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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB Midnight Black + Other Colours $1019 @ Becextech (Officeworks $968 via Price Match)


Came across this deal for $1019 and have contacted the site and they said they have "Priority Package (AU$29.95) - Insurance is optional"

You can also take this and get office works to price match it as its australian website and they have started matching online i did this today and managed to get the phone for $968 they forgot to include the shipping and it does not display onsite unless they put into cart and checkout works in your favor


Office Works Price Match $968 Receipt
User Mingles Receipt
User Sharmanat0r Online Receipt
User Umar511986 Receipt

Other Colors

Ocean Blue

How to claim Fortnite Skin



Can also claim the JBL NUET NC HEADPHONES

Using this link - https://www.samsung.com/au/galaxy-offer/

This is my first deal long time lurker if i have done something wrong or missed please let me know and i will try to correct it

You can claim the TRS of $88 if your travelling within 2 months of purchase
I will post receipt in a day or so with the $968 pricematch from officeworks
Final price after TRS claim would be $880

I suggest all the people who are being refused complain to Officeworks Headoffice and then also threaten to contact the fair trading department and ACCC for misleading and deceptive price match policies

Mbojja 24 min ago new
Tried fair trading thing and got it for $947 for midnight black. Price match against mymobile.com.au. Thanks OP

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      Please see here


      I believe they changed there policy the site also lists australian warranty and also is an australia site nevertheless it was price matched

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        I got too excited re OW's supposedly changed policy, but a lot of people in that post are saying OW staff are rejecting to price-match a lot.

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          They do try to wriggle out of the price match by going to extremes sometimes but for example with this site linked there's no model / part number both phones are 128gb / note 9 / dual sim they are an "identical product" the site is an australian site and if anything officeworks made a mistake by calling it "Black" not midnight black as per samsung naming

          They spent like 15 mins trying to fault the price match and then ended up doing it for $968 maybe i was lucky maybe not this deal will hopefully help people and they will post there success / receipts if not and officeworks want to be really tight then ill post my own office works receipt and open the flood gates lol

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            @User123321: Cool. Thanks for the info. If/when you post the receipt, make sure that at least it has the date on it when you're hiding other sensitive info. Cheers

            • @AussieDaddy: Just a heads up i will be posting the receipt in a few hours since people are getting close to the 1k mark i don't think it will be an issue

              I was mainly looking out for the guy who confirmed the price match

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              @AussieDaddy: Receipt is now up on original post let me know how you go

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                @User123321: Legend. Thanks for that, mate. :)

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                @User123321: OW won't price match other OW receipts because Price-matching themselves isn't a "competitor".

                • @Ziadaine: They won't be asked to price match other OW stores. They're asked to price match this Aussie seller, and the receipts are used as a backup if they say they can't do it (as in, OW is actually doing it, and here is the proof).

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    These guys have a terrible reputation https://www.ozbargain.com.au/forum/becextech.com.au

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      don't buy from them just use there price at office works problem solved

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    So they will price match the dual Sim version?

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      Officeworks is dual Sim

      • Think OW is pretty much out of stock in Melbourne according to Whirlpool.

        This isn't a bad deal, but these guys have a pretty terrible rep if you read through the forums.

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          I don't think anyone will buy from becex. You can do an order over the phone with delivery.

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          I mainly posted for the price to be price matched lol but its good people are pointing out there reputation im glad i didn't purchase from there and got it in OW

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          Out of stock in. Melbourne. I confirm it with a sales rep last week.

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    Im a camera man.
    Which has better cam?
    Note 9 or s9plus

    Currently got a s8+ and its camera is great, but apparently the s9+ is even better

    • +2

      Note 9

    • +1

      Note 9

    • +1

      The same camera is in both phones however the note has some new features. Mainly just a mode which detects what you are shooting and optimises colour for the subject. Eg food = saturation.

    • +1

      If you're a camera man, Pixel should be in your viewfinder. My note 9 is ok, but my Pixel 2 XL was significantly better.

      • +1

        The pixel is actually good because of software. I installed the google camera API on my s9+ and got the same high dynamic range and general quality as on the pixel it's amazing. It is fidly to do though so you're right it might be better to start with the google camera right out of the gate by buying the pixel.

        • what is the camera app called?

          • @wangsk: Its not on the store. People rip the apk from google's operating system and you install it with a custom apk loader. It takes only 5 minutes though and it's fairly straightforward. Some don't work so use the right copy. Here is the video I used. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWVb-_jjLz0

            • @Mombles: Thanks, I downloaded it for S8 but it is very unstable.

              • @wangsk: Play around with the settings. Mine was running at about 5 fps but I disabled a setting and now it is smooth. It is only good for the main camera though if you use others it may crash.

    • What about the Huawei models with Leica Lens?

      • +1

        Pixel 3 > pixel 2 > p20 pro > note 9.

        Note 9 still has a very respectable camera but others beat it.

        • what about mate 20 pro?

          • @bkhm: I haven't seen many reviews of it yet, but from looking subjectively at comparisons it's about on par with the pixel 2 and a fair way off the pixel 3.

            • @BenR31415: I would say it's probably not as good as the pixel but I wouldn't say it's a fair way off, this would mean the pixel 2 and pixel 3 cameras are a fair way off too and I doubt you'd be able to tell the difference between the two. I've watched a lot of comparisons and they, imo, are pretty neck and neck. The pixel is definitely more consistent though. But even if it's slightly worst, there's potential for software improvement and it's a small sacrifice if you're into the whole triple lens camera thing, more specifically the wide angle

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      Best camera comparison site imho is dxomark

  • Their exorbitant shipping kills any deal

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      Price match office works = winning

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    User1488 - could you please post your officeworks receipt? It will be easier to pricematch. thanks

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      I will wait a day or so before posting because i don't want the guy who said it was fine to get introuble or for everyone to hammer them at once if nobody is successful in getting a price match in the next day or so i will happily post the receipt with personal info removed

      Hopefully others manage to get it price matched so they can post there receipts once there's a few circulating i don't think it will be a big issue

      Hope you understand where im coming from

      • cheers…no problem…

        • Receipt is now up kool

  • When i visit this link, add to cart, and calculate Sydney delivery it adds $74.95, how do you get the $30?

    • +1

      I emailed them asking about there shipping and got this reply so you might need to contact them others have said its a pretty bad site so just becareful better to price match office works and get the au stock and no headaches in my opinion

      "We have 2 packages on offer:

      Priority Package (AU$29.95) - Insurance is optional, postage gets priority over to Free insurance package

      Free Insurance Package (AU$74.95) - Comes with free postage insurance to cover both lost and damage during transit, postage is slower"

      • Ahh ok cool thanks mate. Just curious in case OW check delivery via site and it will show as $75 on the Note9 that is $1019. But there is Note9 that is 1064 which postage shows as 30, giving the same total of $1094. Thanks Great first deal!!!!

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    might want to include free JBL Headphones to this offer.

    • just reminded me haha i actually claimed them will add it in

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    Getting this phone for $1k so close to release is insane.

    • I guess next year is when they do the Apple

  • Why can't I get a S9+ for this price?

    • What? The other post from Allphones has the S9+ for this same price..

  • It's insane how cheap this phone has gotten! Not complaining though :)

  • This… Or P20 pro?

    • This is better value at the current price.

  • +2

    Seems will need to go through a lot of shit to get the price matched by office works, if successfully.

    • I'll post receipt in a few hours

  • Got rejected from ofw for price match from the same lady I tried last time. Claiming it's not Australian stock.

  • Damn this is very tempting. But I am determined to wait for s10.

    Great deal if you can get price match.

    • I'm in the same boat, trying to wait for S10 but this is an amazing price.

      • I'm sure 6 months from now S10 would be the same price.

        • Currently on a S7. So not sure I can wait that long.

          • @sena86: Rumours said that they will release Note 10 together with S10.
            Apparently their strategy of releasing two flagships every 6 months pushed the price down.

  • Damnnnn!!! I was thinking of getting the P20 Pro. Arghhhh!! This a great price!

    I hope my tax return comes in soon.

  • +1

    Has anyone other than the OP been able to get a price match?

    • +1

      And can those that can post their receipt.

  • +1

    Hi can I please ask which OW store you went to? Thanks

  • I price match with OW over the phone last week for the 512gb version, paid $1324, picked up at OW near me. No issue price beat with Becextech.

  • Bloody hell, 74 delivery charge while price beat , paid $1039

  • +6
    • Thanks, not as good as $968, still OP wont deliever..

    • Haha Mosman OW, they're probably newbs as they've never had anyone cheap enough to try to pricematch ;)

      • You are in dilemma mate!

  • Tried to pricebeat this morning, and the guy on the the end said that there is no part number on their site so they won’t do it, wonder if there is any other way to do it?

  • +5

    Unreal. Just rang OW, they asked for part number but I just asked them to check the site. They asked me what colour. Put me in hold for 3 minutes to get authorization. Locked it in for $968.50 with same day delivery….Unreal. if I could PLUS100 this post OP I would as I was literally about to pick one up :)

    • Can you please post the receipt, after you've purchased.cheers

    • Is it possible to post a receipt because I just called again and I got 1039, Thank you 😊

    • Nm- looked at your profile.

      Anyone know for certain if Melbourne have any stock..?

    • +1

      It was an emailed receipt so not much to look at but here it is:

      • Well it didn't get delivered today so I rang up and they are out of stock. On backfill :(

  • Still happy with getting mine for $1015 using the same method. Good luck finding stock and a willing OW rep guys, a mate tried doing this a couple of weeks ago and the OW rep said that Becex is on their 'ban list' and that they have been told not to price match them.

    In saying that, the guy who matched for me did it within 3 minutes and didn't bother to check anything, you just need to get the right rep!

  • +1

    Happy to pay 1010.8 for mine

  • +1

    Priced matched with OW, was a little sceptical with such a price drop but it is all within their price matching agreement and after 10 minutes research they agreed to sell for $968.
    Thanks OP for the head's up on the deal. I was going to wait another year and stick with my current phone but I was so happy with my note 3, then note 7 until had to return it. I'm glad I can go back to Samsung.

    • +1

      Can you please post a receipt?

    • What store is it ?

  • worth upgrading to this from the S8+? thoughts?

    • +1

      I own 512gb version of Note 9 and it is good phone But No. I would Wait for S10+.

      • When’s the s10+ due?

        • +1

          Most probably in CES 2019 (8~11 Jan 2018).

      • No wait for the Note 11

        • +1

          Wait for S11+

        • +1

          Nah, wait for Note 12

        • Probably 13 is better, lucky number is an added advantage.

  • No stock in Vic at all. What a bum! Great price tho!

    • There's no stock anywhere from what I can tell, it's online or phone purchase only.

  • DAMN! amazing deal. I got mine for $1048 but sold the skin for $50. lol
    Luckily I think I got the last one in vic lol. I bought it like 4 days ago

    • How did you sell your skin?
      I'd like to sell my skin too :)

  • +1

    This is my first deal long time lurker…

    Naturally you make yourself known on the 5th of November.

    • +1

      Remember, remember the fifth of November of gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gun powder treason should ever be forgot

      Receipt will be posted in 2 hrs for ow $968 happy buying !!!

  • +2

    Called the OW 1300 number and they wriggled out of it saying there is no model number on the becextech.com.au website and the picture looks different to the model they have.

    What to do?

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