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LG OLED55C8PTA 55"(139cm) OLED UHD AI Smart TV $1996 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Looks like we have gone sub $2000 for the LG OLED for possibly the first time on the C series since last year's B series!

Good Guys have listed the 55" today!

Other OLED's on sale from my other post

Original PGOOD20 20% off The Good Guys eBay Deal Post

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    In July I got this for it's lowest price yet of $2500. I don't think these will get much lower than this so if you're in the market - JUMP ON THIS DEAL!

    • So, I take it you like the TV?

      • Of course man. I haven't got any opinions on the competition but this is one sexy bit of kit. The UI for smart features is fantastic.

  • Finally pulled the trigger on this unit. Been waiting for it to hit sub 2k. Thanks OP

  • i'm wondering if it's good time to pull the trigger on this. Price coming down every ebay good guys 20% sale. Or wait until xmas? Sure It would be cheaper soon

    • +1

      The previous 55' oled from LG went to 1700 before this model. If you believe this tv will hit that before the next model then by all means wait. I don't think you will see sub 2k before chrissy but I'm not an expert :)

    • +5

      B7 hit the lowest ever on christmas day last year for $1700! Nothing has ever come close to that since then.

  • I always get mixed up… are OLEDs good for brighter or darker rooms?

    • +1

      Darker rooms definitely bcoz of the deep blacks.

      • TYVM!

    • But on bright living room lights it will looked less vibrant/less contrast compared to higher nits/brightness QLED from Samsung. That’s just my comparisons what I saw in store. Nothing against OLED, love ‘em!

      • I was tossing up between the LG and the Sammy 55 Q7 2018 QLED a few weeks back….went with the Q7 for a few reasons: I got it on the last GG 20% ebay sale for $1830 (C8 was still about $2200 reduced) and used the savings to buy a Yamaha soundbar + sub; the Q7 wall mounts much more cleanly and nicely - no ports on the side, everything is in the separate box out of sight with the single cable to the TV (no bunch of cords in wall); its for a bright room so extra nits might help; somehow the 'ambient mode' marketing got to me; more stylish remote (but prob less usability!); my existing Sammy LCD has lasted 10+ years without skipping a beat (touch wood); and finally I convinced myself (only JUST) that once they're not side by side like in the shop I won't miss those sweet sweet OLED blacks ;-)

        • I was not interested at all in the Sammy's until someone pointed out the optic fibre cable/separate box for inputs, that makes it much more enticing, not sure if there are any limitations to that setup though.

          This is very tempting though, my loungeroom is so bright in the day, I just don't know if the room will do an oled justice

  • Do these still have burn-in issue?

    • +4

      If you watch CNN on max brightness 24 hours a day, yes. If you use the TV normally, not really.


      • CNN is fake news anyway.

    • +2

      Never seen one OLED have burn in when I sold them at JB and this is going back to the FHD models lol

      • The one at Oxley JB had it last time I was there as a result of running the visual demo constantly. I could even see it on the bright blue sky images.

        • Fair enough but im talking about customers using them normally. Having an lg logo running every day for a year wont help lol

          • @solidussnake: Be careful i reckon. If you watch a lot of one channel, like Fox Sports, it can perhaps be a dangerous game of chicken with burn. I'd research it properly first for that specific model. I had it happen even on the final generation of plasmas with the latest anti-buurn in protection (it was exceedingly rare for it to happen unlike early plasmas) with it left on the same channel for 12 hours one day (hey, there was a lot of good sport on!)…..from what i have read the risks for OLEDs, as of last xmas anyway, was comparable. At that time i had read of a few people having issues i assume with the previous to current range models.

        • Most stores also turn all off their OLEDs off at the wall which skips the compensation cycle. The cycle runs in standby right after you turn off the TV and prevents burn-in.

          • @Ryballs: Yeah correct, the store managers didn't seem to care when I told them lol

      • Some of last years model were running static photos for the demo. They ended up burning in over time in some stores.

  • Is this better compared to Panasonic FZ950? =( Bought the Panny from previous TGG eBay deal for the same price …

    • +3

      Personally think the Panasonic has a better picture and design
      The LG has Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos onboard whereas the Panasonic does not
      If you watch a lot of sport I would recommend the Sonys - also supporting Dolby Vision and the 2018s has Atmos on Netflix

      • I see..

        I was interested in the AI ThinQ feature on LG.
        Anyway, no regret with the Panny.
        Thanks somm

    • +3

      I saw this video from HDTVTest which show LG OLEDs having dimming issues. Well-explained what the issue is about and not sure if it has been fixed at this point, but might be worth considering.

      He gave a fair bit of warning that you will not be able to unsee the issue, so for LG OLED owners, view at your own risk.


  • +2

    This is the price I bought my B7 for last year, then I was so sad to see that a few weeks later on boxing day it went down to $1700.
    So my advice would be, wait if you can.

    • …or use 28 degrees card.

      • +1

        I bought it from their eBay store, the $1700 deal was in the B&M store so they wouldn't allow it

  • Great price!

  • I just grabbed the 55X9000F… possible regrets…

    • +1

      Given you should have spent $400 less on it you shouldn't have regrets. It's a great non-OLED TV

      • I spent $1615 from JB with extended warranty, so not all bad. But is OLED that much better?

        • +5

          Yes. Unless you have a really bright room. Never look at TV prices once you've bought a TV. You'll find only pain.

          • @enzso: It's a pretty bright room. But the TV is only like 3 days old and this bad boy comes up, starts me looking at refund policies…

        • Why extended warranty?

          • @Amaris: They threw it in for free.

            • +1

              @cc23: Having worked at JB it's likely that it wasn't really for free. If a salesperson just gave shit away they wouldn't have a job for long.

              My guess is there was a lot of play in the price but instead of discounting the TV, they factored a "free" warranty into the price of the TV. Since extended warranties give bonus commission, salespeople will try to squeeze them in wherever they can.

              Next time try waiting till the salesperson leaves you at the counter then ask the cashier to remove the warranty. You will probably end up with a really good discount.

              • @Ryballs: Doesn't work. The cashiers will check with the sales person before removing the item. Unless you luck out and get an absolute ditz working the tills.

  • $3600 for the 65 worth it?

    • Yes.

      Got my B7 65 for $3600 delivered a few month ago……never looked back.

      • If money is of little consequence, sure.

  • I have the previous years B7T model, and the C8 is better. Highly recommend these TV's, couldn't say a bad word about them, except the speakers are a bit average, but I do not use the TV speakers.

  • Wow! Such a shame that the stand sticks out so much and I can't put the sound bar under it.

    • Look at the E8 in that case.

  • This or the 65'' Sony X9000F for a bright living room (for gaming and watching normal TV)

    • X9000F. I have both Sony OLED and LED at my place, but based on your requirements, go with the x9000f which has more brightness which is better suited for bright rooms and the input lag is lower on LED tv's anyday. That being said LG has a better input lag than Sony OLED's, but for a casual gamer like me, it doesnt make any difference.

  • What kind of wall mount do these support? My current Sony is mounted on the wall using Vesa and a different mount or no mount would be an issue.

    • +1

      They mount with regular VESA mounts (300x200), just keep in mind that because the mounting points are not in the centre it will likely sit higher on the wall than your Sony.

  • I’m not a fan of the curve out stand, does it reflex light very often? Especially in a dark room or some hue lights around. Don’t want that at all!

    • +1

      Nah, it's very matte

  • +12

    I had no plans on dropping $2000 today, I came very close. This site is dangerous.

  • Would anyone recommend this for watching sport? Also, you reckon pricing could get better for Black Friday/Cyber Monday online? This has been the cheapest ive seen this and been waiting a while.

    • +1

      This is a good deal. It may come cheaper but unlikely by much. Like any TV go see one in store and chuck some content on a USB if you are particular.

    • It's good for sport, the Sony would be a bit better (especially for free-to-air broadcasts of sport) due to better motion handling and image processing - the stuff the TV has to do to make lower quality content look decent on a UHD TV. But the LG is still really good. Like Xizor said, your best bet is to go somewhere in person and see which TV you're most satisfied with.

  • when is the new model due?

    • +3

      March/April 2019

  • +5

    videopro ebay has more stock around same price if TGG runs out
    thanks OP

  • +1

    Iam waiting for the 65 inch deal to get closer to $3000.

  • +2

    Great TV. Bought mine last week from David Jones for $2199 incl delivery. Really happy with the C8

  • Is it really worth spending extra 1.6k for 65"?

    • +2

      Yes especially if you are like me who already has a 55 inch tv.

  • +1

    Delivery on eBay $54.94, from TGG website only $35, to Sydney. Why the almost $20 difference?

  • anyone recieved a shipment notification? Was one of the first to jump on but no notice about the tv as yet

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