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US $5 off Purchases over US $10 @ eBay US


Spend a minimum of USD10 and enter PERKFIVE at checkout to get USD5 discount.

As per previous eBay US voucher deals, you'll need an eBay US registered account, but you can shop for eBay.com.au listed items via the US site, and ship to an Australian address. Just delete the .au from the Australian eBay address, or login to eBay using eBay.com in instead of eBay.com.au

Starts 8am PT 5th November and finishes midnight the same day. This (I think) is 2am Tuesday until 6pm of the same - Cup Day! (EDIT: Let's try 3am until 7pm, shall we?)

Current exchange rates put this at a minimum spend of ~ AUD 14 for a saving of ~ AUD 7, though this might vary slightly by the time the deal goes live.

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  • Nice find! Seems like Paypal is excluded btw according to here.

    • +1

      Oh that's a game-changer if correct.

      EDIT: Could be a misinterpretation of the following line from the T&Cs

      …and cannot be combined with any other Coupon, or when paying with PayPal Credit Easy Payments

      • Yeah I'm not too sure..

        I hope the US address exclusion doesn't mean delivery addresses either, will have to wait and see I guess. I used Debit Cards (Only1 Cards) anyway for the last $5 off deal because it reduces the risk of getting the eBay account banned by Paypal

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    T&Cs for anyone interested.

  • It says eligible items. Does that mean its limited or is it still site-wide?

    • +1

      There will likely be excluded categories (bullion, banknotes etc) - but should work on most items if past experience with these deals is any guide.

      • I will +1 then thanks!

  • I'm just curious if we have a preferred format when posting deals that are in USD e.g. 'US $5' or '$5 US' or 'USD5' - what do people think reads best?

    • Either way don't really matter, Sheldon.

    • +1

      Doesn’t matter but if you could include the exchange rate about 7AUD & 14AUD

      • Done.

    • $5 USD works the best.

  • +5

    Be careful with making multiple accounts, they ban your main account and if it had a gift card linked to your account that will be gone too. But if you don't have gift cards and don't care about your feedbacks then go right ahead :)

    Edit: you can get your gift cards unlinked but takes a long process of going back and forth through live chat.

  • Love these deals

  • +5

    No list of excluded categories in the T&Cs I wonder if that means we can buy gift cards?

    If so the best deal would be $15 AUD eBay gift card ($10.80 USD) for roughly $8 AUD saving 46.66%

    • Give it a go once the deal is live and report back if you don't mind?

    • Gift cards never work on ebay US, I think only ebay UK. Not sure why.

      • Because eBay US 10% off site wide sales always has a list of excluded categories in the T&Cs which includes gift cards.

    • Every time I try to add it to the cart it says that the item is unavailable.

      • no point on trying anyway. paypal isnt accepted in this deal read comments below.

  • $10 minimum this time, still a good deal but not as good as the $5 credit with no minimum spend, but can't see that being repeated anytime soon!

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    I've got a bad feeling that it might be like this deal. The conditions do look very similar and it applies to managed payments only i.e. Non PayPal.

    Finding an item or seller in Australia that fulfils these conditions will not be easy.

    • +1

      You're right unfortunately.

      I tested the code twice with Ebay gift card with Paypal payment and a random item with managed payment.
      Check the error message.

      • +1

        Discussion in Slickdeal on the PICKFIVE promo back in October might help.

        • I only see PayPal Credit Easy Payments. Which is like a payment plan through Paypal exclided and no mention of regular Paypal payments excluded. yet link discussion does say that all Paypal payments are excluded from using this discount code.

  • My US ebay account got suspended. I guess I will have to create another account?

    • +1

      For $5?

      • I used the same US account twice. Once for the $5 and another time for another promotion. I already got the 2 items for the first transaction. The second transaction item is on its way.

    • Did they give you a reason for suspending your account? According to their terms and conditions, you are allowed to have more than one account (unless you violate the conditions.)

      • It canceled my US account. But not my primary account. I used the US account for the $5 and a few days later for 10% off. Two days after my last purchase they suspended my US account.

        • Okay. I used both the previous deals (i.e. the $5 one and the 10% off), and my account hasn't been suspended yet (and paid with Paypal both times - i.e. the same Paypal I use for my primary account)

          I don't mind them suspending my US account, but would hate for my primary account to be suspended.

          Has anyone had their primary account suspended after taking up one of these offers on an ebay US account?

          • @TazR: just use accounts on different web browsers. Otherwise if you are just using one web browser, make sure you log out of your account and clear all cookies/history data before log on to the other account.

  • +2

    Well…I'm getting a "This code can't be applied to your order" message.

    Anyone got it to work yet?

    EDIT: There's bunch of discussion on Reddit with people saying they can't find anything this code actually works on - revoked my upvote.

    • Yeah I couldn't get it to work, but wasn't sure if it was because I was using an account I had switch between AU/US.

  • +1

    Couldn't get to work as well.

    Edit - deal has been closed on Slickdeals with the following message -

    UPDATE @ 8:25 AM PST: PROMO CODE NOT WORKING. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME FOLKS!! Sadly, eBay did not specify which items qualify for this coupon code - if you have your eye on something, wait for one of their 10%/15%/20% off codes

    • It's bizarre.

  • Didn't work for my US account either.

    • -1

      It doesn't seem to be an account issue, but that eBay are only making it valid for specific items, without telling anyone what those items are. You'll only know once you go to checkout and the option to use the code is displayed. Completely useless.

  • Not working.

  • Dosent work

  • Seems its restricted to very specific items…..

    "Eligible items will have the coupon code PERKFIVE displayed on the checkout page."

  • +4

    No go, tried multiple items, local, HK, US.
    Did anyone find an working item?

    • Only eBay users registered with an address located in the United States are eligible for the Coupon.

      • +1

        My accounts are US address registered, but delivery is Oz.

        • @dm01, This is why this coupon doesn't work. Your location (delivery address) must be in the US.

  • anyone score a deal? can share it?

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    Dear Everyone,

    Sorry I posted a shit deal!


    • +1

      Don't even worry dm01, it happens to us once in a while, keep on pushing on!

  • Only works for some US store items without PayPal as a payment but shipping so no point


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    Read Ts&Cs carefully: "Only eBay users registered with an address located in the United States are eligible for the Coupon."

    • Or just read the details posted here: "As per previous eBay US voucher deals, you'll need an eBay US registered account"

      • "eBay US registered account" does not necessarily mean the address is in US. I have an eBay US account (registered, valid), but don't have a US postal address.