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LG OLED55B7T 55" OLED Smart TV for $1888 @ Harvey Norman


OLED Price Breakthrough

With uncompromised image clarity, the LG 55" B7 4K Ultra HD OLED Smart TV offers deep and beautiful pictures thanks to HDR technology and the 3840 x 2160 pixel display.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2017

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Everyone going to be matching the Good Guys

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  • Is this worth the $888 premium over the LED models?

    • yeh im pretty damaged so i cant watch lcd/led without spotting things i dont like …. im too used to a good plasma

      I have noticed less detail in a dark scene with OLED ( it might be able to be adjusted but i dont know ) but it still shines over lcd/led in every other aspect and i want a good viewing angle so there is no option for me

      but hey with every other major purchase you have just go in the shop and checkem both out and decide for yourself

  • Oh man refreshing the homepage like crazy for a sweet deal on 65 inch C7

  • I would have gotten a OLED if I am not using it as monitor. it is just $80 more expensive than my Sony 55X9300e…

    • Bad as a monitor? I play to use it as 2nd monitor along with Dell 27" Ultrasharp as primary.

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        I've read it's burn in can be an issue as a monitor

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          Negged for telling the drawback of using it as a monitor?

        • Image retention is different to burn-in, that is permanent :P

          I think it will be ok for movies and things, just not constantly on all the time with a single wallpaper showing. Which I would not do anyway, try to save electricity when I can hehe



          You can burn in OLED, happens on phones too

          Second screen can be ok, definitely not a sole screen…

        • @scuderiarmani:
          Running the standby cycle will fix this.
          Yeh I'm thinking as a second screen plugged into PC should be fine. It'd be movies, PS4, NBA and YouTube only really.

        • @scuderiarmani: That's Ozbargain these days.

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          It'll fix screen retention. Not burn in.

          My mother in laws note 4 is permanently burned in with Google's launcher app row. OLED screen…

  • Thanks OP. Got it for $1788 with Amex deal (spend over $400, get $100 back).


    Heard C7 is much better than this model? Is this true?

    • B7 and C7 have exactly the same image technology. Same panel, same image processing. Same low input lag everything image related is basically the same.

      Biggest visible difference is the B7 has a thin silver border around the bezel, C7 has an all black bezel. (Same width of bezel on each)

      I believe in Australia LG haven't launched the 65" B7, (as another "difference").

      If you are comparing TVs check the sizes just in case.


        Someone mentioned this in the TGG post:


        What is this external receiver for Dolby Atmos? cheers.

        • You need the latest receiver (Surround sound system - amp & speakers) that supports Dolby Atmos & HDCP 2.2
          Older receivers run 4K content, but restricted in 30FPS (OK for movies, not for gaming) & doesn't support HDCP 2.2. So basically if you want to connect an XBox S or X and play 4K Bluray movies, it will not work with an older receiver (The movies will not work unless console is connected directly to TV).
          Also you have to factor that older HDMI cables (v1.4 or less) may not support 4K @ 60FPS so you have to update the cables (v2.0).
          The difference is that you need a receiver & external speakers to get the Atmos effect.

          However if you have an older receiver and don't want to spend more money on updating, then you can bypass Optical output from TV to receiver Optical in (if receiver has one).
          Therefore the LPCM sound can still go through your receiver and output to speakers.
          Then you have to connect console, bluray, etc directly to HDMI in to your TV.
          Check if your TV and receiver are compatible.



          @vinni9284: Sounds complicated, so I just get the C7 model (with built-in atmos speakers) and not to worry any of these?

        • @blaccdong:

          LOL. Sorry for the techie stuff. Yep. Nothing to worry about now :-)

          Do you mind me asking you how much did you get the C7 for and where did you buy it?

          Edit: Sorry I thought you already bought the C7. The 55" is hard to get now as I can see that the major retailers don't sell it anymore.



          @vinni9284: still deciding which one to get. C7 still available here:


          About $2200 delivered, IF TGG has 20% off code, which they don't at the moment. That's about $300 extra compared to B7.

          After reading your techie stuff makes more sense now, those receivers and extra bits and pieces might cost more than $300.

      • Also the B7 has 1ms where the C7 has 0.02 ms response time.
        For gaming, it won't make a difference IMO however I thought I note this.

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    I’m generally away during the winter so have the summer to hang out watching cartoons with the kids. The quality is always fantastic when you're watching through the OLED TV. The thing that stood out to me is the blacks in the OLED really shows and distinguishes those colours very very well. I love the OLED. One of the things I look forward to when I come home is actually being able to sit on the couch in front of my OLED TV.

  • Do you need a Google Chromecast Ultimate to stream 4K from an android phone or is it built in. This also refers to the 65'.

  • Just saw TGG ebay B7 55" for 1699.20 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/351584 tomorrow. Wait until tomorrow

  • Bought the B7 from Harvey Norman Sunshine for $1888 which I am very happy with. While I was there I had a look at the C7 which has 4 speakers and a black bezel. They only had one display model left and wanted $2300. I wasn't going to spend another $400 or so to get the C7 as I think the money would be better spent on a proper soundbar. I haven't noticed the silver bezel on the B7 while watching it, as soon as that amazing OLED screen turns on the bezel disappears! Stock is really low, I looked at JB, Goodguys and Harvey Norman and still had a travel a bit to find a store with stock.