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TP-Link Vr600v AC1600 Modem Router $151.20 Shipped + $60 WISH Gift Card (Claim) @ eBay Tech Mall


Edit - Tech Mall have dropped their price to $189 or $151.20 after PEARTREE.

Great deal on this modem router.

20% off price = $151.20
Receive a $60 WISH e-gift card when you claim it through TP-Link. Effectively $91 after 20% off plus the $60 gift card.

Apply PEARTREE to get the following prices -
Shopping Express $159.20
Futu Online $159.20
Sydneytec $159.20
Tech Mall $151.20
Original PEARTREE 20% off 106 Stores on eBay Deal Post

Have already confirmed with TP-Link marketing team that eBay sellers Futu Online, Shopping-Express-Clearance, and Tech.Mall are eligible for the cashback - they are contactable here:

[email protected]

(Many thanks to kirt for assisting with this post)

Edit - Cheaper to get it through Wireless1 using PROPER10 (many thanks doweyy)

Original PROPER10 10% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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  • Assuming Wireless1 are also included, it's $144.58 Delivered Here with PROPER10

  • Reliable, but doesn't support DLNA and media server like plex.

    • AFAIK there is only one modem / router that supports Plex server (the Nighthawk X10) which costs 5 times this?

      This VR600V has USB Sharing, with support for Samba (Storage) / FTP Server / Media Server / Printer Server / SFTP Server / Web Storage:


      • Have this router with a portable harddrive connected via USB. Can access it fine as a media server.

        • How do you access the HDD, a fixed IP address on local network?

          • @UncommonName: Can access it via Samba (the built in Windows file sharing) from a Windows/Mac/Kodi device or over FTP using the router IP address.

            The media on it is published over DLNA for any Smart TVs to playback over network.

      • It's very disappointing. Even my legacy Netcomm NB6PLUS4WN supports DLNA. I used to stream direct to my Onkyo TX NR609 from my laptop using Plex server

        • So are you saying that the VR600v will not allow you to use Plex over your local network?

          I've been using Plex for years and have never heard of a modem or router restricting Plex - could you please provide a link to this info?

          • @kirt: The Onkyo 609 can't find find plex server. No problem when I use the NetComm modem/router

          • @kirt: I guess they mean Plex can't see the content plugged into the router, you would need to have a specific device to store the content (what you already are doing)

  • Anyone here toyed around with MikroTik?

    • Yep, own one and love it!
      Got an RB2011

      • sweet man, how much tinkering hav eu done? QOS rules are any good? do they hold and actually work. do u need to cool them or anything?

        • I've done quite a bit playing around… can be a bit difficult to setup at first (unless you got someone there to assist). People have different ways of setting these up.
          QoS rules work well in my opinion and yes they actually work if their setup correctly. Best to play around and do many tests before deploying in the real world.
          NO need for cooling :)
          Mine doesn't have Wifi as I heard it isn't great.

  • Ive been running the vr200v for over a year and it has been 100% rock solid. On HFC NBN.

  • I am currently using the modem by MyRepublic. Is there any advantage (especially in terms of speed and stability) to replace with this one?

    • Are you having problems with your current connection? What's your sync speed (not speed test) from your current modem?
      What's your speed tier?

      • I lost connection a few times a week on average, each time lasts for a few minutes. Not sure if it is the modem or the connection.

        Maximum Line rate
        50.99 Mbps 132.54 Mbps
        Line Rate
        44.19 Mbps 107.73 Mbps

        I am on NBN 100. Thanks!

        • I'm assuming your modem is a Technicolor TG789vac V2. This is one of the better modems available for FTTN. It uses the Broadcom BCM63168 chipset which is considered to be one of the best for FTTN.
          If you're having problems with dropouts, consider asking MYRepublic for a replacement modem to test.

          The TP-Link Archer VR600v uses the Broadcom BCM63167 chipset which is newer, but cheaper to manufacture.
          The BCM63168 was rleased in 2011, the BCM63167 was released in 2017 and was based on the BCM63168 before it but using cheaper manufacturing tech.
          You can compare the chips here (search for WiSoC and you'll find them both in the same table) - https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Broadcom

          You won't see much, if any, speed change. I can't comment on stability. But that could be your line.

    • I am also using that FTTN router from MR with Aussie BB. It is more stable with Aussie BB, with MR I have DHCP dropped sometime.

  • +1 vote

    I have this modem - I'm using it for a FTTN link from ABB. Don't know if it's the modem or ABB but my connection is as solid as a rock - usually 90+/35 on 100/40

    Great price - I think I paid around $220 earlier this year


  • When i went to checkout it said 'the code has already been applied' (or similar)
    I called ebay and they say there are several people with the same issue and its been reported and just to sit tight.
    So if you're having the same issue - dont worry.

  • Nice deal. My nbn rollout just got delayed til June next year so let’s hope some good deals come up then.

  • Is it good for tpg adsl 2. I am getting nbn nfc hybrid service in January and will keep the same modem. Currently have a 5 year old device.

  • Im on optus fttb. Is this good ? Im not using the landline.

  • Great router, got it for $180. Definitely worth it if you're currently on the stock standard ISP provided modem.

  • I have one of these and so far been fine. Most problems seem to be related to dear old NBN. It took ages to connect to NBN but I suspect NBN took ages to realise I wanted to connect on changeover from ADSL2. Once the modem came up with vdsl it was easy but was just not happening till that happened.

  • Wireless1 now out of stock

  • Does this modem work with Telstra FTTN?

    • Yes, it will work with all FTTN providers.
      Though a Telstra supplied modem can offer you an inbuilt mobile broadband backup which is an advantage of the Telstra modems. And it is included as part of your data.
      The Telstra Smart Modem is available through Telstra, or maybe second hand and cheaper on Gumtree. It is a pretty good Telstra modem that uses the Broadcom BCM63138 chipset (released in 2015). NBN prefers RSPs to use Broadcom chips too.

      Though this TP-Link Archer VR600v uses a newer chip, the Telstra modems integrate G.Fast technology for faster speeds on FTTN, and is a much more powerful modem than the TP-Link.

      You can compare specs here:
      Search for BCM63167 for the TP-Link Archer VR600v which uses the Broadcom BCM63167 chipset
      Search for BCM63138 for the Telstra Smart Modem which uses the Broadcom BCM63138 chipset

  • I bought one of these when they first came out. Then about a year ago or slightly longer it kept dropping WiFi all the time. Turns out there were some major issues around anything Google that was casting (at the time I had a Google Mini and a Pixel phone).

    Not sure if that has been fixed? I ended up buying a another modem because I got sick of waiting for a fiix.

    • No Nothing has been fixed. It's reason enough for me not to buy this modem. The last beta came out 6months ago to attempt to fix the wifi bug, and since then, NOTHING.
      That's very poor form. It seems like this model has been forgotten & won't be upgraded ever.

      • Was actually going to buy this but the PEARTREE code wasn't working due to the same issues others are having, was going to try again tomorrow.

        I'm glad I read this first because I'm assuming this will mean I'll have issues with chromecast yes?

        Guess it's a no for me then

  • LMAO - have been scouring the pages here looking for modem routers … and pulled the trigger by getting Officeworks to price match MSY .. so in the end it was just under $190 bucks - then come home to see this posted.

    Oh well I cant begrudge it too much - happier to have paid a little extra and got it today (totally worth it just to have kids no longer whining about internet playing up) and I know Officeworks will happily refund/swap it over if it doesnt meet my needs.

    The first thing I noticed is marginally slower synch speeds than my Billion 7800 NXL (6.5MB/sec vs 8MB/s)- has anyone else had a similar experience with it, but loving the 2 band wireless and super easy setup !

  • I have been using it for more than 1 year with ABB FTTN. Rock solid modem router but it has a weak wifi signal (not sure it just mine or others has the same experiences). Luckily, I have TP Link D9 from my previous ADSL+ connection modem since it is not compatible for NBN FTTN so I use it as an Access Point. Very happy with the setup.

  • Noob question - would I still need this if I get the included modem with the 24month plan from ABB? Im not sure if the modem they provide is a modem-router. Thanks in advance!

    • No, ABB should provide you with a Netcomm NF18ACV. It's one of the best FTTN modems available and is a router as well.
      I don't believe any NBN provider (RSP) sells a modem only, they're all modem/routers.

      • Thanks buddy. We're getting HFC for our place in December. Do you know if the included modem is still a good modem?

  • Haven't use TP-Link modem/router for years, do they update firmware more frequent now? Should I get this or ASUS RT-AC68U?

  • ebay says that "You already applied this code to an order." when I tried to apply PEARTREE.
    I didn't use it recently, anyone knows this issue?

  • A word of warning to any potential buyers. I have one of these. It does not do well when there are too many wifi connections. Internet on wifi stops working and you need to reset the modem. Putting it on its side has helped to limit these issues.

    Their support is useless. They keep saying they will call back but never do.

  • Perfect timing for NBN . Thanks OP.

  • what's the difference between vr600 and vr600v?

    • v = voip

      • oh right, i have the non voip edition then, voIP is recommended for businesses, not residential, right?

        • VoIP is suitable for anyone (as long as you have an internet connection). VoIP (Skype is an example) is a way of receiving calls via the internet, however your number is associated with a VoIP provider instead of a traditional PSTN telecomms provider (although most do both).
          VoIP often has much cheaper call rates, and significantly lower line rentals and you can mix and match services as needed.

  • Noob question but I am using Sagemcom 4315 for my fttn. How is this one gonna fare compare to sagecom 4315?

  • I would stay away from Tp-link modem/routers. I have the Tp-Link VR900 running on Aussie BB 100/40 and was getting great FTTN speeds 94/37 but WiFi performance was horrible.

    I would have Wifi drop outs with YouTube casting to LG TV, the 2.4 GHz SSID would stop broadcasting and everything would lose their connection, anything wired would still work, but you couldn't access the router page. Only way to fix was a hard reset. Did log a case with support but nothing came from it, so ended up returning it.

  • which is better? this or D-Link DIR-878 Wireless-AC1900? Also can you guys confirm if D-Link DIR-878 is compatible with NBN/fttb/fttn?

  • Seems like techmall has dropped to $144 now!

  • Thanks OP, purchased one. Got $20 ebay from another deal, coupled with $60 wish card it would be around $71 for me, not bad for this modem.
    I am happy with my stock Optus modem performance generally, only Wifi is not strong in some places especially in the in my garage, almost no coverage, hope this modem will fix that black spot and i'll be surfing in my garage :-)

  • Anyone else seeing $199 at techmall?

  • Not happy with this device on Tpg Adsl2+. Keeps dropping connection multiple times a day even on ethernet.

    Replaced it with my 6 years old dgnd3700 netgear modem router which is still going strong.

    Return request lodged.

  • Anyone received their Wish Card?

  • Not happy with this device on Tpg Adsl2+. The WiFi performance is horrible.
    Their support is terrible. Unprofessional and very slow response.