when I have a deal for any other product please send me a private message!