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LG 55” OLED55B7T B7 OLED Smart TV $1699.20 C&C ( + Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


The PUNCH coupon has actually now been verified, so it bring this TV down to a pretty damn awesome price!

I believe it only lasts for one day so get in ASAP tomorrow.

As always, enjoy :)

Original eBay Boxing Day Sale 10% off Min Purchase $75

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2017

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  • Tomorrow? 12.01am AEST ?

    Great price.

    $50 for posting from eBay.,,,. good guys website has posting $35 for me.

    How hard works it be for GG ebay to have GG website postage charges?

    • I believe it's about 10:00am but could be earlier, not 100% confirmed start time yet. Yeah the postage charges are a bit annoying..

    • Fees are paid on the postage, plus they are probably trying to get back another 1-2% in fees lost via eBay. Why wouldn’t they.

  • As long as they don't raise the price this is a good deal for those whom don't have multiple HN Amex cashbacks available.

  • will it fit a regular sedan?

    • Yes, if your rear seats fold down from the boot.

      However, it doesn’t hurt to carry some rope with you.

    • Most sedans are bigger than 55 inches

    • Do keep this in mind from the Panasonic OLED instruction manual:

      "Transport only in upright position. Transporting the TV with its display panel facing upwards or downwards may cause damage to the internal circuitry."

      Panasonic use an LG panel so I'd say the same rule applies.

      If it was me I'd pay for delivery.

      • These come with a shock sticker attached which show red if the device hasn't been kept in an upright position. Might have trouble returning it if the sticker is red from laying it down.

      • Do keep this in mind from the Panasonic OLED instruction manual:

        "Transport only in upright position. Transporting the TV with its display panel facing upwards or downwards may cause damage to the internal circuitry."

        Is that one of those instruction manuals you can't actually read until you've brought it home and opened it up?

        If it was me I'd pay for delivery.

        Let's hope the courier gives a fk. I personally wouldn't bet on it.

        • Yes, unless of course you happen to know how to use the internet:


          Page 6.

          I don't know how good Good Guys delivery service is though. You gotta get the TV home somehow.

        • @locknuts:

          Do you read manuals for all products before you buy them? Or do you assume that anything essential to know is communicated to you before the purchase/collection of the goods?

          Most people don't read manuals at all, even after buying them. These days products are as self explanatory as possible and don't need to be consulted.

        • @lostn:

          Only when I'm spending over $1000 and unsure of something.

          I really don't mind how you transport your new TV though. It's free advice. Take it or leave it.

        • @locknuts:

          Only when I'm spending over $1000 and unsure of something.

          Can you give examples of other things you may be unsure of that prompts you to read a manual first? Did you read the manual for your smartphone before buying it?

          I really don't mind how you transport your new TV though. It's free advice. Take it or leave it.

          I'm not buying a TV. If I was, I'd be getting it delivered. But the point is, how does a courier know how to transport it correctly?

          If it was me I'd pay for delivery.

          Are you expecting a courier to read your instruction manuals too?

          I'm just commenting on how silly it is for a manufacturer to assume people are going to read a manual before they buy a product, to get critical information on how to transport it. No one should be expected to do that. If this info isn't communicated somehow before purchase, then the manufacturer has done something wrong.

          It should either be written in large, colored, uningorable text on the box, or every sales and warehouse person should be trained to inform every customer/courier of this information upon collection/purchase. If it's hidden in a manual that no one can be reasonably expected to read in advance, that's a fail.

          People would only do what you do if they are expecting something to go wrong with it. And if they are, then that's a problem with the product. They shouldn't make a TV that breaks if laid flat. Either improve the TV, or improve the packaging it comes in.

        • @lostn:

          Ok last reply for you:

          I have never bought a smart phone that cost $1000. That's insane to me.

          Also, I believe that salespeople just want to sell the product. They don't really care what happens once the product leaves the store, so a lot of the time they won't care if you're going to risk damaging your expensive new TV. They met their quota and if they forgot to tell you to keep it upright, who cares?

          My new car I was unsure of a few details and I went though a broker so had little to no interaction with the dealer. I Read the manual.

          My ducted Air Con system I was unsure of several technical details as I'd never had ducted before. I read the manual.

          My last TV I wanted to make sure it supported the features I needed. I read the manual.

          I hope The Good Guys don't use some random courier to deliver their items. I assumed that they don't use Startrack when I recommended paying for delivery. I know Harvey Norman use trained delivery people.

          A manufacturer may not assume that you read a manual, but the more informed you are, the better decisions you can make. I'm looking at getting a Panasonic OLED and read the manual. Now I've passed this info onto Ozbargainers to help them. I'm really not sure why this has triggered you, but I recommend you read the manual before your next TV purchase.

    • From the LG website - Carton (WxHxD) 1451mm x 826mm x 228mm

  • Crazy price. Sub $1,700 for an OLED. I really dislike the bezel/stand though - that silver frame would interfere with picture viewing for me. The C7 is far less offensive. At this price though, I might overlook it….

    Can't anyone confirm that the difference is only cosmetic? I was also told that the B7 lacks a subwoofer the C7 has. Can't find anything concrete though.

    • I believe the panel is the same, it just lacks the update aesthetics and the sound system is pretty basic. But, sub $1700 for a 55% oled panel.. hot damn.. once you go OLED it's hard to go back.

      • Can you explain what you mean by 55%?

      • HAHAH sorry.. 55" not 55% lol

      • I went to JB to have a look at the B7T. I can't get over the silver bezel tbh. I know you can paint/tape over it in Black if careful but the C7 looks way better.

        The C7T does it for me.

        Maybe wait for the C8

        • There is a YouTube video of a guy reviewing the b7 with the same opinion how ever once he got it home said he didn't even notice the silver bezel and that it was probably the store lights adding the effect. He owns the b7 and c7 in the usa. Sorry no link but if you do a search you will prob come across him.

        • @Nph81:

          Yes I have seen it.

          It is an Asian gentleman named Vince I believe.

          There are several reviews which is confusing. One says the C7 is faster and the other says that they are both the same.
          Well, the C7 has been discontinued and replaced by the B7.

          I have just purchased one and now setting it up.
          All I can say so far it looks pretty awesome.

          Wow, $1699 for an OLED!
          That's awesome.!

    • B7 = No Dolby Atmos speakers 2.0 however passthrough. 1ms response time. Silver Bezel
      C7 = Dolby Atmos speakers 2.2. 0.002 ms response time. Black Bezel. Stand wider i think

      • How good is Atmos surround with built in 2.0 speakers? How are you meant to hear sound from all around you with just the two built in speakers?

        Serious question.

        • Actually that is a very good question!

          Tbh, after having another look, the GG link I have provided does state that all TV's have 2.2

          "How good is Atmos surround with built in 2.0 speakers?"

          I have no idea however they may have some reviews on this.

          My take is: It may make a slight difference in experience however it is another marketing hype.

          If you want to have a true immersive Atmos experience, you need an AV receiver, a minimum of 5.2.2 setup with CEILING speakers.

          Many of these newer TV's focus on picture quality and they are getting thinner and thinner hence have internal crappy speakers.

          I would say that many users will already have an existing 5.1 / Soundbar setup, get rid of the old TV and slap in the new one!

          To have Dolby Atmos, you need Atmos capable setup, Bluray player, TV, AV receiver and medium (4K Atmos Blurays) for it to work.


  • Any deals on the c7?

  • +8 votes

    Wow, great price! Put POS LCD/LED to bed, where it belongs.

    Love it.

    • -10 votes

      Banding and image retention puts LED LCD to bed?

      • +2 votes

        Nice to see Samsung fanboys are down at the bottom of the barrel along with Samsung themselves. Yeah, I saw their pathetic 12hr gaming image retention BS video. Lame. They should be worried though, their product is shit, even the last 1080p plasmas still look better.


          You mean it's the LG fanboys down-voting my post?
          People are so gullible buying these OLED's when it can't even display HDR properly let alone Dolby Vision.
          More like LOLby Vision in this case.

      • Banding

        Actually banding/uniformity is generally worse on LCD. Currently OLED tech outperforms LCD in pretty much every way (apart from brightness).

        image retention

        I've used my 3yo OLED for a mix of gaming and video with no noticeable IR or burn-in. Like many things in life you just need to look after it.

        Just watch different types of content and don't do anything stupid like leaving a static image onscreen for weeks or always turning it off at the wall (as this skips compensation cycle).

  • If this checks out and I can pick-up. Wow.

  • +1 vote

    hmm anyone know why amazon arent selling tvs yet?

  • Would a 55” be to big for a average size bedroom…

  • Wonder how many tvs each store has for CNC

  • Hi guys, first post here, just bought this tv from jbhifi southbank last froday for $2250. The guy who sold to me said i can ask for discount if the tv price goes down on boxing day. Can i show them this deal? Would they actually honour this? I feel i might have bought this tv for too high price :(

    • They’d definitely honour the $1888 price, but I don’t know about them honouring this further discount though..

    • They wont honour ebay trust me (ex jb staff here) they will match gg price of $1888

      • Thanks mate :)

      • JB Priced matched ebay for me on the c7 about 6 months ago when it was $3000 with ebay 20% off deal. I was pretty shocked at the time and ended up cancelling the order as decided 55 was too small

        • Jesus thats very lucky !!

        • Aye. Still waiting to get the 65 inch. Could be tempted this week but my plasma still works great and would get bugger all if i sell it

        • @ellave:
          Was in the same boat as you but I upgraded my plasma after a warranty claim. It developed a thin black horizontal line and couldn't be fixed - had it for 4years and 10months on a 5year warranty haha!
          Got full credit back

    • Ask someone here to post up a receipt. But then by the time you go into JB with it they'll say it was for Boxing Day only so price doesn't apply anymore.

      • True mate, i just saw jb site same tv same price as the good guys.

      • Doesnt matter.. the receipt will be for the full price of $1888 as ebay pays for the discount.. happened on a pair of bose headphones i purchased.


      You could always return it, buy from gg and return that to jb if you’ve opened the one you bought.


        That might work for a blu-ray, but for TV, too much hassle.

  • Does anyone know if there's anyway of claiming a price difference etc from the sale earlier this week?

  • Do jb pricematch ebay?

  • This is the price to beat. But I'm looking for an excuse not to buy it..

    Maybe a B8/C8 is due next year with HDMI 2.1? /shrug

    • Don't expect HDMI 2.1 devices to ship till 2019.

      • Well, good thing I don't need one yet then.

        I do need a TV for the living room, but not an OLED, and I need one bigger than this (75").

        Was thinking of putting a smaller OLED in my study room for 4K console gaming, but this might be a bit big, and they don't make OLED TVs smaller than 55". 40-43" would have been perfect but they don't exist.

        I've got a few years to see how things shape up in the TV space.

  • Make sure you purchase today and pay tomorrow, in case it’s removed

    • Can you definitely do that? I’ll put it in if that’s the case.

      • It’s worked in the last. If they remove it, chance to take, still a good deal and can always try P5Ozzie for 5% without the risk

    • +1 vote

      If it’s removed you won’t be able to pay for it. They might want immediate payment anyway.

  • Is there a click and collect option?

    • Would assume so. I've purchased from TGG Ebay C&C before, but never a TV.

      Just remember if collecting yourself, that the TV cannot lie flat. So make sure your vehicle can accommodate the size of the box.

    • There was this morning and now it has been removed. My guess is they want to make sure they have stock in stores tomorrow. Predicament…. pay extra in store to ensure you get one, or risk missing out for a better price

    • I have a feeling it will be online only. They buy a bulk lot and sell them online.


    "Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later."

    This is promising.

  • Looks like I won't be holding out another year for an oled…