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2x Vegan Cheeseburgers for $8.90 @ Hungry Jack's


In conjunction with World Vegan Day, Hungry Jack offers 2 Vegan Cheese Burger for $8.90 today ONLY

Yes, 100% Vegan! Double vegan patty (made from corn, capsicum and carrot), vegan cheese and vegan mayonnaise with tomato sauce, onions, fresh tomato and crisp lettuce on a delicious seeded bun.

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    With hungry Jack's Coupan (which you can download from online) you can get 2 for A$7.50 (excluding tax)

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      I downloaded the latest vouchers from the hungry jack's site but couldn't see the 2 x vegan burgers for $7.50. Where did you find that deal?

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        Ask to swap the whopper meals to be vegan burgers

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        Yeah any time there is a Whopper in a deal you can swap it for a Vegan Cheeseburger.

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        Yep. I just show the whopper coupon and say two vegan cheeseburgers please. Always pay $7.95 for two in WA.

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        You just ask them.
        . I purchased twice(different locations) … It's not there in the coupons but when I asked that lady at counter she gave me 2 at A$7.50…

      • Sorry, its A$7.95

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      "In conjunction with World Vegan Day"

      I'll wait for world meat day.

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        Not gonna happen: it's eating meat that's destroying our planet.

    • I feel like it is worth pointing out that it seems to be up to the store manager as to they will swap for you. It says they can swap it for a vegetarian whopper. So on one occasion i got two Vegan Cheeseburgers which was great value. And on others i got two 'Vegan Cheeseburgers' which were single patty's with a bit of lettuce tomato and onion and not much else..

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      As a vegetarian my whole life i just had to log in and say that these new vegan burgers from hungry jacks are some of the worst food i have ever tasted, i felt like i was eating cardboard.

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    This or $2 Big Mac?

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      But it's world vegan day. :)

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            @xev: They could be less grumpy. A lot of negs for a joke. A lot of negs for anyone mentioning meat in this deal.

            • @alvian: They aren't known for their sense of humour.

              They wouldn't enjoy this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63NNuG-6-hQ

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                @xev: You only get negs because they aren't funny though, more just insensitive to peoples morals - I highly appreciate a joke but "Hurr why don't u have some MEAT LOL" is just lame and gets repetitive

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                  @tablewhale: So true. I personally feel that meat stinks by the very nature and origin of it but many of my friends don't mind the s(tink)mell. Why insist others to follow your way! We have food together regularly without passing these silly jokes.

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              @alvian: Insensitive jokes can go either way. Works wonder sometimes but often not. Your joke wasn't bad at all, but it just came across as sarcasm though. How about trying better next time yeh? Cheers, mate.

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                @virhlpool: That joke was made in the context of finding a cheaper burger product on World Vegan Day. It does not work on any other day but judging from the negs it does not work period. Grumpy humourless vegans should go neg the Big Mac deal, for true insensitivity shown by McDonald's on this day of celebration and promotion for veganism.

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                  @alvian: No one should neg nothing, nor should post insensitive jokes. Period. Btw, I am not a big fan of veganism as I love dairy. But each to their own.

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                  @alvian: I hope you have learnt your lesson and will only make vegan approved jokes in the future, like:

                  Q: Why did the tofu cross the road?
                  A: To prove he wasn't chicken.


                  Q: Why did the tomato blush?
                  A: Because he saw the salad, dressing.


                  Q: What do you call a vegan guy who likes to pleasure himself?
                  A: A non-dairy creamer

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                  @alvian: The joke doesn't work because it isn't a joke.

                  It's just the standard smart-ass remark that people would make to a vegan.

                  It isn't witty to subvert someone's avoidance of something by offering them the very "thing" they avoid. It is a very clear example of a mediocre sense of humour. I'm sure you can do better.

                  (Not vegan, by the way).

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                    @DisabledUser267133: I disagree with everything you said in your comment, except for the part about you not being vegan because I don't know you. But thanks for taking the time to tell me of your point of view.

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    Cooked on the same hot plates as the other burgers?

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      and sourced from the same planet as the other

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      So is it kosher or halal or not?

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      They are deep fried - not with meat products.

      • What about the nuggets they fry in the deep fryer?

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          Fries, hash browns these patties, etc in one fryer. Nuggets, other meat in fryer on other side of kitchen. Was this way at least when I worked there

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      Been said dozens of times on their Facebook. No.

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      Why would it matter if they were? It's not evil magic that curses everything it touches.

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        I know a vegan who refuses to eat at BBQs unless her food is cooked on a separate hotplate to everything else.

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          Must be hungry often.

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          Some people say that they get sick/ throw up when they have anything meat or dairy, once they've gone vegan for some time.

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            @follow: I've definitely become a bit lactose intolerant since giving up dairy which is quite strange (there are times where you can't avoid eating a big heap of cheese haha), but apart from that it sounds like a psychological thing for them

        • That's just weird. for me it's more about what your money buys and drives demand for, not kicking a hissy fit because some meat juice touches your food lol.

        • I wonder you know only one! Why do you think 100% vegetarian restaurants exist in the world? Have you been to any vastly vegetarian places/ countries?

        • I do the same thing with non-halal/kosher meat products so I can understand why your vegan friend does that Cluster.

          Put yourself in my shoes (most muslims & jews) don't eat pork products so it feels absolutely wrong for us to eat or have that touch our food even it be from a BBQ used & cleaned afterwards.

          Imagine if you went to China/Vietnam & knew they cooked & ate dogs. Would you want to eat near or at the same establishment? If most people are honest then probably not.

      • Think of it like this — would you like someone smearing their snot, fat cells, blood, and other bodily fluids on your food before eating? If you view meat as tissue and bodily fluids, having it smeared on your food isn't that appealing.

        I'm a vegetarian, i'm not that full on about it. But I'd prefer to not have a vegie burger not covered in bodily fluids.

        Slightly strawman argument, but would you be ok with your steak being cooked on a hotplate just used for cooking dog, cat, or rat? Why not, it's just fat cells, bits of skin, blood, and other bodily fluids from cats, rats and dogs?

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      Obviously vegan cheese. It says so in the description.

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      Username checks out. :)

      • +1

        I’ve always wondered, what does username checks out mean?

        • +1

          Maybe sharkb is wondering the same thing..

        • It usually means that the comment made by an user "makes sense", given their username. In this instance, the user says he needed bike tyres and so he found use for the burger patties. Username checked out, because it's jellykingdom. :-)

          • +2

            @aussieolfaction: whats the name jellykingdom got to do with bike tyres or burgers ?

            if username was macgyver id see a connection (famous for improvising things), but jellykingdom doesnt seem to fit with the username checks out thing.

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    As an avid meat eater i'm extremely curious to try one of these. Has anyone who isn't a vegan/vegetarian had one and can give some feedback? I'm going to try one regardless, if it tastes good i'll happily buy them over the animal product choices.

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      The GF is vegan, so I've had this burger twice now. It's nothing groundbreaking, but still tastes pretty damn good, and satisfies the fast/junk food requirement when heading to HJs.
      For her, it's more that she can walk into a place that's basically everywhere and order something without asking to remove a bunch of stuff. I think that's what is appealing to most people.

      • +9

        I've only swapped to veganism this year about 4 months ago (4 long months!), out of obligation to health reasons and I'm so stoked about HJ's as a place I can quickly grab something.

        I'd half break the rules and get a vegetarian burger from Opportos with no cheese before this.

        Still waiting on mcdonalds to pick up their game or KFC to become Kentucky Fried Cauliflower :-P

        • +10

          I would be at KFC on day 1 if they release a kentucky fried cauliflower zinger burger!

          • +1

            @iRMonkey: You must try a dish called 'Gobi Manchurian' (or 'Veg Manchurian' variant). Go google it.. These are Indian dishes prepared in Chinese way. Meat lovers love them. Btw, Gobi = Cauliflower

        • +1

          Kentucky Fried Chickenfeed Burger.

        • +5

          I can't believe that maccas doesn't even have a veggie burger yet, be easy enough to just remove the cheese and swap the mayo too. I hope demand for this burger makes Maccas pick up their game.

          • @greater mimic: They have an extensive range of veggie burgers (and other items) in India so I wonder why can't they simply launch some of them here. Demand is there for sure.

            • +1

              @virhlpool: Makes sense for India. I had their veggie burger in the UK and it was quite nice. Having a couple to choose from would be good, but I'm more than happy just for the one to start off with haha

        • What health reason requires veganism? Or did you just have to drop dairy and figured you'd go the whole hog (or no hog in this case)?

      • +6

        Ah good to hear. Won't be making the absolute transition to vegetarian or vegan but small changes are a start. I use to eat meat multiple times a day, that's been cut down to about 3-4 times a week, nothing major, but a start is a start.

      • +5

        Props to HJs for filling a gap in the fast food market.

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      I tried it the other day. It was like somebody mashed carrots and sweet potato together and fried it, but not in a good way but in a way that made the patty soggy and not crunchy. Would not recommend

      • +1

        yeah I agree, I was hoping it would be crunchy and maybe have a nice taste like falafels but they taste like mashed carrots and and peas with bits of corn. The cheese taste absolutely horrible. Worse, I think I paid as much for one as this deal.

      • Agreed with above sentiments. Like the Veggie burger really… not the nicest taste (but that's subjective).

        • I like the vegie burger, but it often depends on who makes it.

    • Friends that used to work there used to make a whopper and add a vegan patty. Best of both worlds

    • Veg-curious?

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    If you're vegetarian not vegan I'd definitely recommend the Veggie whopper w/ cheese over this. Real cheese and the whopper mayo/mustard/tomato sauce combo significantly elevates it over chemcially-tasting fake cheese and vegan mayo

    • They don't have the veggie whopper on the menu where we are anymore, could probably ask them swap out the cheese/mayo etc. though all our locals are charging for changes and salad additions now i.e. remove vegan cheese and add normal costs. Used to always enjoy adding jalapeno for free but those days are gone here…

      • I don't always see it on the menu boards but I've never had anyone look confused when I ordered it. It uses the same patty as the Vegan cheeseburger so they'd have no issue making it.

        • Yeah no confusion, but they charge to change the cheese at ours.

      • Really? I thought it was a standard item on their menu. I always find it in Sydney/ Melbourne unless they removed it recently.

        • It was… but it’s gone now for us, removed from the website and doesn’t show in the app. Still mentioned on that last vouchers though. Last time I asked for it was about 2 weeks ago when I got the explanation about them only doing the vegan cheeseburger now.

          • @Pobman: Oh no. That's a really sad news for veggie burger lovers. I don't like vegan food items as much as the veggie ones.

    • real cheese? lmao. cheese slices used is literally chemical made cheese "product". can't even legally call it cheese (like american cheese slices are called american slices, no cheese).

  • +4

    Vegan Cheese yellow square Burgers roll! Sounds delicious interesting like food like an option


    • Interesting.

      "100% better beef guarantee" on a vegan burger box, can't imagine that going down awfully well.

      • It will go down better than that 'cheese'.